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Lace Nails – The Next Big Nail Trend?

By on September 23, 2009
in Nail Art, Trends
With the Konad nail art stamper fad still going strong (who would have guessed?) and Minx becoming a strong celeb nail presence where do we go from here? Well if Celebrity Manicurist Elle has anything to say about it we’ll be heading to the fabric store. You see Elle has taken nail art to a whole new level with the latest celeb trend, lace nails.

See who she’s been lacing and vote yay or nay on the look after the jump!

A week or so ago I received an email from a reader asking about Blake Lively‘s nails from a Fashion’s Night Out event. I immediately scoured the web to get a peek and as soon as I saw the intricate lace pattern I knew my gal Elle was involved.

You see that’s her handiwork in the shot above. She created the look during an editorial shoot using our All Lacquered Up collection colors. Since she regularly works with Blake, I knew she’d have the scoop.

For the looks below on Blake and Jennifer Lopez (for the VMAs) Elle used Parisian lace. She brushes on a nail adhesive, lays down the lace, applies another coat of adhesive and then trims off the excess. For added strength you can add a layer of clear gel but she didn’t do that here.

Now I know that there are Konad wheels that have lace patterns but can it really mimic the look of real lace? I’d love to hear from my Konad loving Fanatics. Is this something you’d attempt to do at home or is it best left to the pros for special events? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this fun and funky new nail look.

image credit: Barielle and Celebutopia

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There Are 28 Brilliant Comments

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  1. GDK says:

    I did this a few years ago using an airbrush. I simply used some lace fabric scraps as a stencil. It looked great!

  2. Caramel Diva says:

    Wow I'm loving the lace nails. I think its pretty awesome it takes a manicure up a notch!

  3. Anne says:

    One Bounus:: No Chipping!! =]

  4. loungie says:

    it looks gorgeous, but I wonder how you can remove it?!

  5. Vesper says:

    I'm loving this look! I'd love to experiment with different color combos of lace and NP. I have a couple of questions though: how exactly does Elle trim the excess so perfectly; what does she use to do the trimming?

  6. Miss Yaya says:

    i really like it.

    I use the Revlon nails with the lace tip pattern for a very quick and cute look

  7. Anonymous says:

    lace nails are quite nice, very classy, but not new. the japanese have been doing them since the '90s. then again the japanese have done almost everything that can be done to decorate nails…

  8. S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    I would rather Konad. To me in one of those pics it looks like a Konad.
    I think the fabric would be hard to keep on your nails if you use your hands often.

  9. Evil Angel says:

    Not quite new, we did them in the early 90's. They look ok but honestly the staying power is not the best unless you glue them down. So I vote skip it.
    You can however use lace brushed w np to make fabulous nail designs.

  10. kimberly says:

    As a total novice who likes to experiment on her own nails… that is *quite* lovely. I like the idea of an airbrush with a lace stencil.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What magazine is this editorial for? I NEED TO HAVE IT. I love Elle's editorials, but lace nails? Probably my ultimate nail fantasy…

  12. awesomevegan says:

    I would rather use Konad personally. I feel like the lace would be difficult to apply and remove. Doesn't seem like it would hold up well on my nails if I put them anywhere near water. I also like the crisp look and premade designs of the Konad. :) I do like the lace Konad patterns though.

  13. Mc Huggs :) says:

    Hi Michelle:

    The Konad "Lace Nails" look stunning on Blake. I remember seeing something like this in a magazine only with a stick-on flowered pattern. Which ran about $50 in a salon. woman could choose the pattern they wanted and the adhesive was pressed onto their nails and then the excess was trimmed away.

    I never have seen "lace" being used like this before, it's very unique and gorgeous looking. Amazing.

    (((((Love Michelle)))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  14. Mama Jen says:

    this is so fun!! And it is pretty easy to do…i haven't tried lace yet but i have used paper napkins with pretty designs.

  15. rileyanne says:

    I did a lace overlay this summer! Love it, personally.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i like how the lace looks, but i would not want to put nail adhesive on to achieve the look. i'd rather wear something less damaging and difficult to remove, but it is gorgeous to look at.

  17. ugot2luvlana says:


  18. STYLEEZTA says:

    really sexy trend but ladies be careful with that adhesive….its a bitch to take off and really ruins the first layer of your nail!!

  19. TeddyKana says:

    I just made a tutorial on this:

    Of course, linking to this page since I was not the person who thought of this design.

  20. lana says:

    Hey, I live in New York City and I really wanted to know what nail salon is good for doing this technique because I want my 24th b-day to be fabulous ^_^

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t know of a salon that does this technique. Maybe if you call around and find that specializes in nail art you could see if they could do this for you.

  21. hitomi says:

    if anyone wants inspiration, i recommend going through japanese nail magazines, they have many tutorials easy to follow even if you don’t read japanese. lace is beautiful and easy, i recommend everyone to try it, long or short nails ^^

  22. What is average price of Lace nail application?