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The All Lacquered Up Collection from Barielle – Part 1

The wait is over Fanatics. I can finally show you the All Lacquered Up collection from Barielle. In case you missed the original announcement, this collection is a collaboration between myself and Celebrity Manicurist Elle, Creative Director for the Shades by Barielle line.

We pooled our color inspirations straight from the runway and came up with a palette of shades that are fashion forward yet accessible. They are all very chic and wearable. Check out the first half of the collection after the jump!

Collaborating with a nail trendsetter like Elle was such a thrill. With her years of experience working in editorial and alongside more celebrities than you can count, she really has her finger on the pulse of the beauty and fashion world. One trend we noticed was lot of muted, neutral tones with random pops of color, like Falling Star (below). Based on many phone convos about shades and perusing runway images, Elle custom mixed samples of our collection for the chemists to reproduce.

Now I know some of you commented that you were expecting all kinds of craziness from me and though this is the All Lacquered Up collection it’s not like I had license to do whatever I wanted. Shades by Barielle is about bringing fashionable shades to the masses so while there is a lot of me in this collection, it’s as much about being on trend and incorporating Elle’s color concepts. It’s a collection I am proud to attach the ALU name to and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Slate of Affairs – when I was backstage at Reem Acra with Jamie from The Beauty of Life, I just about drooled at the site of her luxe designs. I wanted to dive in to the rack of dresses head first. It was her sandwashed steel blue gown that inspired this shade. A stunning slate blue grey, the polish has a subtle hint of pearl that adds a bit of light blue flash depending on the light. The formula on this one is somewhat jellyish and thick so I used three coats to get it perfect.

Get Mauve-ing is based on another Reem Acra dress. While I’m not typically one for mauve hues, I was so drawn to the gown’s shade that I felt it just needed to be in this collection. This one is a richly pigmented creme and applies evenly in two coats.
Grey tones like U-Concrete-Me were popping up on just about every runway. Undoubtedly a sign of our somber economic times, grey is still very much “in” for nails come fall. U-Concrete-Me is a two-coat, dolphin grey creme.
Putt-E On Me fits in with the neutral/grey concept only this warmer, muddier shade will please those of you that feel that grey washes them out. This mid-tone mushroom-y hue is another two-coat creme.

Out-Grey-Geous is the answer to what comes between $OPI Run With It and OPI Brand New Skates. A grey with gold fleck is just what I’ve been looking for but the $OPI was too putty-ish and BNS was too charcoal. Out-Grey-Geous is just perfect; a medium grey shimmer with gold micro-glitter.

They say you save the best for last and Falling Star definitely fits the bill. Remember that bright pop of color I mentioned? It’s like the primary colored dresses at Chris Benz but with a twist. I had thought of adding gold micro-glitter but it was Elle who felt copper particles would make it truly unique and she was dead on. They look like fiery stars falling from the sky. Application with this one is a bit tricky. The thick jelly like consistency makes this one a three coater for me.
The All Lacquered Up collection from Shades by Barielle will launch in August on The polishes retail for $8/ea and, as always, Buy Two get One Free.

So what do you think Fanatics? How’d we do? Make sure you check out Part 2 where you’ll get to see, can you guess, a GREEN!

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  1. DarlinAnna says:

    great shades! out-grey-geous and falling star are my faves :-)

  2. stubby says:

    FABULOUS! You're killing me AND my wallet Michelle! August 'till the fall months is going to be out of control with all of the amazing new shades! I'm getting them ALL!You're gonna be famous girl!!!!

  3. DWJ says:

    I really love the U-Concrete-Me! That is absolutely gorgeous and the mauve is pretty fabulous too. Congrats to you!

  4. Sheena says:

    I love the colours in this collection especially Slate of Affairs. I just might get them all!

  5. oyku says:

    Oh Michelle! These are gorgeous! Slate of Affairs and U-Concrete-Me are great colors and the copper glitter on Falling Star is so unexpected. I can’t wait for the part 2.

  6. Veronica says:

    I love them! Truly amazing! I wish I could get Barielle polishes in Sweden too.

  7. MoLo says:




  8. Lacquer Laine says:

    Beautiful! How exciting for you!

    I think i will probably get most, but out-grey-geous and falling star are definitely on my TO BUY IMMEDIATELY!

  9. Solveig says:

    Beautiful! The teal one is my favorite of these. :)

  10. Dara says:

    Great collection!!! Can't wait to buy them and wear them for the fall! It's the perfect fall polish collection.

  11. Anonymous says:

    the mauve and putty are my faves — they are GORGEOUS!!! will they be available online only, or also in stores?

  12. csarah718 says:

    pretty shades….strangely the mauve is calling me louder then the rest, its something I havent seen before. Great job!!!

  13. Kikyo says:

    Love Slate and Falling Star. Can't wait for Part 2!

  14. Phyrra says:

    Falling Star is gorgeous! I have always loved royal blue and copper together!

  15. Nosaby says:

    Wow. Those are gorgeous. This could be a problem……

  16. Jennifer A. says:

    Ooh, I honestly love them all! I hope you'll do comparison swatches of Out Grey-Geous ($OPI Run With It and OPI Brand New Skates), Putt-E On Me (OPI Over The Taupe, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and Butter London Fash Pack), and U-Concrete-Me (Barry M Grey, China Glaze Recycle, and Carolyn New York Hangin' on the Stoop), so we can see the differences. Congratulations on an awesome collaboration!

  17. Miss Anthrope says:

    Slate of affairs, Out grey geous, and falling star MUST be mine.

  18. Erin says:

    I love Falling Star!! Can I buy Barielle in stores anywhere? I don't own any of their polish yet!

  19. Shadowy Lady says:

    these are amazing Michelle. I want every single one of them :) You did a great job in colour selection

  20. Anonymous says:

    Do you think Out-Grey-Geous is a dupe for Chanel Kaleidascope? Looks kinda similar.

  21. Cadence says:

    Beautiful colors. You are right about the neutrals with color pop being a fall/winter trend. I am so excited to get my hands (fingernails!) on these. Now where will I buy them!

  22. Polish Earthgirl says:


  23. Michelle says:

    The colors are beautiful! I can't wait to purchase about three or four of them because they are so different looking. Great job, and congratulations on your collaberation with Barielle!

    Can't wait for Part II !!

  24. rosarita says:

    These are gorgeous. Out-
    Grey-Geous is my favorite in Part 1; looking forward to Part 2!

  25. xfoxglove says:


    All the cremes will be mine. I can't wait to see the second part!

    Can it be tomorrow already?!

  26. moeysullivan says:

    Out-Grey-Geous is off-da-chain gorgeous. Get Mauve-ing and Slate of Affairs are also coming home with Mama. Awesome AND will be feasible with a suit, I suspect.

  27. B says:

    Those last two shades are insaaaane! Need.Them.Now.

  28. Danica says:

    Wow, these are GREAT! Nice Job! I like Slate of Affairs

  29. Stephanie Zheng says:

    oh my gosh, Falling Star is ah-mazing! I am definitely getting it!

  30. HeidiG says:

    Brava, amazing job! I love these colors and am now just trying to decide which ones to get! Lovely, absolutely lovely.

  31. Lucy says:

    Michelle as I've said before you are a color genius. My favorite is Falling Star. I love them all and I can't wait to see Part II. I don't own any of this brand. I guess these will be my first. I know these will be my first.

  32. Mc Huggs :) says:

    Bravo! Michelle: Your just an amazing woman and I love your fabulous collection. I already own three Barielle's that are not even part of your collection. I got them because of your beautiful painted nails that just inspired me to see for myself because I love your web blog.

    So, "Berry Blue," "Secret Encounter" and "Grape-scape" will have brothers and sisters to join and I will have enough colors for my toes for the rest of the year, LOL. It will be a honor and a privilege of being one of the many fans to buy your collection as soon as it goes on the market.

    My faves? "Out-Grey-Geo us," the Grey with gold flecks and the blue with copper flecks. What a neat idea, "Falling Star" with copper flecks, I love it! It might be tricky for this old man to see how he handles the additional specks to a colored polish and see if it looks special.

    I even love the Mauve flavored "Get Mauve-ring" because it looks so pretty and not afraid to wear it first. The surprising colors are the Grey shades and I just love the idea that your collection is making a fashion statement fresh from the runway models concepts.

    That right there sets you apart from many other collections I would imagine and can't wait to see who will be wearing your nail polish on the Red Carpet, or in this movie and that fashion advertisement, I can't imagine how you really must feel about this and how this entire episode in your life has not "hit you just yet."

    Celebrity Manicurist Elle and yourself have out done yourself and you should be very very proud of having your own signature line of nail polishes, along with your own nail polish blog, how many young intelligent and beautiful young woman can say that?

    I expect a rampage of celebrity interviews from every fashion magazine and I predict you will even be more famous than you ever thought possible. Can't you feel the wave of excitement coming your way Michelle?

    I can't wait for your favorite shade of green and the rest of the colors. It really makes my love and passion of coming here and see history in the making; and it just makes me smile to see the your lovely and sparkling painted nails you show and the particular care you take with with your swatches that says it all. Kudos, and will see you again on Tuesday. Bye.

    (((((Love Michelle's collection of polishes))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful collection! I have never been compelled to buy the whole collection of anything, but I really want the entire line! The slate blue is so subtly chic, and I will probably be wearing the mushroom color every day. : )

  34. Selina says:

    It's very rare that EVERY colour in a collection goes on my wishlist, but these all have – well done! I'm especially coveting the gorgeous muted blue of Slate of Affairs. Now I just have to figure out how to get Barielle in New Zealand!

  35. Steph says:

    These are spectacular Michelle! You did a great job, very tasteful & professional.

  36. yummy411 says:

    ohhh there's a part two *squeals!* so expected a falling star out of you!! ;) i'm clicking my heels in excitement!

  37. féline-alizarine says:

    Oh my, all of them are awesome! I want them! And I suspect I'll be wanting part 2 as well, with a green coming up and all. ;) Q: will they be available on also? I'm in Sweden, and Barielle apparently does not ship outside the US. I'm half extatic, and half depressed because of the availability. :P

    Anywho, great job! I'm truly, honestly impressed! :)

  38. f says:

    Oh my, all of them are awesome! I want them! And I suspect I'll be wanting part 2 as well, with a green coming up and all. ;) Q: will they be available on also? I'm in Sweden, and Barielle apparently does not ship outside the US. I'm half extatic, and half depressed because of the availability. :P

    Anywho, great job! I'm truly, honestly impressed! :)

  39. Amy says:

    I think this is the first time when I love the WHOLE collection =)
    Its a shame I cant get barielle around where I live.

  40. Rachel says:

    WOW! Slate of Affairs is AMAZING! And so unique.

  41. Melli says:

    These are just beautiful, soft and feminine. Falling Star is unique, and I think a must have. I haven't been able to find anyone who can ship to Canada (Barielle doesn't and the only supplier here has the treatments but no polish), but if anyone else knows where to get these, Barielle is going to make a lot of money from me :).

    Great job, Michelle!

  42. Lina-Elvira says:

    *iz speechless* most original colours I've seen in years!! You go girl! :D

  43. Lena says:

    Great job! They are beautiful AND edgy. I esp like Slate and Concrete; can't wait to see the second installation. Congrats!

  44. Dee says:

    I will need them all.

  45. agentpenguin says:

    these are AMAZING!!! the first three i am getting FOR SURE and the rest of the collection has me glancing at my paycheck, then back at the page – they are HOT! congratulations!

    just a question – how close are get mauving w/ RBL bruised and u-concrete me to china glaze recycle?

  46. Milan Angel says:

    Love it! A few shades caught my eye. I'll be buying! ;-) Good work.

  47. agentpenguin says:

    HAHA i just looked at bruised again and it's not the same at all – it's been a while XD

    but still. amazing colors. i showed them to my friend and she wants them too!

  48. dicey1 says:

    wow wow wow! I am SO trying not to lay out any more dough on polish. You are ruining my plans! Gawgeous…you ROCK!

  49. Anonymous says:

    seriously, i've been visiting ur blog for so long without leaving a comment (coz i'm a very lazy person. lol), but this time i have such a STRONG DESIRE to leave a comment to you, coz these shades are FRIGGING GORGEOUS!! I REALLY LOVE THEM!!! slate of affairs is my fave of all. :)

    but im very interested to see the comparison of u-concrete me and other grey polishes (like from china glaze, barry m..etc) !

    once again, congrats to u :)

  50. Romeyd says:

    Oh my gosh! I just found out about this collection, I love them all! These are absolutely beautiful colors! I will be ordering these soon!

  51. Kellie says:

    U-Concrete-Me and Putt-E On Me are FAB!

  52. Kellie says:

    PS – and Slate of Affairs!!

  53. Christie says:

    WOW…so, I just bought 8 Barielle polishes. Of all the ones I could have chosen, unknowingly 6 out of my 8 are in this collection, haha. Apparently I agree with your and Elle’s tastes!