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Creative Use of Effects – The CND Mood Ring Manicure

By on September 8, 2011
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cnd mood ring manicure sally hansen gray by gray *** UPDATE – The Bergorf event has been canceled at the last minute. Sorry NYCers. But you can still see CND at Malandrino and near 3.1 Phillip Lim.***

As I mentioned in my Fashion’s Night Out post, CND will be offering “Mood Ring” manicures today at Bergdorf Goodman to customers who purchase the four CND Effect shades used to create the look ($40). You will be able to choose your Shellac base color (Romantique, Hot Pop Pink, Wildfire, Rock Royalty, Asphalt, Black Pool) and the Effects will be layered on top to create the look.

Unfortunately we don’t all live in NYC but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the look yourself. Using any nail polish base color you desire, you can have your own custom “Mood Ring” nails.

The “Mood Ring” nail is created by layering four CND Effects over a base color. The original look used Black Pool so I’m showing you the look with CND Blackjack nail polish.

Start with your Blackjack base and add a stripe of CND Emerald Shimmer Effect down the middle of the nail.


Add a stripe of CND Ice Blue Shimmer Effect on one side.


Then a stripe of CND Violet Shimmer Effect on the remaining third of the nail. I find that slightly overlapping the three Effects helps blur the lines between the colors.


Finally, add a coat of CND Copper Shimmer Effect over the whole nail.


When I was originally practicing this layering effect, I was wearing Sally Hansen Gray by Gray and I loved the final product even more than over black. I can only imagine how gorgeous it will look over Asphalt and Rock Royalty.



Head to Bergdorf Goodman today between 9am and 10pm to get your own “Mood Ring” manicure with a Shellac base from one of CND’s talented nail artists. Or purchase the Effects for use at home and create your own custom version. Locate a CND retailer near you at or purchase online from

Are you liking the “mood ring” look? What base color would you use under the Effects? NYC gals, will you be hitting up Bergdorf’s to get your own set of “mood ring” nails?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by CND. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. minicolor says:

    very cool! I almost like it better before the Copper layer though. :)

  2. Zorbs says:

    omg, this is beautiful! Too bad I only have 1 CND effects polish.

  3. Gorgeous! I’m with minicolour though, it looks amazing even before the final layer. I am so doing this.

  4. mrs rexy says:

    So cool! I will have to try this!

  5. beata says:

    Love the look. I just need the copper shimmer and I’m good to go!

  6. ladylailoken says:

    love this look! the copper shimmer makes it pop.

  7. Gena in CA says:

    I like it w/out the copper too. Copper is the only effect I don’t have ;)

  8. Leslie says:

    I agree with minicolor. I think I’m going to try just the first three over Asphalt.

  9. Melissa says:

    Gorgeous combos! Really need some of these in my life…

  10. Ali says:

    I like everything but the Copper layer effect, dunno it kind of kills the effect and it makes it a regular holographic laquer

  11. I won’t be hitting up their event today but I will try this at home! I’m going to go to Ricky’s and Color Club and possibly NARS if I have time!

  12. TheCaptain says:

    That is gorgeous! I love the Effects so much, I think I’ll try it with Urban Oasis as the base.

  13. Chynna says:

    I bought these colors just to do this and, though I liked it a lot, it didn’t wow me as much as I’d hoped. Thanks for doing it over a color other than black. I think it looks fantastic over the gray and will be trying it out on other base colors too.

  14. Amber says:

    What an amazing mani! Thanks so much for sharing! I just checked my stash, and I have all of the CND effects mentioned, plus blackjack and SH gray by gray – all in my stash of UNTRIEDS. LOL I’m so happy to now have a way to use them all in one mani!

  15. Astrid says:

    I’m from the Netherlands and I don’t get the name. Why is this called a Mood Ring? What does a Mood Ring mean? Sorry for not understanding…

  16. Alexis says:

    Ooooh!!! I cannot stop staring! I like it both before and after the copper effect. Looks like I am going to have to invest in one CND effects!!!


  17. Meeka says:

    This makes me want to invest in some CND O.o I love it over Gray By Gray especially!

  18. Deb says:

    That’s gorgeous enough to make me want all 3! I have none right now, but that may change…

  19. Rachel says:

    That is such a cool look! And how funny, when I bought Copper Shimmer the first thing I wanted to put it over was Gray by Gray– such a stunning combination! Had to add some flakies, too. ♥

  20. Oh my gosh I love this!!!! I love these effects!! XOXO

  21. Jackie S. says:

    Very cool layering technique!

  22. OH MY GOSH.

    NEED. This is freakin gorgeous!!!

  23. Kelly says:

    so cool!!! Wishing I had some of the CND effects now, lol. :)

  24. Cincly says:

    Oh wow! I love this look, will definitely try it out when I get my hands on some effects!!

  25. Blair says:

    Holy crap!

  26. Tiger says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful, but I don’t get the mood ring connection. Aren’t mood rings supposed to change colors?

  27. Lauren says:

    copper shimmer effect = awesome

  28. Iris says:

    i love the idea, but that copper layer was just…. too much.

  29. kaydi says:

    I’ve been holding back from adding any CNDs to my collection, but this mani is soooo pretty, it may convince me otherwise!

  30. Sarah E says:

    This is sooo neat looking! Shame I don’t have the Emerald or Copper, I’ll have to add those to my list!

  31. nice result! I like it!

  32. Danii says:

    It’s like my linear Color Clubs just even sweeter! :3 Must do!!

  33. ReaderRita says:

    I LOVE that Copper Shimmer- I use it a lot.
    This is a novel approach to a “color changing” mani- I’m diggin’ it. V. cool.
    I wish CND did flakies and more Coppery stuff. I’m SO over ubiquitous gold. Unless it’s an “off” gold, that is…

  34. Alison says:

    holy macaroni thats amazing with the copper!

  35. What a cool idea, and the effect is unique. I don’t have any of the CND Effects polishes, but maybe I can use stuff I already own to try this out. :) Thanks for sharing!

  36. Mimi says:

    Very interesting, I just tried this same technique with Scarlet Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Gold Shimmer topped with Copper Shimmer over a grey creme. I like the color change, but I think it kinda looks muted. Wished it popped more!

  37. MzTeaze says:

    I would love to do this effect. Guess I will need to get the CND Effects.

  38. Diane says:

    For Astrid –
    Mood Rings were popular in the late 70′s. They used to change color based on the warmth of your body / body chemistry. If you were in a “good” mood the blue looked alot like the color in the manicure and had a holigraphic look to it. However, they did change. So I was kind of thinking with the name — maybe the manicure responded to heat or sun.

    They old mood rings went thru a series of color changes green, black, blue, grey, etc.

  39. meeks says:

    i will have to look into this to see what i can come up with!!!!!

  40. Kim walton says:

    I am deaf please help me how make pink white clear gel it right UV gel thank you

  41. meeks says:

    where can you get CND polish?????????