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Go Green with No-Miss

By on April 17, 2008
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Found in health food stores, like Whole Foods, No-Miss is a line of cruelty free cosmetics that includes over 150 shades of Big 3 Free nail polishes. With the formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl-pthalate and camphor eliminated these lacquers are a healthy, pregnancy safe choice.

I have been scoping No-Miss out for a while now at my local Whole Foods. I keep hoping that one of the amazing green or blue shades listed on their site will miraculously appear in the small display rack. So far, no luck.

But on my last trip I noticed a gorgeous shade that just had to come home with me. After sharing the orange trend with you, I’ve been on quite a kick. And oddly enough, craving orange juice like there’s no tomorrow. Are orange polishes some kind of subliminal message cooked up by the Florida Orange people and polish manufacturers? I’ll add it to my growing list of conspiracy theories.

On to the polish. The shade is called Tamarac Tangerine and as with all No-Miss polishes it is pigmented with natural, from-the-earth micas and oxides. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula and application. Unlike some thicker Big 3 Free polishes, this formula is thin and easy to spread. You do give up some pigmentation with that but I think it’s worth it. What you see below is 3 coats of color with no top coat applied, just its own glossy sheen. Overall, I’m impressed with the quick drying time, the color range and application.

For you chemistry/ingredient geeks like me here’s the run down on the No-Miss formula.
Nitrocellulose-a fiber used for viscosity. Ethylacetate, N. Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol-solvents used to dissolve Nitrocellulose. also may contain: Mica, made from sand, cosmetic titanium dioxide, (white),cosmetic iron oxide blue, (indian paint pot grey/blue), iron oxides, earth born colors made from rocks, zinc oxide, from the earth, used to promote drying and to deflect harmful UV rays from the sun.

While I was shopping I decided to pick up the Almost Natural Polish Remover as well. Using fruit acids as a solvent this remover claims to be non-drying and gentle. I just had to see if a “green” remover could really deliver as well as its acetone laden counterparts. The answer is yes and no. Did it remove my polish without drying my nails? Absolutely! Did it work as quickly? No. But isn’t it worth the few extra seconds of rubbing to make a healthier choice? The only downside for me was the smell. The touted vanilla scent comes off very plastic and strong.
Ingredients: Fruit Acid Solvent, Amber Acids (derived from plant lichens), Deionized Water, Vitamin A, Natural Vanilla Fragrance.

No-Miss products are available online at and Whole Foods. Polishes retail for $6.50 and the 4oz remover retails for $6.99.

Have any of you tried No-Miss? What are your thoughts?

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. ocelot1 says:

    ive seen these nps at some local health food stores and have picked them up only to put them back. im used to the etailer prices now and wasnt sure if they would be worth it, but i did some some blues and greens the other day so i might pick those up. :D

  2. CincyFan says:

    Oh which greens and blues did you see? They have a pretty forest shimmer on their site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I used the Almost Natural remover for quiet some time but the smell is pretty bad.

    However, if you want a natural remover that’s faster and has an awesome lemon/grapeseed smell after the solvent evaporates, there’s another one at Whole Foods that’s half the price as Almost Natural.

    (The name is slipping my mind. Begins with a D. Right next to the polishes.)