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MAC Wonder Woman Obey Me & Spirit of Truth Swatches, Review & Nail Art?

By on March 1, 2011
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The recently launched MAC Wonder Woman collection brought out the little girl and “nail artist” in me.  That’s right Fanatics, you didn’t misread the title, I said “nail artist.”  You can check my forehead for a fever all you like but I’m perfectly healthy AND loving my Wonder Woman themed foray into the nail art.I’m sure my fellow Gen-Xers will happily stroll down memory lane with me to the days of Wonder Woman Underoos and raven haired beauty, Lynda Carter, flying into living rooms nationwide in her invisible airplane.  At just four years old my Wonder Woman doll was my most prized possession next to my Donny Osmond doll, purple socks and all, of course.  Way before my Barbie obsession took hold, I was imagining myself lassoing evildoers to confess their crimes.

The MAC Wonder Woman collection includes two new Nail Lacquers in WW’s signature colors; red (Obey Me) and blue (Spirit of Truth).  As easy as it would be for me to just wear the colors as a mani/pedi combo or a multi-colored manicure I decided to take it one step further, inspired by one of my fave nail art lovers, Nail Art Junkie’s Keri B.

Keri B is a regular at Sakura Nail Spa in NYC and she’s a faithful CalGel wearer.  She continues to top herself with each design concept she conceives with the artists at Sakura.  She wore some killer plaid for MAC’s A Tartan Tale launch and when MAC Fabulous Felines came out she went all “cat lady” crazy, something the furball mother in me can appreciate.

Now as you know I am normally not big into the whole nail art thing but when I saw Keri’s Wonder Woman nails, I was transfixed.  The gilded red moons, the blue and silver stars that mimic WW’s costume, the iconic Wonder Woman logo.  It all wowed me.  To the point that I decided to test out my amateur (at best) nail art skills to represent this collection.
I’ve had Milani’s Nail Art polishes for a while now but never had a reason to pull them out.  This was the perfect occasion. I used Black Sketch and Art of Gold to create the designs.  The Milani Nail Art polishes come in an easy to grip bottle with a thin nail art brush instead of your stand round polish brush.  While Black Sketch, a black creme, was very easy to work with, Art of Gold was chunky which made it perfect for filling in designs but not for drawing straight lines.


Spirit of Truth reminds me a lot of China Glaze First Mate in that it’s a cross between royal blue and navy.  The two colors are very similar.  To the point that owning one is all you really need.  The application of SoT was perfection.  The pigmentation was spot on.  I barely needed a second coat.  It’s one of those “had me at hello” kind of polishes.  The fact that MAC branded the bottles makes me love it even more.

I chose to do a multi-colored manicure for my base apply Spirit of Truth to my left hand with my Obey Me polished ring finger serving as the accent nail.  I painted the more intricate Wonder Woman symbol on this hand since my polishing skills aren’t as strong with my non-dominant hand.

Using Keri B’s photo as a guide (and practicing on a nail art wheel prior) I first painted the black outline of the WW symbol using Black Sketch and then filled in the design with Art of Gold.  Now because of AoG’s chunky nature it bleed onto the black a bit so I went back and redefined the lines after.  I started with the middle “W” but I placed it too high on the nail so when I painted the top one, the lines got a bit blurred. It’s far from perfect but I’m kind of mesmerized by it and can’t stop staring at my nails with pride.

mac spirit of truth nail polish swatch wonder woman nail art

Obey Me is a candy apple red creme.  It’s pretty straightforward and like Spirit of Truth is flowed flawlessly on the nail.  The formula for both these polishes is exquisite.

On this hand I applied Obey Me on four nails with Spirit of Truth on the ring finger accent nail.  I knew I couldn’t pull off a ton of little stars so I went for one big star instead.  What a disaster that turned out to be.

I can barely draw a respectable star with a pencil and paper so I don’t know WHY I thought I could draw one on my nail with my non-dominant hand with a chunky polish.  I tried to outline the star with Black Sketch to try and make the star shape more balanced but it can only do so much.  Clearly I’m not proud of how it turned out but I’m giving myself an A for effort.

mac obey me swatch wonder woman nail art

Bottom Line: MAC did us right in this collection. They branded the bottles, which they should in every collection of this type (Venomous Villains I’m looking at you), they gave us beautiful colors that would make Wonder Woman proud and they delivered a formula worthy of the price point. Color me smitten!

The MAC Wonder Woman Collection is currently available online at and at MAC counters nationwide. MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquers retail for $15/ea for a .34oz bottle.

Thoughts on the Wonder Woman polishes?  What do you think of my attempt at nail art?  Any tips on how to paint a star or do detail work with your non-dominant hand?  Did you get anything else from Wonder Woman?  I’m loving the fuchsia & red glosses.

Product samples were provided by MAC and Milani. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

image credit: Nail Art Junkie courtesy of Keri B.

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  1. katie says:

    I like Spirit of Truth, but already own First Mate (loves) so I’m going to skip this version. Also liked both of your nail art ideas for the wonder woman colors. Have no advice on how to do the star as I’m horrible at nail art myself, lol. I like to consider my nail art as “abstract”.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow, I’ve been on a quest for a royal blue-ish navy for a while and Spirit of Truth is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I really don’t wanna pay $15 for it though =\ I’ll definitely look for China Glaze First Mate though!

  3. Sian says:

    Oooh! Both will be MINE!
    Can I ask: how similar is Obey Me to MAC’s Shirelle?

  4. dawn says:

    We bought these 2 colors online and are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Your nail art was wonderful

  5. Ofelia says:

    So cute! I’m a sucker for products with nice packaging.

  6. Brooke says:

    These look great!! I LOVE Wonder Woman. My daughter was WW this past Halloween so when I heard of this collection soon after I was over the moon! I wish MAC would do collections for She-Ra and Jem!

  7. Jaztee says:

    I absolutely love your WW themed nails! (And I’m not even too into nail art). Overall I think this is a nice collection.

  8. Taffy says:

    I’m with you on the formula for the Wonder Woman polishes. I bought SoT and it’s fantastic! It was a pain to remove but it was worth the trouble.

  9. This is so cool! I love how you matched the MAC wonder woman art to the polishes!

  10. Alex says:

    Your design came out wonderfully!! great job!!

  11. DLFM says:

    I can’t make myself pay $15 for a basic red or blue creme even with branded bottles. I actually like your Ws better than Keri’s!

  12. Georgina says:

    OMG thats one awesome NOTD babe! ^_^

  13. Natalie says:

    Love that turquoise polish!
    What is it?

  14. Lauren says:

    I ordered Spirit of Truth the day they came out because of the bottle! Love! But I haven’t actually tried the polish yet. I have sitting out on my counter though cause it’s just that cute. Now you’ve gotten me excited to actually use it. I’m really not into the nail art, but you did well! :)

  15. Jen says:

    So cool, this looks awesome. I love the WW symbol!

  16. augusta says:

    i own first mate, so i dont need spirit of truth. do you know of any reds that may be similar to obey me?

  17. Gwen says:

    Amazing manicure! I think the polishes from the wonder woman collection aren’t that special but the bottles are so AWESOME

  18. Esther says:

    Haha :D Those colours aren’t unique at all but they would make a great Lady Gaga/Beyonc

  19. Beth says:

    You did a fantastic job! Your nail designs look great!

  20. Silva says:

    I love this! I think your star is adorable ^^

  21. Jackie S. says:

    I love the nail art, the colors are dupe-able!

  22. Andrea says:

    I like these polishes and have been wanting to purchase them. I love MAC’s rubber lids. I also love your nail art. Cute.

  23. ach167 says:

    I was just debating what to get my sister-in-law from this collection, and decided on the purple mascara. I wish I would of saw this post first because I def would of went with these polishes! They look so bright and lovely and those bottles are just too cute, guess I’ll just have to get them for myself instead :) I loved seeing some nail art! I’m amateur status for sure so I love your simple take on it. Would love to see some more in the future.

  24. Oo I need that red

  25. Sass says:

    I need to go ahead and my WW nail art. I’m seeing so many good designs. Thanks for sharing. Love it!

  26. Sylvia says:

    These look amazing!! you just gave me great ideas for my nails :)

  27. Lisa says:

    I think your WW symbol looks awesome! And I love the gold in it…even if its chunky it looks awesome!

  28. sarah says:

    Love these polishes! I bought them right away and cannot stop wearing them, the color is so pretty and the formula is so great you really do only need one coat.

    Instead of trying nail art, I’ve just been putting OPI for Sephora’s “Only Gold for Me” chunky gold sparkles over Spirit of Truth. Love it.

  29. Christina M says:

    OMGosh Michelle. I love it! You have me so wanting to order this WW collection now yikes! Although I totally do not have the “nail art” skills. Also, any idea where I can find the Milani polishes in NYC?
    Great job!

  30. Briana says:

    I think your star looks wonderful, I can barely paint my nails without getting it all over my fingers so your star is genuis in my books.
    Ive already got First Mate (loving it and wearing it right now with life preserver on the ring fingers) but I think the bottles are just so cute if I can get them at a decent price online I’ll be picking up both polishes

  31. svennika says:

    I think your mani is great – the star might be a bit wonky but it still looks fine to me :-)

    I love nail art, and I rarely do a mani without at least an accent nail, so I can assure you, even with your non-dominant hand, it gets easier each time…

    oh, and next time you paint a star on your nails, try starting with a capital A, then give it little “arms”, finally do some “fine-tuning” – et voil

  32. Christine says:

    I really love the Wonder Woman theme! Even though they are somewhat repetative colors, MAC really revs them up with bottle design and richness of pigment and shine. “Super” nail art too!

  33. thisizkim says:

    ooh the blue one is gorgeous!

  34. V says:

    I love the colors, but hated the advertising. Wonder Woman was never about makeup or looking good – she’s a good old-fashioned ass kicker. I feel that kind of missed that during the promotions.

  35. meme says: offers free ship options all the time. You need to sign up for their free email to know when it’s going on. That MIGHT help for some of you who don’t want to pay $15 per & shipping if you don’t live anywhere near a place that sells MAC anything like is the case where I live. Agree with those that said these are good but not original colors. It’s more a collectors item for the bottle I think…but with the timing of the release, MAC was smart for going with the nautical theme colors that always work this time of year as we all yearn for spring/summer. There is something always fresh about the nautical look shades this time of year, despite we have seen then done a zillion years over. I DO really like The Spirit Of Truth a lot – might have to go looking for that one, despite I have First Mate already. I agree, MAC cream polishes go on so well and last better than average. Love your nail art. How about using nail stamps for things like the star that is so hard to do free hand???? Would love for you to do a blog article on nail stamps as well as interesting decals that don’t cover the entire nail – more lattice like ones that we can see the color of our polish through.

  36. Luna says:


  37. Jane says:

    Nice job! I like the way you used gold glitter for the logo instead of yellow.

  38. Richard Neva says:

    I admire a woman who takes time with her nails, no matter what colors or designs she uses. It displays the pride she takes with her body and you just know she watches what she eats so she does over do it and get chunky. I love Wonder Woman myself as a guy and I could never watch her because of my work schedule was on afternoons. Now I have all three seasons and she is just adorable, such a great attitude and always looking out for the vulnerable. By the way, your WW nails are tops with me!

  39. Mc Huggs says:

    Michelle: You outdone yourself, the Wonder Woman TV show with the athletic Lindsay Carter, (I believe, whom I watched the show as a young adult,) would be proud! You matched the colors of her belt buckle and head band perfectly, love that blue nail color for the star!

    For a tip on making a star with your non-dominant hand, I would use an old trick, a small stencil after the base colors dry, use the stencil and paint in the star colors. Stencils can be made yourself from an older piece of card board from an Staples or Office Max. (or make the five Otherwise, it looks lovely and anyone would be pleased at your true artistic nail art! Well done.


    Mc Huggs :)

  40. Maggie says:

    I just got Obey Me as my first ever MAC polish and love it! I figured I had to comment on this post to celebrate my purchase even if it’s an older post :p Thanks for the great review, I might try some of these ideas myself!

  41. PartyPoison143 says:

    This is wonderful! AMAZING JOB!
    I think I may just go home and try this.
    Wondeful ! :3