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The PedEgg Pedicure File

By on January 17, 2008
in Foot Care, Pedicure Tools

Who else is an infomercial and “As Seen On TV” junkie? I can’t be the only sucker that has been drawn in by the over-the-top claims, extreme deals and middle of the night shopping impulse. I’ve bought way too many home exercise and diet kits, beauty aids and kitchen accessories. Anyone else got a Makin Bacon or Epil-Stop?

So I’m dealing with a bout of insomnia on a random Friday night while my boyfriend is off playing hockey when I catch a few seconds of a commercial for the PedEgg. A metal foot file that claims to be “safe & gentle” and mess free. Of course I’m buying.

What they claim:
The secret is PedEggâ„¢’s precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch. The unique “egg” shape of the PedEggâ„¢ not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use. Best of all, PedEggâ„¢ has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess.The test run:
With some products, I have to trick my boyfriend into trying them out but when the PedEgg arrived, he was chomping at the bit to give it a whirl. As I mentioned above, he plays hockey and as gross as it is, he plays barefoot so he can feel the ice better through his skates. As you can imagine (or don’t want to imagine) it takes quite a toll on his tootsies. Because I didn’t want to subject you all to in your face foot pics, I kept them small but if you click on the image you can see the damage and results in better detail.
Using the PedEgg: It’s as simple as rubbing your feet and works best on clean dry skin. Just hold the PedEgg in the palm of your hand and use a gentle back and forth motion. Make sure you go up and down, not in circles or sideways or the blades could cut you. As you file away the dead skin, it collects in the reservoir behind the blades. Included are two self stick emery pads that attach to the bottom of the egg base for the “ultimate finishing touch.”
The results:

  • Overall the PedEgg does what it claims. It quickly and gently removes calloused skin. If you have a lot of filing to do, this is a faster method than a traditional file but not necessarily for everyday maintenance. Boyfriend went to town on his callouses and after a good fifteen minutes of filing, he’s soles were really smooth. That is seriously a huge accomplishment.
  • It really is painless. I’m a big wuss and I was worried about the PedEgg hurting but I could barely feel it. It’s no different than using a pumice stone or emery file.


  • Regardless of the claims, the PedEgg is not mess free. Yes, the egg collects all the dead skin BUT if you turn the egg so the blades are facing down or even tilted down, the shavings fall out through the blade slots. That was an unpleasant discovery on the bathroom floor.
  • The other big issue is that if you don’t use the included emery pad or any sort of emery board style file you end up with jagged skin in a couple days. It was so bad I got a runner in my trouser sock. So just like when you file your nails and seal the edge, you have to use a finer grit file to finish and ensure a long lasting effect.


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There Are 17 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I ordered one about a week or so ago. They emailed me and said there’d been a huge amount of interest in them so they can’t tell me when they might ship it out. I’m pretty tickled about it!

  2. yummy411 says:

    omg you are worst than the infomercials themselves!!!!! you have me wanting to order one as well!!!!

  3. silverin says:

    It looks suspiciously like my lemon zester – wonder if that’s where the idea came from. But then I have to ask, which came first…?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this the same thing as the Microplane foot file?

  5. CincyFan says:

    Anon #1 – Aww, that stinks. I hope they either refund your money or get you one soon. Maybe try another reseller or see if your local WalMart/KMart carries them in their “As Seen On TV” section.

    Anon #2 – I’ve never tried a microplane but from the pictures I’ve seen, they look similar.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the thought of this is making my feet hurt. i cannot believe its painless!

  7. CincyFan says:

    Anon #3 – Believe me, I would lie about pain. I’m very sensitive; I cry getting a shot.

    That’s why I had the boyfriend try it first. I figured that even if it was painful, his calloused Fred Flintstone feet would never feel it. But even as he got near the end, he could still barely feel it. That’s the only reason I used it myself.

  8. CincyFan says:

    That was supposed to say, “I wouldN’T lie about pain.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a Microplane foot file that collects the shavings. I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. BBB also carries the PedEgg, at least where I live. In comparing the two, the filing surface appears to be exactly alike. And NO, it doesn’t hurt one bit. You definitely have to smooth the area with a finer file to get good results.

  10. jiidii says:

    i had such hard cracked skin on my heals that would of taken me days with a normal file to get off; this pedegg is the ticket; it smoothed out my feet in no time but you also have to use the fine file once you have got all the dead skin off kudos to who came up with this idea; it definitely is worth $10 and i tell lots of people about this little gem

  11. Susan says:

    I cannot get into the PedEgg — the thing scares me. I use an Artemis Woman Heel Smoother. I know it’s battery operated and uses up batteries, but its really safe. It recognizes when it’s time to stop so I don’t go too far and peel off good skin.

  12. nancee323 says:

    I just bought the PedEgg at CVS for 10.00. I do have yucky “summer feet”, and I have been using an in the shower pedicure cream that was not working so well. 5-10 minutes with the PedEgg and my problem was solved!! This product is effective, fast, and does not hurt at all! The directions are so simple, and if followed properly, there will be no pain whatsoever! I highly reccommend the PedEgg!!

  13. Scattered Marbles says:

    I love Love LOVE my Ped Egg so I echo your thoughts to a tee. I have majorly dry cracky feet and no other “utensils” have managed to make a difference in my feet. Even the microplanes and “graters” have had so little effect or were so annoying or cumbersome to use that I would stop.

    My Ped Egg has been so fun to use, absolutely NO pain at all in fact it tickles. This is the first time in my life that I have had feet I am not embarrassed by or that hurt from the cracks and would catch on carpeting or socks. They are touchably soft which is really cool! Only sad thing.. I didn’t find out about this before summer so I could have felt more comfortable in sandals :P

  14. Ivan Avalos says:

    I’m familiar with the ped egg and have checked it out. As some of the other people commented, it’s really a “cheese grater” and can cut into your skin (especially bad if you’re diabetic/have circulatory problems). Also, you have to finish with a finer instrument. And because of the plastic component, cannot be properly sterilized.

    I’d like to mention our product, the Angelfeet pedicure file (, which many professionals believe to be the best one on the market. It doesn’t cut into the skin but can still be used very aggressively, doesn’t require a finishing instrument, and can be easily sterilized because it is made out of a single piece of surgical grade stainless steel. No one need be afraid of this file, and it does a fantastic job. And it lasts and lasts.

  15. Pricilla Mcguckin says:

    wow amazing write-ups

  16. Florasol says:

    I have a bad problem of yellowish, very hard and thick skin on heels, central part (under the middle finger), external part of big toe, and little finger. Since I can remember (since I was a child) I tried everything, from pumix stone to every kind of feet hydrating cream to razor blades (not joking!)
    Ped Egg simply solved it all. Easy as that. I just wish I had one 25 years ago.

  17. Superb tips. Thanks for sharing.