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NOTD – Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea

By on December 3, 2008
in NOTD, Purple, Sally Hansen

nail polish, nail lacquer, nail color, nail trends, spring 09, tracy reese, sally hansen salon, nail laquerSince I’ve been on a major purple kick lately, I just had to share my NOTD with you all. I about jumped for joy when I got my hands on the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring collection and saw Night Hydrangea, a vibrant red grape shimmer. I know spring is a LONG ways off but I’m already over the snow and this shade is a perfect way to combat the winter blues.

Night Hydrangea is part of a seven color lineup filled with bold hues; three bright shimmers, three rich cremes and one warm gold metallic. I originally previewed the shades during New York Fashion Week where the gold, Tassel, was featured on the runways

The shades include – top row (l-r): Tassel, Nasturtium, Azalea; bottom row (l-r): Honeydew, Forsythia, Night Hydrangea, Beet Stain

As you can see, Night Hydrangea is extremely vivid. It’s bright but not neon and can be worn in any season. It’s definitely dark enough for winter but won’t look out of place come spring. The subtle silver shimmer gives the shade depth and a slight look of texture but no real sparkle. It dries smooth and glossy, even without a top coat and only required two coats.
I don’t have release info on these yet and a full review of the collection is in the works so stay tuned!

For my fellow purple lovers… what’s your favorite purple right now? What’s on your nails today?

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There Are 35 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Phyrra says:

    My favorite purple right now is Black Gumdrop by Finger Paints. I’m currently wearing Nubar’s Gold Leaf on all but my ring fingers, and on my ring fingers I have Nubar’s Copper to Flamingo Pink.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection; I hope it will be easier to find than the fall collection.

  3. Gayle says:

    Ive got on hot topics iridescent purple. I likes my purple sparkly:)

  4. Atomica says:

    Absolute LOVE for that purple! Pretty swatches. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    china glaze coconut kiss!!!

    although i don’t see the relationship between the color and coconuts, or kisses.

  6. Dami says:

    that polish is amazing, i cannot wait for it to be available!
    i’ve been a purple kick – i’m loving Lippmann Pump Up the Jam, Color Club Electronica, and China Glaze Midnight Ride. I’m currently wearing OPI Ink for the first time and i’m in love!

  7. Katee "e-polishblog" says:

    I hate how SH Salon polishes are so darn hard to find in stores!!

  8. Vampy Varnish says:

    Wow, I am loving that purple and cannot wait to see the teal! I have such a hard time finding these Sally Hansen’s! I had to get the fall collection on eBay, which was annoying. I though Givenchy Purple by Night was going to be my fav purple, until it chipped after 24 hours. I love Color Club Electronica and Nfu-Oh #117 right now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love this but i never even found any of the fall colors that i wanted so badly.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My favorite purple is Zoya Yasmeen, but only because I’m unwilling to pay $25+ on ebay for Essie VIP

  11. beautysleeping says:

    I’m so jeeeeealous! NH looks fantastic on you. I really want that one and Honeydew, not that I’ll ever see them in my area. lol My favorite purple of the moment is UD AC/DC, but I have so many purple loves that I couldn’t ever be monogamous.

  12. Rachel says:

    I love, love, love these colors! So pretty! I can tell that they wanted to capture the beautiful shades of srping, with the vivid colors of flowers and fruit. Lovely stuff. I’m coveting the purple, beet and honeydew.

    The purple I’ve been wearing lately is Alchemy from the Winter Tracy Reese collection, which is also gorgeous!

  13. Pixie says:

    That is a lovely purple. Right now I’m loving ChG Lasso My Heart. So pretty :)

  14. Hillary says:

    I am a fellow purple lover, in fact, they’re my absolute favorites! This one looks amazing, i look forward to getting my hands on it eventually.

    I don’t know if i could choose one favorite purple right now, but my top two at the moment are Essie Sexy Divide and OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. Those are closely followed by OPI Eiffel For This Color, Essie Damsel in a Dress, and Zoya Sloane! I am an absolute purple slut!

  15. Lina-Elvira says:

    My fave purple right now has got to be China Glaze Coconut Kiss :)

  16. thatgurl says:

    I love this! Time for stalking for SH's again! My fave purple right now is Givenchy Purple By Night *yum* Currently am sporting OPI A Ruby for Rudolph & not diggin it. =\

  17. Datura Rose says:

    Love this color!

  18. Sanna says:

    oOh, that’s really pretty!
    I love your nails!

  19. queen frostine says:

    Fatal Affair from Misa’s fall collection has been my favorite purple recently.

  20. Erin says:

    This collection looks amazing! I love Night Hydrangea, Forsythia, and Honeydew especially! Can’t wait for more details!

  21. itzzzkimmm says:

    right now I have OPI’s Louvre me Louvre Me not. I absolutely LOVE purple nail polish!!!

  22. Diana says:

    I’m obsessed with Parlez Vous OPI (that’s the grayish purple right :) ?) right now. And an NYC purple that’s a vibrant purple/fuchsia/blue.

  23. Silverin says:

    I’m wearing ChG LOL, but my favorite purple is OPI Purple with a Purpose.

    I finally found one of the Sally Hansen colors you blogged about a few weeks ago – Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Emerald City. I was thrilled! But I doubt I’ll ever see any of the Tracy Reese colors in my area.

  24. Alyssia says:

    thats so pretty…its what i wanted Orly Charged Up to be

  25. CincyFan says:

    Phyrra – I’ve heard good things about Black Gumdrop but it looks so dark. Those Nubars sound very pretty.

    Sarah – I hope they make them easier to find. You’d think after all the griping, they’d get their distribution act together.

    Gayle – I have a couple HT polishes but haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for the recommendation

    Atomica – Thanks! I’m glad you like it

    Anon – I’m with you. The name doesn’t make much sense but the color sure is pretty

    Dami – Ahh Ink, such a pretty color and so unique. Is it blue? Is it purple? Who cares? It’s gorg! :)

    Katee – I know! It’s beyond frustrating. I swear, where to buy them is the #1 question I get.

  26. Phyrra says:

    Black Gumdrop is lighter than Midnight Ride. I have both and love both, but I like that I can tell Black Gumdrop is a dark purple whereas sometimes Midnight Ride, you just can’t tell.

    The Nubar polishes are pretty. Gold Leaf is a gorgeous and complex color. However, Nubar’s customer service is lacking in my opinion. I’m not sure I’ll order from them again.

  27. CincyFan says:

    Vampy – How much did you shell out on ebay? I’m sure that wasn’t cheap. I’m sorry the Givenchy chipped on you. I had no problems with wear. What top/base did you use?

    Anon #2 – I’m sorry. Boo to SH distribution!

    Anon #3 – I hear that. In fact I gave that shade to my brow waxer so she can join in the Yasmeen love.

    Beautysleeping – AC/DC is gorgeous. I always forget about my UD polishes, thanks for the reminder. And Honeydew is a stunner. I can’t wait to show it to you. It just feels too early to be posting about spring polishes.

    Rachel – You hit the mark with your observation. This collection is SO Spring. They’re plucked right from a garden.

  28. CincyFan says:

    Pixie – Ooohhh nice choice!

    Hillary – I finally started playing with the winter Essies and I agree, Sexy Divide is just WOW! Finally Essie wowed me. It’s been a while.

    Lina-Elvira – Another Coconut Kiss fan. That collection really did have a lot of winners even if the name doesn’t rep the color well.

    Thatgurl – You know the holiday reds from OPI never really do much for me. They put out 6 every year and they recycle colors. There’s usually one or two I can get into but that’s it.

    Datura Rose – Thanks!

    Sanna – Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. I do what I can with my little nubs :D

  29. CincyFan says:

    Queen Frostine – You know, I just don’t reach for my Misa’s as much as I used to. They make pretty colors but it’s like I forget I have them.

    Erin – Great picks from the collection. Apparently “mimosa” is the color of the year so Forsythia will fit in well with that.

    itzzzkimm – It’s funny how the one non-muted shade in the France collection ended up being so popular.

    Diana – That’s like my perfect shade for Fall. It combines my love of gray and purple so amazingly well.

    Silverin – i’m glad you found Emerald City but it’s a shame the Salon ones haven’t popped up. I called SH’s 1-800 # this week and even they don’t know how the Salon LE’s are distributed. It’s up to each store as to whether they order. Maybe if everyone called their local drugstore managers and asked for the shades, they’d start stocking them.

  30. CincyFan says:

    Alyssia – That’s the problem with neon pigments, they look great but apply for crap. I think that’s why NH is better. It’s not neon, just a bit bright.

    Phyrra – don’t tempt me with your talk of looking purple!! I don’t want to have to hunt that one down! :D The Nubars I have are ok but they seem hit or miss. Some of the colors are fab and apply like a dream, others just fall flat on both parts. They do have a great color range.

  31. Phyrra says:

    I think you’d like Gold Leaf then, it’s a very complex color and I definitely feel it was worth it to purchase it. And I can’t help it about the purples! Purple is my favorite color ;)

  32. victoria says:

    opi do you lilac it.

  33. MoLiscious says:

    Im wearing NARS Gimme Shelter!! Love your site! Keep it up I love everything beauty related and I’m glad someone referred me to read yours!

  34. Irene says:

    I just got Rimmel’s 660 Climax. It’s the most beautiful purple polish I own so far.

  35. Chris says:

    My favorites are OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight and, of course, RBL Mismas.