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Creative Use of Effects – The CND Mood Ring Manicure

cnd mood ring manicure sally hansen gray by gray *** UPDATE – The Bergorf event has been canceled at the last minute. Sorry NYCers. But you can still see CND at Malandrino and near 3.1 Phillip Lim.***

As I mentioned in my Fashion’s Night Out post, CND will be offering “Mood Ring” manicures today at Bergdorf Goodman to customers who purchase the four CND Effect shades used to create the look ($40). You will be able to choose your Shellac base color (Romantique, Hot Pop Pink, Wildfire, Rock Royalty, Asphalt, Black Pool) and the Effects will be layered on top to create the look.

Unfortunately we don’t all live in NYC but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the look yourself. Using any nail polish base color you desire, you can have your own custom “Mood Ring” nails.

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Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trend – Military Greens

From olive to hunter, military inspired designs and colors dominated the Fall 2011 runway shows. Those shades came straight off the models and into nail polish bottles in a number of the fall collections.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be walking you through the big nail polish trends for the season, showing you the newest shades to hit the market and the old school colors you may already own that will get your nail style ready for fall.

fall 2011 nail color polish trend fatigue military green olive

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ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Color-Block Nails with Orly Ancient Jade

orly-ancient-jade-nail-polish-365-untrieds 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

Color-blocking was all over the Spring 2011 runways but being that my own personal style doesn’t really mesh with color-blocking, I translated the trend to nails. As much as I love how bright colors look on others, I tend to stick to neutrals when it comes to my own wardrobe. My nails are my color statement.

Inspired by a dress I saw while online window shopping on, I incorporated Orly Ancient Jade from the Precious Spring 2011 Collection to create a color-block manicure.

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Katy Perry’s Avant-Garde Lace Nails

By on October 14, 2010
in Celebrity, China Glaze, Nail Art, Trends with 45 Comments

When Katy Perry posted “Glove tip lace nails anyone?” on Twitter yesterday along with this pic I knew that Celebrity Manicurist Kimmie Kyees had to be involved and I was right.  We’ve seen lace used to cover the entire nail before but this is something new. Kimmie shared that these nails were created for a photo shoot but she couldn’t reveal which one so be on the lookout as Kimmie is hoping they make the cover!


Get The Look: “She wanted beige so I used nail tips from Broadway Nails and polished them in China Glaze polishes; Modern Elegance topped Nude. What an amazing shade that combination created.”

“I took out my lace and noticed the V shape. I decided to cut along the V’s and place it in the polish from the cuticles towards the free edge. Leaving the lace on the end came to me after I placed it. I tried the tips on myself and loved the effect. When I showed [the people from the magazine] what they looked like on, they were relived and impressed! Luckily Katy and the rest of the glam squad agreed it looked fantastic. Katy said she loved them!”

China Glaze Modern Elegance is a discontinued color from the Urban Chic/Platinum series but I did find it on eBay and Victoria Nail SupplyChina Glaze Nude also looks to be dc’d but it’s available on eBay and VNS as well.

What do you think of this look on Katy?  I’m thinking it could be something fun to try for a Halloween costume, like a gothic bride or something.  Would you wear this nails and for what occasion?  Have you tried incorporating lace into your nail style?

My 2010 Wedding Season Mani-Pedi Combination

notd-china-glaze-for-audrey-flyin-high This past weekend the boyfriend and I attended the wedding of one of our favorite people on the planet.  She is funny, smart, charming.  Just an amazing friend.  One of those people that you meet and just know you want in your life.  So you can imagine how happy we are that she found a man who realizes how special she is and treats her a queen.

Of course a wedding means planning the right outfit all the way down to your fingers and toes.  I immediately knew which dress I wanted to wear but deciding on nail color was a challenge.  Do I go trendy because I’m the all knowing nail girl (my friend said that, not me)?  Do I play it safe because it’s a wedding?  Or do I march to the beat of my own drummer and go with what strikes my fancy?  I chose D – All Of The Above.

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