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Putting Nfu Oh to the Test – A NOTD with 568 & 56

By on August 9, 2010
in Glitter, Green, Nfu Oh
nfu-oh-56-568 What a weekend! I think I’m still recovering from a wine induced coma. The Vintage Ohio wine festival took place over the weekend and The BF and I hopped in a van with the neighbors to take part in an all day sampling of Ohio wines.

We’ve been going to this festival for the past 11 years and even though we’re there for the wine I still come home every year with a bag of kettle corn the size of a small child.  Popcorn is my one true food vice and kettle corn is my Achilles heel.

Anyway, I thought since I would be outside in the sun all day on Saturday, it was an excellent excuse for Nfu Oh Flakies!!  I started a wear test using #568 (pictured left) & #56 (pictured right) last Monday but I anticipated having to take it off by Saturday.  To my surprise it still looked so fantastic I only had to paint my swatching hand to match.  Check it!

Application & Formula: The Nfu Oh bottle doesn’t list ingredients so other than the FabulouStreet website saying it’s 3-Free I have nothing to go on.  The brushes are short, round and firm.  For me a firm brush means a light touch so you don’t end up with cuticle drag when applying multiple coats.

Because 568 is a jelly it applies a bit streaky and squishy but compared the granddaddy of green jellies, NARS Zulu, it’s a flippin dream to brush on.  Three coats give you opaque, glossy, jelly perfection.  Tip: Make sure you wrap your tips/cap your edges.  I was in a bit of a rush on Saturday and as you can see, forgetting that step leaves the free edge slightly lighter.

Nfu Oh 568 is a mossy green jelly.  It actually looks a lot like seaweed salad, which I only recently discovered.  I don’t know how I’ve never ordered it at the sushi bar before.  So good!


On its own, Nfu Oh 56 is pretty sheer.  From what I can tell all the “flakies” from Nfu Oh are like that.  In the bottle it looks like a vivid emerald hue but due to the sheerness of the base it’s a lot lighter on the nail, more of a spring green.  The green flakes and micro-glitter come alive in the light like they’ve been set on fire.  I used three coats for this swatch and while you can’t see it in the pic, I still had VNL.  This polish is best utilized for layering.


Put 56 over 568 and you’ve got one hell of a green party going on.  I’ve been totally mesmerized by my nails for days with this combo.  It’s like a green lovers dream come true.  It may even top China Glaze Emerald Sparkle as my all time fave green glitter and those are BIG words.


As I mentioned above, I decided to give this combo a wear test last Monday.  I used Essie Fill The Gap base coat, three coats of 568, two coats of 56 and a layer of CND Super Shiney.  That’s a lot of layers!  I totally expected it to be chip city due to the thickness but it was the opposite.  I didn’t start to see any tip wear until Friday and even today, it still looks like when I took this picture on Saturday.  Consider that a Wear Test Win!


Removal: I really didn’t find removal to be an issue with this combo. I had a few errant flakes on my skin but that was pretty much it. I held a HandsDown pad on my nail for 20 seconds and it slid right off. Now when I removed the glitter on its own, it was a little bit more difficult but now what you would generally associate with glitters.

Nfu Oh nail polishes can be purchased online from Polishes retail for $12.50/ea for a 17ml bottle (appox 5.5 oz) and shipping is FREE to US Residents.

Can you handle the temptation of my Nfu Ohs?  How many of you have caved since I made my first purchase.  Shall we start an ALU Nfu Oh Addicts club?  Because I see this brand becoming a serious issue for my wallet.  THIS is why I didn’t buy them earlier.

Disclosure: I bought these polishes from For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Krystal S. says:

    I’m still waiting to go Nfu-Oh nuts but I will one day

  2. Antonea says:

    I’m not a big fan of green but wow!
    I want these!

    I only have Nfu-Oh #51 and just ordering one was a serious challenge!

    Leave it to Italy to turn nail polish into a masterpiece! :)

  3. Jen says:

    Okay, that is one seriously awesome combo. Emerald Sparkle is one of my favorite polishes ever, but this.. I think I need 56 and 568. Thanks for sharing <3

  4. Grace says:

    I don’t own any of these polishes, and I feel like a total polish newbie for even asking (although I’m actually not): How in the world do you pronounce the name of this brand?

  5. Breanna says:

    WANT. I’m practically drooling over your nails.

  6. Medusa says:

    So beautiful! LOVE the 56 over 568.

    I have already lemminged the Aqua Base coat and #61 (which arrived today!).

  7. Winnie says:

    Love, love, LOVE! Looks like I’ll be placing another order soon, that layering combo is ah-maze-ing!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend, I myself enjoyed a margarita the size of a Super Big Gulp on Saturday. My Best Friend and I were giggling fools in the restaurant which led to a day of mindless shopping, can’t get much better than that, except maybe these Nfu Oh polishes! (How the bloody heck do you pronounce that anyway?)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      According to xio above, it’s pronounced enfu-oh. I had no idea. I was saying nu-fu oh in my head. Ha! Shows how wrong I was.

      A marg the size of a super big gulp sounds like a good time!!

      • Winnie says:

        Ha! That’s what it sounded like in my head too! Well, at least we all know now. Good thing you don’t need to know how to say it to order it online either ;-)

  8. Bubblewrapper says:

    I ordered #61 and the Aqua Base after seeing them on your site a few days ago. I placed the order Saturday afternoon and they arrived in the mail today. I am in NY so I am kind of amazed. It’s almost as if they were hiding in my bushes to make the delivery that quickly. Needless to say, I love them and am both grateful/irritated that I have a new brand of polish to pick up. Great pics.

  9. Laura says:

    I LOVE Nfu-Oh polishes! I jumped on the bandwagon before your posts. I think it was Scrangie that did it! I have 38, 40 (clear flakie top coats – one is a dupe for SH Hidden Treasure and GOSH Rainbow in case someone is searching for those), 52, 53, 60 (all flakies), 65 (holo), and 119 (jelly). I love the polishes. They have the best bottles ever! The wear and quality of the polishes is great! They are so unique! If they cost less I’d have a whole lot more of them!

  10. Elaine says:


  11. Freshie says:

    I don’t own any yet, like you I’m holding out on the goodness so I don’t go insane!

  12. Georgina says:

    so nice! it is mesmerizing! good job on the combo! :)

  13. NailPolishFan says:

    I’ve never tried Nfu Oh polishes before, but they do look pretty. Could you please compare if you can Nfu Oh 568, Avon Olive Green,Orly Enchanted Forest, and OPI Here Today Aragon Tommorrow?
    Thank You

  14. Paillette says:

    I have a few, they are totally worth it.

    And besides the cool factor of flakies and great polish, the bottles are so hot.

  15. Ping says:

    God, that’s insanely awesome! Love that combo!!

  16. Jana says:

    Pretty combo

  17. It’s hard to stop buying them once you start! I love them though… I just wish they’d make a polish with silver flakes!

  18. Lady M says:

    You know, green is a iffy color for me, even though as a redhead I am supposed to love it. I still prefer purple lol. BUT, that combo just flat does it for me. hmmmm….there goes 25 bucks lol. I goota have them.

  19. Julie says:

    Nfu-Oh polishes are amazing! I layered Nfu-Oh 50 over Eyeko Lilac polish and it lasted me a week. :D I just wished this brand was more widely accessible!

  20. Zara says:

    That is gorgeous! The mossy green and the flakies have an amazing depth when layered.

  21. Nancy says:

    I’ve been holding out on purchasing anything from Nfu oh.. but I think you may have just broken my resolve! :)

    On a slightly unrelated note, I’ve noticed some of my favorite polishes need a pick me up! Can you recommend any particular brand of thinner? I’ve never used one before, so I’m a bit wary!
    Thanks so much!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I have Seche Restore and a big bottle of cheap thinner from Sally Beauty. I try not to thin my polishes unless they absolutely need it. Just add it very slowly, a drop or two at a time and roll the polish a lot in between. Test the viscosity in between each addition so you don’t go overboard.

      • Nancy says:

        OK I’ll give it a go! A couple old favorites have become quite gloopy, so hopefully this will revive them!
        Thank you! :D

  22. That combo looks amazing!! I love the flakes! Gorgeous!

  23. Tobias says:

    I like the colours! gorgeous! have a great day!
    a male fanatic :-)

  24. July says:

    Gorgeous! i have 568, but not 56, next to order along with blue flakes one.

    Nfu-oh 51 on top of a purple polish here:

  25. Sherie says:

    I’m not big on layering but I really LOVE this!

  26. Melanie says:

    I am so GREEN with envy!!! It’s a shame that this wonderfull colors/lacquers are not available in Europe or better in Switzerland!
    It’s looks very sparkly. Thank you

    • ixo says:

      They are. If your country has a Nfu.Oh-dealer, you can only purchase it there (and only there), if not, you can order from fabuloustreet, which imo is better, because i.e. the german shop only has up to #132. :=(

      Swiss shop:

  27. Debsterr says:

    How pretty it is <3. recently tried a similar combo with Essence All Acces (nice darkgreen with shimmer, for layering good with one coat!) and this Nfu Oh gorgeous. You can see the picture of it here:

  28. Laynie says:

    Holy wow, that is….

    *sighs wistfully* That is some major awesomesauce you have all over your fingernails.
    Then again, after the several minutes of drooling over your nails, I looked down at mine and realized mine look pretty awesome too. Hidden Treasure and royal purple go really, really well together! =P

    Still, that’s for a blog sometime in the future… :D

  29. Strega_syria says:

    they are really gorgeous,but too too sheer!
    i bought at laest 10 (don’t rembember the numbers)
    but i ended up non-using them cause they’re too sheer.Sure,good for layering,but i don’t have the patience to find a color to match,and honestly,in the bottle they look sooooo beautiful and i want THAT color on my nails!!!

  30. KatieM says:

    immediately put my name on the list for the Aqua base after your post and I asked Joclyn about a Holo gold (linked your post, she thought it was a great idea and would pass it on to the lab)

  31. Oh, wow, beautiful! I have a long list of Nfu-Oh’s I want to order…just waiting for that cash to flow in haha.

  32. Ashley says:

    I am REALLY loving your Nfu Oh swatches. Keep it up! I am dyyyyying for this combination and I love how long it lasted!

  33. Tasha says:

    Loveeeeee it!! Totally worth the splurge!

  34. Camies says:


    want want want want!

  35. zygzak says:

    I am a collector of green polishes and a fan of layering. I’d like to share my favourite combo, even better than nfu flakes:
    - 3 layers of zoya ivanka
    - 1 layer of opi thrills in beverly hills

    Opi will not be put equally on every place on the nail and it creates a multidimencional efect od the snake skin scales. Beautiful! Much better than Ivanka without it.

    This is currently my favourite green.

  36. Zippy says:



    Excuse me while I go die.

  37. readerrita says:

    This combo is super fantastic! Lordie, I lurv me some Nfu Oh flakies!!! I caved a while ago and got a bunch of them-(#’s 38 thru 50-something) and
    they glow like mad opals!!!

  38. Sonja Waschke says:

    These colors look hypnotic. I have to check if they available at Germany.

  39. melli says:

    I am so pleased you are into Nfu-Oh! It is a wonderful brand, and the flakies are just stunning! Their greens are fantastic. Your post is making me want to order more….I originally got mine from New Zealand, so it is great to be able to order from the US – closer to home.

  40. Kitty says:

    That’s a hot look. Wow!

  41. Mischa says:

    omg! absolutely gorgeous mani! talking about dripping with emeralds! :o)

  42. Sandra says:

    Received the 56 yesterday and it’s amazing!!! Love your combo!! Will try it with some dark greens I own of zoya and orly. Next on my wishlist is the blue version :)

  43. Christine Nieves says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous photography! Wow, St. Patricks Day here I come! Do I have to wait until March?

  44. Rose says:

    So happy you found Nfu-oh!
    If you look closely on the bottle cap (corset side, not boobie side) you can actually see ‘enfu-Oh’ engraved :D.
    Good news for (ao) Melanie: Nfus are readily available though various etailers in Europe, and Fabuloustreet ships to Europe too (UK I’m not sure). I have ordered from an Estonian site, a German site and 2 Dutch sites (all safe). And prices aren’t higher either. Just google and you’ll find them. Last winter every single one of them had run out of the wonderful #51 (worldwide!), which is as close to Clarins 230 as mere mortals can get. Eventually Nfu managed to make another batch (OPI are you listening?!), and continues to spread the love… oh, btw some Nfu flakies are more equal than others: 46, 48, 51, 52, 56 and 57 have flakies AND microglitter (whereas eg 49, 58, 59 and 60 have only flakies). 119 is an almost legendary dark blue jelly, 569 is the best Zulu dupe so far, and their holos are tdf…
    Anyway I know at least 2 blogs that feature a lot of Nfus, manicuredmanatee and polishhoarderdisorder. You may want to edit this, or leave the names –> spread the love!
    (my Xmas mani was 56 over Emerald Sparkle, glitchless holiday, I was staring my nails instead of getting annoyed with ppl/food/boredom/bad weather LOL)

  45. kathyb says:

    omg! I just got my shipment. so happy! I got #59 and #37 in the flitters. watching the gorgeous 59 dry right now which is a cherry red. it’s definately tricky to apply, they are a bit thick. AND I got the aqua base and #61 holo… may have to rock that one this weekend. whoot!

  46. Ice says:

    Love love love this – but cannot find aqua base – can I get an assist?

  47. Lena says:

    i caved in the moment i saw swatches on scrangie’s blog–3 years ago?! i have 3 and haven’t been able to add more. too pricey! :(

  48. shuzluva says:

    I finally managed to apply the Aqua Base and #51 last night. Whoa. This polish is amazing! I am now officially addicted. Damn it.

  49. I’ve been saying Noof OH LOL.

    Rather late in joining the craze but I just got my first stash (5) which I am pretty sure includes that Flakies. GORGEOUS!

    I have to say, compared to $20 for Lippmann, $12.50 doesn’t seem so bad…and FabulouStreet was *awesome*. I’ve never seen such great packing! They could have sent a raw egg and I don’t think there would have been a crack in it!

    Thank you for all your amazing reviews–your blog has helped me choose colors. There are so many out there, sometimes you have to whittle it down to the best!