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China Glaze Sleigh Ride for Holiday 2008

By on September 23, 2008
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Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling, too
Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

-”Sleigh Ride” lyrics by Mitchell Parish

The holidays are coming early kids. Have you made out your wish list? Because I did. Back in January I wished for an emerald green version of China Glaze Ruby Pumps named Emerald City and now it’s been fulfilled. It may not be called Emerald City but you won’t hear me complaining.

I showed you a sneak peak of the polish back in July when I talked about my visit with the women of China Glaze but now you can finally get a bottle of your very own. The Sleigh Ride collection is all you need for a truly blingtastic holiday manicure. Included in the set is the ultimate green dazzler, Emerald Sparkle, a glitzy silver, Tinsel, and core collection best seller, Ruby Pumps. All three are well pigmented, packed with micro-glitter and include that amazing China Glaze jelly finish. The glitter will cause the polishes to dry slightly matte and bumpy but a coat of Seche Vite brings out their brilliance and fire.

Emerald Sparkle! That so deserves an exclamation point. There aren’t enough words for how truly stunning this polish is. I couldn’t dream up a better green shimmer if I tried. Bravo China Glaze! You have just made my year. Not only have you created the perfect green but you made it PIGMENTED. Like seriously pigmented. What you see below is two coats and there’s no sign of nail beneath.

Tinsel will be your go-to color for New Year’s Eve bling. Better yet, can you imagine this icing your Emerald Sparkle tips? Totally over the top and not for everyday but come on, it’s the holidays. Live a little! Now Tinsel is not as pigmented as the other two polishes. What you see is two coats and there is still a bit of tip showing but with three coats, you’re solid.

Ruby Pumps is a classic, jazzy red, glitter bomb. For the past two years, this has been my holiday pedi choice. Originally introduced with the Wizard of Ohh Ahz collection Ruby Rumps is the lone survivor that made the China Glaze core lineup. A brilliant twinkling red, this is a great shade for conservative gals that aren’t ready for green but still want to up the ante on special occasions.
The China Glaze Sleigh Ride collection is on sale now at and will be arriving soon at China Glaze is also carried at ULTA and Sally Beauty Supply. Call for seasonal collection availability.

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There Are 25 Brilliant Comments

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  1. The Rotund says:

    I just bought this and… five other polishes at – that holiday set was too much to resist! I don’t think I’ve ever bought so many polishes at the same time – this should, hopefully, get me back in the habit of doing my nails.

  2. Jennifer says:

    eeeeeee! this is fantastic. the photos are gorgeous–i just ordered my holiday set.

  3. CincyFan says:

    The Rotund – Polishing my nails is the best way for me to avoid my terrible biting habit. What other polishes did you order?

    Jennifer – Yay! I’m sure you’ll love them all.

  4. The Rotund says:

    That’s actually how I stopped biting my nails as a kid – my mom bought me a manicure set when I was 7 or 8 and I polished my nails every 3 or 4 days for YEARS! It’s definitely a sign that I am over-extended (and have been for a while this time) when my nails are looking ragged.

    I ordered this set, Bahamian Escape, Bermuda Breakaway, Rodeo Fanatic, Solar Power, and Recycle – I have been searching for a grey creme for ages. Obviously, I like blue polishes – but I have blue hair (at least, blue bangs) and it’s fun to match. *grin*

    Of course, then I stopped at Sally Beauty on my way home and picked up Pick Voltage so I could paint my nails immediately.

  5. m says:

    wow, love them esp the red & teh green

  6. arkanefyre says:

    Speaking of Emerald City, Sally Hansen has a green one out called that

  7. Anonymous says:

    so pretty… emerald sparkle will be my first green nail polish

  8. stubby says:

    i have ruby pumps and have yet to try it! this just makes me wanna run home and put it on!!!!

    only now i feel left out…i gotta get that emerald beauty!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:


    I need them ALL…

  10. vampyvarnish says:

    I have to say that I always liked green but never ever to the extent I do now, until I started reading your website. Now I DIE (to use Rachel Zoe’s words) for all green polishes. I will be getting all three of these for sure now! Thx!

  11. Breezy says:

    This is of great excitement to me – I have to say, I am Jewish but Christmas season is my absolute fave beacuse of glam like this! :) SO CANNOT WAIT! I think I will even do my daughter’s toes with these. She will be 21 months in December.

  12. jaxappella says:

    will the emerald sparkle be available on its own or only as part of the set?

  13. sh3ll3y says:

    I just got this set in the mail today! I already had RP but Tinsel and Emerald Sparkle look great! Can’t wait to try. Ordered with Wagon Trail and OMG.

  14. jaimehwkns says:

    Oh – these are so lovely! After I read your post I just had to order them. Can’t wait ’til they get here! This will be my first venture into green territory – but for a pedi, and wearing with peep toe pumps, it just might be really cute! Thanks for the swatch pics!

  15. -L- says:

    can anyone tell me why the polishes are so inexpensive on and why they don’t tell you what the shipping is going to cost right away?
    I ordered this set and it seemed so strange to me

  16. The Rotund says:

    -I-said, the shipping thing is because they charge you actual shipping and won’t know that that is until your order has been processed.

    As for why it’s so cheap, I have no idea, but now I am kind of curious!

  17. Anonymous says:

    My Sally’s Beauty supply (Edinburgh) is so very behind the times. I wandered in there this afternoon and picked up two polishes from the China Glaze Ink collection, which came out in the summer! I can’t imagine how long I’m gonna have to wait for the spangly green. Or the droolsome blues from the last post.

    At least I managed to pick up Ruby Pumps. I can finally stop frankenpolishing when I need an utterly sparkle-tastic red!

  18. Mer says:

    I ordered this and it came yesterday… Emerald Sparkle is SO gorgeous in person, and I wasn’t even a green polish person. I love it though. I had to try Tinsel too though, so I redid my nails this morning, and I’m loving it. It’s so sparkly pretty, it reminds me of snow. I’m even considering buying a backup set :p

  19. EyeCandyx3 says:

    These. Are. GORGEOUS. =O

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted polishes so badly. I can see myself wearing these every day during the holiday season.

    Emerald Sparkle is simply STUNNING. It’s like…something I never thought I’d see.

    I’m waiting for 8ty8 to have these in stock again so I can order my set. =D Thanks so much for these swatches!

  20. Anonymous says:

    oooh these are fabulously tacky!

  21. melvel says:

    I’m so bummed. I can’t find this anywhere anymore! I just emailed Head2Toe and they’re not selling it again, according to the email I got, the manufacturer won’t be producing anymore of these sets. Hopefully, Emerald Sparkle will show up as a single bottle somewhere soon.

  22. vixen.101 says:

    Hi everyone!! Just bought this set from Ebay-uk today for around £23 incl p+p as it was the only place i could find that sold it in the uk at the mo. I aready have the lovely Ruby Pumps and went out last week to buy a full bottle even though i still had just under half a bottle left!Lol!! Well i suppose you can’t have too much of that colour especially during the holiday season as its like goldust in December!!

  23. Justine says:

    For Holiday 2009, where would you recommend that I buy these? I'm a nail polish n00b and I want Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle. I'd prefer an online retailer unless you think the polishes will be easy to find at drugstores or at Sally's.

  24. All Lacquered Up says:

    Justine – The holiday set is already for sale on

  25. polishloving says:

    loving the green!