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Zoya Uptown Collection

By on June 29, 2007
in Big 3 Free, Fall 2007, Zoya

OK, now that you’ve all had time to salivate over the Zoya Downtown collection, here’s your peek at Uptown. I’m predicting red to be a big trend this fall. That it will be gracing the tips of all the Hollywood starlets. I’ve already seen it popping up on some. The Uptown collection has a red for everyone, even those afraid of being too bold.

Tess, Paige, Coco

Quinn, Andi, Chelsea

Tess has the same foil like finish as Kotori and Rea from the Downtown line. The color reminds me a bit of Kat from Zoya except it’s more of a cool pinky red than a warm orangey red. Tess is highly pigmented and because of the metallic quality I was being careful to avoid brush strokes but the polish evened out perfectly on its own.

Paige is a plummy red creme. Smooth to apply and opaque in one coat. It doesn’t have a high gloss finish but it’s not matte either. I think you could achieve either finish depending on your top coat.

As the name suggests, Coco is a browned red creme. I wasn’t very drawn to this one in the bottle but on the wheel, it’s yummy. I don’t know if I have the right skin tone for it but I’m going to give it a shot. Everything is worth a try, no?

I would describe Quinn as a blood red creme. Classic and vampy without being over the top. Is it a “Wow I must have it” color for me… no but, it’s one sexy red. One thing that really impressed me about both Quinn and Andi (below) is that they were very close to bottle color with one coat. Very atypical of reds. Normally you get that pink or fuchsia base color before the true red comes out.

Andi is a true red creme. A staple color for sure unless you have a ton of reds already. Then I’d only suggest picking up Andi if you’re looking for Big 3 Free or, as I mentioned above, a one coat red that you can slap on in a hurry.

Chelsea reminds me of a Macintosh apple. A juicy shimmery red. I think it would suit most skin tones and the shimmer will help hide any errors you make in application. That’s what I love about shimmers, they allow even the clumsiest person (myself included) to have a smooth pretty mani.

So everyone, what colors are must haves? Which lemmings are killed? Who’s saving their pennies to buy the whole darn thing?

I don’t have an official release date to give you but I believe these collections will start shipping out in late July or early August. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any different.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, they’re all nice but Chelsea’s my pick of the bunch!

  2. CincyFan says:

    I think Chelsea is my favorite too. Though Quinn is a gorgeous creme.

  3. violetnoir says:

    I’m more of a downtown girl, but if I had to pick one, I think it would be Chelsea.


  4. Marina says:

    You guys said what was already on my mind: Chelsea stands out among them. I really like it.