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Let’s Talk Trends – Fall 2007

By on September 30, 2007
in Fall 2007, Trends

Fall has officially started people. So why am I roasting and wanting to turn on my A/C? It just doesn’t seem right that I packed away my capris and t-shirts while the thermometer reads 73 degrees. Regardless, I am thrilled to pull out my fall polish shades and get a little vampy. Now that I’ve tested and reviewed the majority of the fall collections (fall not holiday), I’m going to break down what I see as the big trends for fall and give my top polish picks for each one.

All of the lacquers I will show you are currently available for purchase. Either as part of a fall or classic collection. When possible, I’ve included links to my past posts with swatches.

Like I said last summer during my interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I’m seeing three big trends emerge as we head towards cooler weather; Red, Jewel Tones and Gunmetal Gray.

Red isn’t exactly a groundbreaking color. It will always be popular and the shade women turn to for instant glamour. Red makes you feel sexy, bold and classy. This season mid-tone true red cremes are at the forefront. Already seen on the tips of some Hollywood’s most stalked after starlets, glossy red nails aren’t just for evening. It’s a shade you can wear day or night.

(l-to-r) Zoya Andi, China Glaze Masai Red, China Glaze China Rouge, OPI Vodka & Caviar, OPI Quarter of A Cent-Cherry, Creative House of Rebels

Of all the jewel tones (navy, emerald, plum, ruby) navy seems to be the prominent shade this fall. It’s one of the those colors that suits most skin tones. For me personally, blue comes in a close second to green as my favorite nail color to wear so, seeing navy become so popular tickles me.

Maybelline Acoustic Azure, OPI Russian Navy, China Glaze Up All Night, N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim, Zoya Indigo, NYX Sapphire

The fun thing about purple/plum is that, like navy, there is a shade for most skin tones, depending on which way it leans on the color chart. The warm red based plums and cool toned purples below were originally my prediction for the big color for fall but I don’t think it will hit like navy. It’s still a gorgeous tone to wear.

Zoya Lael, Orly Plum Noir, Creative Rock Royalty, OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight, China Glaze VII, Carolyn New York Mugged On The Six Train

Deep burgundy and garnet shades make me think of the holidays, leaves changing and sipping on a glass heart warming red wine. Their berry toned bases really do suit the cool gals best but when there is a bit of gold shimmer running through, they become pretty universally flattering.

Sally Hanson Wine Not?, China Glaze Cranberry Flame, China Glaze Vertical Rush, Creative Crimson Uprising, Misa Wine Burgundy

I can’t help but bounce up and down with glee over all these pretty new greens on the market. For the gun shy, I suggest trying it on your toes. I promise it won’t look like you have a disease. Green might just surprise you. When I have a great emerald shade on my tips to wear with my all time favorite eBay purchase, an emerald cut emerald and diamond ring, I never feel more myself.

Zoya Suvi, Rimmel Play Fast Camouflage, China Glaze Outta Bounds, Sinful Colors San Francisco, NYX Las Vegas.

Gunmetal Gray is this year’s black. Less shocking and in your face than black, this season’s deep metallic grays are just as chic but more muted and wearable. The main problem I have with wearing black creme is keeping it looking fresh and glossy. These shimmery grays take care of that issue.

Zoya Freja, Carolyn New York Subway Surfin, CND Hyde In The Dark, China Glaze Beatnik, China Glaze Black Diamond, Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Not ready to jump onto the dark polish bandwagon? Are you a pink or sheer wearer that wants to be trendy but isn’t ready to take the plunge? For a sheer alternative, check out these new shades from Lippmann Collection. They’re the perfect way to wear the red and navy trend without making the commitment to full on opaque color. An added bonus; the glossy, jelly finish is to die for.

Lippmann I Want Candy and Rehab
Now it’s your turn, what trends are you seeing? What do you love, what do you hate?

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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. jdbsusanna says:

    I’m seeing a lot of brown nails here (NYC). A lot of people are still wearing black, and lots and lots of red. I’ve barely seen any navy nails, even though everyone says it’s the big color for fall!
    Personally, I love the new red Vodka and Caviar (OPI).

  2. csuthetaphi says:

    I am so happy that we have so many beautiful blues this year. I love all these colorful collections! So many good choices!

  3. jennifer says:

    opi’s catherine the grape has been left out of the list! My fave fall color recently…

  4. CincyFan says:

    Jennifer – I like Catherine The Grape as well but it doesn’t really fit into the jewel tone category IMO.

    jdbsusanna – Chocolate browns are gorgeous but I hardly see them in my neck of the woods. What is your favorite shade?

    CSUThetaPhi – I can’t believe I left out the bottle of Navy Venom you gave me. It was still in my purse. I did my nails with it last night though and I’ll be posting pics. It’s stunning! :D

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here in LA, I still see people wearing white polish into the fall season. Ew. I’m LOVING the jewel tones….just gorgous! Plums, Navys, Rubies….lovely. I’m wearing House of Rebels right now on my toes and tips, and I have to say it’s the perfect red for me! BTW, I wanted to ask about Butter London Polishes….I read about them in your blog, but I’m afraid to try them right off the website without seeing them….Are they good quality? Do they wear well?

    also, I’m a HUGE fan & I read it daily <3 Kudos! Thank you for feeding my nail polish obsession :) XOXI

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just love love love the navy blue trend. I’m a blue polish ho, so it’s nice to see that my fave color is now “in”! I’m not seeing blue nails here (Midwest) much, though.

  7. jdbsusanna says:

    Cincy — My favorite shade is probably Madness from Chanel. I just tried Suzie Says Da, and got a number of compliments. I just recieved IX from China Glaze, and I’m interested to try it because it doesn’t seem to have any red in it as the other two do.
    Do you have any other brownish-colored shades to recommend?

  8. Discuss Beauty says:

    Around here the trend seems to be really deep reds, reddish blacks, or the really deep browns that Jdbsusanna was talking about.
    As far as purples go, I’ve seen a little bit of blackened purple being worn as well.

    I agree with anonymous though, I can’t stand white nail polish. It looks like a bottle of White Out attacked the fingers! Yikes!

    For me personally, it’s vampy shades year round!

  9. tulip red says:

    i”ve just got back from my local nail bar here in the uk, where they use the creative range. i”m now wearing the red house of rebels shade it”s gorgeous! i will be looking forward to my next appointment so i can try some of the plum and blue shades. i”m hooked!