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Dashing Diva Fall Collection 2007

By on December 10, 2007
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For Fall 2007 Dashing Diva has put together a palette of warm comforting shades that reflect the colors of the season. Instead of bombarding us with an overload of new polishes they chose to remain focused and deliver three distinct lacquers.

As with all the Dashing Diva shades I’ve worn in the past, the formula is smooth and free flowing; it doesn’t pool or streak. And I really must commend the pigmentation of their darker colors. The ones I’ve tested are one coat colors and, for a red, that’s a major feat without sacrificing formula consistency.

Champagne Nude is a hard shade to describe. Is it a dusty pink with peach and gold shimmer? Is it a metallic champagne that leans toward pink? Is it a shimmery nude? I really can’t decide. One thing’s for sure, it’s a unique shade with chameleon-like properties and a must have for my light tip lovers.
Bronze Bombshell flashes both cool and warm depending on the lighting due to it’s champagne and silver shimmer. It’s a warm mocha hued metallic that doesn’t leave brush marks. Any metallic that can accomplish that is a winner in my books but the shade itself doesn’t do much for me personally.
Black Raspberry lives up to it’s name. A deep berry based red creme, it dries to a high gloss shine without a top coat.
Dashing Diva polishes are available on the Dashing Diva website and at Dashing Diva salons.

NYC Beauty Tour – Dashing Diva

By on November 25, 2007
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My first night in Manhattan started off with a stop at the newest Dashing Diva salon at 149 3rd Ave. for a manicure and cosmos. Ever since I read about their fab Girl’s Night Out experience I’ve been wanting to witness it for myself so, you can imagine my excitement when I found out we were going.

Walking into a Dashing Diva salon is like entering girlie heaven. You can’t help but feel like a giggly princess inside the pink, modern but inviting decor. Being the giant polish hound that I am, I immediately zeroed in on the color wheel of lacquer. Can you guess what caught my eye? That’s right, blues and greens and they have quite a good range. Not all the colors are listed on the Dashing Diva website but I hope that it’s just because they are new because all my green and blue lovers should be able to snag a bottle for themselves. One color in particular, C347, really sparked my interest with it’s olive green shimmery goodness but a steely blue gray (C350) ended up being my polish of choice. Dark gray is a great neutral with a chic edgy feel.

What really impressed me was the cleanliness and pristine condition of the salon. I know it’s a new location but we’ve all walked into those nail shops that have dust on anything standing still and in my opinion Dashing Diva could never become that. They are most definitely on their A game.Each nail station has room for two customers so you can gab with your best pal or make a new friend while your hands are pampered and polished. Now I watch every manicurist like a hawk; to pick up their tricks, techniques and the occasional mistake and two things really stood out about their process.

1. There was not a cuticle nipper in sight. Color me wowed. I can’t stand having my cuticles cut. I don’t agree with the technique so being in a shop where I didn’t have to fight to keep mine intact was a major bonus.

2. You can choose the scent for your hand treatments. I chose orange. What a great personalized touch. Many people are sensitive to scent or hate certain ones, like my aversion to all things coconut, so giving their customers a choice was a wise decision.
The Basic Diva Manicure touts a “Flash Dry” finish that keeps you from smudging your nails as you “dash” out the door. So as I sat at the drying table, outfitted with flat screen monitors to keep me occupied, I couldn’t help but be skeptical about this top coat claim. Way too many times I’ve reached into my purse for money, keys, rings, etc and wrecked a perfectly good manicure. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to do my own nails. So when I was told that I could move safely about the salon, I was just waiting for the wreckage as I grabbed for my rings. And as you can see below, I survived smudge and dent free.

My gray tips and Annie’s fun pink mani. How elegant are her hands?

I wish we had the time to indulge in a pedicure but considering the cold weather and my lack of open toed footwear, it would have been a waste. Next time I’m in the city I’ll have to find time to cozy up on the big pink couch with a cosmo.And for gals in a super hurry, Dashing Diva carries an assortment of ready-to-go tips for your last minute nail needs.OK so now it’s time for Dashing Diva to open a salon in Cleveland. Please, please, please!! And all you Cleveland nail shops out there, take a page from the Dashing Diva playbook and step up your game. Not only do they deliver a top shelf nail experience, the price is uber-reasonable at only $15. So until I get a Dashing Diva here, I’ll continue to hate on all you gals that have ‘em.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By on October 30, 2007
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It’s never too late to make a difference. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but that doesn’t mean that it’s all over tomorrow. We need to promote prevention and research, all year long. You can still help find a cure by supporting these manufacturers’ efforts.

Dashing Diva supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For every bottle of pink Dashing Diva nail polish you buy, we will donate 50% of the profits to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pictured are seven of Dashing Diva’s most popular pink polishes. (l-r)Petal Pushing Petunia, Dizzy Pinky Lizzie, Daisy Pink, Falmingo Fay, Pink Martini Marni, Pink Lollipop Lola, Prima Donna Pink

nubar announces the Collection for the Cure for 2008. A collection of four nubar nail products which are great for everyday wear. Two beautiful pink shades, Pink Cami and Je’Taime, a foundation base coat and Diamond Seal & Shine. 10% of the retail price of the Collection for the Cure will go towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and the City of Hope. nubar offers products that are free of harmful ingredients such as; Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP (Phthalate). Your purchase is a commitment to help support education, outreach, research and all of our critical programs throughout the country.

Show your support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Pink of Hearts, a new OPI Nail Lacquer created exclusively to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure in its promise to end breast cancer forever. In 2007, OPI will make a donation of $25,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.*

Join Essie in their Pink Is Powerful campaign. The shade, Pink Is Powerful, is a pale, shimmery sheer pink intended to inspire hope. 10% of the profits from Pink Is Powerful will be donated to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund throughout the month of October.

In addition, Essie is offering this limited edition Pink Is Powerful Minis set. The set includes 1/8 oz. bottles of Sensitivity Base Coat, Pink is Powerful Limited Edition Colour, Pink Glove Service Colour and Good to Go! Topcoat. Essie will donate $1 for each set sold to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund.

Dashing Diva

By on June 3, 2007
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A reader suggested I check out Dashing Diva products and I have to say thank you for the suggestion. Not only am I impressed with their polish line but, after speaking with a Dashing Diva rep, I’m totally jealous of anyone that lives near one of their salons. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a Girls’ Night Out sipping cosmos while getting a pampering pedi? If any of you have been to a Dashing Diva salon, you must spill about the experience. Inquiring minds want to know.

Alrighty, so let’s dish about the polish. Dashing Diva carries over 150 shades ranging from cremes to sheers to shimmers and frosts, so there’s a finish and color for everyone. While I’m normally drawn to the “crazy colors,” I was quite pleased to test out some of the more standard nail shades in addition to their 3 new summer colors.

I received 4 of Dashing Diva’s most popular shades that are now part of the Extra Virgin collection. They’ve taken their 8 most popular shades and made them Big 3 Free.

First up, Convertible Red Connie (misspelled in the photo, oops). All I have to say is 3 words, listen up everyone, “ONE COAT COVERAGE!” I’m not kidding. A red creme that is true, glossy and streak free in one coat. I’m flabbergasted and wowed beyond belief. I’m telling you, pictures do not do it justice and you will not regret purchasing this one. In fact, I don’t blame you for leaving the site to go order it immediately. Just make sure you come back and read the rest later.

So on to Prima Donna Pink. A bold fuchsia creme, this would be a great summer pedi color for the cool toned. It didn’t have the same jaw-dropping wow factor as Convertible Red Connie but it applied smoothly and evenly and was true to the bottle color with 2 coats.

Pink Martini Marni is a dusty shell pink with a hint of pearl. It’s on the sheerer side but totally buildable. This is a very safe, everyday color. What I would call an “interview polish” An elegant, classic, clean pink regardless of the slight bubble-gummy appearance it has below.

Chelsea In The Buff has a grayish cast to it in the bottle. On the nail, it’s a creamy sheer. The Dashing Diva site describes it as a “sheer light dusty pink,” but I don’t see that at all. It just looked dirty on me and is not my type of color.

Next up, Dashing Diva’s summer collection. An Italian themed collection of sheers filled with glitz. As you can see from the nail swatch pic below, you can get them semi-opaque with enough coats. I used two coats and could still see my tips below. They all applied smoothly but I did have a bit of an issue with View From Anacapri. It pooled a bit at my tips.

View From Anacapri was not as blue as I was hoping. The bottle color never really came to life on my nails. Instead, it’s a silvery sheer shimmer with a hint of blue that shows up in direct light.

Fellini Bellini is my favorite due to it’s peachiness. You might call it a golden pink but it reminds me of the setting sun.

Paparazzi Pink is an iridescent metallic mid-tone pink. It looks a bit Barbie-ish in direct sunlight and more rosy indoors.

I’ll be honest, none of these 3 really won me over. They’re just not my cup of tea.

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