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China Glaze Vintage Vixen “Hotsy Totsy” Swatches & Review

china glaze vintage vixen hotsy totsy six piece set Goldie Hawn in Swing Shift, Joan Crawford’s signature brows, Dita Von Teese’s moon manicures, Cannery Row, Lauren Bacall’s wavy locks.  All these things dance through my head when I think about the 1940′s screen sirens and the look of that decade.

China Glaze has channeled that vibe into their Fall 2010 collection, Vintage Vixen.  Muted neutrals, vivid jewel tones and shiny metallics are all given the China Glaze twist infusing different textures to create some unique versions of old standards.

Application & Formula: China Glaze is a 3-Free brand with a round brush that is both medium in length and firmness with enough give to allow for ease of control.  The cap is slightly tapered and made of smooth plastic that is comfortable to hold.

In this collection the polishes are all well pigmented and flow smoothly on the nail.  I was able to get away with two medium coats of each color with the exception of the two metallics that are on the semi-sheer side and require three.

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the word “frost” pop up over and over again in the initial preview info, all I kept thinking was “grandma!” It’s like that word is forever bonded with pearly white old lady polish.  You know what I mean?  Though I’m very happy to discover that frost doesn’t have to have a negative connotation.

Jitterbug is foil looking metallic that looks like a graphite version of Orly Shine.  It’s a shame my camera doesn’t do foil metallics justice.  I’m not happy with how the finish of this polish or Swing Baby appears on screen.  It’s MUCH better in person.  Trust!


Bogie is a silver tinged plum frost.  What keeps it and the rest of the frosts from being brush stroke nightmares is the metallic shimmer.  There are still minute brush lines but they look more like ribbons of shimmer than actual brush marks.  I know this is one of the polishes people were hoping would dupe Chanel Paradoxal and unfortunately for your wallet, it doesn’t.


Hey Doll is a rosy shimmer similar in finish to Bogie and Foxy (below).  The silver shimmer makes it look like the darker less metallic version of Orly Rage.  I don’t know why but I just can’t get into this.  Of all the shades in this set it’s the only one that doesn’t feel as current.  Like it’s stuck in the past.


Foxy is probably a little too fall for right now but come leaf changing season I’ll be all over this.  The burnt red with flecks of tonal shimmer is really gorgeous.  It’s not necessarily what I would think of as being my speed but the depth this color has is mesmerizing.


Ingrid is probably the most unique flower in this bunch.  I was a bit skeptical as to how creme and micro-glitter would come together but it’s a smash hit.  The golden flecks make the “greige” creme come alive.  After a year of greige being the thing I’m happy to see someone putting a fresh spin on it.  Makes it feel new again, no?


Swing Baby is definitely better viewed live and in person.  Like I said above, it just doesn’t translate on camera.  The color is a mix of champagne and taupe.  It’s this warm beige concoction that I’m really into.  I’m telling you, if you like foils, this one is worth a look in spite of how it appears here.


Bottom Line: INGRID, INGRID INGRID. I’m telling you, run out and get Ingrid. Bogie is a nice alternative for those of you who missed out on Dior Silver Purple. Foil lovers should check out one if not both of the foils is this set.  Warm toned girls will appreciate Foxy and Hey Doll gets a pass.

Comparisons: I can hear you already.  Where are the comparisons?? Well, I’m switching things up a bit.  So many times after I post a collection with comparisons you all come up with suggested dupes that I completely forgot about.  So from now on, I will ask for comparison suggestions and then combine your list with mine into a separate comparison post with the colors that are most like the shades in question.  Sound good?

The China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection launches in July and can be found online at etailers like and in stores at Sally Beauty and ULTA.

Make sure you check out my review of the Cat’s Meow collection as well. So Fanatics, what do we think of these colors?  And let’s hear those comparison requests!

Disclosure: Product samples were furnished by China Glaze. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 60 Brilliant Comments

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  1. JenG says:

    oooh I’ll def be picking up Foxy and Ingrid. The rest are kind of blah to me. I’m not a huge fan of most frosts or metallics.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh I’ve been anxiously awaiting your swatches they are the best! I’m in love with the whole collection (minus Hey Doll-I’ll prob get it and give that to my mom) Does swing baby look anything like Orly’s Luxe or am I way off?

  3. Courtney says:

    Ingrid vs. You Don’t Know Jacques? The overall color seems similar, so I’m just curious to see how the microglitter punches it up a bit!

  4. Jen says:

    Possible Ingrid dupe could be Rimmel Night Life from their Fast Play collection. (discontinued now) I have a swatch of it at my flickr, I’ve linked it directly as “website” for this post. :)

    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. Lauren says:

    God I adore fall colors. Jitterbug and Ingrid – LOVE. I definitely want to check out Foxy too, although I’m not sure how it will look on me.

  6. Hannah says:

    Loving Ingrid, and most of the colours really. China glaze is almost impossible to get hold of in the UK except from ebay :(

  7. Lauren says:

    Ingrid and Bogie are definitely doing it for me! As far as comparisons, I would love to see Swing Baby next to Orly Rage, Foxy in between CG Hippie Chic and Short & Sassy and Jitterbug compared to Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede with a top coat :)

  8. Kimberly says:

    I want the ALL so badly that I can’t sleep at night thinking about them. I’ve put myself on a polish buying ban until I get these.

    Your swatches and reviews only provoke me!!! ARGH!!!!

    (they’re lovely)

  9. Alicia says:

    I just added Ingrid and Foxy to my polish wish list! Thanks for all of the great swatches.

  10. Hannah says:

    I would LOVE to see a comparison between Bogie and Dior Silver Purple. I’ve been dying to have SP for months now, but cannot pay the ebay gouger’s prices. :/

  11. aaminahs mom says:

    out of this bunch its ingrid, bogie and jitterbug not really a red/maroon/wine color type of gurl ,but somebody is. i want the greens, blues, purples and taupes the real retina blasters!!! nice posts

  12. Amanda says:

    I’m sure they’re as different as night and day, but I’d still love to see Swing Baby compared to Chanel Kaleidoscope, if possible. I totally missed out on the Chanel, as I’m sure many did, and I’d just like to see exactly what I’m missing. Thanks!

  13. Cel says:

    I am definitely getting Jitterbug and Bogie. Amazing colours.

  14. Am says:

    Foxy is absolutly GORGOUS!!!!

  15. Dana says:

    I’m dyyyying over Ingrid. I had read the release date was July 1st, so I raced over to Ulta – nada. They said the 6th…so I went back. Nope! Grrrr I’m dying to get my hands on Ingrid & Foxy. Where oh where are they??

  16. Amy says:

    It feels like I’m the only nailphile who doesn’t love CG’s Vintage Vixen Collection. =\ All the colors seem kinda blah and dreary and uninspiring.

  17. moeysullivan says:

    Umm, I knew I was going to like this collection. Funny, though, I’m not ready to write off Hey Doll. Like when you started putting up mauves and all of a sudden I started feeling it. I do have and love Orly Rage, so I will have to at least give it a look.

  18. KittyArgyle says:

    Jutterbug looks like an exact dupe for Sally Hansen “Celeb City” in the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear line. Which is nice for 2 dollars at Walmart.

  19. NinaraPoll says:

    More lemmings are born… *swoons*

  20. NailPolishFan says:

    I think I’m going to get Foxy, Ingrid, and I saw the swatch of Classic Camel, which I also liked.

  21. Debbie says:

    Ingrid all the way! I was given a bottle of Jessica Venus was her name yesterday and its a grey with a purple shimmer that I think might be a good (cheaper!) alternative to Chanel Paradoxal but without having the two to compare could be way off. Don’t suppose you have Venus was her name in your stash any where to do a side by side comparison, for all our wallets!

  22. Winnie says:

    ‘Ingrid’ reminds me so much of an old Lancome color I have, I think it’s called ‘Mica’, it’s hiding away somewhere or I’d check it. I think Ingrid might be a shade or two darker, but it’s a great color either way, very unexpected. I too am curious how ‘Swing Baby’ compares to Orly ‘Rage’, as they look similar onscreen, but that can be deceiving. Anyway, I’ll definitely be getting Ingrid, Jitterbug and Bogie, waiting for your great comparison shots on the others!

  23. Regalroyale says:

    Looks like I got to have “Ingrid”. Nice swatches!

  24. Anna says:

    They’re very pretty. I assume they won’t be available to buy yet for a while though? A bit sad about this, as my friend is going to america and has offered to buy me polish…

    Speaking of which I’ve been meaning to ask, which are the best shops to buy OPI and China Glaze in? And does anyone have a suggestion for a brand that is avaliable in shops in the US and is worth giving a go? :)

    • Carrie says:

      China Glaze and Fingerpaints are available in Sally Beauty stores and are definitely worth a try :) Confetti polishes are available in CVS stores and are only about $2 each.

  25. KatieM says:

    Jitterbug & Ingrid for sure and probably Foxy too. Sadly I’m not feeling Swing Baby and I even googled other swatches and still no go. Maybe in person I’ll change my mind. How does Wet N Wild Shield compare to Swing Baby?

  26. Maureen says:

    Ingrid is definitely on my list. Ahh I love it and I still love that whole greige thing. Can’t wait!!

  27. Naomi says:

    Must have Bogie! And I keep going back & forth about Ingrid and Swing Baby… I need to see ‘em in person I suppose.

  28. Serena says:

    When I saw the promo pictures I didn’t think I would like Ingrid…but now I think I need it!

  29. Sherie says:

    LOVE Foxy, Swing Baby, and Bogie!

  30. mariah9999 says:

    I love them all! I can’t wait to see them up close and person. Thanks for the great swatches. They all look fantastic with your skin tone.

  31. GwenSA says:

    I’ve had my eye on Ingrid for a while now and your swatch just sealed the deal. Bogie & Swing Baby are probably going to join Ingrid.

  32. Danielle says:

    Can you please compare Bogie with Chanel Paradoxical and Jitterbug with the new MAC Military?


  33. Nailtastic says:

    I want all of these except for Hey Doll. They all look amazing and makes me long for fall. :-)

  34. Jywoi says:

    Gorgeous! Love almost all of them!

    Did you see the new butter london, Henley Regatta?

    Looks beautiful!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Henley Regatta isn’t a new color, it’s part of their core collection. It’s a very pretty color though because it’s a glitter it’s somewhat sheer and needs a lot of coats. It’s also a pain to remove, as most glitters are.

  35. lvbags says:

    I want to try all of them!

  36. Chris says:

    Do you think if I poured red glitter into a bottle of Jitterbug I would get a shade similar to OPI Mad as a Hatter? Or is Jitterbug not glittery enough?

    • Princessflttrby says:

      I’m thinking not. Mad As A Hatter is multiple colors of glitter, mainly purple, silver, & teal, to my eyes anyway. Plus it’s a straight up glitter polish (all glitter w/ clear base). Jitterbug looks more like a foil fleck polish. I wonder if there’s a franken receipe for MAAH?

  37. Lindsay says:

    i’m really excited about this collection. Bogie reminds of me of China Glaze Joy, which i just bought and love as well. Foxy looks stunning like it came out of a volcano, and Ingrid reminds me of Rimmel Nightlife only with perhaps a better formula…i’ll probably at least buy Ingrid.

  38. Tenns says:

    Lovely swatches! This collection didn’t dazzle me when I first learned of it coming out, but after seeing the swatches I know I’ll have to pick up a few from it!

  39. Diannpes says:

    How does Ingrid compare to $OPI Under Her Trench Coat?

  40. MoonligthBliss says:

    Does Swing Baby seem like a more gold version of Opi’s Hollywood Blonde from their Holiday in Hollywood line? Is it just me?

  41. Zemlet says:

    I also thought of Wet N Wild Craze in Shield when I saw Swing Baby. A nice $1.99 drugstore alternative. I have all of the Craze line from Wet N Wild and have been very happy with the complexity of color and wear for the price.

  42. Susan Dent says:

    Ohhh… Bogie is just gorgeous. I like it better than Chanel Particuleure and Paradoxal. Yay!

  43. Princessflttrby says:

    This collection is soooo pretty! I’ll probably end up with them all LOL Has anyone been able to FIND these yet? I’ve been stalking the online sites for a couple of weeks now and squat squad. Every release date I’ve seen is the 6th of July. What gives??!!

  44. Christina K says:

    I love these colors! I tried a China Glaze polish a few years ago because I loved the color (camisole, I think), but the polish got yucky after a few uses so I threw it out and haven’t bought any since. These colors make me want to try again!

  45. Jitterbug and Foxy will be mine!!!

  46. Heather says:

    Ingrid is a MUST HAVE!!

  47. Karen says:

    Jitterbug, Bogie, Foxy and Ingrid look especially pretty with a matte topcoat.

  48. Brandie says:

    I’m in Dayton OH, and my local Sally’s hasn’t gotten these yet (I asked about the VV collection and the woman looked at me like I had a second head) :(
    Has anyone found these in stores yet?


    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I hate when that happens. I’ve asked about certain collections at my Sallys only to get blank stares. I know there was a delay in shipping but they should be out on shelves by now. Does your store normally get the ChG seasonal collections?

  49. Jen says:

    It NEEDS to be fall already. Seriously, these are begging to be worn.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      It can wait a few more weeks. I’m really enjoying the summer so far. I don’t want the snow to come.

  50. AJ says:

    I know this post has been up a while but I just looked back at it while I was organizing my polishes and it struck me that Foxy looks a heck of a lot like Orly’s Ginger Lily. Maybe more glittery where GL is shimmery? I’m not sure. I’ve got GL but not Foxy, so if you’re still taking requests for comparisons, I’d love to see Ginger Lily next to Foxy if you have it.

  51. Jenn says:

    i was thinking, American Apperal Mouse is a possible dupe for Ingrid? I dont know. Maybe.

  52. Helen says:

    This is my first time hearing about this brand and so far I find it to be really positive. I love the colors especially in metallic. The dark colors are perfect for this summer! I will be looking for these at Sally Beauty Supply!

  53. Gigi says:

    I noticed other swatches of Jitterbug have a few scattered specks of blue. In fact, the first time I looked at it at Sally, I didn’t care for the blue specks and put it back. I changed my mind and went back a few days later. The bottle I picked up doesn’t show any blue at all…just a dark gray/silver. Has any one else noticed this?

  54. Kim says:

    I absolutely LOVED Ingrid when I saw your swatch here, so I ran out to Ulta and bought Ingrid, Midnight Mission and Bogie. I couldn’t wait to see what Ingrid looked like on me, so I painted my thumb nail in the car. I just kept staring at it the whole way home. It’s so gorgeous in the sunlight. The picture here doesn’t do it justice. It’s amazing.

  55. Hayley says:

    Love your blog! I got ingrid a couple months ago, amazing color(and the name is a great tribute to my favorite old time movie star Ingrid Bergman), I wear it allot, looks great with olive greens and my pale kind of cold skin tone and is one the easiest formulas to apply, in fact I have almost the whole vintage vixen collection and they are all pretty easy and idiot proof… the up and away collection though is really tough for me to apply, I think I am creme incompetent.