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Holiday 2009

RGB Minty for Holiday 09 Swatches & Review

By on December 1, 2009
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RGB-Minty-Holiday-9-bottle The mint green polish train isn’t slowing, are you still on board? I know I am! Give me more, give me more!! RGB Cosmetics announced their holiday offering, Minty, today on their Twitter account which makes it a great time for me to introduce it to you.If you recall, when I reviewed RGB’s Fall collection I was a bit let down by the lack of uniqueness as compared to the Pre-Fall colors.  Well Minty certainly piqued my interest.  As if a green exciting me is news, what really gets me is that I have yet to find any true dupes among the ones I own.  You won’t find me complaining about that.  Check out Minty along with its closest living polish relatives, after the jump!

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OPI Holiday Wishes Collection Swatches & Review

By on November 3, 2009
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Is it just me or does OPI reserve their most interesting nail polish shades for the holiday season? 2003′s Holiday On Broadway brought us the beloved La Boheme. 2006′s Kick Up Your Heels collection included a slew of home run hitters. I Get A Kick Out of Gold and Opening Night Champagne are still faves of both my mom and I and we RARELY agree. Not to mention the range of winners from Holiday In Toyland and Holiday in Hollywood. On that note, this year’s Holiday Wishes collection is doing its predecessors proud.

I was happy to see a nod to the “flakies” trend in this collection. Flakies, a nickname for irregularly shaped glitter particles, have been popular in the nail fanatic community for some time now. It’s nice to see mainstream brands, like OPI, acknowledging that. Check out Holiday Wishes after the jump!

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China Glaze ‘Loves You Snow Much’ Holiday Swatches & Review

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That seems to be the China Glaze adage for Holiday 2009 and I totally get it. I mean how much did we all freak out over Emerald Sparkle? It’s the ultimate in green glitter gorgeousness. And how many of you regretted not getting a backup?

Well China Glaze obviously “Loves You Snow Much” to bring it back with a brand new friend. They’ve expanded last year’s Sleigh Ride trio of Tinsel, Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle to include the way apropos 5 Golden Rings. Check out the new kid on the block and refresh your memory as to why Emerald Sparkle is an utter must-have.

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Dior Silver Purple Le Vernis for Holiday 2009 Swatches & Review

By on October 1, 2009
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I can’t help but get excited when the holiday collections start rolling out. There is usually some fun nail glitz to be discovered. And what I love about the Dior Cristal Boreale collection shades is that they’re a subdued version of the typical blinged nail. We’re talking cocktail party flare, not a full-on disco party for the nails.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of glitter bombs. I just HATE the removal more than people talking at the movies (and I DESPISE that). Dior Silver Purple brings on the sparkle without all the irritation. Check it out after the jump!

As I’ve come to expect from the Dior Le Vernis line, the formula provides flawless application. Between the flat brush, the intense pigmentation and smooth consistency I applied two coats in a flash and called it a day.

I was so excited to get my hands on Silver Purple that I rushed to take off my current mani so I could try it out. The color completely roped me in. A smokey purple with silver metallic shimmer, I wouldn’t describe the finish as being brush stroke-y. You can see lines of metallic particle running down the nails but it reminds me of falling stars not brush marks.
Making a return for holiday, Dior is relaunching Black Sequins as a Sephora exclusive. As I said in my review from last year, Black Sequins is a very rich black sprinkled with silver micro-glitter.

Finally, Rose Boreal looks like a crystallized pink. Unfortunately I do not have this one to show you.

The Dior Cristal Boreale collection is on sale now at though only Silver Purple is listed for nails. The other shades will release at Sephora and Dior counters nationwide this month. Dior Le Vernis lacquers retail for $20/ea.

Are you digging Silver Purple as much as I am? Who’s happy to see a Black Sequins comeback? Let’s hear it!

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