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Nail Trend Alert – Orange

By on April 6, 2008
in Celebrity, Orange, Summer 2008, Trends

Rihanna is the one celebrity I can rely on to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to nail trends. She isn’t afraid to be bold or take risks. While most of the red carpet clan is playing it safe with french manicures and sheers, there are few that dare to be nail fashion forward.

Rihanna’s red carpet look at the 2008 Grammy Awards in February was one of those stand out nail moments. Her fiery tangerine hued talons were most definitely noticed. If you want to be in vogue this summer you’ll want to rock a similar look. Personally, I’m not a fan of long bright nails so I’ll be sporting an active length version.

My top picks are all cremes and range from muted mango to blazing traffic cone orange so there’s something for everyone. With such a bold shade you don’t need the extra glitz just high shine so cremes fit the bill. It’s more chic and modern.

(clockwise from top) China Glaze Orange Knockout, OPI Osaka-To-Me Orange, China Glaze Japanese Koi, OPI Tangerine Scene, Orly Crush On You, Nocti Bikini
The featured China Glaze, OPI and Orly polishes are all available on and and Nocti can be purchased online at

What are your feelings on the orange look? Fun and sassy? Too bold? Not flattering? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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There Are 35 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Sara says:

    I love the bright trend, including orange! :)

  2. Ji says:

    I looooove2 bold bright colors..and especially love the orange! Definitely will try it on.

  3. ocelot1 says:

    love rhianna! i def always look to her for her cool np. i must have that orly…

  4. rach says:

    Orange is my favourite colour, so yes! I love a good, punchy bright creme on a short nail.

  5. Anja says:

    It looks great on Rhianna. Though don´t think I can pull it off just as well, on my pale skin.
    But yeah, at one point when summer comes, I will be sporting orange nails, but not yet because there are other colours I want to try out first.

  6. silverin says:

    Orange is my least favorite bright color! And, yeesh, on my pale skin, I think it would look frightening!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would wear these if not for my freaky skin tone. They would so not work on me, but I will brag on the girls they do work for!

  8. BeautyChick101 says:

    I think it’s so fun! I’m in love with Orly Crush On You — I am definitely going to have to pick that color up. Perfect for summer pedis!

  9. marina says:

    i love neon nails, they are my fav nail trend. :)

  10. JB says:

    I don’t think orange would work well on me… but maybe this summer it would be worth a try. I have some orange-y reds, but no orange np yet.

  11. Sminkan says:

    Well, I went from no orange at all to maybe I Could have a orange-type red (MonSooner or Later) and then a very bright orange polish from supercheap H&M. And I crave Orly’s Heartbreaker…
    Still, I am more of a green and blue girl. Orange might be fun right now but blues and greens last forever!

  12. JillyB says:

    Just today, before I read this, I got an orange pedicure. I used OPI Don’t Be Koi With Me. I love it on my toes but I’m not so sure I would on my hands. Maybe I’ll get brave come summer.

  13. Fashion Critic says:

    I would never have considered Orange, but I do love it on her.

    I think I might try it.

  14. Mahogany_Butterfly says:

    I love the bright colors especially orange. I have a few of the oranges that you mentioned and I can’t wait to spend the summer showing them off.

  15. Anna at Tvål says:

    I love it! Especially with the blue dress!

  16. Anna at Tv says:

    I love it! Especially with the blue dress!

  17. Mazoo says:

    I love it! I knew I shouldn’t have passed on Japanese Koi. I’ll have to go back and get it now.

    Thats so funny that you’ve brought up Rhianna being nail fashion forward. I could have sworn her nails were green in her latest video. I don’t listen to her music, but I thought that was very cool!

  18. Liz says:

    Oh, totally lovely. I’m lucky that I have a skin tone that works with orange – I actually ordered a bottle of OPI Nicole Alert yesterday.

  19. ivygirlnyc (from MUA) says:

    I love orange! Chanel Heatwave (2007 Limited Edition) is one of my favorite colors. Its a pretty orange with a jelly finish…

  20. Katherine says:

    Welcome back!! It’s so funny that you posted about orange because I was *JUST* on a search for the perfect super-bright orange creme for summer pedis! I get bored with the bright red/hot pink traditional summer pedis and a bright orange creme looks great and just makes you smile! Great post, it’s like you read my mind. :)

  21. Katherine says:

    Oh! I forgot to mention. The colors you have in that picture would probably look best as pedis (at least on me) but I’m also really fond of lighter/pinker orange manis. Chanel Orange Blossom is a great example of a way to wear orange on tips!

  22. carakitty says:

    This is perfect timing- ASPCA has their Founders Day on the 10th, are are promoting the wearing of ORANGE (the official color of the organization) to raise awareness for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership! You better believe I’m going to deck out my tips and toes in a great color for an awesome cause!

  23. juvenescent says:

    Welcome back, glad you are doing better.

    I love orange, especially on my toes. It’s a great look against brown skin.

  24. silverin says:

    I wrote earlier that orange is my least favorite bright and wouldn’t look good with my skin tone, but I’ve been drawn again and again to the swatch photo. I think I might try Crush On You on my toes. It looks cooler-toned than the others, and would be such a switch from the blues, purples, and turquoises I usually wear.

  25. Shefali says:

    So glad you are back!!

    I love orange and wear it on my fingernails and toenails. It’s so pretty and bright and screams “I love summer!”

    A good color that is kind of orange but not totally orange is Sally Hansen’s Spicy Scarlet. It’s one of the LE colors recently out…but it’s a good way to go a little orange without getting too bright.

  26. Diana says:

    I have pale pink toned skin which the brighter oranges tend to clash with,but I lucked out with a drugstore (Rainbow?) nail polish. Its a sheer pale orange yellow with a iridescence in it that looks great on my skin (although not neon :) ). It’s one of my favorite summer pedi colors.

    As neon colors go I love any shade of blue and purple with some pinks, but tend to avoid the orange.

  27. Princess Malphaba says:

    So hot!
    I love orange on my toes in the summer!

  28. Liz says:

    I love oranges! In fact I have an OPI orange that I’m desperately trying to identify since it came without a label, via a swap. It’s so pretty but I hate not knowing what it is, LOL. Since you’re the swatch queen, let me know if you recognize it:

    Thanks soooo much!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t quite get all the way to orange creme yet(though it sounds delicious). Edged up to orange with OPI Don’t Socra-tease Me (orange with pink shimmer, making for a vivid and dimensional orange/coral) Excellent Kentucky Derby season bright. Greetings from Louisville…

  30. tess says:

    I’m asian chinese, and I find it hard to find an orange to match my yellowish skintone – any recommendations from you? :) I love reading your entries!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think orange would work well for me since I have yellowish Asian skin. I find that darker colors look better.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The orange color is pretty sweet, but i would agree that Ryanna does go beyond the trend, i saw the awesome color blue on her fingures the other day and next thing i know its in, now oragne is and she has it on…..i would say….if you are picking a orange which is labeld neon color…..then go with a neon bright color!

  33. Liz says:

    I finally bought China Glaze Japanese Koi and did a fish scales design on my nails the other day. But Japanese Koi is so bright!! Love it!

  34. Kevin says:

    I’ve got Orange Knockout on my toes right now. It really goes well with my tan.