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RBL Mismas Red Carpet Sighting

By on September 23, 2009
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Here’s a fun story to share. My signature shade, Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas, has hit the red carpet. It appeared on the tips of one of US Weekly’s 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers, Lancome VP of Public Relations Kerry Diamond. I was thrilled to see her wearing my color at such a cool event.

You see, Kerry visited Rescue for a pre-NYFW mani/pedi and even though she chose a nude polish, a bottle of Mismas went home with her. So you can imagine my surprise when I showed up backstage at the Chris Benz show to find her wearing my shade.

Though I was so brain-fried by Day 5 of Fashion Week that I didn’t even recognize my own polish. Check out my brilliant observational skills.

Kerry holds up her hand to show off her manicure
Me: Oh is that the show color?
Kerry: No, it’s you!
This is the moment where a forehead slap seems apropos.

The saddest part, it’s not the first time this scenario played out that week. My friend Marina from Makeup Loves Me was wearing Barielle Falling Star and I grabbed her hand to ask what she was on her nails. In my defense she told me earlier in the week that she ordered the wrong color from Barielle so I didn’t know she owned it yet. Then again maybe I need new contacts!

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Euridice says:

    That is SO COOL!!! How fun to run into your own shade, and on someone well-known for her style!

  2. Csarah718 says:

    Wow thats really cool. Im so happy for you and I cant wait for the rest of your NYFW posts!!

  3. Christine says:

    I'm cracking up, but I can understand why you were so brain fried after just a few days in NYC! **hugs**