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Rocker Chic at Julie Haus with Stila and Deborah Lippmann

For the Julie Haus Spring 2010 show, assembled quite the rocking glam squad when they brought in Stila, Deborah Lippmann, Oscar Blandi and ARCONA to prep the models. Messy bedhead hair, smudgy eyes and deconstructed nails were combined to create a slightly punky complement to Julie’s edgy yet feminine designs. See how the look came together and check out who I saw backstage, after the jump!

Sarah Lucero from Stila wanted to focus on the eyes for this look. The skin was clean with muted lips and natural brushed-up brows. It’s her philosophy that when there is a sheen on one part of the face, like the eyes, the rest should have a healthy, matte finish. She noted that while the coming season is all about pretty glamour, the techniques should be simple. Your makeup should take you 5 minutes, not 25. Using a double sided brush, Sarah packed on shades of pomegranate and berry that she then applied wet as liner before piling on the mascara.

Recreate the look using Boqueticon (as base) and Pigalle eye shadow pans and the Montmartre quad.

ARCONA was on hand to prep the models’ skin. Bethany Wojtech for ARCONA explained that because the makeup look was so clean, the skin had to be perfect. Since ARCONA has no chemicals, fragrance or dyes, the skin stays calm, fresh and dewy. It was then that she introduced me to my new bedtime BFF, the Triad Padsicon. An all-in-one cleanser/toner/hydrator, makeup artists keeps these pads in their kit to remove any traces of makeup from a model, even waterproof mascara. With claims that bold I had to put them to the test and I can tell you, these babies are no joke. Just one pad removed ALL my makeup without sucking the moisture from my skin. Color me impressed!

Now on to my fave part of being backstage, talking nails with Deborah Lippmann. I’ll never pass up a chance to see Deb so when I heard she was doing the nails for Julie Haus, I grabbed my pal Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic and ran right over.

To complete the rocker chic look, Deb applied Hit Me With Your Best Shot, the shade she created with Pat Benatar, but she didn’t stop there. Instead of giving the models her typical flawless manicure, she went for a deconstructed smudged look by messing up their nails 20 or 30 minutes later. As Deb so cheekily put it, “so she maybe got back into bed before her nails were dry.” I think we know where she’s going with that.

Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, Jamie from The Beauty of Life, Deborah Lippmann and me!

What do you think of the punky, messed up nails? We’ve talked about intentionally chipped manicures in the past, are they making a comeback or should they stay on the runways?

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Bunny says:

    Not a fan of the messy look, hope it stays on the runway!

  2. Duffi McDermott says:

    This "disconstructed" look is horrible. Messy with no purpose. Maybe Lippmann is just bored with np and can't bring herself to do something else.

  3. moonchaii says:

    eh, runways for sure. I hate it if my nails are chipped/smudged/bumpy/etc. So not even an intentional look for me, it annoys me so much I'll pick at it!

  4. Lucy says:

    I thought we were past the messed up chipped look. I don't like it at all. Who's to know whether it's a fashionable attempt or pure laziness?

  5. markjoy says:

    I'm not impressed with the intentional smudging of the polish. It's just messy, and trying too hard to be "cool".

  6. augusta says:

    i dont care how often the fashion world tries to stuff this trend down my throat, messed up manicures are a no go for me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Since it's just a messy look all over, it's not bad! I've done it (by accident, or maybe just lazy).

  8. Lisa says:

    I would say no to the messed up nail look. I like the makeup and styling but to add extra grundge I would just use a matt or mattifying top coat and keep nails really short. But I think the nails looked great before the mess up. What is with the chips? They will arrive in their own good time anyway … why make it happen?

  9. Faye says:

    I don't care how many fashion shows show them — chipped, messy nails are just that — chipped and messy. And they look awful. Or maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy at the age of 30 :).

    That's a really nice pic of all of you with Deborah Lippmann! I love your top, it's a great color.

  10. Melanie says:

    Wow! Deborah Lippmann is BEAUTIFUL! I'd seen her before, of course, but I'd forgotten what a fox she is. Oh, and smudged nails should stay on the runway. I hate that look.

  11. Miss Yaya says:

    i love the concept – especially the extra mess up!

    great coverage!

  12. Ashley Danielle says:

    i think the chipped nails are fine for the runway to help complete the look but they should stay there. if i even have a slight bit of tip wear i'll redo my manicure.