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My 4th of July Manicure – A Nail Art Extravaganza

By on July 4, 2009
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Happy 4th of July Fanatics!! I hope all my US based readers are enjoying their holiday weekend. We’ve been having a lazy day around the house; cooking out, relaxing, enjoying a few beers. We’ll be heading out to see fireworks later as long as the weather holds up. The clouds are rolling in but I have hope that we’ll get a reprieve from the rain.

In the meantime, I decided to give myself a little Independence Day manicure that evolved into a nail art experiment. See its evolution from simple to all out crazy after the jump!

Let me clarify that this is not necessarily a recommendation of how you should wear your nails but rather ideas you could try on their own.

What I used:
*Nubar Sexy Red
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
*OPI Dating A Royal
*Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Blue
*Dotting Tool

So I started off very simple with a multi-colored manicure. It’s got patriotic spirit and is very user friendly. You don’t need nail art skills to make this happen yet it’s festive.
Because Steph has been encouraging me to attempt polka dots, I finally took the plunge, adding some white ones using the dotting tool. Steph’s application tip: Pour a bit of polish onto aluminum foil to let it thicken. Dip the dotting tool in the polish and gently tap onto the nail, holding the tool perpendicular.
Since I was so proud of my dots (this is truly my first effort), I added some to the red as well. Though I think that nail looks more like Toad from Super Mario Brothers than 4th of July.
Now what would a 4th of July mani be without stars? So I broke out the nail art pen and drew a hasty star at the base of my nail. Application tip: Make sure your polish is completely dry or use a quick dry top coat, like I did, before you start to draw or else you’ll damage the color underneath.
That star looked lonely so I gave it a friend. Note: The bonus of using these nail art pens is that you can wipe off any mistakes with water and not ruin the polish below. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Just be careful when you wipe to avoid skin contact because the color can stain.
Finally, I added stripes to go with my stars. Because the special paint in the nail art pen dries matte, I applied top coat to protect the design and add shine.
Now I realize this look is WAY over the top but we’re talking about a holiday where people paint stars & stripes on their faces so who really cares. If you want something a little more tame, try adding just one of these elements to your manicure for a little 4th of July pizazz.

Have a FANTABULOUS 4th everyone!

NOTD – Duri Night Before Christmas

By on December 24, 2008
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Last Saturday we hosted an Un-Xmas Party, a party to celebrate with our friends without the pressure of decorations, gifts or any type of forced holiday cheer. We just wanted to have a good time with our favorite people. It was a blast of course and like any time my girlfriends come over, we eventually ended up in the polish room looking through my latest finds.

While digging through boxes one of the girls discovered a hidden gem that I had passed off at first glance, Duri Night Before Christmas. As you can see in the pic below it looks extremely glitter packed so I wrote it off as a Lippmann Superstar clone. Boy was I wrong. My friend asked to try on the color and with just one coat, it was glowing under the incandescent light. Right then and there, she proceeded to give herself a full mani and it looked stunning. For a girl that doesn’t like dark nail colors, she was mesmerized by Night Before Christmas so it seemed extremely apropos for my Christmas Eve NOTD.

Night Before Christmas has a berry base that becomes crimson with two coats. The shade is peppered with gold, bronze and red glitter that leaves a slight texture on the nails but it’s nothing that a coat of Seche Vite can’t fix. I showed it without top coat and as you can see, it doesn’t dry matte or rough like a lot of glitters tend to do.

Duri nail polishes retail for $5 and can be purchased directly through the Duri website. Right now they are offering a holiday promotion. Purchase their Holiday Special ($30) that includes Rejuvacote, Herbatherapy and Brush’n Go and you’ll receive 3 Free Polishes. The deal automatically comes with their most popular shades but you can request alternate colors in the comments section upon checkout.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! What’s on your tips today?

NOTD – Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea

By on December 3, 2008
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nail polish, nail lacquer, nail color, nail trends, spring 09, tracy reese, sally hansen salon, nail laquerSince I’ve been on a major purple kick lately, I just had to share my NOTD with you all. I about jumped for joy when I got my hands on the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring collection and saw Night Hydrangea, a vibrant red grape shimmer. I know spring is a LONG ways off but I’m already over the snow and this shade is a perfect way to combat the winter blues.

Night Hydrangea is part of a seven color lineup filled with bold hues; three bright shimmers, three rich cremes and one warm gold metallic. I originally previewed the shades during New York Fashion Week where the gold, Tassel, was featured on the runways

The shades include – top row (l-r): Tassel, Nasturtium, Azalea; bottom row (l-r): Honeydew, Forsythia, Night Hydrangea, Beet Stain

As you can see, Night Hydrangea is extremely vivid. It’s bright but not neon and can be worn in any season. It’s definitely dark enough for winter but won’t look out of place come spring. The subtle silver shimmer gives the shade depth and a slight look of texture but no real sparkle. It dries smooth and glossy, even without a top coat and only required two coats.
I don’t have release info on these yet and a full review of the collection is in the works so stay tuned!

For my fellow purple lovers… what’s your favorite purple right now? What’s on your nails today?

NOTD – Cleveland Browns Opening Day Spirit

By on September 7, 2008
in Brown, Carolyn New York, NOTD, Orange, Zoya with 20 Comments

I’m not a sports fanatic or anything but I love me some Cleveland Browns football. In this town, football is king. No matter how bad the team sucks, we continue to support them and sell out the stadium. As season ticket holders we never miss a game, except maybe the lame pre-season ones. And for today’s season opener against Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys, I did a Browns themed mani in our team colors, natch. I wonder if Jessica Simpson will be there, cheering on her boy.

Such a mani requires the perfect shimmery brown and true pumpkin orange nail lacquers. I chose Zoya Pia and Carolyn New York Spanish Harlem. A pretty good match, no?

What’s on your tips today? Are you supporting your favorite team with polish?

NOTD: Sally Hansen Navy Venom

By on October 19, 2007
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I haven’t posted an actual Nail Of The Day look in a while. Thanks to a fellow nailie and shopping buddy that hunted down the Sally Hansen Fall Runway Collection on Cleveland’s west side, I have this beauty to show you.

Navy Venom

The collection was designed and inspired by fashion designer Tracy Reese in collaboration with Sally Hansen. Playing on the idea of contrasts (black & white, navy & white, bright coral & black) the collection is has a varied palette of shades.

  • Black Patent (jet black) – Official shade that walked the runway
  • Alabaster (off white/eggshell) – Official shade that walked the runway
  • Navy Venom (dark navy/ink)
  • Baroque Bronze (metallic brown)
  • Grenadine Glaze (rich metallic pink with a tint of gold glaze)
  • Rose Carthane (metallic coral with a tint of pink)
  • Mulberry Glaze (metallic purple/grape)
  • Cerise Noir (Bordeaux)
  • Plum Licorice (deep metallic purple/plum)
  • The Deepest Violet (matte purple)

Two of them showed up on the Tracy Reese Fall 2007 runway in the form of a half moon manicure using Black Patent and Alabaster.

Even though I own other shades from the Salon line, this is actually the first one I’ve worn and I was quite pleased. The application was smooth and easy to control. The lacquer was well pigmented and opaque with two coats and the shimmer is minimal which makes Navy Venom a great everyday shade. The wear wasn’t really the best but I’m sure all the packing and moving I’ve been doing played a part in that so I can’t give a final ruling in that department.

With the prominence of blue polish this fall, this color definitely makes my list and should have been included with my Fall Trend picks.

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