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butter LONDON Lolly Brights for Summer 2014 – Swatches & Review

butter LONDON Lolly Brights - Summer 2014

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Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here! As a someone who grew up on Schoolhouse Rock, I’ve had that song stuck in my head ever since the butter LONDON Lolly Brights arrived on my doorstep. You’re welcome for the earworm.

The Lolly Brights are six joyful summer nail polishes that include new versions of cult bL Jelly collection favorites, Chuffed and Stroppy.

Formula & Application

butter LONDON nail polish is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). The square glass bottles are topped with a chunky, square plastic outer cap that easily slides off to reveal a ribbed, round inner cap used for polishing. The brush is thin and round with flexible bristles that easily fan out to cover the nail.

Regardless of finish, the polishes in this collection all have a smooth, even consistency that is thin and easy to manipulate. In terms of pigmentation, all the shades (except Sozzled) required three coats. And even then, Chuffed was a bit sheer. Sozzled, on the other hand, is amazingly pigmented and became opaque in an easy two coats.

butter LONDON Airy Fairy is a bright blue foil metallic with a subtle hot pink flash that can make the color look deeper and more purple and certain angles but, again, it’s very subtle. In the bottle it reminds me a lot of China Glaze Blue Iguana but Airy Fairy is much more saturated.

butter LONDON Airy Fairy swatch -  Summer 2014

butter LONDON Airy Fairy

butter LONDON Chuffed 2.0 is a semi-sheer tangerine packed with gold metallic flecks. This is the most sheer of the shades and if it wasn’t so packed with gold flecks, the VNL (visible nail line) would be much worse. If you have Color Club Sparkle and Soar, this is a close cousin.

butter LONDON Chuffed swatch - Summer 2014

butter LONDON Chuffed swatch

butter LONDON Ladybird is a tomato red creme. Even though it’s well pigmented, the watery texture means you need three coats to avoid VNL. In my stash, COVERGIRL Ever Reddy is a close approximation though Ladybird is warmer.

butter LONDON Ladybird swatch - Summer 2014

butter LONDON Ladybird

butter LONDON Lolly is a berry foil metallic. It’s not quite pink, not quite red. In fact, I thought for sure Zoya would have a dupe in their numerous foil metallics but none came close.

butter LONDON Lolly swatch - Summer 2014

butter LONDON Lolly

butter LONDON Sozzled is a kelly green creme. This would have been fantastic for St. Patrick’s Day. I have to say, that as a green connoisseur, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I own nothing quite like this.

butter LONDON Sozzled swatch - Summer 2014

butter LONDON Sozzled

butter LONDON Stroppy 2.0 is a grape foil metallic with red, pink and blue flecks. I was immediately smitten with the shade and now I know why. It’s practically a dead-on dupe for my beloved The Painted Nail by Nubar Legendary Lavender. So if you missed out on this amazing color, here’s a chance to own it.

butter LONDON Stroppy swatch - Summer 2014

butter LONDON Stroppy

Honestly, I’m not quite sure why butter LONDON is recycling the names Chuffed and Stroppy but I wanted to give you an idea of how different the new versions are from the Jelly collection polishes. As you can see, Chuffed 2.0 is nothing like its predecessor while Stroppy 2.0 is at least in the same shade family.

I guess this rules out any chance of the Jelly polishes returning. Which is a shame because they are fab for gradient syrup manicures like this one I created with Stroppy.

butter LONDON Stroppy and Chuffed comparison

butter LONDON Chuffed and Stroppy comparison

butter LONDON Chuffed and Stroppy comparison

butter LONDON Lolly Brights for Summer 2014
Bottom Line: I love a foil metallic for summer, especially on my toes, so it’s no surprise that I’m smitten with this collection. The formula is spot on and any pigmentation issues are trumped by a fun color range. And that green, I mean… I honestly can’t say that I would pass on any of these, except maybe Chuffed, just because it’s so sheer.

butter LONDON Lolly Brights are available now at Nordstrom and ULTA stores nationwide and online at, and butter LONDON nail polish retails for $15/ea for a .4oz bottle.

Are you as jazzed about the Lolly Brights as I am? Which shades are calling you? Thoughts on the new versions of Chuffed and Stroppy? Do you think they should have given them new names?

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  1. Lisa N. says:

    Some fun shades here. I like the metallics!

  2. Butterdaisy says:

    My fave of the collection is Sozzled. Just gorgeous. My fave green is China Glaze Starboard and Sozzled is her brighter little sister. Lol!

  3. Flossy says:

    *yawn* all the companies bringing out new collections just seem to be a shade lighter of last years purple.

  4. Shaina says:

    The nail colors are superbly beautiful! You nails look great and I think “Ladybird” is my favorite.

  5. Caroline says:

    To be very honest, I don’t think I’ll check out any except maybe Chuffed, even though it is so sheer – it just looks the most unique to me.

  6. CoolAllure says:

    What is spring without color? :) Love the green one!

  7. Mallory says:

    These are gorgeous! I recently tried Inky Six, which I was SO excited about, but I had to put it on so thick to achieve the glittery look, it chipped almost instantly. Are these better do you think?

  8. Abbi says:

    One way to avoid VNL might be to apply a layer of white or opaque nude before your first layer of color.

    • Hi Abbi! Absolutely, you can do that. “Underwear” with neons is crucial. But when I review polishes, I like to talk about how they look and perform on their own, without any alterations.

  9. Rach says:

    Welp, Sozzled was out of stock at my Ulta, but I pounced on Airy Fairy and I’m sure I’ll be back for more! *cough* Stroppy 2.0 *cough* ;) They are so gorgeous in person. Ugh.

  10. DEBBIE BELL says:

    Oh my goodness….Airy Fairy took my breath away!! I have to have it! Stroppy is also gorgeousssssss!!
    Oh yes…I think they should have come up with new names…its so confusing this way! I wonder why they did that?

  11. Are these hard to remove like glitters can be? The colors are so magnificent.

  12. Tornadogirl says:

    I loved Schoolhouse Rock, and the Lolly song was one of my all time faves! I was absolutely giddy when I found all the classic videos on DVD a couple years back and was amazed that I still knew the words!!! ;)