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Zoya Color Spoons – Exclusive Product Preview & Comparisons

By on September 1, 2010
in Collection Previews, Zoya

Zoya Wants To Spoon With You

zoya color spoon green wicked wonderful

Do you REALLY love nail polish? Have you ever purchased a color online or from a color chart only to find that it doesn’t match the picture? Have you always wanted to be able to try on nail polish the way you do clothing?

Well, what if you could see EXACTLY how any Zoya color would look on YOU before you buy it? What if you could make sure you ALWAYS get your perfect pink? Or perfect red. Or purple! ANY color! Any shade, EVERY TIME! Well now you can…

The fairies at Zoya have flipped the script when it comes to shopping for nail polish online. Thanks to the Zoya Color Spoons you can see the actual polish colors before buying with no real out of pocket expense.  This new innovation in the online shopping experience is going to change the way you buy nail color.

ALU was granted the exclusive blog preview of the actual color spoons to answer any questions as to how the spoons stack up against the real deal.  See for yourself!

When I sat down to chat with brand founder Zoya Reyzis at Cosmoprof, Zoya’s Media Relations & Design head, Erin Giddings, said to me, “Zoya wants to spoon with you!” You can imagine how that threw me off with Zoya sitting right there. Um, okay?? As charming as Zoya is, I’d do just about anything she asked of me but spooning?  Right there on the show floor?  The funny part is that Zoya herself didn’t know what the slang term “spooning” meant. To her, it’s a tool for eating. So adorable!

The Zoya Color Spoon program is a simple and ingenious way to see the actual nail colors prior to purchasing.  Beginning today, September 1st, you will now have the option to order a Zoya Color Spoon of your desired color before buying the actual polish.

The spoons, which use actual product, cost 50 cents each with FREE SHIPPING.  Order as many spoons as you like, there is no limit.  The sweet part… the 50 cents you spend on each spoon gets banked into your Zoya account to be used on your next purchase.

Not only can you see the color before you buy it but it’s a great way to compare similar colors.  Zoya has an extremely diverse color range including 10 gorgeous greens.  Not everyone wants to own every green polish ever made, though I can’t understand that, so by ordering the green Zoya Color Spoons you can find the perfect green for your skin tone and tastes.

Zoya Envy, Suvi, Akyra, Irene, Ivanka & Midori

What I love even more is that because the spoons use actual Zoya nail polish you see the color as it will appear dried on your nails. As we all know, like wall paint, nail polish dries darker than what you see in the bottle. I always photograph my swatches after the polish dries which is why my swatches appear darker than others online. The Zoya Color Spoons work in the same capacity.

Zoya Suvi

Even better, you can order a whole collection at one time and choose your favorites from the line. Of course these means you must have the patience to wait for your spoons to arrive before ordering but it takes away the disappointment of ending up with a color that won’t work for you.

Zoya Wicked – Edyta, Julienne, Cheryl, Karina, Carrie Ann, Kym

Zoya Cheryl

Zoya Wonderful – Kelly, Stacy, Burke, Kristi, Cola, Shawn zoya-color-spoons-wonderful-collection-2010

Zoya Kelly

Zoya put together this great video explaining the program in case there is anything I haven’t made clear.

Additional details from Zoya:
Simply visit, select a color(s) to try, click on the coordinating Zoya Color Spoon option in the product ordering area to add the color spoon to your shopping cart. Order as many as you would like. After your order has been approved and processed, will ship your selected color spoons out for you to try and email you a confirmation along with your spoon value code (code will also be available under the “my account” section of so you never have to worry about losing it).*

*All Zoya Color Spoon sales are final. One time personalized spoon value code. Zoya Color Spoon value code can be applied to any polish or treatment item at Code cannot be used to purchase additional spoons.

What do you think of the Zoya Color Spoon program? Do you see yourself utilizing this new service? If you place an order, tell us how many spoons you bought.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Zoya. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Zoya Color Spoons | September 2, 2010
  1. chocopina says:

    OMG! sunday i was poking around on the zoya blog and ended up with about 20 or so polishes in my shopping cart. i couldn’t decide which to get even tho i scoured the internets to find photos of the colors on other people’s nails. i am soooo glad i didn’t make the purchase – this is exactly what i need!

    i had also watched the zoya spoon teaser video and for the life of me i couldn’t guess what they were up to. this is incredibly helpful.

  2. Styrch says:

    As a consumer I think it’s genius. As blogger, I think it could make me obsolete where Zoya is concerned. ;-)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t look at it that way. Only because a color spoon isn’t going to tell you how a color applies or its opacity. I think people will still want to read reviews by bloggers for that reason. Plus, if someone wants to compare every red Zoya makes, they’re not going to find that on a blog. They have over 60 reds. Considering how blogger friendly Zoya is, I don’t think this was a move to make us obsolete as much as it is a companion to what we do.

      • Taffy says:

        The Zoya colour spoons are a great idea but there’s no need to worry about your blogging being obsolete anytime soon. Since Zoya and many other polish manufacturers don’t ship internationally, many people can’t take advantage of their new system. So you can always count on your international readers(such as myself, I’m from Canada)to keep on coming back for your insights and personal touches!

      • Karen (Not a Waitress) says:

        It truly can NEVER replace you. And I’m not just saying that to kiss up. The reviews and opinions are priceless. This is my favorite blog.

      • Styrch says:

        Oh I don’t think it was a move to make us obsolete intentionally but it is just an interesting angle to consider. Overall I’m very excited about it and think it’s win-win for Zoya and the consumer. But as a consumer I would probably grab a ton of spoons instead of bothering to search for the colors on a blog. First person out there to swatch, yeah I’d till read that. But once the collection is available, no point. So bloggers like me who tend to get things after the more prestigious blogs may loose out a bit. I have a huge zoya collection and a lot of my traffic comes in looking at those pics. I could see an impact I think. But it all remains to be seen. Like I said, interesting angle to consider. But a seriously cool idea.

        • All Lacquered Up says:

          Now that Zoya has said that the spoons will always come out after the polish, I think all bloggers will still have a chance to swatch before the spoons are out. The Wicked & Wonderful colors have been out for a while & the spoons aren’t available yet. Based on Outre’s comment about production, if the spoons are being made offsite, they’ll have to wait until the colors are finalized at Zoya’s plant before they can make the spoons & the polishes are typically filled shortly before they go on the site for sale.

  3. Rebekka says:


  4. Heather says:

    I think this is great! Thank you so much for sharing!!! BTW not to be a pest, but do you usually respond to emails?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi Heather! I do respond to emails as fast as I can but my inbox is a disaster with my trip to fashion week coming up next week. I’ll look for your email now.

      • Cory says:

        She’s great about responding :)

        • nikki says:

          I second this. She does reply and she takes great care to answer any questions! Super friendly and quick responses too. I never thought she would have time to answer an email from a random reader… but she does. And she writes you back AFTER she answers your question. :D

  5. Caroline says:

    This is such a great idea! And the idea that what you pay for the spoons goes towards your next purchase is such a clever incentive!

  6. Karin says:

    Its a great idea! Too bad Zoya only delivers in the US :p

  7. Grace says:

    This is fantastic, especially for the colors in Zoya’s “core” line that don’t get swatched and photographed to death on the nail blogs.

    …this also just reminded me how I desperately want every single color from Wonderful. Sigh.

  8. Grace says:

    Do they have the spoons for the new collections available? I can’t seem to find them on the website.

    Also, if you have any opportunity to give them some feedback, it would be much easier if you could order the spoon from the same page as the bottle, rather than having to scroll through an entirely different menu. I’m so excited about these!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Grace, I’ve asked about the colors missing spoons. As far as the ordering goes you can order a spoon from the nail polish list page and on the individual polish pages. Look for the little spoon and a pop up page tells you how the program works and allows you to add it to your cart. Unless you meant something else.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I have an update to your question. Yes, all colors will be available in a spoon. Spoons for new collections will come out after the polish.

      Though I was told that right now they are shipping a Wicked & Wonderful sample plate with every spoon offer for a limited time. I wasn’t told how many they have or how long that will last but I assume if you order in the next couple days it will include a plate with the new collections on it.

      If you haven’t seen them before, the plates are a plastic display, similar to the OPI nail tip displays only they have the spoon tops in place of painted tips.

      • Grace says:

        Thanks so much! I didn’t see the spoons before because I was only looking at the new colors. Thanks for clearing it up. I will be placing an order shortly!

      • Violet says:

        I placed an order and they automatically added these at checkout. Thanks so much!

  9. Meg says:

    I love this idea!! There are so many colors I *think* I want but can’t quite decide. This will put an end to that. AND the cost of these go toward future purchases. How can you go wrong?!

  10. Brittany says:

    Wow! I love this! I’ve been wanting to try Zoya for some time now. I already have polishes in my shopping cart, but I like to do my research first before ordering. This makes it so much easier!

  11. Andrea says:

    This doesn’t really interest me. Kind of seems like a lot of work. I love online shopping but the only thing I hate about it is the part about picking up your mail (I live in a new area that only has PO Boxes. Ugh.), entering promo codes, remembering user names, passwords, etc. Maybe I’m lazy but this seems a little complicated. Does anyone else agree? I dunno? :)

    • Sandi says:

      I prefer online shopping. Available 24/7? Whenever I feel like shopping? Even if I don’t want to go out? Unbeatable, not to mention usually cheaper (even with S&H) if you pay attention. And now an easily obtainable, true representation of the colors? Outstanding. It’s not like surreptitiously dabbing polish on the front of the display ever gives you a true idea of what a color looks like besides being disgusting.

  12. Elise says:

    That is simply brilliant. I don’t know where they sell Zoya close to me and I’ve always wanted to try on their polishes but I don’t like shopping online… So this makes it a hundred times better for me! Thank you for sharing this with us, I read your blog everyday and I’m never disappointed. :)

  13. Cory says:

    I’ve had about 20 Zoya polishes bookmarked for a month now but I’ve been scared to take the jump since the order of Yummy turned out to be several shades darker than I had thought it would be :/ BUT today i ordered 13 zoya spoons :D so i’m excited to see all my options! Also, when I ordered them they gave me a spoon-sampler pack of the Wicked and Wonderful collections!! This is soooo awesome, very stoked!

  14. Emily says:

    YYYEAAAHHH!!! what a cool idea! I ordered a bunch when they were having their exchange and some were less than what i was hoping for. Thanks for the heads up!

  15. Emily says:

    I love this idea. Money is tight for me, so being able to test colors before committing to a purchase is great! Even on such a reasonably priced brand as Zoya. This is a wonderful idea and a great marketing move on their part.

  16. Britt says:

    So sad Zoya doesn’t ship to Canada :(
    Hopefully in the future they will!

  17. B says:

    I think it’s a interesting idea, and if I bought polish online I’d be excited… however I think that Zoya should really have asked bloggers to stagger the date for this post.

    This is the 4th blog in my reader that has covered this, and they pretty much all said the same thing. This makes me a little frustrated, and makes me think that you all wrote what you were told to, not necessarily what you actually thought. Sorry, but that’s just my opinion.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion but all bloggers were asked to wait until September 1st to post about this. I learned about the spoons in July and would have said something then but I couldn’t.

      If I didn’t like the idea, I wouldn’t be promoting it. No one tells me what to write. I have the actual spoons so I can see what they’re like and tell you what the benefits and drawbacks of this program are. And as you can see in the comments there are a lot of online polish shoppers that love the idea.

      • Like Michelle, I’m guilty of posting about this on 9/1, like every other beauty blogger. I was told about this by Zoya in early August or Late July (I can’t remember), but we were all told to wait until the 1st of September, and to post then for the release.

        It’s such a great idea, I think more people posted about it than typically would post about other press releases. Unfortunately (?) this is a pretty straight forward idea, and I really don’t know what else we all would have said about the spoons.

        Many of us do have very different reader groups (mine are 20-40′s and much more concerned about skin care for example), so I guess that’s really our only excuse.

  18. Sara says:

    BRILLIANT is right! I’ve been dying to try some Zoya polishes but I hate buying online, so this is perfect!! :)

  19. Katherine says:

    I really like this idea! I’ve given away several Zoya polishes because they didn’t look right on me, so it’ll be nice to try before buying. I do have one beef, though. Apparently, you get a code/credit for the amount of the spoons to be applied to a future order, but codes can’t be stacked, so we won’t be able to use the credit with a promo. I generally only buy Zoya online during a promo, so I’m not sure if this is really going to work for me.

  20. Winnie says:

    I think this is a fabulous idea, purchasing polish online just got a lot easier! Zoya has such a large color range this definitely will make it easier to make selections. Thanks Zoya!

  21. Kitty says:

    Nice concept! I am willing to try this but have to read more into how long the credit will stay in my account for. I can take a long time to finally get something.

  22. Medusa says:

    Thank you so much for posting about this! I think it’s a fabulous idea! ZOYA is awesome!

    BTW after just seeing your picture of the shade named Ivanka, I want that one! :) I also like Julienne.

  23. Tara says:

    This is a great idea. I couldn’t even see some of the spoons when put up against the bottle because the matched so well.

    This is only a good idea though if you plan on ordering Zoya polish soon though because you’d lose out if you were going to swap for a color or buy it somewhere other than the Zoya site, since you couldn’t get your spoon credit. Overall though, I like the idea and I think it’ll save a lot of people the anguish.

    PS. Thanks to your green spoons, I want EVERY DARN COLOR in that set. GRR I can’t afford to go buy them all!!! Michelle, you wicked, wicked woman trying my self control like that!

    Great post :-)

  24. zb says:

    Brilliant. I hope other companies catch on.

  25. Ronnie says:

    Ha! I’m getting these for my coworker for Christmas! She loves blues, so I’m going to get a massive range and then let her pick which ones she wants. Then I’ll buy those for her. Utterly genius idea!

  26. Tory says:

    What a great idea. I only wish they shipped internationally.

  27. Leah says:

    What beautiful colors!! I just had a bad experience with my second application of Shellac and was already getting tired of the color choices. When I see colors like these, I think I’ll deal with a little chipping!

  28. Outre says:

    Haha… The manufacturer in me is wondering the process of painting these spoons.

    I have no doubt these are done overseas and painted by people, not a machine process. But, I do wonder if they are painted with using the Zoya polish formula available for purchase, or if they used a modified formula so the spoons could be masked and sprayed(airbrushed) en mass.

    The latter method is faster and more cost effective in my experience. Agad, sometimes I wish I had never started working where I do now, I wonder about the manufacturing process for everything I buy/own. It’s annoying use of my brain power :p hah.

  29. carol says:

    Which polish companies do you expect to be participating in Fashion Week? Will you be able to give us hints about which colors we might see with the collectionc?

    Thank you.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      The ones I’ll be seeing are CND, Lippmann, Zoya, Sally Hansen, Dashing Diva, butter LONDON and OPI. I will definitely have scoop to post on CND & Sally Hansen spring shades. I may get to see what Deborah Lippmann has coming up and if butter LONDON creates another shade with Vena Cava I’ll be sharing that as well. You never really know until you get there but based on past experience those are the brands you should expect to see.

  30. karhyb says:

    another brilliant thing from Cleveland!! makes up for Lebron in my opinion. lol.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Ha, that’s awesome!! At least that mess seems to have finally died down. That is until he comes to town to play the Cavs.

  31. Barb says:

    I think the spoons are a fab idea. So many times I fall in love with a color, buy it, and it goes on so clear its nothing like the bottle and I am disappointed. The spoons will help.

    I am new to Zoya and from what I bought so far its my new fave. I plan on getting lots more colors :)

    Oh and I do agree, it will never replace a blogger. Some of us have no patience to wait for the mail. So when the need for retail therapy strikes I will still come here. This is my favorite nail polish site!!

  32. Pattie says:

    I was wondering what color nail polish are you wearing in these photos? The baby blue with silver glitter? THANKS!

  33. Victoria says:

    that is so ffreaking awesome!!!! that’s a great idea for online nail polish buying xD

  34. Leslie says:

    I love, love, love this. I’ve ordered at least 20 of these spoons and they’re amazing. You can see how the color will look with your skin tone in your in real life. It’s already saved me from ordering a pink that was too light and sparkly pink for my taste. I wish all brands had this program.

    And using the credit is super easy. Just log into your account after you’ve received the spoons and apply the discount to your order. You don’t have to worry about any crazy letter/number combo codes.

  35. Colleen says:

    Def will not make any nail blogger obsolete. I read blogs so I can find out the opinion of women experienced with ALL the brands
    ( even though I’m in nails?) how well they go on, their sheerness or opacity.
    So much money wasted on nail polish that looks good in the bottle only to find out how sheer it is, wasted money.

    Also I want to know the trends or collections without having to go to a lot of sites.

    Have u ever reviewed I <3 NP?
    Independent nail polish makers

    • Hi Colleen, I don’t review indie polishes on the blog. There are just too many brands and there are some great blogs that focus on indie so I keep my focus on commercially available polishes.