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Win It! – Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011 Nail Polish Collection

By on September 6, 2011
in Giveaway, Zoya

It’s giveaway time Fanatics! Thanks to the people at Zoya, I have a set of Zoya Gems & Jewels for one lucky reader.

zoya gems jewels nail polish collection holiday 2011

To Win: Leave a comment on this post telling me what Zoya nail polish shade you can’t LIVE without (it can be any Zoya color ever made).  Make sure you include your email address on the email address line in the form, not the comment body (for privacy reasons).

Rules: Giveaway is open to US Residents only and no P.O. Boxes (sorry International Fanatics).  One entry per person.  Winner will be selected via random draw.  Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Prize will ship after the launch date, September 15th, 2011.

End Date: Entries will be accepted until Tuesday September 13th at 11:59pm EST.  Any entries after that time will not count.

Check out my Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011 Nail Polish Collection review to see swatches of what you could win.

***This giveaway is now closed. A winner has been chosen at random. Please check your email for notification.***

Good luck Fanatics! And thank you to Zoya for offering this exciting giveaway.

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There Are 2,260 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Caroline says:

    Holly is ridiculously fabulous, I have to have it!

  2. Gillian says:

    I can’t live without Zoya dove!

  3. Lola says:

    Edyta = LOVE!!!

  4. Leela says:

    zoya’s “edyta” is the best it’s smokey grey-green with gold and it’s perfect!!

  5. Sarah says:

    I think Rica is one of the most beautiful colors ever, but that emerald color looks like it could give it a run for its money!

  6. Alysha Kett says:

    I can’t live without Neeka from the Smoke and Mirrors collection. Is it purple? Is it gold? Is it red? I love it!

  7. Jenni says:

    I love the new Kissy!!!

  8. Olga says:


  9. Christine says:

    I love Ivanka!

  10. Destany says:

    TALLULAH! she is amazing :)

  11. Maria says:

    For me, it’s a tie between Sienna and Cola, but just because they’re so different that I need both–for S/S and F/W! : )

  12. Tisha_ says:

    Zoya Dove is my go-to gray shade. I just love it.

    I think I will also need to have Holly! So flippin’ beautiful!!!

  13. Miranda says:

    Robyn is such a bright, fun blue. I wear it whenever I need a quick pick-me-up!

  14. Kim says:

    The polish shade I can’t do without? Adina!

  15. AJ says:

    Crystal, hands down. Love it so much.

  16. Jackie says:

    Oh gosh I have to pick only one?? I guess I’d go with Caitlin since I’ve worn it most.

  17. Polished Ponderings says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Midori! It is absolute perfection!

  18. Annie says:

    Caitlin from the Intimate collection.

  19. Ci says:


  20. Sarah says:

    Zoya Kelly is pretty high up there :)

  21. Elise says:

    I LOVE Nidhi. I know it wasn’t the big popular one from that collection, but it is my go-to red polish, being so bright red with gold sparkles.

  22. Melissa says:

    Holly is the perfect green! Love it!

  23. Brigette says:


  24. Sara says:

    Cannot live without Yara… she’s amazing!! :)

  25. Jenny G. says:

    Kimmy! Love it so much!

  26. Meghan Y. says:

    My favorite Zoya right now is Ivanka! Thanks for this opportunity, you rock!!!

  27. Ellie says:

    Crystal. Soooo pretty!

  28. Stacie says:


  29. Katie C says:

    I absolutely LOVE Jem.

  30. Laura says:

    There are so many!! I have to go with Jolene- great name, great song, great color!

  31. Aurora says:

    Zoya Jem. Soooo much depth and prettiness. But man, this collection is pretty fabulous.

  32. Anne Kelley says:

    I think my all-time fave Zoya is Karina.. Paired w/Holly for Christmas? Yes, please! :-D

  33. audrey says:

    I haven’t even gotten to try it yet, but I can tell that I NEED Neeka. I just keep oogling at her!

  34. Rachel says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Kelly!

  35. Samantha says:

    I can’t say all I guess! My current love is Cynthia.

  36. Meghan says:

    Zoya Ki forever!

  37. Hannah says:


  38. Abby says:

    I simply cannot live without Pinta.

  39. Natasha says:


  40. tracey arredondo says:

    ivanka! I even have a backup bottle I love it so much.

  41. Barbara says:

    Holly? I NEED it.

  42. Connie says:

    Posh is absolutely my fave!!
    I will have to get this set, it looks awesome!

  43. Hiba says:

    Zoya Caitlin!

  44. Anna says:

    The new Zoya Holly looks fantastic!!

  45. Kellie says:

    Edyta may stain like crazy but I love it too much not to wear :)

  46. Laura says:

    Zoya Ivanka!

  47. Danielle says:

    I can’t wait to try Holly! It’s beautiful!

  48. Janet Luo says:

    Dove! I could not live without it!

  49. Felicity says:

    I can’t live without Charla! It’s the perfect sparkly metallic blue.

  50. Liz says:

    Danni-but Caitlin & Juno are tied for very close second place!

  51. LauraJ says:

    Katy. It’s my go-to when mainstream colors are more appropriate

  52. Beanie says:

    zoya ivanka, i’m wearing it now as we speak!

  53. Maria says:

    I love, love, love Trixie!

  54. BMR says:

    Zoya Ivanka. It’s pure love.

  55. Tanya says:

    Jules is my can’t-live-without Zoya

  56. Devin says:

    I need Zoya Perrie!!! NEED

  57. Brooke says:

    thank you for the giveaway!

    I can’t live without Zoya TIFFANY!

  58. Heidi says:

    Charla. I adore Charla although it had many dupes last year, it was my favorite.

  59. Jaclyn Lee says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Dove :-)

  60. Sandy says:

    I can NOT live without Kelly. It is my go to Fall/Winter color! Thanks!!!

  61. Amanda says:

    Zoya Dove! Love it!

  62. Heather says:

    Veruschka and Edyta!!! love them

  63. April says:

    Although the only Zoya color I have is Jem, I want tons more…but the color I long for most is Dree. *sigh*

  64. Emily says:

    i just tried cassi and it’s perfect for me!

  65. Sammi says:

    Noel is definitely on a list of polishes I want.. however, with Zoya polishes I own, I love Pandora. I also really love Kara.

  66. kirstie weatherly says:

    Zoya Areej for sure! I love it because it works on my toes and my fingers perfectly!

  67. Wendy says:

    Zoya Ivanka. We share a love of greens and that one is gorgeous.

  68. monica says:

    I can’t live without Lola!

  69. CHRIS DUMAIS says:

    Neeka is by far my favorite, I wear it all of the time no matter what season it is.

  70. Rhiannon says:

    I absolutely love Yasmeen, she’s such a gorgeous purple!

  71. kelly says:

    Kelly! It’s my name, and also a truly unique, gorgeous color you can wear year-round :)

  72. Ashli says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Breezi :)

  73. Rachel Kurtz says:


  74. Zerlyn says:

    Zoya Kimmy!!

  75. Maddie says:

    Zoya Charla is my favorite shade.

  76. Patricia says:

    I can’t live without ki! She is absolutely beautiful!

  77. Alison says:

    I love, love, LOVE Dove. It’s one of my favorite shades ever.

  78. Poe says:

    Zoya Savita, hands down!

  79. Diane says:

    I love rica

  80. Jaclyn says:


  81. raysmom04 says:

    Sooooo hard to pick one can’t-live-without, but I just discovered the loveliness of Lauren – gorgeous not-quite-nude-pink with some shimmer. Love love love all my Zoyas!!

  82. Michele says:

    Kelly – it was my first Zoya!

  83. melinda says:

    Zoya Robyn! love my blues :)

  84. T says:

    My favorite has to be Malia!!

  85. Tara M says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Envy!!

  86. Jessica says:

    I love Zoya Faye!

  87. Tessa says:

    I’m in love with Jem from the Smoke & Mirrors collection!

  88. Danielle says:

    Right now I’m really loving Dannii!

  89. Andrea says:

    Torn between Noel and Holly!!!

  90. Nicole in STL says:

    I’m loving Noel for the holidays!

  91. O.C. says:

    Zoya Faye is delicious!

  92. Krista Keener says:

    id love to have the color keiko from the summertime collection, its the end of summer, and i dont wanna see it go lol

  93. adeline L says:

    moi je ne peux pas vivre sans la couleur REVA, un tr

  94. Ang says:

    I cant live without Nimue #ZP570 Its a must have !

  95. Ivanka! Absolutely one of my favorite manicures ever.

  96. Mandy Phelps says:

    Hmmm the one I can’t live with out… I think its gonna be Gemma. I love the dirty, gritty quality of it, as well as the uniqueness of the OD green with the sheen. Its wonderful.

    Great Giveaway!

  97. stephanie says:

    pretty sure that i cannot live without kieko!

  98. Ter G. says:

    I love Astra!

  99. Deborah Hardy says:

    I can’t live without this newest green: Holly! :)

    I’m new to the Zoya brand, so it’s hard to say I can’t live without one of them right now. But give me reason to!

  100. Samantha says:

    Zoya Julieanne is my all time fave! It’s so gorgeous and every time I wear it I stare at it constantly! I have 4 bottles!

  101. Annemarie says:

    I can’t live with out Ivanka. Gorgeous shimmery green…drool

  102. bee says:

    Gotta be Dove for me :)

  103. Gina says:

    These are such fabulous colors! My favorite Zoya color is Phoebe. Absolutely love it!

  104. danielle says:

    Zoya Jem! It’s just so ridiculously beautiful

  105. Jennifer says:


  106. Jen says:

    I have never tried this polish. My daughter is just getting into doing her nails. She loves anything bright, bold or sparkly! These ALL look perfect for her!!! This would make an amazing Christmas gift for her.

  107. Melanie says:

    Mimi! Purple glitter? Yes please!

  108. Cinthya says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Faye.

  109. Sarah says:

    Loving Jem from the Mirror’s collection!

  110. Lindsey says:


  111. Sarah W. says:

    Dovima. So sultry. :)

  112. Cindy says:

    Can’t live without Ivanka!

  113. Jammies says:

    Crystal is my can’t-live-without Zoya!

  114. Daniela says:

    Marley….it’s such a special, unique color. I get so many compliments on it :)

  115. Karen says:


  116. cdubbs says:

    Man alive, ROXY is the only color for which I will tolerate the glitter removal process. I love it more than any other color ever, and I am normally a dark dark devotee. ROXY for the win!

  117. melissa hernandez says:


  118. sara haselhuhn says:

    I can not live without Zoya Charla.

  119. Kal says:

    Phoebe for sure!

  120. Jen T says:


  121. Brandi says:

    I’d thought that Kotori was my all time favourite, but seeing your swatch of Noel has made me swoon. Definitely going to have to pick that one up!

  122. Erin says:

    I absolutely ADORE Zoya Faye :D

  123. girlygirl says:

    You couldn’t pry Zoya Crystal out of my hands!

  124. Juana Melendez says:


  125. Stacey says:

    Zoya Charla and Stacy are my favs and probably the only two I would NEVER give up. :)

  126. Juana Melendez says:

    opps! forgot to answer the question, i love MIRA!

  127. Megan Monroe says:

    Codie – Love, Love, Love!

  128. Linda Sanders says:

    Zoya NOEL. I love that blue.

  129. Holly says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Apple!! Her sparkley goodness makes me so happy! I’m also excited about Holly! Such a pretty color to represet all us Holly’s in the world :)

  130. Michelle says:

    Valerie is my all time favorite!

  131. Maribeth says:

    I CANNOT live without the entire “Touch” collection…those 3 are the best polishes ever made!!

  132. Pamela says:

    Anja is my fav!

  133. Maggie Schmidlin says:

    JULES! the best shade of gold ever!

  134. Janette says:

    Pandora is probably my new favorite shade ever!

  135. krystal says:

    i love dove!!!!!!!!

  136. Filla says:

    I have to say Charla. She always makes me ridiculously happy with all that sparkle.

  137. Lacey Scheunemann says:

    I love Phoebe! Such a great summer color! Thank you for a chance to win! :)

  138. Bailey says:


  139. Beth Titus says:

    Zoya Kissy

  140. Krystal says:

    I love love love Kierra. I love purples so I cannot live with out it!

  141. Gina says:

    I love Tori… so rich and classic

  142. Lisa says:

    I cant live without JEM!!!!

  143. Lori Dengel says:

    Just finished putting on Jana, but these are pretty !

  144. wendy says:

    I love all of the colors =]

  145. Bonnie says:

    Rica! It has been on my toes all summer long.

  146. Amy Voisine says:

    I LOVE Zoya “Tao”, it looks great under crackle polish, looks great with a zebra pring…and on it’s own. PLUS, I live in Santa Fe, NM…Near TAOS. ;) hahah I had to have this one.
    Can’t WAIT to try the Holiday Collection!!!

  147. Ash says:

    I can’t live without Charla!

  148. Frankie caswell says:

    Gah! I loooove Stacy, glad it’s fall again.

  149. Nancy Riley says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Charla!

  150. Lia says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Charla!!

  151. heather says:

    Malia is my fave shade. Also love the ultra glitter collection, especially nova.

  152. Allison L says:


  153. Allison Tarin says:

    I absolutely love Piper! It’s one of my faves!

  154. Clara C. says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Ivanka.

  155. Sara says:

    Tao is my absolute favorite!

  156. Allison says:

    I really like Areej!

  157. Penny says:

    This is tough! I’d say Roxy only because I have used it more ;-)

  158. Denise Young says:

    I just love IZZY!!!

  159. missy says:

    Andi – it is my favorite red!!!

  160. Jen Padilla says:

    What a great holiday collection. Love it! My favorite Zoya right now is Freja.

  161. Cary de Varona says:

    Loooove holly!

  162. Paula Wade says:

    Pandora is my favorite color. It is great for all seasons.

  163. Sarah E says:

    Shawn, it is my favorite green creme!

  164. Kira says:

    Only one? Hmmm, Valerie, Ivanka, and Charla were in the running, but I have to go with Crystal.

  165. Jennifer Swartz says:

    Gotta have Neeka

  166. Amber V. says:

    LOVE Gilda!

  167. Anna says:

    I’m kind of in love with Fae >.> Jus’ sayin’.

  168. Raechel says:

    I love Zoya Trixie. So glittery and so me.

  169. Raychul says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Crystal because it’s such a unique blue!

  170. Jodi says:

    I LOVE Zara! Such a cool color.

  171. Amanda says:

    I would have to say I can’t live without Trixie by Zoya :)

  172. Maggie says:


  173. Oni says:

    Faye is awesome

  174. Monika says:

    Zoya Kelly, a must have for everyone!

  175. Laverne says:

    I can’t live without zoya Color Amanda. This color is fun enough to wear with the girls at the spa and on a date. It is also, an amazing color to wear when applying for a job. This is my go to color, it is always a hit and never a miss!

  176. Nikki says:

    I love Zoya Faye. The color is so elegant, perfect for any season and appropriate for the office or a night out with my hubby or the girls!

  177. Kyra says:

    I’ve only owned it for a short time, but I adore Crystal.

  178. Pamela Heinbaugh says:

    Zoya Minka! But this new holiday collection is gorgeous! Good luck to all of us:)

  179. Alicia says:

    I love-love-love Yara. Beautiful and goes with my entire wardrobe! :)

  180. Dawn says:

    Apple! Which just indicates to me that I *need* Holly

  181. jessica smith says:

    Izzy is my favorite, my little girl is 2 1/2 and LOVES pink polish on her fingers and toes.

  182. celyn says:

    Tanzy is the happiest color! I can’t be in a bad mood if it’s on my toes.

  183. Winona says:

    I need that Holly color – Green is my fave and that color is AMAZING!!!

  184. kelmeister says:

    Pandora is my new must-have.

  185. Jen says:

    Sookie was my first Zoya polish and I have continuously gone back to it. I think it’d be the one I can’t live without!

  186. Donna McCrudden says:

    I absolutely love Jem and Neeka is a very close second! It’s really hard to pick just one favorite Zoya! I love all of the ones I have!

  187. nicole s says:

    i love marley. it reminds me of a flower my grandmother had all around her house… when she passed away, the flowers died… they finally popped up again in the house we moved to almost 15 years later out of nowhere. it was like she was saying hello. creepy, but lots of love.

  188. Aimee says:

    I would say that I absolutely cannot live without Zoya Charla. That color is amazing!!

    Also, this is the first collection I’ve seen where am 100% sure I want every single color in it! I am really excited for this one!

  189. Yuna says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Trixie.

  190. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been loving Lolli!

  191. Katie says:

    I love Anaka and Gilda, but my absolute 100% favorite is Asia – my perfect red!

  192. Stephanie Lowe says:

    I would love to have Tanzy in my collection … it’s looks awesome

  193. Tiffany says:

    Zoya Gemma!!!

  194. Rasheedah says:

    My fave- Zoya Delilah, it’s the perfect red for my skintone, and just the right amount of sparkle.

  195. Natalie says:

    Ashley…love her!!!

  196. Mariam says:

    I absolutely love Suvi! :D

  197. Jessica says:

    I just love Zoya’s Lolly!

  198. Brandy Smith says:

    I love Zoya Kissy!

  199. Kelly says:

    I’m dying to get my nails on Faye!

  200. Jessi says:

    It would have to be Adina! Now I feel like wearing it again!

  201. Marcy says:

    I love Zoya Jo.

  202. Katie says:

    Charisma! Neon yummy-ness!

  203. Kris says:

    I loved Penny for my toes all summer!

  204. Corbi says:

    I can’t live without Jem so vampy!

  205. Tracy says:

    The Holiday collection is fabulous I cant wait for the launch. I cant live without my Zoya Dove but after seeing the Gems and Holiday Jewels collection, I may be getting a new fave.

  206. Stefanie says:


  207. suzzie s says:

    I LOVE Holly. Green is my absolute favorite color.

  208. Chris H says:

    Kissy….would got festively over any color!!

  209. michele malone says:

    LOVE shawn!

  210. Jennifer says:

    OH my gosh!
    So many to choose but I LOVE! Evangeline!

  211. Natalie G. says:

    Love it! My favorite Zoya is Ivanka!

  212. Denise E. F. says:

    I love Charla and can’t live w/o her. It’s best, most amazing glitterified bluish/goldish/greenish. I love it!!! =)

  213. Avery says:

    Casey! Such a rich gorgeous color.

  214. Larie says:

    Reva is my favorite glittery red :)

  215. carol naes says:

    I don’t have a favorite color, I am always trying a new shade. But the Noel looks like a shade I would love

  216. Bethany says:

    I love love love Roxy!!! :)

  217. Renee says:

    I love Phoebe — so fun!

  218. Ingrid Colindres says:

    I love all the colors,each has it’s own personality & style but I really love dove. I really want to win this cool set!!!!

  219. Cass says:

    I love Zoya Charla!

  220. Sierra says:

    Kelly is my favorite shade EVER! It works all fall and winter, and even in the spring and summer with the right outfit :)

  221. Sarah says:

    My all time favorite is KOTORI!! love all zoya though :)

  222. Jaclyn W says:

    Gloria is my all time favorite Zoya color… and this color seriously looks good with everything in every season!!

  223. heather says:


  224. linda says:

    i love Nina ZP451!! gotta love my dark colors!! :)

  225. Ashley says:

    Pandora from the Touch Collection. Simply stunning.

  226. I just ordered Jana over the weekend because I had to have it – but after your earlier post – I’m in love with Holly! :)

  227. Ryan Merriner says:

    Ibiza! absolutely beautiful in sunlight!

  228. Cher says:

    Edyta is by far my favorite!

  229. Jennifer A. says:

    I love all Zoyas because of the stubby little brush – it’s perfect for my fingers! But I especially love Zoya Kelly for being a unique grey creme.

  230. Rachel says:

    OMG how to I pick a fave?! I have a TON of Zoyas, but the one I wear most often is probably Ivanka!

  231. Darlene says:

    Izzy for the holidays.

  232. ana calderon says:

    this gem and jewels set :)

  233. Cheri Nuchell says:

    Kotori, soooo pretty

  234. Andrea says:

    Zoya Savita is just the best!

  235. Emily says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zoya Jem!

  236. Michelle says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Kissy!

  237. Lauren says:

    Gemma or Marley

  238. Tara Allen says:

    I can’t live without my Zoya Sookie!!! Love that color! Thanks for this giveaway!

  239. Bridget says:

    Katy is FABULOUS!!!:-D

  240. Edy Luttrell says:

    Zoya Anja or Petra for me!!

  241. Tiffany says:

    I love my Mata Hari. I couldn’t live without it.

  242. Gracie says:

    Zoya love !!!!

  243. melody brown says:

    Any pale shade, but i’m being gonna jump the leap to color!!!! thanks for the chance here.

  244. maysa says:

    I cannot live without my NEEKA!

  245. Amoure says:

    Dea is one that I truly adore and don’t think I could live w/o.

  246. Wendy R. says:

    My favorite Zoya polish that I cannot live without is Pandora. Is clean and perfect for an office job.

  247. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystal! It was a lemming forever and it is perfect :)

  248. Donna H. says:

    I can’t LIVE without ADINA! :-)

  249. Ryn says:

    I cant live without Zoya Dove! It’s the perfect “palate cleanser” for when I just can’t do another complicated mani!

  250. Kaebryn Aragon says:

    I can’t live without Reva!

  251. Sarah says:

    Zoya Izzy is fantabulous! Flirty and Fun pink shimmer!!!

  252. Mandy says:

    It’s hard to pick just one, but Pinta is an all time favorite.

  253. Erin says:

    I cant live without Renee! xoxo

  254. Charmaine Cimo says:

    I LOVE Robyn!!! My clients Love to see it on my fingers and Toes!! They always want to know where I got it!!!

  255. Kelly says:

    I love Edyta!

  256. Stacy G says:

    Zoya Crystal is my favorite of all time, but I am loving all of these new shades! Must try the bar glitters!!

  257. Caitlin says:

    Clearly the answer is Caitlin because frankly my color is amazing.

  258. Sarah says:

    Currently, the color I can’t live without is Yara – it’s pretty much the same color as the darkest green in the uniforms my husband wears while he’s deployed. It’s a subtle way of keeping him close by, at least in spirit.

  259. Scienter says:

    I can’t live without Trixie. Best silver ever!!

  260. breanna says:

    Its Tao from the fall collection! It was such a bummer not being one of the 1000 who won. I died a little inside :-[

  261. Shannon says:

    I love Robyn, it’s a beautiful baby sky blue that looks great alone, or accompanied with shatter polish. I love it!

  262. Valerie Frey says:

    I can’t live without Charla!

  263. Gina Pence says:

    I can’t live without Vegas Freeze.

  264. Neely says:

    I love smoke and mirrors — Petra!!!

  265. Shuwanda says:

    I so love Layla!!! It is my favorite pink.

  266. Nicole pugliese says:


  267. Nicole says:

    I loooovee me some SAVITA!

  268. Jamie Kashima says:


  269. Allison Li says:

    I can’t live without REA because it’s such a unique color that works in all seasons

  270. kaydi says:

    Can’t live without Mimi – Charla’s purple sister. It also is my daughter’s nickname :) LOVE

  271. Stephanie says:

    Akyra…teal is my all time favorite color…can’t live without it!

  272. Aracely says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Crystal, its such a beautiful Blue!

  273. Wendy M says:

    I don’t have any Zoya yet! I know, sad, right?
    I am excited to try the Izzy/Kissy combo though.

  274. Sarah Gonzalez Sforza says:

    i CANNOT live without Sativa!!! Love!

  275. Jeannette says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Areej! She is just my favorite color! I’m so excited about this holiday collection!

  276. Sarah! says:

    I just adore Zoya Midori. It’s lime-greeny goodness! XP

  277. Tamara B. says:

    I won’t leave my door without Zoya’s Carmen nail polish on my nails.

  278. PM says:

    I can NOT live without Zoya Paz! It’s my default toe color :D

  279. Kathi says:

    My favorite changes every week…right now, probably Juliette.

  280. Margeaux Miller says:

    Bekka !!!

  281. Kristin says:

    I LOVE the color Phoebe.

  282. Andrea says:

    Happi is the Zoya color that makes me most happy!

  283. Michelle says:

    I love Jem!

  284. Laura says:

    I can’t live without Adina! I love duochromes!

  285. Diana says:

    Love Ali!!

  286. Carol Ison says:

    I love Caitlin!

  287. Sonia says:

    I adore Anaka. When I don’t have it on my toenails, I want it on my toenails instead of whatever other color is there.

  288. Catherine says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Midori. It’s so fun!

  289. stephanie says:

    My favorite Zoya ever is Mieko!

  290. Rashell Dalton says:

    Gotta have my Zoya Barbie!!!

  291. Nicole says:

    I love just about every Zoya color, but I’m a sucker for bright pinks so I could probably wear Lola every day and not get sick of it!

  292. Angie says:

    I love Hope. What a gorgeous color!

  293. Anne says:

    I can’t live without Valerie! It’s so rich and beautiful!

  294. Susan West says:

    Shay or layla and yes I know that are really far apart,lol

  295. Amanda says:


  296. Patti Phelps says:

    Love Brenna and Hayden!!

  297. Beth says:

    Tallulah! She’s the best blue ever!

  298. Shanti says:

    I can’t live without, Dea, what a beautiful color.

  299. Sarah says:

    Can’t live without Zoya Adel! It’s a wonderful shade of white for a perfect, polished look.

  300. joy says:

    Nimue! love purple!

  301. Margie says:

    Love Kotori!

  302. Jackie S. says:

    I can NOT live without Charla!!!!!!

  303. Sarah says:

    I’m dying to wear Holly during the Holiday Season :)

  304. Kristin says:

    Sookie is one of my all time favorite Zoya colors. What a great shade of red!

  305. Ginger Dixon says:

    LOVVVVE the new colors!! I have to say i enjoy the mod mattes the most but am so excited to be sparkly for the winter :)

  306. Nati M says:

    I love Jem and wear it all the time. Perfect color

  307. Rebekah says:


  308. Heather says:


  309. Candice says:

    I luv akyra!!!!!!

  310. Jan Tidwell says:

    Love the Zoya Izzy. Would look lovely with a holiday dress!

  311. Steffi says:

    I have several that I absolutely adore, but I couldn’t go without Ki.

  312. Kristina Paulhus says:

    I am addicted to Happi!

  313. Lindsey says:

    The best Zoya color in history is Adina. Gorgeous iridescent purple! Can’t live without it!

  314. Rachel says:

    Ivanka is my all-time favorite Zoya polish! I’m crazy for greens, and she’s a stunner! :)

  315. Kellye says:

    Zoya Noel is my new can’t live without! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  316. TEEJ says:

    Ibiza! It’s such a lovely, deep inky blue that is versatile and chic without looking juvenile.

  317. Melissa says:

    I love evangeline!

  318. Theresa says:

    Never tried any of them but would love too. Been letting my nails grow just for such an occasion as this!

  319. Sophia Costa says:

    Ivanka is my must have!!!

  320. Mary says:

    Sooki is my new favorite red!

  321. Tahlia Ewing says:

    Avril! Light enough to be a neutral, pink enough not to be boring!

  322. Erin says:

    Trixie… I do love Robyn as well but I use Trixie a ton in a lot of different ways so it’s more of a live without type of color.

  323. Xue says:

    zoya barbie!

  324. Lauren says:

    I love Zoya Happi!

  325. Lisa Lerch says:

    I love the rich

  326. Din says:

    I love Jules ~! :]

  327. Anson Farris says:

    My Wife loves Jordana! It’s gorgeous!

  328. Kerry G. says:

    Shawn is my Zoya forever favorite.

  329. Laura says:

    I love Neeka!

  330. Marci says:

    I like vanessa

  331. Melissa says:

    I ? Zoya Lisa

  332. Charlene says:

    Katy by Zoya! I swear I wear it everyday no matter the outfit :)

  333. Barb says:


    Thank you & Zoya for such a great giveaway……

  334. Annette says:

    Sookie!! It’s the perfect red!

  335. Krista says:

    Alegra! (Hard to choose just one!) :)

  336. Carolina says:

    Crystal is my fave!

  337. Amy says:

    Charla is soooooo beautiful.

  338. MizJawnson says:

    I really and truly need Holly in my life. Not want, NEED!

  339. Nichole V says:

    Charla, i LOVE Charla!!!

  340. ragan says:

    My toes are naked without Posh!

  341. Lauren Nicole says:

    I LOVED wearing LO this past summer!!!!

  342. Renee says:

    My favorite Zoya shade is Lisa. I think it’s the most devine red polish ever created!

  343. Jessica B. says:

    Charla is the color that got me hooked on Zoya!

  344. Hannah says:

    I don’t think I can live without Zoya Rica! Or any of my Zoyas for that matter :P

  345. Amanda says:

    I discovered Bela by fluke and am now HOOKED on Zoya! Love Love Love the way the polish lasts!!!

  346. emily says:

    zoya dove is by far my all time favorite!

  347. tai says:

    I can’t live without Zara!

  348. Jessica says:

    I LOVE Isla. She was my first and my favorite. :)

  349. KRISTYLE BROWN says:


  350. stephanie says:

    love zoya crystal!

  351. kim says:

    Love Holly!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Brooke says:

    I love their matte colors! Can’t pick just one!

  353. Sarah says:

    I can’t live without Lola!

  354. Melissa says:

    I have only used zoya once but I love it! It stayed on my nails for over a month now!

  355. Anne says:

    I am in love with Gem ?

  356. collier says:

    Geez, only ONE Zoya you can’t live without? Charla, with Yara coming in a close second. No, Dree. Then Yara, then Crystal, then Kelly…

  357. Morgan says:

    I couldn’t be without Charla, such beautiful colour!

  358. Tammy says:

    The entire Gems and Jewels collection =D

  359. ANN JONES says:


  360. Lori C says:

    Happi for spring/summer and Delilah for fall/winter

  361. sharon says:

    I love adrina

  362. Sarah W says:

    Jana is my favorite!

  363. Sarah H. says:

    Zoya Faye! I’m wearing it right now :)

  364. Liz says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Ivanka!

  365. KRISTYLE BROWN says:


  366. Joan Pittman says:


  367. Jillean says:

    I love holly! What a beautiful Christmas green :)

  368. Barilla says:

    Definitely Shawn. I love my greens, and I just think it’s the best one out there.

  369. Shelley says:

    OOOO so pretty – pick me! I’ve got Zoya Pippa on right now for the second time in three weeks. I just love that bright yellow pop – absolutely can’t live without it in my collection!

  370. Amy says:


  371. Marley says:

    Freja – super cute my favorite for fall!

  372. Kelly says:

    Garbo is gorgeous!!!!

  373. Zaira Gomez says:


  374. Allison says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Ali because not only is Ali my nickname but the polish is the most amazing shade of hot pink ever and it applies like a dream!

  375. Naz says:

    Oh man, that is such a tough choice….I’m going to have to go with Neeka!

  376. Jessica says:

    I love Zoya Kelly! It’s a perfect neutral!

  377. Jania says:

    Layla, best matte hot pink color ever!!!

  378. Krista G. says:

    I LOVE Zoya Jacy!

  379. Winn says:

    I LOVE Zoya Zara, my must have!

  380. Tamala erguson says:

    I love Trixie!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. Shirley says:

    Can’t wait to try Izzy with Twila! So excited about this new set!

  382. Alyce says:

    I’m LOVING the Zoya Izzy!! I love pink and glittery anyways! :D

  383. Hi my name is Lindsay. I can’t LIVE without Dana. I even have a back up bottle. Every time I wear her I can’t stop looking at my hands and feet. I love a ton of colors but when I can’t make up my mind, I just grab Dana. She matches my punky yet girly style :)

  384. Kimberly says:

    I’m going to assume I can’t say all of them so the color I absolutely can’t live without is Zoya Jem

  385. Amber says:

    I can’t live without Crystal!

  386. Andrea says:

    I love Jana! It is the absolute perfect fall color. I have already been asked by 3 people today where I got that color!

  387. Amy says:

    LOVE Zoya Tosca

  388. holly says:

    That would be very cool to win and wear a nail Polish that has my name ;0)

  389. Hillary says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Penny!

  390. JenniferF says:

    I love Zoya Freja! So excited to wear it this fall!! :)

  391. Dale Crawford says:

    Sooki! Love red!

  392. Crystal says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Dove!

  393. Emily A says:

    Cynthia!! So beautiful!

  394. katherine inboden says:

    i love sookie. its the perfect red.

  395. Samantha says:

    I’m obsessed with Zoya Moxie! :)

  396. Rebecca says:

    I’m loving Pandora lately.

  397. Stephanie says:

    I can’t live with Zoya Pinta…awesome purple!!

  398. Becs says:


  399. Christina says:

    Zoya Mira!!

  400. Kelly says:

    Why Kelly of course!

  401. Michelle Mckenzie says:

    Love charla

  402. DJ Murphy says:

    I absolutely love Zoya’s Shay! Neutrals are so universal and I feel like you can wear them anytime and anywhere. So pretty!

  403. meghan e says:

    I can’t live without dove….my all time fab!

  404. Mandy B. says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Jacy! Love that color!

  405. Micki says:

    That’s a tough call: Caitlin, Gemma, Dove? Really hard to choose but if I absolutely *had* to … ? Julieanne!

  406. Carrie says:

    I love all the shades from the smoke and mirrors fall collection. I am changing polish often just so i can wear them all!

  407. Jennicure says:

    I purchased Gemma with another shade to try to dupe Chanel’s Peridot last month, then got a bottle for my birthday :) But after trying Gemma, and seeing that greens are the thing this fall, I’m so happy I didn’t use it for frankening! Gemma is gorgeous on its own!

  408. Margaret says:

    Madison is my favorite shade.

  409. netzilla says:


  410. Dianna says:

    My new favorite is Zoya Tao!

  411. Blanca says:

    My favorite Zoya colors are Rica, Lo, Maura, and Cassi! I

  412. rosarita says:

    hard to pick just one but it would have to be Adina!

  413. Rachel Vaughan says:

    I am a huge fan of Holly!!!!!!!

  414. Susie Robinson says:

    Sooki is the color I can’t go without!

  415. Sarah says:

    Can’t live without Valerie!

  416. Charis says:

    Romy! I love a good nude.

  417. Wendy says:

    I’m going to say Gemma for right now. I’m in a bit of a green neutral kick.

  418. Charlotte says:

    I love Trixie ;-)

  419. Gina says:

    I love to combine Zoya colors – Talullah over Raven!

  420. Jenn says:

    I am so ready for fall, Gemma is my “can’t live without” color for sure!

  421. Michelle says:

    Zoya is my favorite polish brand, so it’s tough to pick one favorite. Right now, I would say Marina but there are so many that I love.

  422. Katherine says:

    Areej! My absolute favorite this summer :)

  423. Diana Hall says:

    Simply can’t live without the beautiful, sexy “Diana”

  424. Josi says:

    I have been loving petra lately! Cannot get enough of that little beaut.

  425. Erin says:

    I know it seems like such a boring choice, but my fave Zoya is Sooki. It really is the absolute perfect red for me!!

  426. Kristal says:

    I can’t live without Sookie!

  427. My favorite Zoya color ever is probably Savita! It’s absolutely gorgeous, I love the color and I love it both matte and with a top coat!

  428. Darla Chesnut says:

    I can’t really choose just one but if I have to Lisa is gorgeous!!!

  429. Eve Nguyen says:

    It has to be Pippa, perfect all year round for fun nails

  430. Becca says:

    Posh! It’s like having a frosted Christmas ball on each of my toes!

  431. Darcie Gosnell says:

    Can’t live without my “Hayden”.

  432. Melissa says:

    Zoya Crystal!

  433. Anna says:


  434. Whitney says:

    Without a doubt I’d have to say Charla

  435. Ellen says:

    I love Valerie!

  436. Ashley says:

    I cant live without Holographic!!!

  437. Rasheemah Barber says:

    I love jinx it’s my favorite by ZOYA

  438. Christine says:

    Kelly! Even though Zoya has made some similar, lighter shades, I just love the original!

  439. Meghan says:

    Kym from the wicked collection! Super hot!

  440. Chris L says:

    I love NOEL and I want it!!!!!

  441. Anastasia Spearing says:

    I cannot live without Apple. Best green period.

  442. Anna says:

    Crystal! Such an amazing blue.

  443. Samantha says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Kelly!

  444. Beth says:

    It’s gotta be Jem. Or maybe Marina. No, Jem. Yeah, that’s my final answer. Jem.

  445. vicki says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Jolene

  446. vige says:

    hard to pick, but i think Charla!

  447. Erica U says:

    I love Reece. I always go back to her.

  448. Allie says:

    I need Holly! So pretty!

  449. Suzanah says:

    The colors I can’t live without are Burke and Stacy. Zoya is the best!

  450. Sara says:

    Crystal!! my fav for sure!

  451. Vicky says:

    I’m dying for Holly with Kissy over it! Too cute!!

  452. Stephanie Wilson says:

    I love,love, love Yara!

  453. Tiana says:

    Cant live without Zoya Kotori!!

  454. Steph M says:

    Shawn is my go to Zoya polish. No matter the occasion, it works. Plus, I love the fact that it can go from sophisticated to total bad@ss depending on what I’m wearing.

  455. Melanie says:

    Zoya Freja! Love that steely silver!

  456. Amanda says:

    Ever since I found Sasha – Other reds just will not do!

  457. Ysyp says:

    My favorite Zoya color is Mimi!!

  458. Megan says:

    Danii! I LOVE her. :)

  459. Melissa Church says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Jem.

  460. Beth says:

    Zoya Faye! Cannot stop looking at my nails when I wear it.

  461. Gina says:

    Neeka, just got it and I love it!

  462. Melanie Sloan says:

    My absolute favorite Zoya shade is “Irene”. I’ve never seen another green quite like it ANYWHERE! I love it so much! In fact, I own two bottles of that shade because I never want to run out of it!

  463. Libby says:

    Definitely Charla. Makes my nails look like a mermaid’s tail.

  464. Adeeba says:

    Zoya Isla, it’s a gorgeous shade of red.

  465. Cynthia says:

    Caitlin…so gorgeous!

  466. Heather R says:

    I love Midori!

  467. Karen says:

    I love the Kissy

  468. Alicia says:

    Jem!! Beautiful, bold color!

  469. Lisa says:

    Heidi! I love my coral polish!

  470. Renee says:

    Of course it has to be “Renee” color. Accidentally found it at Ulta and it happens to be my first Zoya color I ever owned.

  471. Mary D says:

    I LOVE Cynthia! So pretty!

  472. Ashley Elaine says:

    Love Akyra.

  473. Anna B. says:

    I cannot live without Pasha!

  474. Courtney says:


  475. Katie N says:

    Holly looks amazing!

  476. Cari says:

    So many…but I do love Charla an awful lot!!

  477. J.Wade says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Caitlin or Dove!!!!

  478. Kirsten says:

    Zoya’s Jem is my favorite, not only do I love the color but Jem reminds me of my childhood, loved Jem and the Holograms!

  479. victoria says:

    sooki!! its the perfect tomato red.

  480. Katie says:

    Penny! I feel like a robot when I wear it and my little girl loves playing with my fingers when I have it on!

  481. Carin says:

    lovin “codie” from the new fall collection right now

  482. Melanie says:

    HOLLY!!!!! Seriously gorgeous!!!

  483. Amber says:

    Zoya Trixie is def my favorite. It’s SO shiny and glitter! It’s great to add designs with!

  484. Anita says:

    i love Pandora. it’s new but the nude is a staple and it’s so opaque! LOVE it!

  485. Kristina says:


  486. Ellen says:

    I can’t live without Lola!!!

  487. Eileen says:

    I don’t know what I would do without Bela. I could go crazy all week with crazy colors but I always always always come back to Bela like returning to home base.

  488. Tressa says:


  489. Elizabeth Irrazabal says:

    i love zoya’s phoebe. i never thought i’d be a sucker for blue polishes, but somehow it happened!

  490. Mandy says:

    My favorite has to be Rica!

  491. Jackie says:

    I cannot live without Tanzy. Such a perfect sparkle peach color.

  492. Cat says:

    Dita! It is a perfectly retro shade.

  493. Cleo says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Adina. It’s such a beautiful soft and mysterious color. It’s easy and relaxed while still having a hint of flare — subtle funk, just how I like it!

  494. JoAnn says:

    Nimue! But love the holly too!!!

  495. Julia says:

    zoya caitlin. it looks amazing with my skin tone, so it’s good when i’m feeling uncreative & just want a flattering mani, but it’s unique enough to get noticed.

  496. Heather says:

    I love Posh!!

  497. Jamie Schneider says:

    My daughter & I love Kiki! Bright & fun! Love Zoya!

  498. Susie Robinson says:

    Sooki is the color I can’t go without! I love it so much!

  499. Ursula says:

    Love Anaka!

  500. Ebony says:

    I loooooooove Shawn! The best green ever!

  501. Jeni King says:

    Holly looks absolutely STUNNING!!! Must have!!

  502. Farah says:

    I love Charla! It reminds me of the sea!

  503. Deena says:

    Ki! Looooove me some duochrome.

  504. Jenna S says:

    Ivanka, but Holly might be a new favorite.

  505. Agape says:

    Caitlin is my favorite!

  506. Athena says:

    Dove! :)

  507. Becca says:


  508. Alyssa says:

    I love these colors #scorezoya

  509. Melissa says:

    i love casey!

  510. Barbara says:

    Carmen, Carmen , Carmen ! My very favorite color…and I’m wearing it on my toes right now!!

  511. Andrea? says:

    Right now….I can’t live without Yara! It looks gawgeous!

  512. Jessica says:

    Cheryl and Ki are my two favs!!

  513. Tomeika says:

    Lola is a polish that I stare at all day long when I wear it!!!

  514. Debra says:

    Zoya has so many awesome colors!!! Its so hard to choose!!! but the one i always have to have on hand is Kotori!!!! everyone loves it!!

  515. Missy Kim says:

    suvi! “hands” down! ahahhahah! oh, how i make myself laugh – and others groan! ahahahahah!

  516. Jennifer says:

    I just got Nova, love love love it.

  517. rebecca says:

    zoya faye love:)

  518. Lisa says:

    Charisma! It is a perfect fuchsia and pretty much the only pinkish color I ever feel like putting on my nails. So cheery but still sophisticated.

  519. Candice B. says:

    It would have to be Gabrielle. I just adore that she’s sheer with glitter and can be more orange or pink based on what color you wear under it. Yum!

  520. Crystal R. says:

    Cannot live without Pasha.

  521. jeanelle says:

    I absolutely can not live without trixie… i cant even how pretty it it!

  522. aileen says:


  523. Melissa says:

    Areetha-a beautiful purple, with a foil finish.

  524. brandiwine says:

    I can’t live without Caitlin. It’s such a perfect, seasonless grurple :)

  525. Charlotte says:

    Zoya Holly is to die for.

  526. Felicia Flores says:

    Marina – must never run out!!

  527. Allyson says:

    Harley is such a great and graceful gray. It’s helping me look sharp right now!

  528. Cindi says:

    Charla! Sparkly wonderfulness!

  529. DalaLuz says:

    I love firy Sarah! :-)

    (I’m a resident in the US for the next month only, cleaning out my mother-in-laws house who only had a tiny-winy hoarding problem but I love to pieces anyway. Does that qualify? Mind you, I already made the ultimate sacrifice to cut all my nails back to nothing, the poor things, they are going to need some nursing back afterwards ;-) so perhaps if I can appease them with pretty Zoya they might be willing to talk to me again some time…)

  530. Vienna says:

    Charla! :)

  531. Angelica B. says:

    I actually loooove Zoya’s Minka. It’s now my #1 fav nude- it matches my skin tone perfectly and wears forever.

  532. Kitrona says:

    Just one?!? I’ll have to go with Holly, but Noel is a very close second!

  533. Michelle A. says:

    Charisma! it’s bright enough to be a fab summer color but dark enough to pull off in the office or even as an early fall jewel tone. LOOOOVE THIS ONE!

  534. Freshie says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Gabrielle! Tasty eye-grabbing glass flecked warm orange glitter~

  535. flipflopgal says:

    Cynthia, the new dark blue from the Smoke collection :)

  536. Helen Berry says:

    I really like the Zoya Holly. I like earthy colors the best.

  537. Liz says:

    I can’t live without Mia. It’s the perfect go-to pinky nude!

  538. Sandmalerin says:

    I wish wouldn’t live in Germany… – but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all those lucky ones who can participate. ;)

  539. Sarah says:

    I will never be able to live without Zoya Sooki. So happy when I wear it!

  540. Kaitlyn says:

    The entire Smoke collection. Want all of it.

  541. Julia says:

    I absolutely must have Sooki, ever since it came out! it is such a classic lady red and goes with almost anything, and I think it is suitable for every season!

  542. Stacey Payne says:

    Love the Zoya Izzy! Would love to have that for the holidays!

  543. Laura says:

    Laurie!! :)

  544. Angelica says:

    I Cannot live without Zoya Dove.

  545. Amy W says:

    How can I pick just one Zoya polish that I can’t live without? I already own over 50!!!

    But, if I had to pick JUST one, I guess I’d have to say Trixie. It goes with everything, fits my personality, and simply looks FABULOUS!

  546. denise says:

    Charla. My favorite summer polish.

  547. Andrea says:

    loved Gilda all summer

  548. Katie says:

    Paris, I cannot live without her!

  549. Kristin Jones says:

    Lael is my favorite!

  550. Michelle says:

    I couldn’t live without Willow!

  551. Michelle says:

    I can’t live without Pippa! =)

  552. christina s says:

    zoya posh

  553. Sandra says:

    My favorite Zoya polish ever is Gilda!

  554. Rachel says:

    I really love the Dovima Matte, but these holiday glitters are amazing!

  555. Gin says:

    Zoya’s Kiki is my favorite.

  556. Kelly says:

    I recently discovered Zoya Dita and am absolutely in love with it! It’s my “go to” shade and looks great on my fingers or toes. Every girl needs a color they can use that gives them a pick me up! When Dita is on my nails I cannot stop staring. It also works well for Konad stamping!

  557. Stacie says:

    Can’t live without my Zoya Charisma

  558. Amanda S. says:

    Gilda-love it for summer toes!!

  559. Allison says:

    I love Caitlin, but this collection looks even more fabulous!

  560. samantha says:


  561. eva says:

    I love Ivanka! Charla too, but Ivanka more!

  562. Ashley Kendall says:

    I don’t have a favorite color because I have never tried Zoya :(

  563. Candace says:

    I’m loving Petra right now.

  564. Jana says:

    Definitely Akyra, with Juno in a close second.

  565. Katie says:


  566. Sarah says:

    Can’t live without Zoya Harley!

  567. Anh Luu says:

    Persiphony and Simone are my fave. Wouldn’t go on vacations without them!

  568. Amanda says:

    Ibiza! mmhmmmmm :)

  569. Ana says:

    Cassi is my favorite!

  570. Elizabeth wood says:

    Can’t live without VANESSA!!!

  571. Rebecca Casella says:

    I cannot live without Kimmy and Charla!!

  572. Joyce says:

    I love the color Charla…gorgeous!

  573. Kara Lough says:

    My favorite would have to be Jem! Love that color! Great giveaway, thanks! :)

  574. Liza Lorennij says:

    can’t live without Lola

  575. Jodi says:

    Areetha!!! :)

  576. Virginia says:

    Isla! Va-va-voom!

  577. Therese says:

    I love Petra. Am wearing it now and can’t stop looking at it!!

  578. Jadelyn says:

    Adina. It has the most stunning multichrome – lavender, pink, silver, and green! – I’ve ever seen in a polish.

  579. april lyons says:

    I simply love and can not live without Kiki!!!!

  580. Elyha Arnold says:

    I do not have a favorite Zoya color because I love them all. :)

  581. Claudia says:

    Right now I can’t live without Meadow, but next week it might be something different. :-)

  582. Amy says:

    I love Alli! It’s just so bright and pink and fabulous!

  583. Stef says:

    I love Zoya Charla!

  584. Cathy says:

    Happi! A color that’s technically appropriate for work but has that little extra bit of duo chrome pizazz!

  585. Senora H-B says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait to try Zoya Holly. I’ve not tried Zoya polishes yet, but this one is gorgeous.

  586. Shannon says:

    I can’t live without Faye!

  587. april messina says:

    Caitlin (its my daughters name)!!!! Thank you,

  588. Brandyne says:

    My favorite Zoya Polish? I love them all sooo much but one I can’t live without would probably be Kelly. It’s the perfect dark smoky purple gray. Dark and moody but not black. Very chic.

  589. Kelly says:


  590. Robin says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I just love Zoya polishes! My favorite is Pasha, though Tallulah is a close second.

  591. Kimberly Metcalf says:

    I LOVE Areej!!

  592. Sharon says:

    I can’t live without Harley . I like it by itself and it looks great under black crackle type polish :)

  593. Leah says:


  594. Lillian Phelps says:

    My absolute love this week is Jana! There are too many to have one favorite! I think that the Zoya Fairies would agree!

  595. Jen says:

    I adore Caitlin! But I also have a thing for Jana… :)

  596. Sue D says:

    Love Gilda!! :-)

  597. Mary says:

    My favorite is Gilda! Bright and sparkly!

  598. Amber says:

    any and all pinks. dark, light, shimmery, plain. Love them ALL!!!

  599. Barbie says:

    Zoya Megan! It is such a pretty neutral for fall.

  600. Jennifer W says:

    Wow, these colors look amazing. My favorite is Charla, but one of these may be my new favorite!

  601. anna says:

    my zoya shade would have to be PAZ!! Paz was definitely my best friend this summer :)

  602. Oeendree says:

    I love Zoya Maya!!!

  603. Jennifer says:

    Barbie. Love the light pink shimmer. makes me grin.

  604. Melissa says:


  605. Tenns says:

    Karina! Lovely classic red.

  606. Kristin Lopez says:

    Zoya Noel!!

  607. Christiana says:

    I couldn’t live without Zoya Casey.

  608. Shelby says:

    Zsa Zsa is one I can’t live without!

  609. Brianna says:

    I can’t live without Zoya’s Ginger! It’s a stellar orange with flawless application! It’s a must have for any occasion, but looks exceptionally lovely in the summer. Everyone needs a vibrant orange nail polish, and this one is it!

  610. Callie Bahls says:

    Allegra is my all- time fav.!

  611. Vianna says:

    I can’t live without Richelle!

  612. Jamie says:

    It is hard to choose, but my favorite right now is Breezi. Such a beautiful blue, perfect to the summer I’m trying to hold on to.

  613. Ashley says:

    I can’t live without Crystal!!

  614. Wendy says:

    I dont have a favorite. I have never tried it

  615. Nikki says:

    Zoya Nikki! I’m just obsessed with the name… ;)

  616. Courtney Ferreira says:

    I don’t have a favorite because I have never tried Zoya. :( My favorite color is pink so I think I would like any of there pink shades.

  617. PJ says:

    Who can pick just one? For now, it’s Jem!

  618. Livia says:

    I am obsessed with Gemma!

  619. sarah says:

    areetha….I have not had the chance to use this brand of polish but I have to say after looking at the colors I prefer this one :)

  620. Nicole says:

    Zoya Shay! It’s the most perfect nude.

  621. Amy Day says:

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway! My favorite Zoya polish is Crystal!!! She is my all time favorite polish! So perfect!

  622. Tess says:

    Pick just one?! My most-worn must be Trixie, since I’m on my second bottle (though I’ve been wearing Edyta, Gemma, and Dove a lot lately).

  623. Kelley says:

    I love Breezi! Always makes me happy.

  624. Faye says:

    My can’t-live-without is Koturi – the perfect summer turquoise!

  625. Katy says:

    Zoya Gilda, every summer. Reminds me of cocktails.

  626. Melissa says:

    Zoya Charisma!

  627. Jessica says:

    Dove! I searched high and low for a light grey shade that wasn’t too sheer and finally found it in Dove. =)

  628. stacy sandler says:

    i love any color i where them all they last so long without chipping

  629. BlueCat says:

    I like many, many Zoya shades, but a BlueCat should have a perfect blue shade, and I believe that to be Ibiza!

  630. Jane says:

    I am really in love with Caitlyn – so flattering!

  631. Katie says:

    My favorite is CHARLA! I keep telling myself to wear a different color on my toes but she makes me so happy that I can’t do it.

  632. kayona says:

    I really love Phoebe!

  633. Ashley says:

    Irene is my fave Zoya. It’s the perfect shade of green goodness!

  634. Hannah says:

    Apple! That gold with the perfect green… so fun to layer with.

  635. Kristi says:

    Well, I don’t own any Zoyas (yet) – I’m currently waiting for my first one, “Kristi” which is also my name! And spelled right, I never see it spelled the same as mine, so it was meant to be that I own it!

  636. Amanda says:

    Drew has been my favorite lately…but Izzy is looking like it could be a new favorite.

  637. Diane says:

    I LOVE Kelly! I agree, it’s the perfect shade of purple grey. Black is too harsh for me, so when I find a grey I love, it makes me happy!

  638. Meghan says:

    I can’t live without Adina or Ki!

  639. Trina says:

    I love them all, but Penny is my favorite.

  640. Tracy says:

    Give me PANDORA — I adore this nude shade because I envision opening Pandora’s box and feeling naughty wearing it. It’s just the right tone with a hint of metallic shimmer no matter what the season is!

  641. Lily says:


  642. shannon says:

    Only one???? I’d have to go with Ki.

  643. Alyssa Kaeding says:

    Truthfully, I only own a few Zoya colors, but Adina is my favorite! I’m addicted to purples and this is a fabulously fun purple metallic shade! I’m from Minnesota where the Vikings football team (that I love!) has the colors purple and gold, so during football season I often wear purple nail polish. I would love to add to my Zoya collection asap!

  644. Amaris says:

    I don’t think I could live without VALERIE! :)

  645. Sarah B says:

    I think it would be Gloria!

  646. Nichole says:

    zoya faye, it’s soooo pretty

  647. I’m torn but I have to go with my namesake, ‘Sarah’!

  648. Heather says:

    I know you’ll disagree but I’m going with Sooki: it’s a perfect red!

  649. sonia says:

    Right now I’m really loving Dree!

  650. Olivia says:

    I think my favorite Zoya color is probably Crystal but I love a lot of them!

  651. Jessica says:

    I cannot live without Kiki!! The best bright pink ever!

  652. Kelly says:

    Cant live without Zoya JO =)))

  653. Meghan says:

    I love Karina, it is the one that I have almost used up and I never use up a nail polish. It is just gorgeous.

  654. KayCee says:

    Hard choice….but I’d have to saaaayyyy…Charla.

  655. Mindy says:

    Nude for mannequin hands=Shay. Nude with shimmer=Lauren. Purple tie between Heather and Zara.Fuschia=Jolene. Coral=Maya. A bit less nude but acceptable for work=Amanda. Edgy but still not as in your face as other=Edyta. Grey creme=Petra. Grey pearl=Freja. Taupe=tie between Brizia and Pasha…OMG..eesh, I can go on and on..gun to my head you have to chose one and only one…not possible. I’ll take the blindfold and forgo the cigarette.

  656. Jordan says:

    i can’t live without zara!

  657. Kimberly says:

    Zoya Ali! I love hot pink for the summertime.

  658. Nancy says:

    Charla! The most perfect shimmery Mermaid Teal. A true show stopper.

  659. allie says:

    I can’t live without zoya indigo!

  660. Kellie says:

    At the moment, I can’t live without Gemma, but this summer it was Faye, and winter will probably be Kelly… even though it’s spelled wrong : )

  661. Kelley says:

    I’m a sucker for Edyta. But Yara is in my untried pile. If it’s as awesome on the nail as I think, then I may have a new favorite!

  662. Lauren says:

    i absolutely looooove faye! the gold shimmer gets me every time :)

  663. Elizabeth says:

    I’m still in love with Crystal! It’s so gorgeous.

  664. Michelle Hart says:

    I can’t live without Dana!! She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  665. Eloiza Hudson says:

    i just got the jana color from the zoya smoke collection and i’m loving the color

  666. Alicia says:

    I can’t live without this glitter collection! The long bar glitter is so new and different and will definitely spark any old polish I have. With that said I’m dying to try Zoya and after eyeing the amazing summer collection and now this holiday collection. swoon! I think I have to have Zoya Holly and Izzy. Nothing comes close to their dimensional goodness!

  667. Kate says:

    I can’t live without Kate. Not only does it have my name, but, it’s a good color for all seasons! I love it!

  668. shefali says:

    My favorite so far is Charla. Thanks for the giveaway.

  669. Gosia says:

    Right now its Charla but it may change since I’m new to all this!!! I soo love nail polish :)))

  670. Sarah says:

    I cannot live without Dannii. But I love all my Zoya children ;)

  671. lucy says:

    i LOVE zoya ali

  672. Louann says:

    I’d have to choose what I’m wearing right now which is Areej. Worn it a couple of times this Summer. I think it’s also a great color all year round! :)

  673. Shannon says:

    I have to pick one? I like Edyta from the Wicked Collection

  674. Maria says:

    Yasmeen! It’s the pinnacle of purple and so very beautiful.

  675. Lauren says:

    Zoya polish is one of my favorite formulas, it definitely doesn’t get enough recognition out there! My favorite right now is one I go back to alot- Harley. I like the hint of shimmer and I’m really into grey right now.

  676. Polly Wu says:

    I cannot live without harlow! :)

  677. Smita says:

    Zoya Kelly!

  678. Danielle says:

    My go to color this summer has been Paz, but the one I can’t live without is Gemma–it’s so perfect!

  679. sharon says:

    stephanie was my first love at zoya:)

  680. Ellen says:

    My namesake polish, Ellen, is the perfect sheer pink.

  681. shanny says:

    I love Roxy!!! I have to have a touch of sparkle…

  682. Kitty says:

    Emme is my fave!

  683. Dani says:

    I love Dovima!

  684. KittenPoker says:

    Oo, I love Love LOVE Happi!!! It’s the perfect pink for all skintones and it’s soft with an edge…oh, that duochrome!

  685. Lizb says:

    Loving Cynthia and Yara! Zoya is by far my fav polish brand.

    Loved your swatch and review of this collection. Thanks!

  686. Megan says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE Zoya Yasmeen…though I haven’t had a chance to try as many Zoya colors as I would like!

  687. Gayle Warner says:

    I love Izzy! Lots of my clothes are about this color, so it perfect for me!

  688. Paula says:

    I’m in love with harmonie, this week:)

  689. My favorite right now is Yara. Gorgeous fall color! But I love all my Zoyas. :)

  690. Bonnie Weller says:

    I love Happi, just the way I feel!!!!

  691. m says:

    Sloane has been my go-to color forever.

  692. Christine E. says:

    Love, love, love Zoya “JO”!!!

  693. Stephanie H says:

    I really LOVE neeketa! one of the best colors ever!

  694. Nikki says:

    Though not the most popular of colors the must have Zoya polish for me is Nikki because it is my name.

  695. Debbie says:

    My all time fav is valerie.

  696. Darla Martin says:

    I love Orly Quite Contrary Berry.

  697. Jocelyn says:

    Can’t live without Kelly

  698. Dana says:

    Zoya Adina!

  699. megan says:

    Hmmm… hard to decide, but my favorite at the moment is Yara. This is going to be my go-to shade all autumn long. Maybe Holly will be my go-to for winter ;-)

  700. Sonia says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE zoya tiffany! so shimmery :P

  701. Denise says:


  702. Jamie Anderson says:

    The Zoya nail polish I can’t live without is shay! I LOVE “SHAY”!!!!!!!!!! I love them all, and am really excited about their new line…but Shay will always hold the key to my heart ;)

  703. Denise says:

    I can’t live without Jem and Jo!

  704. L S says:

    I love all my Zoya’s but I think Freja is my new favorite!!!!!

  705. Melanie says:

    I love Zoya Happi. Because even on days when I’m feeling defeated and down, I can look at my nails and their pinky-greeny awesomeness can still make me smile. (: (and for fun, I’ll shimmer them in the light simple pleasures

  706. Cat says:

    My favorite Zoya polish right now is Dannii! Gorgeous and sparkly!

  707. Marian says:

    I love Richelle and I’m actually wearing it on my toes right now. It compliments my skin color and its a nice color.

  708. Vinks says:

    Zoya Sooki is my hands down, ultimate favorite shade of red EVER! Thanks for the giveaway.

  709. GaffoRama says:

    Crystal!! I absolutely adore this blue polish.

  710. Shana says:

    Zoya Vivienne is my go-to nude. It is PERFECTION.

  711. heather m says:

    Right now my favorite has to be apple. I wore it all summer. It was just the perfect summer shade.
    But now that the weather is cool again I’ll have to try to decide on another. That’s tough.

  712. Donna says:

    Kylie is my fav.

  713. Beth says:

    I can’t live without Bela. A perfect pink for any occasion.

  714. Kelly says:

    My favorite Zoya at the moment would have to be Faye. Ivanka is still in my untried pile though…. once I try that one, Ivanka is prob going to be my fave :) I love all my Zoya’s though

  715. Amy says:

    Faye, utterly and absolutely Faye. Perfect for every season.

  716. Bonnie Z. says:

    Kieko! My favorite go-to purple shade, especially for pedicures. Thanks for hosting this contest! :)

  717. Rebecca says:

    My favorite Zoya color ever is Roxy by far. It’s hard to narrow that down because I have so many favorites but Roxy is the one that cheers me up every time!

  718. Janice says:

    Favorite Zoya ever is Kelly! Can’t live without that gorgeous purple grey creme!

  719. Amber B. says:

    Joy is my favorite color. It’s so pretty and feminine, it’s certainly a joy to look at!

  720. Amanda H says:

    I couldn’t live without Posh because it took soooo long to get my hands on that beautiful red, i bought 3 backups!

  721. Elizabeth says:

    I have many favorites from Zoya, but the one I just couldn’t give up is Audrina. I’m a big fan of fuchsias to begin with, but my daughter’s name is Audrey (she’s 3 months now!), and I bought Audrina to wear while I was pregnant with her just to celebrate her name.

    I am looking forward to when she’s old enough to paint her nails with her Mommy. ?

  722. Shalu says:

    I cannot live without Pinta!! I love love love it!! :)

  723. MBirch says:

    I can’t live without Gemma!

  724. Dania says:

    I just love Mimi! It is purpley goodness lol.

  725. Lauren M says:

    I am in loove with Poppy!!

  726. Christine says:

    Loredana is always my staple, but for fall Im rocking Ivanka!

  727. Jenniferx33 says:


  728. Noelle says:

    Zoya Kali…I love to wear pretty pink nail polish, but I also like glitter too!

  729. Amanda says:

    My favorite Zoya would have to be Savita, it’s so gorgeous matte or glossy!

  730. Darcey says:

    Is this a trick question?! If I have to choose, I’d say Posh. I wear it the most out of all my fab colors year round. But I have no favorite!

  731. Bach says:

    My fave is Zoys Yasmeen

  732. Ahh! Too bad I live in Europe! :(
    But good luck to the people who enter! :)

    I actually bought my first Zoya polish a few days ago. I’m wearing it today

  733. Valerie C. says:

    I love Suzanne. It’s a perfect mauve with just a hint of shimmer.

  734. Rhonda Heffner says:

    At the moment my fav and go to is Petra

  735. Juliana says:

    I’m a sucker for greens, so the classy Yara is one of my favorites.

  736. Rachel says:

    I’m going with Areej. It’s the perfect bright, but muted pink and goes with my skintone perfectly! Plus, I can actually wear it to work (reds and pinks only, unfortunately :

  737. Beth C says:

    I love Tiffany, but would like to try more :)

  738. Laurin says:

    I LOVE Noel. It’s the color that I typically use, and I love that Zoya’s products don’t have all those nasty chemicals in them! Reva is gorgeous too.

  739. Rashel says:

    I love Adina :)

  740. Antonela says:

    Charla, of course!

  741. Kristan K says:

    Kylie! So cute!

  742. Lucy says:

    I looooooooove faye :) thanks for the chance to win!

  743. kimi says:

    Love ‘Anne’… a perfect nude pink for me!

  744. steen says:

    I’m ALL about Kate!

  745. Katie says:

    I am in love with Crystal! It’s gorgeous!! I’m wearing it right now!

  746. Tara says:

    I just got Shay and I’m loving it for work!very polished and professional!

  747. Gwyneth bateman says:

    I love Zoyas nail polishes BUT I just cannot live without Marina!!

  748. tessabella76 says:

    I love all my Zoya colors but Ivanka is the one that really wows me!

  749. Urizanegao says:

    My very very favourite Zoya polish of all time right now is Freja! :D So steely and gorgeous!

    (Thanks for doing such an awesome contest!)

  750. Ylva says:

    I’m completely in love with Yara at the moment!

  751. Ana says:

    I’m currently loving Gemma but Marley comes in close 2nd!

  752. Scha'Chia says:

    My fave is Lola. I love the hot pink with blue flash shimmer- there are so many amazing Zoyas!!!

  753. Stephanie Rizzo says:

    For me, Gemma is the ultimate. I love that it works with bright Spring colors as well as more muted Fall tones. It looks great on my skin and the subtle blue shimmer captivates me.

  754. Jean says:

    The color I cannot live without is the one I’m ordering today: Gia. But, of course, who can order only one Zoya polish?! I also can’t live more than another week without Shawn. I love you, Zoya ladies!

  755. Charlynn says:

    I’m in love with Midori right now. It’s a quirky, attention-getting color, and I love green. It’s perfect.

  756. Ariel says:

    It’s a toss-up between Shawn and Gemma. I like me some greens. :D

  757. kelly says:


  758. Karyn Dudley says:

    I just cant do without RICA!!! I
    was introduced to Zoya less than a year ago by my daughter and some of her friends.Early this year. I have since introduced it to the ladies at work so they can Purchase their own and stop “borrowing’ Mine! I purchased my 2nd bottle or RICA on the last promo. I took her to Vegas with me back in Feb and requested they use it when I go my pedicure. The salon loved it so much and remarked on the quality of it so I gave them the website too!
    Rica is the GIRL!

  759. marg says:

    buffy is my go-to nude

  760. Leone says:

    Right now my favorite color is Charla. I’m a huge Zoya fan so it’s a hard call. Thank you!

  761. Carolyn N. says:

    I like the Yummy color! Very pretty blue! :)

  762. Nic says:

    My absolute could-not-live-without Zoya polish is Mimi. It is quite simply the most stunning purple polish I’ve ever laid eyes on and when I wear it I can’t stop staring at it.

  763. Kaitie H says:

    Mimi hands down. I have a twee obsession with purple and this sparkly stunner is me in a bottle. Whenever I have a rough day I slap on two coats of Mimi and I feel instantly better.

  764. KristenE says:

    I love and adore and cherish Zoya Valerie, and I’m so wicked excited to wear it now that winter is on its way!

  765. Sara says:

    Though Zoya has many gorgeous colors, I’ve been wearing the heck out of Pandora since it first came out. The pretty nude color is always work-appropriate, and it applies so well that I can’t believe it’s such a light color.

  766. Samantha says:

    I am totally obsessed with Ibiza. I love dark colors, and it reminds of the midnight sky. Sooo pretty

  767. Megan Rhoads says:

    Excited to win thanks!!

    If I had to pick just one I couldn’t live without…Rica! She’s so unique and fabulous!

  768. Cherry2000 says:

    The color I can’t live without is Rhianna. So deep and glowy…just gorgeous!

  769. Amanda says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Sooki! It’s the most perfect red ever.

  770. Gillian says:

    My favorite Zoya is Reece – wearing it right now!

  771. Taylor says:

    I love Zoya Goldie for my toes & Stephanie for my nails under a french manicure!

  772. Nikki Carr says:

    My 7 year old daughter and I were both obsessed with Gilda this summer. Now that we are moving into the fall, we will need to find another. *sigh*

  773. Tara Schwarz says:

    I love Sam! It will be a nice addition for the fall!!!

  774. stephanie says:

    i’d have to say my fav polish is my namesake stephanie. even though it’s streaky, it’s such an all around cream/pink colour that goes with everything

  775. Deena A. says:

    Love Zoya Charla!

  776. Laura Mowell says:

    Charla is my can’t live without color! It is just too pretty!!

  777. Kate says:

    I love Gemma!! so unique and it looks great with my skin tone

  778. sienna says:

    zoya’s “jem” is my fave!

  779. Hiyori Schmidt says:

    I can’t live without PASHA. The color goes on pretty much any occasion / season. I love love it!

  780. Rebekah says:

    I cannot live without Indigo! Absolutely LOVE HER!!! She is my all time favorite!

  781. Ally says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Malia!

  782. Mandy says:

    My favorite Zoya shade? The sparkly goodness of Ivanka.

  783. Emily Broussard says:

    I am obsessed with Zoya Neeka! It is such a special color and my collection would not be complete without it :) Thank you ALU & Zoya!

  784. Kaitlin says:

    I can’t live without Jacy!

  785. Amanda Jarvis says:

    Happi makes me Happy! I could not live without her!!

  786. Cindy Hooe says:

    Right now favorite is Valetina!!!! I would be totally lost without my Zoya or Zoya collection!!!!!Gotta Have It!!!!!!

  787. Melinda says:

    I love Zoya Jem the most out of all Zoya colors I own. It’s so pretty in the sun!

  788. Chrissy says:

    I love Charla! (:

  789. Lindsay says:

    although i own many zoya polishes, i am just DYING over that blue glitter from the gems and jewels collection!! I NEED

  790. Emilee says:

    Cannot live without BUFFY!!! Cause well… the name is just so awesome. And it’s a great “professional” color :) Runner up is Delilah because it’s my go-to color when I need to feel fierce!

  791. Caitlyn says:

    Rica is my go to polish!! Whether it’s on my nails or toes, I can’t stop staring at them!! Love!

  792. Jessi says:

    Right now I’m really loving Nina. It’s such a great deep chocolate brown, and I’m going through a vampy phase in anticipation of fall.

  793. Lindsay says:

    I vote for Zoya Lindsay.. pink with glitter, they couldn’t have gotten it more right!

  794. Sabrina Romo says:

    My favorite Zoya polish is Posh! It’s such a gorgeous red matte color!

  795. Tina Marie Colombo says:

    I love Roxy. I find myself choosing it way too often considering the # of beautiful Zoyas I own.

  796. Angela says:

    I love crystal. it’s beautiful.

  797. Melissa says:

    I looooove Gemma!! Fab giveaway!

  798. Krystal says:

    My favorite zoya is danni! It looks so awesome in the sun :)

  799. Kaitlin says:

    I can’t live without Zoya’s Jules!!!!

  800. Lisa says:

    I LOVE Zoya Penelope. It is the perfect color for any season & it’s appropriate for an interview because it matches with my skin tone so well, it’s almost like a nude for me! :)

  801. Rachael says:

    I couldn’t live without Edyta!!!!! I LOVE that color!!

  802. Alyssa says:

    Surprisingly, Pandora has been my go-to lately. I’m usually a fan of sparkly or brighter colors, but there’s something so lovely about the subtleness of Pandora that I just can’t get enough of…

  803. indyemskitten says:

    Hmm…Ki, maybe? I have so many great ones! Dang, I need those freakin bar glitters in my life.

  804. Tres says:

    Charla, of course! I can’t stop staring at my nails when I’m wearing it!

  805. Katie says:

    I love Yara too! What a gorgeous green. Been on my toes for weeks.

  806. Heidi says:

    I love my greens and purples, but there’s something about Isla, my perfect red, that always makes me happy when I put it on.

  807. Therese H says:

    I could not live without Tart – a perfect shade of blue with just the right amount of shimmer!

  808. Esther says:

    i like yummy!

  809. Haley says:

    I can’t live without Kelly!

  810. allison says:

    I absolutely love gemma and hapi. Also Irene is another favorite of mine. Totally obsessed with zoya nail polishes! :)

  811. C says:

    I think my favorite Zoya of all time is Veruschka. Which makes me incredibly sad that it’s being discontinued!!! =(

  812. Melissa says:

    My favorite Zoya and one that I use all year long is Sienna.

  813. Nicole says:

    My absolute Zoya fave is Reece!

  814. Lexi says:

    I love so many Zoya colors… I guess I’ll say Lexi though because it’s my name. ;)

  815. emily! says:

    flora for sure! just a happy pink that can go with any season!

  816. Kelly says:

    currently I’d say Jem :)

  817. jodie says:

    i love ‘em! Want ‘em.

  818. Lindy says:


  819. Goose says:

    I can’t live without the Sparkle collection (all of them). That’s the only collection I’ve preordered from Zoya because it was so important!

  820. Andrea S. says:

    Gilda was my go to summer color

  821. Jenny Clinkenbeard says:

    Right now the only one I actually own is Jem, but Charla for me is a MUST HAVE! I can already tell that she will be amazing and fun all year round!

  822. Rochelle says:

    I can’t live without Nova – Love it!!!

  823. Fire says:

    I love love Tart.

  824. Lauren says:

    I love Happi! I love all Zoya! It lasts for such long time even on natural nails!

  825. Susan says:

    Shay is my go-to nude.

  826. Katie says:

    I love Gemma and it’s iridescent tones. It’s a great olive/sage green. What’s not to love about a company from Cleveland?

  827. Bonnie says:

    Love Valerie!

  828. Ashleigh says:

    I’m pretty much in love with Charla forever.

  829. Caroline says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Rica. I’ve used it sooo many times!

  830. Elizedge says:

    Gotta have Ivanka!

  831. Kallie says:

    Charla! One of my very first Zoya’s, it’s my favorite summer color ever and I love to sneak it in whenever I can throughout the rest of the year. I feel like a mermaid in it!

  832. MissMercurial says:

    …you mean I have to pick just one D:?

    Well, for my lazy weeks, I love wearing Uli. It looks unassuming in the bottle, but when worn it’s almost a MNBB/mannequin hands color save for the awesome gold shimmer/warmth to it. It’s as if my nails were airbrushed to shimmery perfection.

  833. april likins says:

    I love mischa, sooooo pretty!

  834. I couldn’t live without Vanessa! Or Dana, or Dharma!

  835. Kathryn says:

    Of all the polish I own…not one of them is a Zoya. I can’t say I can’t live without one because I have for quite a while, but would love to find one if I won!

  836. Flange5 says:

    Posh! I don’t generally go for reds, but there’s something about the matte glow of Posh that just entrances me, despite the usual issues with mattes in general and Zoya mattes in particular.

  837. Vickie says:

    Gilda is my absolute favorite!

  838. phoenix says:

    FAYE. All the way. Although I just borrowed Manon from a friend and it is STUNNING.

  839. Robin says:

    I love, love, love my Zoya Yazmeen!!

  840. Rebecca says:

    I don’t have any yet, unfortunately! I’ve only just started my nail polish collection this summer and so far all I have is OPI. A good 15 of them, but still. I would love to try a new brand.

  841. Talya says:

    I love Zoya Rea!!

  842. Peanutoady says:

    I am in love with Sooki…it is the perfect retro, classic red! I usually find reds pretty boring, but this one really caught my eye!

  843. aisha says:

    absolutely in love with crystal!!! such a unique and fun color :D

  844. Kristen J says:

    Zoya Ki!

  845. Amanda says:

    Jana! from the new smoke collection. Such a beautiful dust rose looking color. Perfect neutral for fall!

  846. Holly says:

    I can’t live without a TON of Zoya colors, but currently my go to shade is Ibiza. She’s so dark, shiny, shimmery, and beautiful. I love her!

  847. Stephanie says:

    Shivon is so gorgeous!!!

  848. Andi says:

    I cannot live without Charla. It’s probably one of my favorite nail polishes EVER!

  849. Andrea says:

    Dove! It’s just the most perfect, beautiful gray I’ve ever come across! It was also my first Zoya. :)

  850. M says:

    Love kiki… just recently got savita and absolutely love it!!! Love the matte finish!

  851. Deanna says:

    I can’t live without Marley!

  852. Irene says:

    I can’t live without Mimi. I love purples.

  853. Kristen says:

    Zoya CRYSTAL! It’s one of the few colors that makes me stare at my nails all day. A close second is Ki.

  854. Sara Rose says:

    I wear Gilda or Happi religiously but just got Cynthia and Roxy and am IN LOVE. My go to for every single time I need a pick me up is ALWAYS Gilda. It makes me so joyous to wear- I adore it!!! Thanks!

  855. mistysunrise says:

    I cant live without Zoya Crystal!

  856. Erin says:

    Obsessed with Paz! It’s the perfect orange.

  857. ShellyP says:

    Zoya Nail Polish in Colette is so cute and bold at the same time.

  858. Hyla says:

    I have been searching for the right green all summer! I have purchased 3 greens from Zoya and none are my favorite. Buuuutttt that Holly sure looks dead onto what Ive been looking for!

  859. Jackie says:

    Jo used to be my absolute go-to color, but lately I find I can’t live without Akyra; unlike other Zoya polishes, Akyra takes three or four coats to reach full opacity, but I just adore it.

  860. Kim says:

    I love Yasmeen!

  861. shalece kimble says:

    KOTORI!!!! im wearn it & i may never change! NO! i will i have about 25 shades waiting in my wishlist!!

  862. Emma Jean says:

    I cannot live without twila. How is it I have survived without this spectacular blue glitter?!?

  863. Yaas says:

    My favorite Zoya is Mimi!

  864. Soo says:

    Rica! I actually have it on right now for the week and even my parents like it :)

  865. Elizabeth Weiss says:

    I really cannot live without my Zoya Marilyn! It matches with all of my outfits, and makes my nails look fantastic!

  866. Megan says:

    I love Caitlin, not just because it’s my sister’s name. it’s the loveliest smoky lavender/lilac.

  867. Amanda Witte says:

    I cannot live without KIKI, it is the perfect shade of pink with a hint of glitter!

  868. Sarah says:

    I love Maya. I just keep turning to it. Good formula. Fun but professional. Summery but not over the top, so it can be worn other seasons. It’s just gorgeous.

  869. Sarah B says:

    Love my namesake … Sarah but also Mira and Roxy and and…. can’t choose just one!

  870. Dominique says:

    My “can’t live without” Zoya color has to be Faye!! I am currently wearing it on my toes. My 2 year old nephew even complimented me on the color this past weekend. He’s already on his way to being an attentive man. LOL

  871. Frances says:

    Charla! But this collection looks like it might have a few colors that would bump her out of the top spot.

  872. Michelle says:

    I love classic shades and I have to say Bailey has to be one of my favorite Sheer colors ever.

  873. sandraisrockinit says:

    I only have a few Zoya polishes and out of those my ultimate favorite is Tiffany. Although it can be a pain in the butt to remove it is gorgeous! It always brightens my day.

  874. If I don’t win them, I can’t have them. This isn’t something I am allowed to have in the budget at this time. All of the colors are beautiful. They remind me of the colors of the lights on the Christmas tree when you look at it with squinted eyes.

  875. aaminahs mom says:

    my favorite Zoya that i love is valerie!

  876. Jeannie Starcher says:

    I cannot live without Freja. The perfect shade no matter what.

  877. Kelsey S says:

    Hmmm right now I’d say Ali.

  878. Anne says:

    I love Zoya Moxie!

  879. Caitlyn says:

    Suvi! Well for now…

  880. Ulyssia says:

    I love all of them but my fav right now is Caitlin! About to put her on in just a little bit!

  881. Tawnee says:

    Can’t live without willow. Love it!

  882. MarciaF says:

    Years ago Zoya had a red called Dahlia. I wore it every day for almost 3 years. That’s how much I loved it. Now I go for blues and purples and bright reds but I’ll never forget Dahlia.

  883. Christy Doty says:

    My favorite zoya color is Ivanka. I can’t live with out her, Its my favorite green and very sparkly.

  884. Nati M says:

    I use Jem a lot so its my fave

  885. Dixie says:

    I love my Zoya Heidi (even though I’m not a big fan of its namesake). Such a great punchy orange!

  886. Kimberly says:

    I can’t live without Tanzy. If I’m feeling down, it can perk me right up. But then, actually, all my Zoyas have this ability.

    Tanzy is just a shade that works for me year-round.

  887. jennifer says:

    i think i’m in love with Izzy!!

  888. Jenny says:

    I like to wear Jo. Blues are my favorite, green is second :).

  889. Jennifer says:

    My favorite right now is Dove – I can’t get enough of greys lately. But I don’t own much zoya polish, which is why i’m entering this contest of course :)

  890. Kari Walbert says:

    Love love love Edyta!

  891. Kris says:

    Isla — you can’t go wrong with it.

  892. Lulu says:

    faye for sure

  893. Ibiza is the one Zoya polish that I absolutely cannot do without. I love it!

  894. Gabby B says:

    I like all the zoya polishes with glitter/shimmer but I really like charla and faye

  895. Amy says:

    Charla is the most beautiful sparkled color polish I have seen!

  896. Jessica says:

    I am forever in love with Edyta! It is my absolute favorite go to color.

  897. Tiffany says:

    I absolutely can NOT live without Zoya Jem. I know it’s fairly new, being from the recent Smoke & Mirrors collection, but Jem really is fantastic. It sort of looks like what I imagine outter space to look like, the sparkles being stars. It’s great and I love getting compliments on my nails when I wear Jem!

  898. Duffri says:

    I love many Zoyas. Crystal is my current favorite, closely followed by Edyta. The bottles are so classy, too.

  899. Nicole says:

    Zoya Pinta is my favorite color ever! If I could only have one polish for the rest of my life, that would be it :)

  900. Julia says:

    I’d have to say Adina. I’ve seen some polishes floating around in the same vein, but Adina out-beautys them all as far as I’m concerned!

  901. Emily says:

    Kelly is my go-to polish for a lot of situations–work, weddings, etc. I’m also really in love with Jem, for fun nights out.

  902. Vanessa Moore says:

    this varies from month to month as I can’t live without all my 30 Zoyas but overall I just can’t live life without Paris, I’ve tried and I can’t, lmaoooo

  903. Gladys says:

    My fave zoya is faye :)

  904. Ashley says:

    I love Zoya’s Tobi!! Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  905. Christine says:

    Blair, my favorite color EVER!

  906. Simone says:

    I love Dove!

  907. Sue says:

    Absolutely, Rica, my all season favorite.

  908. Stephanie says:


  909. Jen says:

    I can’t live without Breezi for the moment, but it may change to Dree when I want to accept Fall is coming! I still want my Summer wardrobe and colors!

  910. JosieChek says:

    i LOOOVE adina. its one of my FAVORITES :)

  911. Bethany says:

    I want the Zoya Holly and Rina combo! I really love how it looks and it’s so festive too. It’d look great with my handmade beaded wreath earrings. :) I’m lovin’ Faye of late, though.

  912. Colleen says:

    I can not live with out purity, by itself or as a base coat for other things it’s the best white ever

  913. Pinkie says:

    I love Zoya’s Adina. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting shades of any brand. I love the way the purple and the green shimmer changes in the light. It is everything I wanted OPI’s The Color to Watch to be….. :D

  914. Stacie says:

    I can’t live without Pasha because everyone needs a great neutral!

  915. Gert says:

    Just can’t live without Zoya period, but especially can’t live without Isla.

  916. London says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Portia. It’s my perfect pink!

  917. Mary beth ross says:

    I like Robyn.

  918. Becky says:

    I’ve been switching between Edyta and Jem pedicures lately…too hard to pick just one!

  919. Kathryn says:

    Currently Katy is my favorite.

  920. beth wassenhove says:

    i’m farely new to zoya nail polish,so far i like cynthia

  921. joanne says:

    Do I have to choose one?! I am currently in love with Neeka from the new Smoke & Mirrors collection.

  922. Jammie says:

    My absolute favorite Zoya is Yasmeen! Love her!

  923. Melanie says:

    A Zoya shade I can’t live without would have to be Zoya Mimi.

  924. Kristin says:

    Definitely Zoya Kelly!! Great shade year round!

  925. E. says:

    zoya trixie = the pedicure color to end all others. it goes with

  926. Lo says:

    Oh my gosh, call me crazy, but I don’t own a single Zoya! I’ve been lusting after Yasmeen ever since I saw swatches, though!

  927. MJ says:

    My favorite Zoya color is perhaps Shay. Not because it’s particularly unique or earth shatteringly beautiful, but because it is the perfect nude color for my nails.

  928. Danielle says:

    The new Holly and Rina have definitely stolen the spotlight for me!!! Not only are they the PERFECT shade of emerald, but they go along with the upcoming holidays nicely! :)

  929. Angie says:

    Malia. I’ve been into pastels lately. Thanks!

  930. Jess says:

    After that review, I don’t think I could live without Holly. But, currently, Zoya Yara for autumn and a nice winter colour when I want to be a bit edgier…. :)

  931. Sabrina says:

    I love Zoya’s Dove. Its a perfect neutral color. It goes with everything.

  932. Hollis Goodwin says:

    I reach for Harley the most, so it has to be the one that I’m in love with. But Kimmy and Tamsen run a close tie for second. Actually I love all of my Zoya.

  933. Emily says:

    Zoya Rica! :D

  934. Morgan says:

    Can my answer be “all of the above”?? I’m new to Zoya (could never find it anywhere!) and just bought my first few bottles this week, but I haven’t tried them yet. Holly is looking like one I will be wearing to all my holiday functions this year!

  935. Jesse says:

    crystal!–so beautiful

  936. cynthia decker says:

    I love Izzy! The hotter the color the better I like it and I think I’ll need sunglasses for that one:)

  937. Grace says:

    I’m in love with Zoya’s Tangy!

  938. Savannah says:

    My all time favorite Zoya shade is Caitlin. I love the unique dustiness of the purple and its formula is amazing. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  939. Paige says:

    I love Faye! It’s so gorgeous and I get compliments on it constantly!

  940. Veronica says:

    Trixie, without a doubt. It’s become a staple in my collection. It makes a good base (better than most base coats) for darker shades to prevent nail staining, and let’s face it, it is amazing under every crackle/shatter polish out there. Not to mention it’s got that perfect flash to brighten any dreary day or to accent all the others.

  941. Kristin says:

    Charla or Caitlin, for sure :). This new collection looks awesome!!

  942. vanessa nealy says:

    hmmm, difficult but i will say ‘Jancyn’ just to be different, I love me some tangerines!!!

  943. Jaimi says:

    I can honestly say I dont think i could live without any of them, i can just imagine the perfect outfit with each one!!!!

  944. Kim C. says:

    I am new to the Zoya brand and in love with Rica!! As a Cleveland girl, I am also thrilled to support this fabulou brand. :-)

  945. debbie says:

    RUBY! It’s the most beautiful red! Shimmery, but glossy! Exactly how the color ruby should be!

  946. Jenny says:

    This summer I mostly wore Maya. Such a lovely coral.

  947. Jennifer says:

    Malia! It was my first polish from Zoya and forever my favorite.

  948. Weian says:


  949. Kasumi says:

    PIPPA all the way !!

  950. crlsweetie912 says:

    I think sits creamy would be my all time fav….

  951. Laurie says:

    I love Delilah, it makes the PERFECT pirate background! I put this as my base and put my skull and cross bones on top and it is Wonderful every time. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  952. Christa says:

    Because it is the most perfect nude color I have ever come across, and it works for EVERY season!

  953. finished10dnails says:

    charla charla charla Did I mention I can’t live without charla???

  954. caroline says:

    izzy is awesome!

  955. Heyra says:

    I love all Zoya colors. But my most love color is Karina.

  956. Missy says:


  957. katie says:

    I love all my Zoya colors but I’m completely smitten with Charla!

  958. kayla.q.w says:

    I am in love with two right now zoya mire & sooki…….so gorgeous!!!!

  959. Crystal says:

    I love Zoya Kelly! I love dark creme finishes and the opaque Zoya formula just makes them better.

  960. Jenn says:

    I love, love, loveeeeee Mimi. Though my second favorite would have to be Apple. I’m a sucker for sparkly colors, what can I say?

  961. Amber says:

    My favorite Zoya color is constantly changing, but I think it lands at Kelly more often than not.

  962. Colleen says:

    I am in love with Zoya’s Akyra. One of my favorites teals.

  963. Brandi Steele says:

    I am in love with Reese

  964. sticksandtunes says:

    Zoya Gemma

  965. Jessica says:

    I can’t live without Nikki…

  966. Mare says:

    I’m in love with Adina. :)

  967. Jessica says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Gilda!

  968. Connie says:

    Zoya Mimi!

  969. kayla says:

    I cannot live without Carmen!!!!!

  970. Stephanie says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Freya! It’s a great all year color.

  971. Natalie says:

    Charla! It is stunning.

  972. Stephanie says:

    If I can only pick one Charla. But really all of them!

  973. Annie says:

    Faye. The gold sparkles shimmer in the light.

  974. erika e says:

    I can’t live without LC! Such a gorgeous bright red for summer

  975. Lisa says:

    I love Tosca. It is a great tomato red. But it’s really hard to pick one favorite. I love all of my Zoya colors.

  976. Mikey says:

    Let’s do it, LANEY!

  977. Pam U says:

    I could never live without Zoya Charla, the most perfect polish EVER!

  978. Kay says:

    My favorite Zoya is Kotori. Love blues!

  979. Peggy Dennis says:

    Catlins the Best!!

  980. Reile says:

    Julieanne all the way! It was first Zoya I bought and I’m hooked ever since.

  981. Sarah says:

    Midori was the first Zoya nailpolish I ever bought and it will always be my favorite since I’m in love with any green polish. These glitters look amazing and I neeeed Noel

  982. Mandy W. says:

    i love zoya charla :)

  983. Elissa says:

    I dont have many Zoya but I LOVEEE Kotori oh so much

  984. Jackie says:

    I can’t live without Zoya’s Avril! It’s the perfect nude pink year round for my warm skin tone :D

  985. KayJay says:

    Its so hard because I adore all of my Zoyas, but I absolutely love Gemma! Cant go wrong with green and duochrome! Thanks for the opportunity.

  986. S says:

    I can’t live with Zoya Yara – grungy yet glittery at the same time!

  987. BJ Wagner says:

    The one color that I keep returning to is Eva, so pretty. Thank you for this chance ;O)

  988. Debbie says:

    If I had to narrow it down to one, Edyta!

  989. Lauren Lucas says:

    I love love love karina!!

  990. April says:

    Zara. It’s flashy enough without being obnoxious on the days I want something in-between.

  991. Lynne says:

    Currently I’m totally loving Zoya Lexie!!

  992. Grace says:

    My absolute fave is Zoya Happi. It is the only glittery warm toned pink that doesn’t clash with my cool skintone.

  993. Susie says:

    I love love love Dove!!

  994. Molly says:

    Currently loving sloane!

  995. Hmm. I think Zoya Valerie is high up on my list!

  996. Upasana Sahu says:

    Love Zoya’s Gemma, Kelly, Charla. pls pls pick me, would love to win the giveaway.

  997. tameka t says:

    I cant live without Tobi!!!

  998. Elaina says:

    I can’t live without Adina! duochrome goodness!

  999. Katie says:

    This is a tough one…Normally I would say Raven, a great basic black (everyone needs one) but Minka has really stolen my heart lately! I know it was too warm for a lot of people, but it’s perfect on me. :)

  1000. Meg says:

    Faye is my current “Hmmm….what should I put on my nails?” color.

  1001. Ariana says:

    I love gemma!

  1002. MickeyB says:

    I love Maya! Looks great with my skin tone =D

  1003. Donna says:

    Just one? Either Kelly or Caitlin… Both have gotten a lot of play these past few months.

  1004. Jen Phifer says:

    If I had to pick just one, it would be Jules. It is so pretty and versatile – a neutral gold. Love it.

  1005. Diana says:

    Love Zoya Roxy!

  1006. Carina says:

    I love Erin. The pink is perfect.

  1007. Elizabeth Leversee says:

    Raven–I love it!!

  1008. Elaine says:

    After looking at this, I’d have to say it’d be Noel! So pretty!

  1009. Dea says:

    The one Zoya I cannot live without, is, without a doubt, Zoya Caitlin. Sometimes I take it off just to put it back on again. Scientists around the world have studied and researched to find out why this strange phenomenom occurs, but ultimately, the only conclusion is that Zoya Caitlin is just an awesome color.

  1010. Kelly Rakow says:

    If I could only pick one, I’d have to go with Edtya. Such a beautiful and unique color!!

  1011. Amanda says:

    I can’t live with out Kelly on my fingers. And Valerie on my toes. :)

  1012. AMy says:

    i like sloane color

  1013. Nicole says:

    I couldn’t live without Zoya Ki!

  1014. IceFluffPenguin says:

    My current favorite is Dannii!

  1015. AMy says:

    I like roxy color

  1016. Emily says:

    light blue with gold glitter????? omg Crystal is my go to! but honestly I think the whole flame collection is stunning.

  1017. Leslie says:

    I love the color Izzy

  1018. Anne Wood says:

    Today it’s Uma. Tomorrow – who knows? It’s a good bet it will be a Zoya color though!

  1019. mariko says:

    My current fave is Gilda. Soooo pink and shimmery!!!

  1020. Deana says:

    I absolutely love Shawn.

  1021. Christina W says:

    I love zoya casey, i can’t get enough of the deep purple!

  1022. Topaz says:

    This lady sings the blues. I can’t LIVE without blue polish as my weekly fix, that means Noel with a twist of Twila on top.

  1023. Amber says:

    I can not live without Zoya Perrie!! LOVE that color

  1024. Samantha says:

    Hard question…I’m going to go with Ki. It’s sooo gorgeous. Shawn is pretty closely tied though…

  1025. Dee says:

    I have never tried Zoya, but I think if I could get my hands on Izzy I would not be able to live without it. thanks!

  1026. Sonia Tabriz says:

    LOVE zoya sunny =) its my nickname and will remain one of my favorites

  1027. Mel says:

    These look awesome and would love a chance to win! I can’t live without Charla – even though it has an army of evil clones I think Charla is one of the prettiest polishes ever and I love Zoya’s formula!

  1028. Kathy says:

    I have to admit, I’ve never tried any Zoya polishes (I know, gasp!) But I’ve got plenty on my wishlist. And this collection is soon to be on there as well!

  1029. Jen says:

    I can’t live without Crystal at the moment but I have too many loves from Zoya.

  1030. Jenelle says:

    I am still hooked on Phoebe, the first Zoya I bought!

  1031. Brenda L. says:

    My all time favorite has to be Charla! =)

  1032. Elizabeth says:

    I know Marina is new, but I wear it ALL the time now and I just adore it. :)

  1033. Okay after your Gems post I am lusting…truly lusting…after Zoya Twila! I needdd it! :)

  1034. Miriam says:

    I can’t live without Veruschka! It was the first one I fell in love with!

  1035. Nicole Muldrew says:

    I looooove Zoya Ashley!

  1036. Vannesa says:

    I absolutely cannot live with out Maura. Its an amazing red.

  1037. charlotte says:

    i heart casey! :-)

  1038. terry says:

    Julienne and Mimi! I’m a sucks for purples…x))

  1039. Stephanie says:

    So hard to choose just one, but I’ll go with Dove, which is currtently on my nails with my newspaper print manicure.

  1040. Maggie says:

    I love Felicity! Thanks for this opportunity ^.^

  1041. Deb says:

    I just can’t live without Crystal! I never get tired of looking at it when it’s on my nails. It reminds me of photos of earth from space!

  1042. Sherri K says:

    I cannot live without Zoya Charla! It is the only color I have used on my toes since I got it several months ago! I have many favorites for my fingers that I choose between (currently Kali) but always wear Charla on my toes now. It’s my signature color. :)

  1043. Ruth says:

    I looove Lolly. Can’t live without her :)

  1044. Ilene says:

    Apple is definitely my current favorite… I stare at it all the time when I wear it.

  1045. Melanie says:

    I really like the looks of this holiday collection. Each of the solid shades is very pretty; I like them better than the glitter top coats.

  1046. lore says:

    My must-have Zoya is Ivanka. Green foil FTW!

    love, lore

  1047. Natalie says:

    I couldn’t live without Pippa. It really is the best pigmented, non-streaky, non-chalky yellow ever.

  1048. Jennifer says:

    I love Zoya polishes and I have so many it’s hard to choose which I cannot live without. I guess I would have to say Midori or Yummy. But trust me it was hard to choose.

  1049. Jeanie says:

    I can’t live without Valerie!!

  1050. Katherine says:

    I can’t live with out Colette its a perfect copper.

  1051. Valery W says:

    Zoya Nova is go to color for when I have no idea what else to wear! I am absolutely obsessed with glitter and this one is just soooo sparkly. The color reminds me of glittery raspberries.

  1052. Griselda says:

    I love Ivanka it’s so shimmery and bright!

  1053. jess says:

    i love zoya astra. i managed to get this in a blog sale and it is absolutely gorgeous!!

  1054. Jamie says:

    I can’t live without Charla. It has become my go-to polish for pretty much every occasion and I always get complimented on it!

  1055. Aren says:

    I loooooove Charla. It’s the first Zoya I ever got, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it–even from strangers! : )

  1056. Courtney says:

    Yara! I’m so unbelievably in love! Stunning beyond belief!

  1057. Ashley says:

    I’m normally not a “red” person, but Kimmy is so absolutely gorgeous I find myself wearing it all the time!

  1058. Kelly M says:

    I can’t live without Tallulah, it is my go-to color whenever I need to cheer up or just whenever I want a happy blue

  1059. Jasmine says:

    Ivanka is still my fave after all this time!

  1060. Nicole Warkentien says:

    I love Kotori!

  1061. golden_evening says:

    Zoya Charisma! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  1062. Carly says:

    Definitely definitely definitely Zoya Faye. It’s so amazing, I don’t care that there are others like it!

  1063. Axi says:

    I can’t live without Jordana. It is such a soft, pretty color with a hint of sparkle. I can wear it with anything.

  1064. Alli says:

    Neeka! Just got it but I already know it’s gonna be my go to color for fall :D

  1065. victoria says:

    I absolutely love Gilda!! cant imagine not having it

  1066. Rhonda says:

    I cannot live without Shawn! I love the color and it’s my husband’s name! Also, I love you site. :)

  1067. Jo says:

    At this moment I’m loving Yara, in my opinion it’s so much prettier than Chanel’s olive/gold offering for this season….at a fraction of the price!

  1068. jasz reed says:

    I can’t live without CHARLA….

  1069. Katie says:

    I can’t live without Zoya’s new Cynthia. The color is amazing!

  1070. katie says:

    i can’t live without charla. first zoya shade for me and it hooked me instantly. it’s ridiculously gorgeous!

  1071. Saveeta says:

    I have to go with Yasmeen.

  1072. Caroline says:

    At the top of my list is Isla, but I’m lemming for Indigo right now too. :)

  1073. Jasmine says:

    No one should live without zoya charla

  1074. unfurling says:

    I love Holly! A beautiful green – awesome!

  1075. Evelyn says:

    My fave would have to be Ivanka.

  1076. Esmeralda says:

    Ivanka is my go to Zoya shade.

  1077. Tara Tee says:

    Apple is my new favorite color it looks like liquid metal on my nails i cant keep myself from looking at it when its on. its also been on my nails for two weeks

  1078. Lyza H says:

    I could never IMAGINE life without Zoya’s Dove… it’s the perfect cool grey for my skin, it’s beautiful, and the formula (like most Zoya polishes) is like a dream.
    Be it polish or anything, grey is my absolute favorite color, so this polish means a lot to me. =]

  1079. Katy says:

    Katy…such a fab name ;)

  1080. Jen says:

    I can’t live without Audrina. It’s my favorite color, in nail polish form. I’ve never seen a purple like it. The Zoya formula is flawless- it’s the easiest for me to apply, always.

  1081. Amy says:

    I love ALL my Zoya polishes! I think my all-time favorite is still Charla.

  1082. Kelly says:

    My favorite would be Edyta!

  1083. Shirley says:

    Recently discovered Shay and that is a color I will treasure FOREVER! A definitely staple in my collection ^_^

  1084. Vanessa says:

    Yasmeen all the way!! The gorgeous purple shine captures my eyes every time!! But all the colors are lovely!!

  1085. Samantha says:

    I absolutely LOVE Evangeline!!!

  1086. Alison says:

    Gemma is my girl…

  1087. Lara says:

    It’s got to be Blair… I can’t stop staring at it whenever I have it on! :)

  1088. Angie P says:

    I love Neeka! It’s the perfect fall purple :-D

  1089. Garima Purohit says:

    I absolutely adore Yara.. Sooki comes close second.

  1090. Ellen S says:

    I love Neeka!!

  1091. Gen says:

    It’s a tie, I can’t live without Pandora or Eva. They’re absolutely my two go-tos. I love neutrals and pinks to use as a base to layer sparkles or shatter/crackle on top of but also something I can wear in the office. I’ve been wearing the moon with Pandora and Charisma and it’s amazing.

    (And there’s no way I could ever get these nail trend ideas for the colors and everything else without your blog!!)

  1092. Sammie says:

    I love Zoya’s Gaia!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  1093. Amanda says:

    I can’t live without Snow White for french manicures!

  1094. Ashley C says:

    I wouldn’t want to live without Reva! It’s the perfect strawberry-raspberry glitter polish!

  1095. Lisa says:

    Faye is a gorgeous color, the sparkle! *_*

  1096. Kate & Zena says:

    I’ve never tried Zoya so I don’t have a go-to color yet. I would love to find one in this collection though!

  1097. Rach says:

    My favourite right now is Faye. :)

  1098. jill says:

    Miley, it’s such a cool pale lavender blue…

  1099. Telesilla says:

    Adina! I reach for it again and again.

  1100. Chelle says:

    I cannot live without Charla! (and I want to win this set so, so badly.)

  1101. Rachael says:

    I couldn’t live without Zoya Raven — it is my favorite black for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!

  1102. Kylie says:

    Hmmm… I would have to say probably Jo. I’ve been in a blue phase lately :)

  1103. Lauren Marie says:

    Call me simple, but I am currently in LOVE with Zoya Lo! It is the most perfect pink!

  1104. Jessica Jackson says:

    I love Charla or Mimi… torn.

  1105. Andrea V says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! This brand is the best and couldnt be compare with no other love every sade!

  1106. Marie says:

    My favorite Zoya color is Faye, which I am actually wearing right now! I just adore this color. So shimmery! :)

  1107. samara says:

    i love all of the zoya matte collection

  1108. Alexandra says:

    For me it’s definitely Charla!

  1109. Hannah Kennedy says:

    Zoya Charla!!!

  1110. Sarah B says:

    I loooove apple!! its so pretty but i need to buy sarah just because!! :)

  1111. Kat says:

    Oh gawd…how to choose?! Right now I think it would probably be Edyta. But…depending on how Apple looks with my skin tone when I finally get ahold of a bottle, that might change. :D

  1112. Brittany says:

    I can’t live without Pandora. Such a great shade for work.

  1113. Kim L. says:

    It’d definitely be Kelly! Love it

  1114. Violet M says:

    Lola is most definitely my favorite shade of pink, and my most favorite Zoya polish, it brightens up my day =)

  1115. jezebelseven says:

    Ivanka is the one I go back to time and time again. The kind I will get the bottle out and just flip it over and over in my hands to admire, even if I’m not painting my nails. So glittery and gorgeous. Perfect formula. I wish they made Ivanka in other color families– like a blue version, orange version… Nothing else quite matches up to it’s brilliance though.

  1116. Karen Smith says:

    I love Love LOVE Happi!!! It

  1117. Eliza says:

    Julieanne! I love all that sparkle!

  1118. Kristen says:

    great giveaway! my must have zoya polish is bela, it’s the perfect pink nude for every occasion.

  1119. Cierra says:

    I’m currently in love with Cynthia from the Smoke and Mirrors collection!!

  1120. Ace says:

    I absolutely cannot live without Indigo! Multi-colored microglitter? Yes, please!!!

  1121. Vikki says:

    Yasmeen love it.

  1122. peripatetic33 says:

    Midori Midori Midori
    i like Irene a lot too

  1123. Michelle says:

    I’m gonna go with Adina and Yasmeen. :)

  1124. Amanda says:

    I love love love Neeka.

  1125. Alison G says:

    I love Indigo! It’s my favorite navy blue, so sparkly!

  1126. sage says:

    My all time favorite is Ivanka! It’s so sparkly!

  1127. Elaine says:

    Zoya casey is my all time favorite nail polish…. Pretty much every time I paint my nails I have to choose between it and something else…. its funny though because I LOVE bright colors but for some reason that one always calls out to me!!

  1128. Denise says:

    I love Zoya’s Crystal! the bright blue base and the gold glitter combination is amazing!

  1129. Sarah says:

    I can’t live without Faye, it’s utterly gorgeous!!

  1130. hilarie mclaughlin says:

    indigo! I love that blue and glitter!

  1131. Julia says:

    I love Zoya Ibiza!

  1132. Anne says:

    Can’t live without Carmen!

  1133. Danielle says:

    Cynthia. It is just such a stunner!

  1134. Spencer says:

    hands down, dove. it’s my go to neutral, while still looking a bit edgy.

  1135. Carly says:

    Gilda is my absolute favorite!

  1136. Anna C. says:

    My surprise favorite this summer has been Faye…so sparkly!

  1137. Sandra says:

    Can’t live without Posh! With or without topcoat! :) I hope I win because my collection needs more Zoya!

  1138. amy d says:

    i love pinta!

  1139. Michelle says:

    I love Zoya Ivanka!

  1140. Zane says:

    Well I just purchased my first Zoya color. It is amazing and I love the brand so much! I got Yara from the smoke and mirrors collection. I love the way the small glittery particles gussie up the olive shade. I have olive skin and it is usually impossible for me to wear those olive drabs without looking icky so Yara is perfect for me.

  1141. sarah says:

    I don’t own any Zoya yet – I’m new to nail polish fanaticism and am still working on rounding out my collection – but I’m definitely eyeing Yara as my first Zoya purchase!

  1142. Heather says:

    I love Lolly! My 4 year old daughter and I reach for this color most when we have our “girl time”. We love Zoya because it doesn’t use the harsh chemicals that are found in a lot of other polishes.

  1143. Liz says:

    Love Jem! It’s so pretty!

  1144. Iris says:

    For me, my nails are all about Gemma. It goes with everything I own and looks quirky yet professional. I love it.

  1145. Jenni says:

    I currently can’t live with out Zoya’s Crystal. Blue is my favorite color and when I saw Crystal, it was love at first site. But something tells me Noel is going to be one of my new favorites.

  1146. Nancy says:

    DEFINITELY would have to be Zoya Crystal. It’s my all-time favorite!

  1147. Janet says:

    It changes all the time, but for the moment I will say Gemma. I love duochromes!

  1148. jolene says:

    I love the dark purple jewel tones of Zoya’s Mimi!

  1149. Christine says:

    Neeka is SUCH a beauty!!! Although, Kelly may win Neeka over if I get my hands on her. Eeee!

  1150. Jensine says:

    Adina! :)

  1151. meghan says:

    Gaia is kind of my jam! It’s subtle but AWESOME, and great year round!

  1152. Andrea says:

    I actually haven’t owned or tried any Zoya polishes (yet!), but I always gravitate towards the purples, Hope in particular.

  1153. Melissa says:

    Charisma is one of the most perfect purples ever.

  1154. Sterling says:

    Hmmm… I think I could wear Isla on my toes forever! Love my little Zoya collex, would love to add to it! (Holy crap I NEED Holly lol)

  1155. Izzy says:

    Veruschuka! It is the BEST matte I have ever seen and the color is absolutely beautiful! And even better with a topcoat :)

  1156. Nicole F says:

    Pippa makes me all kinds of happy.

  1157. Linda says:

    I absolutely adore CHARLA. She is so beautiful that I can’t stop admiring her on my nails.

  1158. Yvonne says:

    I would have to say Zoya Charla. It’s the polish that started my neeeeed for Zoya. Haha! ^_^

  1159. breeoxd says:

    Hmm tough one! I’d have to say Edyta… ADORE that baby! Thanks for the chance!

  1160. Caroline says:

    LOVE love Pasha :)

  1161. Ruthie says:

    I am a sucker for blacks, so when Zoya did their mattes I flipped over Dovima!

  1162. Desiree says:

    My current fave is Jem!

  1163. Allie says:

    Trixie! Ohhhh I adore it; it’s so shiny and fabulous! And I’ve been putting Isla on my toes for almost three straight months now. I adoooore Zoya polishes.

  1164. Kelly says:

    I’m tied between Rica because it is such a versatile color, you can wear it alone or layer it and it looks great both ways or Penny because I love metallics and my dog is named Penny. ;-)

  1165. Alicia says:


  1166. Alla Maye says:


  1167. Erin says:

    Apple. Best. Color. Ever.

  1168. Chris says:

    Robyn is my go-to pedicure color and probably the one in my collection I always grab.
    But really, there isn’t a Zoya I don’t like. :)

  1169. maud amanda says:

    i love love love richelle! instant nail jewelry.

  1170. Gabrielle says:

    My favorite Zoya polish so far is Ginger. Bright but not so much that’s it’s blinding. I just love so many colors I’m running out of space for all my bottles

  1171. Kara says:

    I can’t live without charla. I love many but charla is my absolute fav.

  1172. Connie says:

    Isla is my most loved zoya shade…EVER!

  1173. Laurie Mesa says:

    Still crystal! Love that color.

  1174. Gwenn says:

    I love Roxy – it was my first Zoya and it’s still my favorite.

  1175. Kristina says:

    There are many faves, but I’m going to say Ki ! It’s gorg! Thanks….

  1176. Priya says:

    I absolutely adore Ki. She is gorgeous enough for a fancy night out, but also manages to look classy enough for work with short nails. Love Zoya!

  1177. Asha says:

    I love Zoya Crystal!

  1178. robbie says:

    Have not tried it before, but I like Jules.

  1179. CrimsonCountess says:

    Zoya – Codie. Like no other color ever!

  1180. Julia says:

    I can’t live without Zoya Dannii, it’s so gorgeous!

  1181. Alyssa says:

    This may shock you, but I actually do not own any zoya polishes :O I know lol There are many that I would like to buy though. Its almost a must that I get my hands on the new one you showed named Noel since that is my middle name. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  1182. Michelle says:

    The fall Zoya colors have finally started showing up at Ulta, and though I have immediate plans for Jem and Anja, I don’t think the summer fling with Gemma is over (Love love love!)!

  1183. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Indigo. I enjoy doing a French Manicure using Indigo and China Glaze For Audrey. I can’t wait to try Holly. It looks as green as Elphaba from Wicked!

  1184. Jennifer H says:

    I just LOVE Kimmy!!

  1185. Marnie Scholl-Moore says:

    I am wearing Dannii right now, but I also love Cheryl and Nina. I have so many favorites from Zoya!!

  1186. Carol Q says:

    Phoebe from the ModMatte Summer 2011 Collection!

  1187. kio says:

    i absolutely cannot live without zoya ki, it’s my all-time favorite.

  1188. Tara says:

    At the moment Edyta and Yara are the two colors from Zoya that I am loving and can’t live without.

  1189. Susan O says:

    Manon is beautiful!

  1190. Gaby says:

    The Zoya shade I can’t live without is Zoya Crystal. It was love at first sight for me!

  1191. beata says:

    Zoya pandora. I love this mauve. I can’t believe I actually love a mauve!

  1192. Sara says:

    I cannot live without Miley! Definitely my go-to right now!

  1193. chica says:

    Ivanka! Love green, love sparkles, and love the name.

  1194. Melissa says:

    At the moment Jem is my favorite shade!

  1195. Kerry brinkley says:

    I love zoya color Faye!

  1196. Emily says:

    I’m absolutely in love with Zoya Dannii. It was my first Zoya and the one that captured my heart! ;P

  1197. Tammy says:

    I love love love Raven. It is my favorite black. I have several and Raven is the only one I keep going back to.

  1198. Chelsey says:

    I drool so hard over Ivanka

  1199. kelly says:

    i love kelly!! for obvious reasons hehehe. and you can wear it for any kind of season!

  1200. Katt says:

    I love all my zoyas, both the crazy ones and the classic ones. The one I absolutely couldn’t live without, though, is Bela. It is the perfect low key feminine pink for work.

  1201. Cindy Hornsby says:

    I can NOT live without Kimmy. It’s a perfect shade of orangy red…not too dark for my pale skin and not to light that it looks washed out. Love it!

  1202. Anna Mustafa says:

    Rica. I don’t know what I did before she came into my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without her now.

  1203. Allyson says:

    I love Zoya Caitlin!!!!

  1204. My fav Zoya color is Ibiza. It’s a beauty on it’s own, it works great with glitter layering, and it stamps! Perfect polish!

  1205. Jenifer says:

    Yara! Or maybe Jem. Or both.

  1206. Kendra says:

    I absolutely love Sooki – must be the Southern Vampire Mystery (aka True Blood) lover in me!

  1207. Jane says:

    My favorite is Charla!

  1208. Shannon Mejia says:

    I love Angelina and Envy!!

  1209. ashpags says:

    Currently, it’s the Jem that I just picked up. It’s gorgeous!

  1210. MM says: