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Spring 2010

OPI Hong Kong Collection Swatches, Review & Comparisons – Part 1

opi-hong-kong-collection-spring-2010-swatches One of the most anticipated collections of the season, OPI Hong Kong takes us to the far east and I don’t want to come back.  Following what I consider a pretty boring year for OPI (I just didn’t LOVE Spain & South Beach) they’re already off to a great start with Alice in Wonderland and Hong Kong.  I hope the momentum keeps going throughout the year.

Of course I’ve been geeked over the idea of a new OPI green so Jade Is The New Black has been on my mind for months and it did NOT disappoint.  I dare say it may take down Rainforest as my all-time fave OPI.  That’s a huge statement people!

I’ve got the first half of the collection for you today so check out Jade Is The New Black, Suzi Says Feng Shui, Meet Me On The Star Ferry, Bling Dynasty and Pearl of Wisdom after the jump!

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Color Club Rebel Debutante Preview

By on January 21, 2010
in Color Club, Spring 2010 with 37 Comments
color-club-rebel-debutante-nail-polish-display-1 If you were wondering what’s next from Color Club, I’ve got your answer. It’s the Rebel Debutante collection for Spring.  From the looks of it, Color Club is embracing not only the nude and mushroom-y hues but they’re jazzing it up with a couple brights and the color du jour, mint green.  With NINE creamy shades to choose from, there’s a little something for everyone.

Jump ahead for more details on the collection and larger bottle pics.

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OPI Mad As A Hatter Wear Test

I’ve been reading your comments about the glitters from the OPI Alice In Wonderland collection and see that quite a few of you have been experiencing major chipping issues. I thought I would share the results of my unintentional wear test with Mad As A Hatter.

You see I wore MAAH for NYE and because I can be extremely lazy AND I hate removing glitters (the soak off process is arduous) I ended up leaving the polish on my right (non-photographed) hand for NINE DAYS. Yes, I walked around for almost a week with a blinged out right hand and random skittles on the left. No, I really don’t care about the stares I undoubtedly received.  Don’t judge!

Anywhoodle, when I finally went to remove MAAH, I thought I should document how well it lasted on me. Which is why your comments about chipping are so surprising. I used one coat of Nubar Foundation Base Coat, 3 layers of MAAH and 2 coats of Olan Labs Quick & Slick Top Coat.  Now I did get a chip on my left thumb on NYE but that was a Wii related accident.  You have to admit, for nine days, the polish looks pretty good.


That makes me curious… those of you that have experienced chipping and poor wear from your Alice in Wonderland glitters, what products are you using and how many layers of each? Remember, the thicker the coats and the more coats you use, the more prone you are to chipping. So my first suggestion, not knowing your technique, is to apply thin coats of everything and see if that helps.

Chanel Particulière, Inattendu & Tendresse Swatches & Review

By on January 15, 2010
in Chanel, Gray, Spring 2010, Taupe with 53 Comments
le-impressions-de-chanel-particuliere The palette for the Spring 2010 Chanel collection, Les Impressions de Chanel, is all about chic, wearable neutrals.  Creative Director Peter Philips wanted to honor Coco Chanel’s legacy of creating classic, timeless pieces with a wardrobe of color that never goes out of style.Included in the collection are three new Le Vernis nail lacquers including Particulière, Tendresse and Inattendu.  You may recall the frenzy that erupted when Particulière was spotted on the Chanel Spring 2010 runway.  We all wondered, is it a khaki, grey, mushroom, dusty purple, mauve?  Would it just end up being a You Don’t Know Jacques knockoff?  See for yourself after the jump!

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Illamasqua Pastel Nail Varnishes Preview

By on January 14, 2010
in Illamasqua, Spring 2010 with 68 Comments

The latest buzz from the world of Illamasqua is about their Pastel Nail Varnishes launching near the end of February.

The range includes (l-r): Blow, Wink, Nudge, Caress

The Illamasqua Blog has more details and swatch images of the polishes where they describe the formula as being comparable to Milf.

Though here’s the deal Fanatics.  As of now, the colors are set to launch in UK stores and on the Illamasqua website.  If you want to see them make their way to Sephora stores and they need to hear it.  So tell me in the comments… Would you buy these colors if there were available in the US?

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