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Come Meet Me – Let’s Talk Nail Trends At Saks Fifth Avenue Beachwood

By on September 19, 2013
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Calling all Cleveland nail fanatics! I’m hosting a nail trend event at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood Place and I would LOVE to meet you. We’ll be talking Fall 2013 nail trends, sipping bubbly and more!


I’ve been so lucky to meet some amazing people in Cleveland thanks to blogging and social media but I know there are more of you out there that love nail polish as much as I do. Let’s build up the Cleveland nail community and have some fun at Saks.


Reserve some time on Saturday, September 28th to drop by the Saks Beauty Department and come say hello.

How many of you are fellow Clevelanders or live nearby? Will I see you next Saturday? I look forward to meeting you all.

Summer Nail Trend Alert – Glitter-Tipped White Nails

White parties. Crisp, white pants. A fitted white tee. During this sticky, humidity-filled season, wearing white feels clean, chic and fresh. That goes for nails as well. We’ve talked about the white nail trend in the past but this year’s version brings sparkle to the party.

Summer Nail Polish Trend - Glitter Tipped White

Summer Nail Polish Trend - Glitter Tipped White

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Finding the perfect white nail polish can be hard. They can be too sheer, streaky or chalky. Adding a glittery tip gives white nails a funky edge and keeps the look from feeling too dated or mod.

This week’s People Magazine features top celebrity manicures for summer chosen by nail pros and I’m thrilled to be one of them. Keep reading to see which celebrity’s look I selected and how you can get it yourself!
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Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trend – Bold Beautiful Blues

Are we stuck in some kind of 2007 nail polish flashback? Did Chanel Blue Satin just launch? First we talked about grey nail polish, now we’re moving onto blue. Those of you who have been reading ALU since way back in its infancy will remember that blue and grey were big nail trends for Fall 2007 and as I approach my fifth year of blogging, it’s like it’s all coming full circle.


The past couple years there has been a greater focus on greyed slate blues and teal but this time around we’re looking at a more true blue range that varies from denim to sapphire to indigo. And as brands have continued to evolve their mixing techniques we are being treated to more unique finishes and sparkle combinations than we’ve seen in the past.
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Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trend – Real F*cking Grey Is Back!

By on October 5, 2011
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I don’t know about you but I am so sick of “greige” and “griolet” and every other bastardization of grey nail polish. To the point that it’s extremely refreshing to see the real deal re-emerge as a hot nail polish trend for Fall 2011. It’s not exactly like grey has been on hiatus for the past few years but it was feeling pretty tired post-2008 and I’m ecstatic to see it coming back.

During NYFW Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen tweeted from backstage at Rag & Bone about the Revlon Stormy Canvas nail color Manicurist Jin Soon Choi used. Jin was quoted as saying, “I love this color because it’s a true grey. I’m sick of greige,” and upon reading that all I could say was, “Yes! Real f*cking grey is back!” Sorry, I’m just not the type to use “effing” in my everyday vernacular. The boyfriend, who I constantly embarrass with my ill-timed, foul-mouthed outbursts, would concur.


Black and grey are pretty much staple colors in most fall wardrobes but it wasn’t until 2007/8 that grey really became a staple in nail world. Before brands like Rescue Beauty Lounge and China Glaze started producing hot greys, we were left to franken our own. I still remember, with longing, the dove grey CND previewed at the Fall ’08 shows that was slated to go into production before they overhauled their polish line. Now, we have so many grey nail polish options it would make Rachel Zoe proud.

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Creative Use of Effects – The CND Mood Ring Manicure

cnd mood ring manicure sally hansen gray by gray *** UPDATE – The Bergorf event has been canceled at the last minute. Sorry NYCers. But you can still see CND at Malandrino and near 3.1 Phillip Lim.***

As I mentioned in my Fashion’s Night Out post, CND will be offering “Mood Ring” manicures today at Bergdorf Goodman to customers who purchase the four CND Effect shades used to create the look ($40). You will be able to choose your Shellac base color (Romantique, Hot Pop Pink, Wildfire, Rock Royalty, Asphalt, Black Pool) and the Effects will be layered on top to create the look.

Unfortunately we don’t all live in NYC but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the look yourself. Using any nail polish base color you desire, you can have your own custom “Mood Ring” nails.

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