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Best of the ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Fall 2014 Steals

By on September 8, 2014
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Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals

Get your wallets ready, people. The ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Fall 2014 Steals is back and, yet again, the beauty superstore is tempting us with some amazing discounts, special events and even a live chat with a nail polish legend. Check out the steals and deals I feel you just can’t miss!

My Favorite ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Fall 2014 Steals

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals

Week 1

Wednesday 9/10 – Too Faced Bulletproof Brows (reg. $30, – I love a bold brow and I’ve been testing a bunch of different products lately so I plan to pick this up as I’m liking the double-ended brush/spoolie.

Thursday 9/11Stila 10-Pan Palettes (reg. $39, – Stila makes great shadows and with four color options to choose from, this deal is too good to pass up.

Thursday 9/11 – Murad Cleansers (reg. $36, – I’m a big fan of Murad’s Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and it’s one of three cleansers offered on Thursday.

Friday 9/12 – Smashbox 24-Hour Shadow Primer (reg. $20, – As much as I love my TF Shadow Insurance, I’ve been using this lately and am really impressed with how creamy it is and how well my shadow stays in place. Worth checking out.

Saturday 9/13 – butter LONDON 2 for $15 (reg $15, – This is a big one, you guys. The bL sale is always major and with it being on a Saturday, you better get to ULTA when they open to scoop up the best colors. I’ll be sharing my bL faves later this week to get you prepped.

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals - Week 1

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals – Week 1

Week 2

Sunday 9/14 – Tarte Lights Camera Lashes! Mascara (reg $20, – During the last 21 Days sale I picked up TF Better Than False Lashes and I love it so I’m curious to try this one as well.

Monday 9/15 LORAC Front of the Line Pro Liner (reg $23, – I have and use this liquid liner so if you haven’t ventured into felt tip liners and want to give them a go, this is a great opportunity to try one at a deep discount.

Wednesday 9/17 Clarisonic BOGO Brush Heads (reg $27, – I’m down to my last brush head on my Clarisonic Plus so I’ll be stocking up, for sho!

Thursday 9/18 Too Faced Shadow Insurance (reg $20, – As I mentioned above and have shown you in past posts, Shadow Insurance is my go-to eye primer. Can’t miss out on a chance to replenish my supply.

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals - Week 2

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals – Week 2

Week 3

Friday 9/19 Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm (reg $34, – I’m much more about BB cream than straight-up foundation and I’ve been curious about this one for a while so I’m finally taking the plunge.

Wednesday 9/24 – Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel (reg $22, – When it comes to brow products, Anastasia knows her stuff and if you don’t have a lot of filling in to do, these gels are perfect.

Thursday 9/25 Stila One Step Correct Primer (reg $36, - I first tried this at a party in NYC a few years ago and it does wonders for calming redness or subtle skin discoloration while priming the skin. I’ve been out for a while so this sale is perfectly timed for me.

Friday 9/26 IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (reg $22, – I’ve heard so many positive things about IT Cosmetics in general and these eyeliners sound really great. For $10, why not?

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals - Week 3

Best of ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals – Week 3

Live Online Chats

In addition to the in-store brand events, full calendar at, they are hosting three live online chats. As a nail fanatic, I’m most excited about the one on 9/12 with OPI’s Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. I have my calendar alarm set.

ps. I’ve met both Mally Roncal and Jamie Kern Lima in the past and they have big, fun personalities so I’m sure their chats will be a treat as well.

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals Chats

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals – Online Chats

Now these are just my favorite deals from the ULTA 21 Days but there are even more to check out at

Advice: If you plan to shop in store, get there early as past deals have sold out in the first hour. Also, all the steals are available online and some are online-only. See the website for all the deets.

Okay, so which of my faves do you plan to scoop up? Will I see you at the chat with Suzi?

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  1. Cara says:

    Lights, Camera, Lashes! is the best beauty product in the world for sensitive eyes! I love it; I will never use anything else; go buy it x3. I could never wear mascara for more than one day per week before at all, because every brand I had tried (cheap or pricey!) made my eyelids itch badly and get puffy and red. I wear LCL every day and I have no irritation (unless I sleep in it by accident). Color and length payoff is pretty good too, and it rarely clumps.

    But if anyone reading the comments has itchy, sensitive eyelids, then you need this mascara.

  2. Katy says:

    Yay! I love this sale! I’ll be at my local store on Saturday be fore opening for the bL deal. I’m excited about the UD BB Cream, too. Also, I hear great things about the IT liners- especially that they’re great for the waterline, so I’m wanting the highlight color.

    I can’t wait for the Suzi chat, too!

    • Yes, I need something that stays put on my waterline. My eyes water a lot, thanks contacts, so I’m excited to try it.

    • steffy says:

      O really? I am in desperate need of a good liner for the WL as well, if that’s the case I’ll be checking out those IT liners for sure. I love her other products so far that I’ve tried but they can be pricey so every little sale sure helps. I almost got TF Bulletproof brows but the shades were wrong for me; taupe too light, brown too dark. I went with the Anastasia Dip Down brow gel/cream in auburn instead and LOVE it. Better than Tarte’s AC version I’ve tried and cheaper too. The Anastasia is creamier, easier to apply, better shades that look natural and lasts a crazy long time even in 100° CA summer weather. Her brow gels are great too, but I already have a couple :)

  3. Monica says:

    Definitely gotta try the Too Faced Bulletproof brows. Never had a problem with brows until I tried threading them and the left side got messed up so now i have to fill them in. Hopefully this will work well. Can’t hurt at 50% off…Will have to go get some more Butter Londons…I never pay full price for them, LOL! Was at ULTA today and they have a very low stock on colors..wonder if they’ll replenish by Saturday? PLUS….would love to get some of the online deals…hmmmm…can see major $$ being dropped in the next 20 days, LOL Thanks for the recommendations!!

  4. Jennifer cook says:

    I’ve always wanted to try the butter nail polishes but could never justify paying full price. Can you tell me what makes them so much better than Essie which is my go to brand at the moment. Also what are some of your favorite colors? I tend to lean toward pinks but would like to branch out into nudes and blacks

    • Hi Jennifer! I don’t know that they’re necessarily better than Essie. I just like their polish and they have some cool colors. With the deal at ULTA they’re a bit cheaper than Essie so it’s a great chance to try them.