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Fall 2009

ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Essie Pink Parka

essie-pink-parka-nail-polish-bottle-365-untrieds 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

Last week we talked about the J.Crew ad featuring Jenna Lyons painting her son’s toe nails bright pink.  It caused quite a stir with some conservatives out there and to show support of Jenna, someone of Facebook created an event asking members to paint their nails pink on April 22nd.

Like I said in my original post about this, most people I know were more curious about the nail polish color than what Jenna was doing to her son’s toes.  The color used in the ad is called “Peep Show,” a shade made exclusively for J.Crew which has now sold out (not surprising). Essie Pink Parka from the Fall 2009 collection is said to be a dupe for Peep Show so I polished my nails with it today as a sign of support. ***Edited to add – Apparently I was misinformed when told that Pink Parka was a dupe for Peep Show.  Cute As A Button is a better match.***

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MAC Style Black Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

By on October 22, 2009
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I’ve long said that in regards to polish MAC does dark and glittery colors best. Vin Goth, one of my all time fave shades, is a perfect example. The recently launched Style Black collection is the ideal vehicle to showcase their lacquer strong suit. With black makeup, including the hard-to-pull-off black lipstick, making a huge statement this season the dark polishes in this collection are an ideal compliment. Check them out after the jump!

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Coming Soon – StrangeBeautiful Color Cubes

By on October 16, 2009
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strangebeautiful, strange beautiful, library of color, volume 3, nail polish, nail lacquerWhen I first posted the StrangeBeautiful Volume 3 library quite a few of you commented about how you wish the polishes were sold separately. That dropping $79 for a whole set was a rather hefty investment for a new-to-you brand. I totally get that rationale, especially if your polish buying budget is limited.

Enter the StrangeBeautiful Color Cubes. StrangeBeautiful creator Jane Schub has ingeniously encased two shades from past Volumes in lucite cubes. See the full selection of Color Cubes after the jump!

The just launched STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Color Cube encasing two SB “Richly Perverse” colors in a deliciously sleek and chunky handmade Lucite Cube is akin to a miniature piece of modern furniture for the boudoir or bookshelf.

What I find unique about the cubes is that you can’t remove the bottles. You just unscrew the cap to apply. I wonder if this makes them unbreakable. If the cube protects the bottles should you accidentally knock it over. It’s like polish bottle armor.

Available Library of Color inspiration Duos include:

Redrope/A Good Eraser Duo

Dia Pink/ Federalist Orange Duo

Never Ending Deep Lake Blue/ J. Herbin Black Violette Duo

The StrangeBeautiful Color Cubes will be available at and retail for $25/ea.

So who’s jumping in on these? The Blue/Violette combo is calling my name and I don’t know why but looking at the Pink/Orange duo made that Legally Blonde quote pop in my head. “Whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed!” Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Sound off Fanatics!

China Glaze Fortune Teller Nail Polish Swatches & Review

By on October 13, 2009
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I’m not one for the whole Halloween thing. The holiday has always spooked me out, no pun intended. So when I when I caught a glimpse of China Glaze’s special release for the season, Fortune Teller, I was all, “That’s a concept I can get behind!” Astrologists, psychics, palm readers, etc. I’ve been to at least one of each in the past. Do I believe everything they say, no, but I find it entertaining.

The wizards at China Glaze who created this color were definitely in a mysterious mood for Fortune Teller has a magical, fall feel. Check it out!

Fortune Teller is a Sally Beauty exclusive release part of the Spellbound collection. Along the lines of Lubu Heels, it consists of a semi-sheer glossy black base packed with multi-sized copper colored glitter and irregularly shaped particles. I’d say it’s the copper version of Lippmann’s Ruby Red Slippers.

Of course such heavily packed, chunky glitter means the polish dries with texture. That’s just a downside of these types of polishes. Though a layer of Seche Vite cures all. Because the base is semi-sheer I ended up using three coats to make it completely opaque.


China Glaze Fortune Teller can be found in a 6-piece seasonal display at Sally Beauty and retails for $5.99 ($4.49 with a Beauty Club Card).

How many of you have already bought Fortune Teller? What do you think of it? Have any of you had trouble tracking down a bottle?

butter LONDON Fall-Winter 09 Swatches & Review

I’ve been champing at the bit to get my hands on butter LONDON‘s British Racing Green ever since I eyed it backstage at Vena Cava during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last February. A couple months ago we got a peek a the rest of the Fall/Winter collection and now I finally have it in my hot little hands.

A set of five diverse and unique shades, Creative Director Nonie Creme designed this collection to give women colors with personality that punch up the muted tones seen on the runways. Check them out after the jump!

First off, let’s talk about what’s new for Fall 2009; a revamped butter LONDON bottle. Hearing your criticism regarding the hard to remove outer cap, bL has replaced it with an easy glide version. No longer shall we debate whether you’re supposed to polish with the outer cap on or off. The decorative raven printed on the inner cap solves that mystery.

Now on to the polish. The formula with these is on par with a couple noted exceptions. Rosie Lee, being a clear based glitter, required three coats as did Pearly Queen (the frosty white). Unfortunately my travel schedule to NYC limited my time so rather than wait until next week when I return, I did some quick one finger swatches for you.

Of course I had to do a full mani with British Racing Green. How could I resist?? The shade reminds me of a vintage MG convertible only better because of the shimmer. We’re not talking standout sparkle but the shade is so vivid that even in incandescent light I can pick up on it. Hand this polish a prize because it’s a winner!
The name Rosie Lee kind of speaks for itself. A sweet, dazzling rosy pink it becomes foil-like in the sun.
Scoundrel is a medium reddish lilac creme that’s just dark enough for me to avoid “alien hand” syndrome. It’s not bright but it definitely has a kick!
Can you say pumpkin? Minger‘s warm undertones give this nontraditional fall bright a sesonally appropriate feel.
Pearly Queen is my only disappointment in the bunch. It’s plagued with brush stroke issues and the hue just doesn’t work on me. To put up with brush marks I better LOVE the color.
The butter LONDON Fall/Winter 09 collection retails for $14/ea or get the Fashionista’s Favourites Fall 2009 pack and receive all 5 polishes for $45. The collection is on sale now at and coming soon to
What do we think Fanatics? Are you dying over British Racing Green like I am? Which fall bL’s do you plan to purchase?

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