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Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011 Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

By on September 6, 2011
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zoya gems & jewels holiday 2011 nail polish collection swatch review Zoya Holiday/Winter 2011 Gems & Jewels Collection – Jewelry for Nails!

Zoya Nail Polish presents 3 new jewel toned metallic shimmer polishes and 3 glitzy, glitter glazes (featuring unique bar glitter) for an extra special holiday and winter 2011 season!

I know it’s barely September and it seems too early to be talking Holiday but when I saw these beauties at Cosmoprof North America I just KNEW you would adore them as much as I do. Zoya is upping the ante in terms of glitter and glam this season by introducing three bold jewel tone polishes with three coordinating glitters that contain fun, fringe-like particles.

Thanks to my friends at Zoya we have an early look at the collection and later today you will have a chance to win a full set Gems & Jewels.

Formula & Application: Zoya is a 4-Free brand (including formaldehyde resin) plus they leave out camphor, which can be an irritant. Their signature Italian glass bottles have a tapered, shiny black plastic cap that rests comfortably between the thumb and index finger while polishing. The brush is short, round and medium in girth with flexible bristles that allow for ease of control.

The three metallic shimmers are all nice and thin but filled with pigment. They are such a dream to apply. I barely needed two coats of each color to get them opaque. The metallic pigment does mean the polish can show some brush marks but if you have a steady hand and use thin coats, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The three glitter glazes are all clear based glitters that need multiple (3-4 coats) to become opaque which makes them perfect for layering. The glitters do dry with a LOT of texture so be prepared to apply multiple coats of top coat or deal with some bumpiness. Application Tip: The bar glitter applies randomly and can hang over the edge of the nail. Run the pad of your finger at an angle under the nail to push back the particles and prevent rough edges. Removal Tip: All glitters are a bother no matter which method you use (foil, felt, etc) but I find that applying a coat of clear polish or top coat helps liquefy the layers.

Zoya Holly is an electric evergreen shimmer. This is a green for the girl who wants to stand out because this color will certainly get you noticed. You know how I feel about greens and anything in the emerald family captures my heart. Holly has shade siblings in Sally Hansen Emerald City and Sinful San Francisco though Holly has more richness and depth of color. Plus neither one has half the opacity.

zoya holly nail polish swatch from the zoya gems & jewels holiday 2011

Glitter Glazes over Zoya Holly (top to bottom): Zoya Kissy, Zoya Rina and Zoya Twila. Zoya Rina has a clear base that is packed with bright green micro-glitter that looks like dust mixed with straight, tinsel-esque glitter that flashes both blue and green.

Rina is the obvious choice to layer over Holly but Twila makes for a really unique combination. My mom actually has this Christmas tree that she decorates with blue lights and ornaments and that combo reminds me of it. Rina over Holly doesn’t really jazz me. It feels like Christmas threw up on my nail.

zoya rina, zoya kissy, zoya twila glitter top coats swatch over zoya holly from the zoya gems jewels holiday 2011 collection

Zoya Izzy is a hot raspberry pink shimmer. Think of it as a darker version of OPI Kinky in Helsinki. On its own the color didn’t do much for me. I appreciate the vibrancy but don’t really gravitate towards these types of shades. However, once I added the Kissy glitter top coat, I was into it.

zoya izzy nail polish swatch from the zoya gems & jewels holiday 2011 collection

Glitter Glazes over Zoya Izzy (top to bottom): Zoya Twila, Zoya Kissy and Zoya Rina. Zoya Kissy has a clear base that is packed with bright pink micro-glitter that looks like dust mixed with straight, tinsel-esque pink & holographic glitter.

Kissy and Izzy were made for each other and using them together is the best combo either color could be a part of. The holo glitter really stands out in this layering combination and Izzy comes alive thanks to the pink micro-glitter. It makes it look as though Izzy is a glitter polish with holo tinsel glitter layered on top. It’s a seamless partnership.

I’m convinced that Twila looks good over everything being that I really dig it over Izzy. Rina looks better over Izzy than Kissy looked over Holly so if you’re going for a pink/green combo, I would opt for this combo.

zoya kissy zoya rina zoya twila glitter top coat swatch over zoya izzy holiday 2011 gems jewels

Zoya Noel is a moody blue that made me immediately think of Zoya Crystal from the Holiday/Winter 2010 Flame collection. Outside of the finish differences and the gold flakes, Crystal’s base is a little more icy than Noel but they are definitely in the same denim blue color family.

zoya noel nail polish swatch from the zoya gems jewels holiday 2011 collection

Glitter Glazes over Zoya Noel (top to bottom): Zoya Rina, Zoya Twila and Zoya Kissy. Zoya Twila has a clear base that is packed with bright blue micro-glitter that looks like dust mixed with straight, tinsel-esque glitter that flashes both green and blue.

Twila over Noel amps up the smoky base color while Rina creates a mermaid-esque effect. Kissy looks out of place which leads me to think that Kissy is really best over its partner shade Izzy or something not part of this collection, like silver, black, etc.

zoya twila zoya rina zoya kissy glitter top coat swatch over zoya noel holiday 2011 gems jewels

I also layered all three glitters over a silver foil so you can see the composition of the glitter glazes better. Apparently my Zoya Trixie, a silver foil, has gone missing so I used Orly Shine.

Glitter Glazes over Orly Shine (top to bottom): Zoya Twila, Zoya Rina and Zoya Kissy. Twila over silver has a very wintry look that would be perfect for New Year’s Eve or Chanukkah. Rina doesn’t stand out as much with a silver background and Kissy reminds me of peppermint candy.

zoya twila zoya kissy zoya rina glitter top coat swatch zoya gems jewels holiday 2011

Bottom Line: Loving Holly is a no-brainer for me and Noel definitely get two thumbs up. I raved over Crystal last season because of the gold flakes but just as much because of its cool base color. Noel is like the non-glittery version of that. Izzy doesn’t make me jump up in down except when paried with Kissy. The top coats are all very fun and a departure from what other salon and prestige brands have been doing and I like that Zoya took the guesswork out of layering by putting together a collection of shades that work well together. The texture of the glitters can feel a little odd, especially if you love high gloss shine, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Zoya Gems & Jewels for Holiday/Winter 2011 launches on September 15th, 2011 but you can secure your shades during the pre-order that starts today. Zoya nail polishes are available online at and at salons nationwide including ULTA. Visit the Zoya Salon Locator for a retailer near you. Zoya nail polishes retail for$8/ea for a .5oz bottle. Don’t forget, you can try before you buy with the Zoya Color Spoon program.

What do we think of the Gems & Jewels polishes? Which base color is your favorite? Are you loving the bar glitter in the glitter glazes? What is your favorite layering combo? Do you plan to get the whole set or just pieces?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Zoya. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Yuki says:

    I love the polishes but I’m not quite feeling the glazes. Not really my kinda thing I guess =\

  2. sara haselhuhn says:

    can not wait for these!

  3. audrey says:

    Chance to win? More info on that?

  4. I think all of them except Izzy as I am more into cool colors than warm. However, I will take sparkly glitter topcoats in any color, so they are all good. :) I will definitely enter to win them!

  5. Amanda says:

    Oh my!! I love these!! The green base is my fave and if I don’t win I plan on getting the whole set! I love all the combinations with the bar glitter. Nice job Zoya!!

  6. Kelly says:

    OO Very nice!

  7. wendy says:

    I love them all and would so purchase the whole set

  8. Lynn says:

    Meh.. it’s an okay collection, I probably won’t be picking any of these up though.

  9. I love this collection!! I love the colors and I love the glazes! Super cute and tons of fun for the holidays!! XOXO

  10. Paula Shaves says:

    I sure hope that i Win this Polish! I would love to try it

  11. I actually love these, even the pink one that is not my style. Zoya has won me over with their quality so I cannot wait for these.

  12. Polished Ponderings says:

    Love Holly! So, so, pretty!

  13. Filla says:

    I like Holly and Noel but I don’t think I’ll be getting any of these. The glitters look messy. Thanks for the reviews!!

  14. Rachel Kurtz says:

    Wow, these are spectacular! I’m a pink/raspberry type of gal and Izzy/Kissy are perfect for me! They just really go well with my skin tone. They’re all beautiful for the holidays. I will be checking back for that chance to win! Thanks

  15. Maria says:

    ehh… not really a fan of this collection. i dont like the glitters at all . ..thanks for the review!

  16. BlueCat says:

    The colors are fun and the glitters are unique, but again, what really catches my attention is 1) your lovely cuticles, and 2) how precisely you apply your polish! Just lovely.

  17. Wow! I mean just wow! This will be two Zoya collections in a row that have blown me away!

  18. Jackie S. says:

    OH WOW! There goes my wallet..I NED THEM ALL!!!!

  19. Laura says:

    I love the shimmer polishes, especially Noel looks fantastic. I think I’d prefer the glazes paired with something less flashy, so they stand out a little more.

  20. Honi says:

    I love the string glitter ones, they look really nice :)

  21. Kate says:

    I’m loving it all. Noel is probably my favorite base. The bar glitter is beautiful & adds another element to the texture, which I like. I’m kind of boring however when it comes to the fav. base & glitter combo, I prefer the tone on tone effect. They look good enough to eat:)

  22. I like the polishes on it’s own, but not with the glitter. I do like the glitters over the silver one though! :)

  23. Pam U says:

    Well, Michelle…you’ve done it again. I will be purchasing every single one of ‘em. My husband is beginning to use your name in vain.

  24. Jackie says:

    I’m liking the kissy and izzy shades layered as well as holly. I could use a nice bright green.

  25. I actually like all of these. Izzy is meh, but the rest are awesome so I may just get them all as a set!

  26. olivia says:

    those are gorgeous!

  27. Mary says:

    Shimmer, sparkle and glitter! Love them all…the pink is my fave. There’s so much hate against pink it seems, but these bright sparkly pinks lately are just my thing. I like the different shaped glitter too…

  28. Tanya says:

    I fail at bar glitter, so I’ll probably skip all of those, but I really REALLY like Holly and Noel, and Izzy is kinda growing on me… And your pix are gorgeous as usual, too :)

  29. Maya says:

    WTF?? I’m sorry, but these are CRAZY !!! I’ll go bankrupt! I already bought lots of new polishes from the fall collections but the holiday collections are even better, I want them all!

  30. Brandy says:

    Love Zoya Holly for the holiday! But above all, I love Ivanka!

  31. Karen says:

    OMGosh! There’s one named Twila! It nearly brought tears to my eyes. That’s a very unusual name, but was my mother’s name. She was killed by a drunk driver when she was only 49 (I was 20).

    Otherwise, all of the colors are beautiful!

  32. Cass says:

    I like Zoya a lot, but don’t really think any of the colors are that original. The shape of the glitter is unique, but I don’t actually like it.

  33. chasity says:

    love love love Zoya Twila so festive

  34. I’m in love with Twila over Noel, you can wear that anytime of the year! Definitely adding those to my wishlist ;)

  35. marcia difuntorum says:

    Oh my!!!I have never seen polish look so beautiful!!! Layering the colors and the glitters creates an AMAZING look!!!!! I cannot wait to try these!!!

  36. Erin says:

    So, so gorgeous!! I totally need to get my hands on them ASAP.

  37. Alicia says:

    I really love the whole set! And its a little different than your typical holiday collection. I love the blue with the green glitter… like you said mermaidesq! And really love all the glitters of the silver foil. So excited for this!

  38. Tess says:

    I *will* have this collection! I love mixing and matching, and lately I’ve been wearing ‘unconventional’ glitters and shimmers (think TPN by Nubar Moon Drop, Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond, and CND’s Effects line) over jelly nudes and grays, sometimes matted. I’m eager to gives these Jewels the same treatment. I’m also dying to try them over Zoya Raven.

  39. lucy says:

    i love zoya ali!!! perfect color for summer

  40. KittenPoker says:

    Ack!!! After the disappointment of Smoke and Mirrors (except Jem the collection left me cold) I’m all atingle for Gems & Jewels! Thank goodness I have my free shipping code because these gorgeous gals will be mine!

  41. Cat says:

    I love the shimmers, especially Holly!! Izzy seems like something we’ve seen before, but I do think all three look really nice. I’m not sure how I feel about the glitter glazes, though. From your photos, I think I like them best layered over a silver base, but not over the shimmers from the collection. There’s something about the bar glitter that seems… off. However, I think like this is a fun collection and I like how Zoya has kind of made it a “mix n’ match” set.

  42. Ali says:

    OMG, love them for holidays! did you know I wear nail polish because you your pictures? I always saw nail polish like something tacky but looking at your well trimmed short nails in different colors made me go crazy about nail polish, thank you!

  43. Laura Mowell says:

    Those are awesome! I love Holly! Such a pretty green! And the glitter glazes on top are so cool! I must have all of them! LOL!

  44. i’m so excited for this collection!

  45. Jillibeans says:

    I love Rina! I love the tinge of blue mixed in the green tinsel!

  46. Habiba says:

    Oooooh sooo prettyyy!!! shame the contest is just for US residents *sad face*

  47. Luka says:

    I think they are a little boring

  48. LovesSparklePolish says:

    What really came to mind when I saw this post, was all the effort you had to put into it to get all the photos. Wow! All that polish, layering and cleaning off to polish again. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this post!

    Thank you.

  49. Carol says:

    Love Zoya; they all need to come to me!! lol
    Could you elaborate on the clear coat over glitter to remove? Is it done just before using the foil method??
    Thanks so much!!

    “that applying a coat of clear polish or top coat helps liquefy the layers.”

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I paint on the clear coat on each nail before I apply a pad with remover. I don’t actually do the foil method since I’m not a fan.

  50. Jo says:

    Love these! I’m not a huge pink person but I love the Izzy/Kissy combo

  51. N'awlins Darlin' says:

    Kissy would be really hot over black for a night out in the city!

  52. hmm says:

    Doesn’t the “bar glitter” look pretty…familiar? I did my nails for awhile around 1995-2000, and I had tons of polishes that were all about different colors of bar glitter. I especially remember the Wet & Wild, but I think most lines had their versions. Anyone else remember?

  53. Carly says:

    Zoya Izzy…wearable bar glitter, what?!? I’m all about it!!!

  54. beachgal says:

    I have to think about these…for Zoya I admit I am a bit disappointed. I right off love Issy and KIssy because while they are not your colors, they are mine. Holly is great too and I have this fun tinsel glitter in aqua – not the same blue at the glitter tinsel in this collection. It looked great for 4th of July over a really shinny shimmer red and I think it will do great over all 3 of these base shades. I probably will get 3 out of the 6. If you end up with 5 folks – go for the set of 6 as it’s the same price – you buy an entire Zoya collection and the price per bottle vs. collection price is the same for 5 bottles as the full collection price at 6 bottles.

  55. KayJay says:

    Izzy and Noel make me happy!

  56. Lauren W says:

    i am LOVING izzy and holly

  57. Monica says:

    I’m digging Noel and Twila now!

  58. Raye says:

    Eeeew. While the polishes are pretty, I abhor bar glitter. I feel like it makes my nails look and feel hairy. Holly is, however, stunning. I’m wearing Wet and Wild’s SaGreena the Teenage Witch right now, but I bet Holly is way better. Might have to pick it up.

  59. kayla.q.w says:

    I am in love with zoya sooki & mira such rich yummy colors.

  60. lillian says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this collection is a little “meh”? I’m not really one for bar glitter…but I think I love Noel!

  61. Jessica Maurer says:

    I love this collection! Absolutely cannot wait for them to be available!! My favorite is Noel.

  62. Mooni says:


  63. Wow. These look beutiful. I want all of them!

  64. Tammy says:

    I LOVE Jade for the holidays!! It’s gorgeous and I work retail and always get a TON of compliments on it!! But these colors are amazing!! Dying to try them!!

  65. Ter G. says:

    I have the hardest time finding Zoya polishes….& the crazy part is Zoya’s headquartered here! ;(

  66. Ter G. says:

    P. S. I live in NE Ohio. I own 1 Zoya polish. I find that my Ulta never has them stocked & the 1 I got there is missing the name label so I have no idea which 1 I have!

    • Rebecca Casella says:

      I live in N. E, Ohio also and find it easier to order my Zoya directly from their website. They run great promos on their Facebook page from time to time, too. Happy hunting!

  67. Linda M says:

    Love love love Noel!

  68. kathy says:

    my daughter loves them all colors she cant stand not having polish on she hates to be naked on her nails…

  69. Janet says:

    It looks like Zoya has another winner on their hands! My all time favorite Zoya polish is Casey. It’s the best purple ever . . .

  70. Krystle says:

    OMG I can’t wait!

  71. Tikibwana says:

    I want them all!!

  72. GreenKitty says:

    I like Holly but that’s about it! The glitters sounded good on paper but they’re disappointing, I can’t figure out why but they look cheap & gaudy to me (and I love glitter), it’s a relief for my (small) pot of money anyways :)

  73. Kimberly says:

    These are awesome! Thank you, as always, for the swatches. You should see my hands when I experiment with combos of polishes. You’ve done the hard part for me :)

  74. Shelly R. says:

    O.M.G. Must. Have. All. NOW!!

    Those are stunning! I will have a ball with the glitter glazes and the metallics are bananas!

  75. Crystal says:

    Zoya + bar glitter? I never thought I’d see the day – Pretty sweet! You were indeed right that we’d love them! ;-)

  76. Helena says:

    I’m actually totally digging Kissy over Noel.

  77. Sheila says:

    Zoya Izzy is gorgeous with Zoya Kissy layered over it is gorgeous!

    And I love Zoya Noel!

  78. Kaye says:

    Loving “Rina” over “Izzy” because it seems so happy and festive for a Christmas party! With that in mind, it makes me happy just to look at the photo!
    The glitters aren’t my “thing” for wearing- but I do love looking at them and I’m very grateful that you went to the trouble if doing all those combos for us. I wish you could do MY nails!

  79. I wasn’t sold on the whole set–until I saw your swatches! AMAZING!! Zoya’s my first love, so I’m happy to see them do something really festive.


  80. Fingers says:

    While I live for Zoya Gemma, for the holiday colors, I am loving holly and noel.

  81. Scienter says:

    I *loved* the Smoke & Mirrors collection, but I think this collection is kind of meh. And I really like glitter. :/

  82. Braiye says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Gemma and as for the holiday colours, they are all calling out my name :)

  83. courtney says:

    i love that the glitter is built into it! i want this!

  84. Elizabeth says:

    Must. Have. All. Now. GaH!!! I can’t wait for these…I fell for them at CosmoProf too…AH-May-ZING!
    I am so glad you showed the variety of layering options…so so so pretty. Thank you!

  85. TygerKitty says:

    I don’t love bar glitter :( but I’m for sure getting noel!

  86. Sheila says:

    I love the way you layered Zoya Kissy over Zoya Izzy, and over Zoya Noel!

  87. MG says:

    I love Edyta and Ivanka- so excited for this collection!

  88. Kimberly says:

    I love the color Noel. I love the beautiful teal blue!

  89. Aida says:

    The more I look at them, the more I think Noel is my favorite. I would also want to try Izzy just for fun :)