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Lippmann Collection Fall 2007

The new fall shades from Deborah Lippmann’s Lippmann Collection, I Want Candy and Rehab, are a departure from what you would normally expect to see for the fall season. They’re sheer with a jelly finish and very unique. The most versatile fall polishes I’ve seen in a while. The formula makes these bold shades something that a sheer fan can wear comfortably but buildable enough to please opaque wearers. If you want to learn more about jelly finish polishes, check out this fab article my pal Melanie wrote for Blogdorf Goodman.

I have to admit that when I saw Rehab in promotional photos I got all excited about finding a great navy creme. There are a lot of beautiful navy polishes out there but very few cremes. And then I heard about Rehab’s sheer quality and my heart sank. I wasn’t looking forward to testing it because I didn’t want to give a bad review of a blue. I love blue polish. So you can imagine my joy and surprise when I gave it a test run and discovered the exceptional glossy finish and pigmentation.

Here is my Rehab mani with 2 coats of lacquer. It’s more subtle, I’d call it a cornflower blue.

And here is 4 coats. Beautious navy goodness.

I Want Candy, as a sheer, reminds me of the Revlon Glimmer Gloss Strawberry Sizzle but without the glitter and a much prettier finish. With four coats, it reaches bottle color which is a great candy apple red. Both I Want Candy and Rehab apply smoothly without streaking so it’s easy to achieve a sheer or opaque look that is clean and even.

Here is I Want Candy with 2 coats of polish.

And with 4 coats.

Ok so the question I’m sure a lot of you are asking is, are they worth it? You know that I’m frugal, that spending $15 on polish is not my M.O. However, I do feel that for blue lovers Rehab is worth every penny. I can honestly say I don’t have another color like it and I own a LOT of blue polish. If I could find a less expensive alternative, I’d tell you. Now I Want Candy is one I’d personally pass on at retail price. But for people that love red as much as I love blue, go for it! If you have the means and love the finish, it’s a great shade but not one I’d consider a “must have” for my collection.

Alright lovelies, now it’s your turn to chime in. Share your thoughts on these shades.

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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Elena Singh says:

    I think I could go for both. The blue with 4 coats looks amazing and unusual – more of translucent clear navy then heavier versions with shimmer. The red one is so pretty! I would wear two coats of it for cute-sweet and a bit funky look. When are these going to be availiable?
    BTW: great blog, have been lurking for a while. My hands look so much better thanks to you, as I started doing my manis again!

  2. Anita says:

    Ok, so I’ll de-lurk today, too. I can’t wear nail polish on my fingernails during the week because of my job, but I’m a year round pedicure fan and I have a crush on blue polish at the moment. Rehab looks versatile and gorgeous; nice for my weekend mani as well.

  3. Karen says:

    Rehab is verry pretty! I LOVE the shine and I would definitely go with the 4 coats! Carolyn New York’s “Frankie Joins the Navy” is really pretty, deeep and shiny too and I can’t wait to try it! Right now, I’m wearing SpaRitual’s “Hunk of Burnin’ Love”. It is THE BEST red I’ve ever worn & I’m just loving it! It’s wearing well too.
    I’m a firm believer in nails & toes being the same color…or shiny clear nails and polished toes. What’s the word on mixing it up?
    I also LOVE your blog and really appreciate your tips, especially since my bout with the toxins this summer!!!

  4. Discuss Beauty says:

    The polishes do seem quite nice, although I would be more tempted to build the color.
    When built up, the colors remind me of semi-precious gems.

  5. Marina says:

    I love the idea of a navy creme, but because I’m not used to wearing blue, I don’t want to invest in such a pricey bottle. Does anyone make a lower-cost version of a dark blue creme? All I see in the stores are blue shimmers.

  6. RestyleLynn says:

    Lippman colors and long lasting finish are worth every dollar-spent flat out.

    Rehab is such a gorgeous color, I wear it layered up to 5/6 coats- it time it turns deeper and more unusual.

    If you want run of the mill nail lacquer.. do not buy Lippman.

    That way there will be more for the rest of us to enjoy.