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NY Fashion Week Nail Watch – Thakoon

By on September 26, 2008
in CND, NY Fashion Week S/S 09, Trends

To compliment Thakoon’s sexy, provocative collection for Spring 2009, CND created what I think is the coolest nail look of the season. A reverse moon manicure. Totally funky, unique and innovative. Would you expect anything less from CND? They certainly know how to put a twist on traditional nail styles.

The CND team took the 20s-style moon manicure and flipped it on its ear with a black moon on a nude base. For those that are unfamiliar, the moon manicure was originally created in the 1920s by a manicurist at MGM studios as a twist on the French manicure. A traditional moon manicure leaves your lunula (that white half moon at the base of your nail) bare or white and the rest of the nail dark and vampy.

Get the look: Reverse Moon Manicure
For advice on how to recreate this style, I went straight to the expert, CND Education Ambassador Roxanne Valinoti. Here’s her 5-step technique:

  1. Coat the nail with “Stickey” base coat.
  2. Apply 2 coats of “Serenity” enamel.
  3. Use a small detail brush, or the corner or the enamel brush with “Voodoo” to outline the half moon at the cuticle of the nail.
  4. Use the detail brush dipped in enamel, or the enamel brush lightly dotting in enamel to fill in half moon for full coverage. Be careful not to apply to much enamel.
  5. Let dry for 3-5 minutes before applying “Airdry” topcoat.

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There Are 4 Brilliant Comments

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  1. hontapocasgreen says:

    Cool concept, but I’d like to try this one day with the base color as something other than a nude/sheer color.

  2. wixbetty says:

    I like the idea, but the execution?

    With black, it looks like they slammed every finger with a closet door, a chest of drawers, a car door…you get the gist.

    Maybe with another color though, could be attractive and like the previous comment- a different base color, so it looks intentional.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i pretty much agree with wixbetty. the black moons look like you’ve just injured yourself! i do love the half moon mani though

  4. m says:

    totally looks like you smashed your nails, this is hideous! ugh, fugly!