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Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard™ Matte Nail Polish for Fall 2013

By on September 17, 2013
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I didn’t expect to say this so soon but matte is back, people. From subtle matte and glossy contrasting nail designs to more youthful chalkboard nail art, flat is the new black! Revlon is jumping on board with their back-to-school appropriate Nail Art Chalkboard™ matte nail polish duos.

Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art Matte

Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard™

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Eight pastel nail art polishes are paired with a matte black so you can create your own chalkboard-inspired designs. Anything from letters, to symbols and more complicated patterns can be created with these easy-to-tote pairs.
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Essie Fall 2013 “For The Twill of It” Nail Polish Swatches & Review

If there’s one takeaway from my encounters over the years with Essie founder, Essie Weingarten, it’s that she loves fashion and color. Of all her seasonal collections, it’s the Essie Fall color palettes that express that best. Inspired by the textures and fabrics of the season, the Essie Fall 2013 “For The Twill of It” nail colors are rich, chic and utterly Essie.

Essie Fall 2013 nail polish collection

Essie Fall 2013

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“I love the idea of creating polish that’s like the proverbial boyfriend sweater – in this case, a blazer borrowed from the boys,” says brand founder and Global Creative Director Essie Weingarten. “Creating nail color with a warm and fuzzy feeling can be tricky,” Weingarten explains. “But when you get it right, it really is like putting on your favorite sweater.” Transferring the soft volumes and rich woolens of the fall runways, essie offers six seductively tactile shades that radiate beautifully tailored warmth.
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China Glaze Capitol Colours – The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

We’re only seven weeks and two days away from the hotly anticipated opening of The Hunger Games (yes I’m counting) and the only thing more buzzed about than the actual movie is the nail polish collaboration between Lionsgate and China Glaze, The Capitol Colours Collection. Even people who haven’t read the books are exploding with excitement over these polishes.


Between the drama over whether the collection would even come out, the name changes from a character driven theme to a “Capitol” driven theme, that still represents the Districts more than the Capitol, to the debate over whether a book about a dystopian society where children fight to the death for their District’s survival should even be associated with nail polish, every nail lover has been talking about this collection.

All of that aside, it’s the colors alone that drew the majority of us in. Wanting to own a piece of a favorite book series is definitely a part of it but we wouldn’t be rabid to get our hands on the lacquers unless the colors made our pulses race. And that’s exactly what mine did when the collection landed on my doorstep. Let’s dive into the world of Panem, shall we?

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ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Zoya Phoebe from the ModMatte Summer 2011 Collection

By on June 10, 2011
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zoya phoebe mod matte nail polish from the zoya modmatte summer 2011 collection 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

Matte nail polish reemerged on the nail polish scene in 2009 and regardless of how you feel about the gloss-less look, I’ve always said there is one major benefit to matte; dry time. If you’re a girl on the go, the super speedy drying power of mattes can save you from leaving the house with naked nails. Before you even hit the door, your nails are smudge-proof.

I’m genetically predisposed to being fifteen minutes late wherever I go thanks to my perpetually late mother. Okay so lateness isn’t an inherited trait, it’s a case of nurture not nature, but I consistently find myself grabbing for a matte minutes before I dash out of the house. Even if it’s only to cover up my swatching nails, creating what I call “nail blogger skittles.” Such was the case when I applied Zoya Phoebe from the recently released ModMatte collection.

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ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Icing Bet Me And Lose Matte

By on April 13, 2011
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icing bet me and lose matte nail polish bottle 365 untrieds 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

I rarely make it to an Icing accessory store since we moved a few years ago which is a shame because I really love their polish.  The closest one to me is a hual and in a pretty unremarkable mall.  With the Cleveland shopping mecca, Beachwood Place, so close, I never see the purpose in traveling to other malls.

However, last summer I found myself visiting friends near Detroit and had an afternoon free so I FINALLY got to meet up with K. from Pumps and Gloss for some retail therapy. I introduced her to the wonderful world of Icing nail polish and discovered that they had joined the wonderful world of mattes.

Now I know that mattes are “so 2009″ and all but they’re still a great last minute manicure option due to their quick dry time. Besides, the metallic mattes look fantastic with a glossy top coat so polishes like Icing Bet Me And Lose aren’t just one trick ponies.

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