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Fall Nail Trend Alert – Metallics

By on September 26, 2008
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Ladies, get ready for gilded tips and toes! Glitzy, glammed out nails are all the rage for Fall 2008, are you on board? From the runway to the red carpet, metallics are “in” this season.

Of course our favorite nail fashionista, Rihanna, adopted the trend early when she rocked a tarnished gold at the Much Music Awards in June. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, who usually dons a more subdued nail look, hopped on the metallic bandwagon with a chrome shade for the launch of the PBS series Spain…On the Road Again. And well, you all saw Rachel Bilson rock Chanel Kaleidoscope on the cover of Page Six Magazine.

With so many nail polishes on the market, how do you choose? The trend is broken down into three shade families; Champagne & Bronze, Pewter and Silver (recommendations below). I know what the next question is… what happened to gold? While gold and fall seem to go together like pork chops and apple sauce (yes I’m a Brady Bunch fan), it’s played out. We’ve seen it. It’s time to switch up the game.

What is the best metallic for your skin type? Warm and darker skin tones are better suited to Champagne & Bronze shades while Cool girls should check out the Silvers. The beauty of Pewter being a mix of copper and tin means that anyone can wear them. Oh and you neutral gals, you get your pick. Lucky!

Champagne & Bronze shades to try: Wet N Wild Amazing In Amber, OPI Glamour Game (Holiday In Toyland collection), NYC Molten Metal, Sparitual Muse, Wet N Wild Beautiful In Bronze, Cover Girl Bronze Beauty, Nina Ulta Pro Champagne

Pewter shades to try: Essie Steeling The Scene, Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything, Chanel Kaleidoscope
Silver shades to try: CHI Sexy Stilettos, Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go!, CND Silver Anniversary, Sally Hansen Shooting Star, Sephora by OPI Social Climber
So who’s digging this whole metallic feel for fall? Any lacquers you have your eye on?

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There Are 16 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Teemoney says:

    Back in July, I made the splurge to buy Chanel Gold Fiction and Kaleidoscope. At the time, I got ridiculed by my friends for doing so because of the exorbitant price tag.

    While $50 is normally way too much to spend for two nail polishes, I have to say that I have gotten so much enjoyment out of both of them all summer long (and now into fall), more so than any item of clothing or accessory that I’ve gotten in that time. (Wearing Kaleidoscope now, even.)

    I will say I’ve gotten far more compliments on the Gold Fiction than the Kaleidoscope, but I think they are both stunning.

    Also, I’m not sure about that Haut Chocolat. . . will have to see how that looks on, but I’m not really embracing the brown polish at this point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How long did it take you to do this post with the pictures?

  3. The Rotund says:

    I really dig the metallics, especially the pewters and bronzes – and I have to say that I think bronzes work well on those of us with olive skin that hasn’t seen the sun for 10+ years *grin* – but I have such horrible luck getting them to apply well. I just can’t seem to avoid the brush strikes. Any tips for a streak-free metallic manicure?

    And what do you think of metallic pedicures? I am all about the pewters toes.

  4. stubby says:

    I will forsure be rocking Kaleidescope. I was able to get my hands on one at my local Chanel counter!!

    Good for you teemoney, at least you get compliments on your polish. Seems like around here, people are way too busy to notice my gorgeous shades!

    Oh well, it’s a self indulgent hobby of mine anyway.

  5. The Rotund says:

    stubby, a little self-indulgence is a really good thing, I think. In the midst of being good to everybody, we have to be good to ourselves as well!

  6. Anonymous says:

    You left off my fair skinned favorite Zoya Austine! A true champagne.

  7. rbrinkley says:

    I have to agree – I like this look and splurged myself. I got Gold Fiction back in July and just got Kaleidoscope in the mail from Neiman Marcus yesterday. Of course, I already have it on! In love already – have to see what the reviews will be out on the scene!

  8. silverin says:

    I’ve got Sally Hanson Sterling that I haven’t tried yet – saving it for the holidays.

  9. Tiera says:

    I picked up Kaleidoscope maybe a month or two months ago, but I’ve been in a major white nail phase and haven’t gotten to play with it yet… I can’t wait!

  10. itzzzkimmm says:

    I loooove it!!! The silver collections are definitely my fave.

  11. Aly says:

    I wonder what the difference between Essie’s Steeling the Scene and Essie’s Loophole? Both are silvery/pewter? Is it possible to see a side by side comparison?

  12. arkanefyre says:

    Oh man, I adore Kaleidoscope. I was at Holt Renfrew today, and they had one bottle of it left.

    Apparently, it’s the last bottle in all the Toronto stores.

    …I couldn’t resist. I picked it up.

  13. hontapocasgreen says:

    You know how I love my metallics, especially the golds! While I won’t be falling for Gold Fiction or Kaleidoscope (just simply not in the budget), I have plenty to keep me occupied. One of my favorite things to do is to put gold glitter polish over a silver polish, or a silver glitter polish over a gold polish. Extremely blingy!

  14. Diana says:

    I’m actually wearing CG Bronze Beauty right now :)!

    It’s one of my favorite polishes and works fantastic on my warm-cool tone mix.

    Two coats of it give an awesome solid metallic look (i.e. no nail transparency). And this nail polish lasts much longer on me than other more expensive ones (ie then my Chanel Blue Satin).

  15. -L- says:

    I am dying to try some of these. But I’m afraid I might have to take a break from all the polish. I started using Orly Bonder as my base and my nails have started peeling off in entire layers! Does anyone have any suggestions?

  16. Mossback Meadow says:

    I just tried the Sally Hanson silver. I normally love Sally polishes – they last a long time on me — but this was really hard to get smooth – it sort of looked like a mess.

    My daughter used the Sally Hanson gold – it’s beautiful on her.

    I’d love to see a post on nail polish remover – are they all the same? Are some gentler?