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ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Nina Ultra Pro Salsa

nina ultra pro salsa nail polish from sally beauty supply 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

I was recently telling a friend that my holy grail of greens, the thing I don’t have, with the exception of a green holo (STILL waiting for that), is a dark emerald jelly polish. NARS Zulu gets all sorts of buzz but anyone who has tried it knows the formula is a train wreck. Even the Nfu Oh green jellies, while a huge improvement over Zulu, aren’t perfect.

On a similar note, I stumbled across a FANTASTIC green jelly today while I was attempting to reorganize some of my polishes. It’s not my dream emerald green jelly but it’s still unique. I have no idea when Nina Ultra Pro Salsa came into my life. I think it was last summer when I purchased Never Glum Plum but can’t be sure. Check it!

Formula & Application: Nina Ultra Pro polishes are 4-Free (includes formaldehyde resin). The fat, round glass bottles are topped with smooth, plastic caps. The brush is round, thick and pretty average in length. As I mentioned in my review of Never Glum Plum, the brush is a little too thick for my liking but now that I’m used to it, I was able to leave the proper amount of polish on it to avoid pooling.

The formula itself amazed me. It applies like a jelly, with the first coat going down a bit sheer but that’s when the surprise comes. You see just how pigmented this polish is when you add a second coat and it’s almost opaque. Now I applied Salsa really thin and BARELY needed a third coat so most users can probably get away with two. Like traditional jellies it dries super glossy.

Nina Ultra Pro Salsa is this incredibly vibrant grass green creme. It has some yellow undertones but not to the point where it becomes unwearable for the cool toned peeps. What I love most is that it has this delicious jelly texture yet it isn’t streaky or sheer. It’s my ideal for a green jelly and feels very similar to the creme/jelly polishes that Deborah Lippmann has been putting out lately, ie I Know What Boys Like.

nina ultra pro salsa nail polish swatch green jelly nail polish

Bottom Line: Even if I do own a dupe to this color, I highly doubt that the formula can compare. That alone makes Salsa a winner and a must-buy in my opinion. The color is not only brilliant for summer, it would be fabulous for fall, spring, St. Patrick’s day or the winter holiday season.

365 of Untrieds Stash/Share Verdict: In case my gushing wasn’t enough of a clue, I’m STASHing it!

Nina Ultra Pro nail polish is available at Sally Beauty stores nationwide and online at I didn’t see Salsa listed on the website but I hope it can still be found in stores. They retail for $4.29/ea for a .5oz bottle but are regularly on special and even cheaper with a Beauty Club Card.

Who else is smitten with Salsa? Do you own this beauty? Do you have a favorite green jelly that I’m missing out on?

Disclosure: I purchased this nail polish. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 49 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Katie says:

    Nubar Reclaim isn’t green enough? I love it :)

  2. Melissa says:

    Such a unique color! Another win for a budget friendly brand!

  3. Carrie says:

    Nars Zulu is one of the few polishes I really regret buying – most polishes if I don’t care for them I don’t mind because I usually sick to brands like China Glaze which are relatively inexpensive. Zulu though? I’ve not touched a NARS polish since and not inclined to.

    As for this color, I’m not a fan of the grass color (just too bright) but man, the formula looks great! I may have to check out the brand!

  4. Oh wow, this is super pretty. I’ve seen this at Sally’s before but I guess I’ve always been in a glitter mood when I’ve been because I’ve always overlooked it. Next time they have a special on these I’ll pick one up for sure!

  5. Maggie says:

    My grandma gave this to me and I noticed that my bottle was a dupe to OPI Jade is the New Black. That could just be mine though:/

  6. Rie says:

    Okay, this polish needs to be in my stash ASAP. It’s absolutely stellar!

    Also, if you’re looking for a green holo you should give Hi-Tech by Milani a try (if you haven’t tried it already). It’s part of their 3D Holographic line and I’m pretty much in love with it. ^_^

  7. Lindsay says:

    Have you tried Finger Paints “Tough Art to Follow”? It’s kind of a… Crelly? Jeme? And it’s a gorgeous no-shimmer vampy green.

  8. ALY says:

    Gorgeous! You might want to try New York Summer Amaranth too. It is a great green jelly. One of my favorites of all time :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      That’s two recs for Amaranth. I always look at that line on TD but never end up getting anything. I guess now I need to.

  9. Barbara says:

    Oh! You could try Sinful’s Last Chance. It’s a dark green jelly, very similar to Nar’s Zulu. I’m not so sure about the application, but I’ve never experienced any issues with it. I absolutely love Last Chance. :)
    Time to get my hands on this green polish. I love greens.

  10. em says:

    you should check out new york summer’s amaranth if you haven’t already!

  11. Ulmiel says:

    Oh, supernice!! I’ll try to get it somehow. Green jelly … I don’t know, does Rampage count as one or is it still creme? Btw, as for green holo goes, Reclaim too bright for you? I know, emerald green holo would be simply to die for, but Reclaim is perfect in it’s own way too. :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh no doubt, Reclaim is beautiful but it’s not the emerald holo I dream of. How did I forget about Rampage? Duh! I really need to stop storing my Illamasqua’s in their boxes. I end up overlooking them.

  12. Jill says:

    I need to have that now! I’m a fellow green polish lover. It kind of reminds me of OPI Green-wich Village only darker, but the same texture. Would that be considered a jelly too?

  13. sara says:

    I love this polish! I’m pretty sure I bought it on clearance for a dollar. After I bought it, I thought it might be a dupe for Zoya Shawn, but it’s not even close. Just in case anyone is wondering. :)

  14. Sw says:

    Oh, this is just too pretty! I love greens.. and jellies.. So a total win! And that it is a grass green just makes it even better..
    I hope I find a polish like this some day =)

  15. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know of a green jelly for you- but isn’t Nubar Reclaim a green holo? I posted it on my blog under the heading a holo virgin no longer if you’re interested.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      It is a green holo but it’s so light. I reviewed it when it first came out and it’s pretty but my dream is for an emerald green holo.

  16. hontapocasgreen says:

    Lovely color! Still in my untrieds.I don’t have any favorite green jellies, but this may be it. It is discontinued and sadly, I don’t think it can be found in stores anymore.

  17. Chiara says:

    Do you think is it similar to Zoya Shawn?

  18. Congratulation for most popular blog in the german magazin “Brigitte”! :)

    kind regards,
    MrsPetruschka aka Petra :)

  19. terri says:

    I have the Nina Ultra Pro Salsa & I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it….Perfection…I actually went back to Sally’s & bought a second bottle so I wouldn’t run out…a beautiful rich green..not too dark..not too light.
    I just bought 2 new shades I found by Cover Girl CQ…Couduroy, which is a bluish green & Slate which is a dark green blue (hard to describe, I just don’t have your knack for describing colors. You would have to see them) They apply great, no streaking & excellent coverage with 2 coats & they last..very little chipping noted..I hope you can check them out & do a review..they are inexpensive & are beautiful.

  20. Tisha_ says:

    I tried this brand for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I am in LOVE. I have a similar green to this. Mine has a different name though (which escapes me right now). The one I’ve tried is Sailor, which is a dark blue. A beautiful color. I can wait to try the others I have in this brand.

  21. Chris says:

    What a beautiful green. This is what I wanted OPI Green-wich Village to look like on me.

  22. sb_sweetie says:

    That is one gorgeous jelly! Might have to pick it up next time I’m at Sally’s.

  23. Deb says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were such winners in this brand! Did this polish stain your nails?

  24. Jammies says:

    Isn’t Nubar Reclaim a green holo?

    Salsa looks good on you, but I still worry about the yellow tone to it.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      It is but it’s pretty light. I want an emerald green holo. Like the amazing dark holos in the original OPI DS line.

  25. Alyson says:

    Wow is that gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Nina Ultra Pro, but I’ll def. be seeking a Sally’s out to pick this one up (there aren’t many Sally’s in NYC).

  26. meme says:

    So excited for you Ms. Green lover, you found a new green that is super in your book. I have 3 shades from NUP that I just bought from bottle looking at Sally’s. I like all 3 a lot. The formula I have found to be like you expressed, fast to get to opaque. I certainly would buy more of this brand and recommend it to others. I would really like to see more shades in this line carried at Sally’s. My shades I have in this brand are a duochrome ‘look’ plum shade, a deep navy blue and a lovely brighter red/orange.

  27. Fel says:

    Cute!! I think I’ll give it a try :)

  28. Shoppingaholic says:

    I totally lvoe this shade!! and how true this shade will run throughout year and we won’t get tired of it..

  29. Sandra says:

    For a dark emerald jelly, try BB Couture’s Clyde!

  30. olivia says:

    very pretty!

  31. Melany says:

    I’m really starting to like Nina Ultra Pro polishes. I’m not even a “green” person, but this color is gorgeous!

  32. Katie says:

    No luck at the Sally’s in Medina.

  33. Emily says:

    oh very nice. I’m surprised how much I like nina ultra pro. “in a tiff” is one of my all time favs and never glum is just perfect. plus they are affordable and have a decent color selection. This one will be in my shopping cart my next trip to Sally’s.

  34. Sam E says:

    You have to try LeChats dare to wear back to basics green jelly. You will fall in love. The formula is perfect the color is perfect and the staying power is amazing. You can order the back to basics set on ebay and maybe you can find the green from the set individually but it is EXACTLY the color that you are looking for!!!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Thank you Sam! I’ve never tried LeChat but now I’m going to hunt that down. MWAH!!

  35. ReaderRita says:

    OH MY STARS! That is fabulous!!!
    I think I may have that one as an untried, too…
    For goodness sake, WHY HAVEN’T I TRIED IT?
    That could be the world’s most perfect green manicure…

  36. HidenGoPeep says:

    I work at a Sally Beauty Supply, and Salsa was an in/out promo! If anyone would find this in-store, it would be clearanced. However, Nina Ultra Pro recently did markdowns of quite a few polishes, so Salsa could possibly make a comeback to the permanent line.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Boo! I was hoping it was a perm shade. Does Sally Beauty have a say in what colors they make perm?

      • Kristen says:

        It was an in & out that also had an orange, purple, corral-ish pink, and a blue all last summer. I am incredibly bummed I didn’t buy it now seeing this. I usually pick the blues, purples and greens & wanted to branch out and bought the orange and pink. Corporate Sally’s and the polish companies agree on color choices. I really wish they’d ask us what we thought would sell.

  37. Gina says:

    What a gorgeous green that is! I’ll look for it when I pick up some polish remover at Sally’s. I also own Zulu and though I’ve only worn it once, it’s such a nice dark green shade!