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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday – I’m On A Boat!

By on January 19, 2014
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At this very moment, I’m likely to be soaking in the sun on the Caribbean Princess as I head to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras. I’m on a much needed vacation with the boyfriend and while I’m sure I’ll go through withdrawls having no internet access for a week, I’m looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING but swimming, reading and eating my face off. Vacation food is 0 points on Weight Watchers, right?

I’m not posting this to rub it in your face, more to let you know why your comments are sitting in moderation and why your emails, tweets, etc are going unanswered.

But, fear not fanatics, I have plenty of content scheduled for while I’m gone, including a couple guest posts from my blogging pals. I look forward to reading each and every comment when I get back and responding to all of you asap.

Also, if you missed our first #NailGlossip chat, add the next one to your calendar right now. On Sunday, January 26th, Sarah from Chalkboard Nails and Jen from The PolishAholic will join me as we chat about Grammy nails and give away prizes from Sally Hansen. So clear your books for 9pm EST

Sunday Funday with Jenna Marbles – What Your Nails Mean!

By on December 22, 2013
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Just a little nail humor on this Sunday Funday. A guy friend tweeted this at me the other day which made me realize I’m WAY behind on my YouTube subscriptions. I’m pretty loyal to In Bed With Joan and Jenna Marbles but I had not seen this one yet.

I cracked up multiple times as Jenna broke down what different nail styles and colors mean. To the point that the sleeping kitty in my lap freaked out and scratched me. Thanks for the pain, Jenna! It was totally worth it.

Word of warning: This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or wee ones as there is adult and sexual language/references used in the video

Sunday Funday – Being My Own Santa by Buying Urban Decay Naked 3

By on December 8, 2013
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Urban Decay Naked 3 palette Naked3

Urban Decay Naked 3

Affiliate Link|I Bought This

So I know Urban Decay Naked 3 ($52) is on my wish list but I just couldn’t resist when it became available on the UD website last Monday. I pulled the trigger before I could even think about it.

You see, it wasn’t supposed to hit outside retailers until January and with the original release selling out in less than a day, I couldn’t bear not knowing if my family would be on it to pick up this rose gold-colored gem. I’m impatient, I know, but I use Naked 2 on the daily and I’m all about rose gold lately.

Then came the news that Urban Decay pushed up the release so Naked 3 is now available at,, and in addition to Oh the Sephora Beauty Insider points I could have received, ugh!

So if you didn’t jump the gun, like me, you can hop over to your favorite online retailer now and pick up this beauty or wait for it to hit stores on December 12th. Mine arrives tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT to play with it!

Are you a fan of the UD Naked palettes? Which one is your fave? Do you plan to get Naked 3 or do you already have it? Share your eye color combo ideas in the comments!

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Sunday Funday – Go See Don Jon

By on October 6, 2013
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I went through a period in my late teens/early 20s of being angry at romantic comedies and fairy tales like Cinderella. I felt that stories of grand romantic gestures and utterly perfect men rescuing damsels in distress set us up for defeat in our own relationships.

Where is the brooding hunk breaking out into a rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” in front of the entire school? Or the millionaire waving a bouquet of flowers out the moon roof of a white limo? I have yet to see, in real life, the geeky, bespectacled girl who tosses her glasses and lets down her ponytail, only to catch the eye of the most popular boy in school. Have you?

It wasn’t until I met my current boyfriend/partner of fourteen years that I started to figure it out. That we are all flawed and it’s figuring out which flaws are deal-breakers and which ones you can live with, that make relationships work.

It’s the exploration of these deeper themes, in a totally humorous way, that make Don Jon worth seeing. Yes, it’s a movie about a guy addicted to porn but that’s such a watered-down descriptor. It’s really about how the pop culture images that bombard us on a daily basis affect our views on relationships How skewed our perception has become due to the false realities created in TV and film.

For his directorial/writing debut, Joseph Gordon-Levitt knocked it out of the park. Yes, there is a lot of porn featured in the film, so it’s not appropriate for the kiddos, but he cuts it in such a way that it’s not over-the-top or gratuitous. I’d say the montage at the beginning of Wedding Crashers, filled with nothing but boobs, was more graphic.

As a part of the Cleveland Cinemas member rewards program, Marquee Rewards, I’ve been lucky to see Don Jon twice in advance screenings and I laughed just as hard the second time and loved it just as much.

It’s one of those movies that sparks real conversations. And really, isn’t that the point? If you leave the theater with nothing to say about the film, why bother?

Have any of you seen Don Jon? What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you love Julianne Moore’s character and hate Scarlett Johansson’s, like I did?

Disclosure: I received free passes to the Don Jon screenings as a Cleveland Cinemas Marquee Rewards member but that has nothing to do with this blog.

Sunday Funday – That Time I Met Bethenny Frankel at her #CallingAllMyGirls Tour

By on September 15, 2013
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Remember when I gushed about my adoration of Bethenny Frankel? Well, I was thrilled to get the chance to meet Bethenny when she came to Cleveland during her “Calling All My Girls” Tour to promote her new talk show, bethenny.

It was a fun event, filled with lots of Skinnygirl cocktails and wine. Side note: Prior to the event I had only tried Skinnygirl Margarita and was NOT a fan but, I’m happy to report that Skinnygirl Moscato is delicious (and I’m not really a sweet wine kind of gal)! I had a just-as-excited-to-meet-Bethenny date in Katrina and lots of our CLE blogger friends were in attendance. Bethenny sure knows how to throw a party.


bethenny frankel #callingallmygirls tour in cleveland

Bethenny #CallingAllMyGirls Tour in Cleveland

My only disappointment was when it came time to actually “meet” Bethenny. It was a scene straight out of A Christmas Story, with handlers shuffling us along like cattle (Come on kid! Store’s closing!), grabbing our purses, cameras and drinks, while we got a whole second to take our photo with Bethenny. It happened so fast, I may have pulled a Ralphie and just spurted, “I’m such a fan!”

Granted, I realize her time is precious and the event planners needed to keep the line moving but I was still let down by that moment I so looked forward to. Plus, for some reason, they gave bloggers badges that said “Blogger” but it ended up meaning nothing as far as I can tell. At least I have a professional photo of it since the guy who grabbed my camera took a picture of someone else meeting Bethenny. Cue the sad trombone!

Regardless of that, I’ve been tuning in to bethenny every day during premiere week and it has not disappointed in the slightest. She’s her off-the-cuff, real self. A total natural, talking about women’s issues and topics in a way that feels like a typical conversation with my girlfriends. Needless to say, the show has a permanent spot in my DVR season pass list.

Have you tuned in to bethenny? What do you think of the show? Have you ever had a not-so-momentous meeting with someone you’re a fan of?

Disclosure: I was invited to the bethenny Calling All My Girls Tour by reps for the show. All opinions are my own. For more info view my Disclosure Policy

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