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Carolyn New York

The ALU Archives – Carolyn New York Dark Side of the City

By on April 16, 2009
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The ALU Archives focuses on older, beloved shades from the All Lacquered Up stash.

It’s driving me batty but each week as I work on a new Rainy Day Blue for the Archives, I have that song from Eiffel 65, Blue (Da Ba Dee), running through my head…

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

I have a blue house with a blue window.
Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.

So now it’ll be running through YOUR head as you check out my Archives pick of the week, Carolyn New York Dark Side of the City. Check it out after the jump!

Dark Side of the City is an intense electric blue shimmer. It’s slightly metallic but not to the point of giving visible brush strokes. And in spite of its thin, flowing texture, it’s well pigmented. Normally I’d expect a formula so smooth and thin to be semi-sheer but not this beauty. It gives great coverage with two coats.

And if the Blue song isn’t stuck in your head yet, PRESS PLAY. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Carolyn New York polishes retail for $5.99 and can be purchased directly from the website. Right now they’re running a Spring Cleaning Special charging ONLY $1/BOTTLE for their 20 Original shades. So head on over and pick up a few colors before the deal goes away.

NOTD – Cleveland Browns Opening Day Spirit

By on September 7, 2008
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I’m not a sports fanatic or anything but I love me some Cleveland Browns football. In this town, football is king. No matter how bad the team sucks, we continue to support them and sell out the stadium. As season ticket holders we never miss a game, except maybe the lame pre-season ones. And for today’s season opener against Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys, I did a Browns themed mani in our team colors, natch. I wonder if Jessica Simpson will be there, cheering on her boy.

Such a mani requires the perfect shimmery brown and true pumpkin orange nail lacquers. I chose Zoya Pia and Carolyn New York Spanish Harlem. A pretty good match, no?

What’s on your tips today? Are you supporting your favorite team with polish?

Nail Polish Obsession – Carolyn New York Handball Courts

For a while now, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about how pale grays are the next “it” color, especially come Fall. And while I rarely find shades that I consider worthy of multiple wears (last Fall it was CND Hyde In The Dark, another gray), I’ve found a winner to put on the list.

Carolyn New York Handball Courts

This dove gray shimmer is perfectly crisp, clean and chic. It feels fresh and I can’t stop staring at my nails while wearing it. And like all CNY polishes it has their fab wide brush that makes application a breeze. Two coats = perfection!

So is anyone else embracing light grays this Summer or planning to be an adopter this Fall? I know that CND has an amazing gray headed our way as well. I saw it at New York Fashion Week and am waiting with bated breath to get my hands on it and the rest of their Fall shades.

Handball Courts can be purchased at for $5.50. A note regarding the name: On the CNY site Handball Courts is currently listed as Hanging On The Stoop. If you go to order it, just make sure that you’re selecting the shade described as a “pale gray” NOT “grey”

Carolyn New York

By on September 16, 2007
in Carolyn New York with 13 Comments

A while back a reader asked me if I ever tried Carolyn New York polishes. At the time I hadn’t but I was definitely intrigued. Since then, I’ve seen mention of this line on various websites and had a fellow BBN member recommend I try them as well. So when I went to check out the CNY website and saw their 50% off promotion, I took the plunge and ordered. And I’m so glad I did.

Carolyn New York polishes are the brainchild of Carolyn Cianciotto, celebrity manicurist and consummate New Yorker. Every shade in the line evokes a memory from Carolyn’s life in the New York City boroughs. And I just love that she shares the inspiration for each color on the site. CNY lacquers are free of DBP with a soft grip bottle cap and wide flat brush (similar to a Pro Wide model we’re all familiar with).

For my first order (I’ve already placed a second) I decided to go with the Black Imposters collection (a $5 savings) and added Spanish Harlem and Mulberry Street. I found the formula to be smooth, easy to apply and very user friendly. The only word of warning I have is that the shades aren’t extremely pigmented so I needed three coats to make them opaque. The only exception was Blackout In The Bronx. That is almost a one coat color.

For all my swatches of this line I used a base coat, three coats of color and no top coat.

Blackout In The Bronx is a typical black creme. Being the most pigmented shade of the bunch, I was impressed that it didn’t stain my nails. As I’m sure you all know, with some polishes, no amount of base coat can prevent staining.

Frankie Joins The Navy is my pick for the best shade of the Black Imposters. With a hint of green to remind me of the sea at night, this shimmery blue is stunning. The shimmer is very subtle so even if you’re not a fan of sparkle, this color would suit you. Unlike Blackout In The Bronx, this one did leave a bit of staining so you might want to use a ridge filling base coat to protect your nail bed.

Hell’s Kitchen makes me think of the stupid Fox reality show that I got suckered into watching at the beginning of the summer. Why do I find Gordon Ramsay charming? Anywho, I know this is supposed to be a brick red creme but it looked more brick red in the bottle. On my nails it was more of a chocolate berry tone.

Mugged On The Six Train is Carolyn’s rock n roll purple. Inspired by the time she was mugged coming home from a Led Zepplin concert this deep purple shimmer is definitely well suited for a rock star. Again the shimmer on this one isn’t overpowering so it looks like a creme in indirect lighting. Making this a purple you can wear to the office without looking completely glam rock.

Subway Surfin isn’t fooling around with the shimmer. A mid-tone gunmetal gray I was impressed that for a metallic lacquer, I didn’t have brush stroke issues. While CND Hyde In The Dark is more shimmery/sparkly, this is more shimmery/pearlized.

Spanish Harlem is my far and away my #1 favorite CNY polish. I really think this one speaks for itself. If you are warm toned or love bronzes and shimmer, run don’t walk to scoop this one up. The multi-toned shimmer gives Spanish Harlem it’s depth and radiance. I just love it!

Mulberry Street is a warm coffee brown. Not as deep and dark as Espresso Your Style, this is a brown you can tell is brown. With so many almost blacks on the market it’s nice to have a shade that looks like it’s supposed to, regardless of the lighting. As you can tell from the pictures this one doesn’t change much between sunlight and shade.

Carolyn New York is still having it’s 50% off sale through the end of September, use code CNYSUMMER. Shipping is reasonable (only $4.20 for the Wholesaler’s Dozen) and fast. Make sure you check out all the promotions, including the Professional Offers. There are some great deals to be had.

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