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China Glaze Vintage Vixen “Cat’s Meow” Swatches & Review

china glaze Vintage Vixen cat's meow six piece set In spite of the fact that women were called “dames” and “broads” there’s something about the 1940′s that intrigues me.  I wouldn’t want to live in that time but I’m completely fascinated by the style and beauty of that era.  The pin curls, the heavily powdered and made up faces, the structured clothes.  Women put so much work into their look.

Though what the ladies of the 40′s seriously missed out on is nail color.  As we all know, there is more to life than blood red talons. Thankfully when China Glaze looked to the 40s for inspiration, they pulled shades from all aspects of that decade to bring us the colorful Cat’s Meow set from the Vintage Vixen collection.

Application and Formula: China Glaze is a 3-Free brand with a round brush that is both medium in length and firmness with enough give to allow for ease of control. The cap is slightly tapered and made of smooth plastic that is comfortable to hold.

The lacquers in the Cat’s Meow set have excellent pigmentation and a smooth, even consistency with one notable exception.  Goin’ My Way was my problem child.  It’s got metallic tendencies in a bad way.  It required three coats and was a bit too streaky for my liking.  The rest applied flawlessly in two coats.

Goin’ My Way is a deep bronze metallic shimmer.  It straddles the line between bronze and brown.  It’s as though a milk chocolate bar was sprayed with a fine gold dust.  Actually I would LOVE this as an eyeshadow.  Anyone know of a shadow this color?  Like I said above, Goin’ My Way has issues.  As much as I wanted to like it, the inconsistent application and brush stroke madness were not to my liking.


Riveter Rouge is a rich burgundy frost packed with silver and red micro glitter.  The only downside to this polish is that the glitter rises to the surface creating a bumpy surface.  I think if the base had been more jelly-ish it would have encapsulated the glitter making it more glass flecked looking.  I needed two good layers of top coat to make it smooth.


Like her Hotsy-Totsy sister Ingrid, Classic Camel is a creme polish packed with glass fleck looking micro-glitter.  In the buttery yellow beige creme, the gold flecks are much more apparent than in Ingrid.  In the bottle it looks like a cashmere coat liquefied but when the sun hits it, the gold brings the color to life.  It feels very cozy with an injection of glamour.  Now as much as I love this color I think it will be very polarizing in that a lot of fanatics with pink undertones will find it unflattering.


I find Emerald Fitzgerald to be the fall version of Watermelon Rind.  The semi-sheer glass-flecked base has been replaced by a dense frost with a veil of metallic shimmer giving it a more intense look.  This isn’t an emerald as much as it is a dark teal green or pine hue.  There’s definitely a strong blue undertone that keeps it from being a true emerald.  Regardless, it’s green and that’s for me!


Midnight Mission the perfect starry midnight sky blue.  The deep denim blue frost is jam packed with silver micro-glitter and dries to a glassy, smooth finish.  All I have to say is Starry Starry who?? I’m not dissing the man, the myth, the legend but Midnight Mission has a serious leg up on that dc’d gem in pigmentation and sparkle power alone.  It’s even more fantastic in person and will give SSN a run for its money.


First Class Ticket’s frosty indigo base is saved from being labeled as a brush stroke madness thanks to the purple shimmer.  The uber-glassy finish is mesmerizing though it actually looks a bit darker than this in person.  I don’t know if I’m on purple overload or what but this just does nothing for me.  I know, I know so out of character.  Is my forehead hot?


Bottom Line: I bet you expect me to extol the virtues of Emerald Fitgerald and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great green but I’m all about Midnight Mission.  If I liked kids, I’d have babies with it.  As Grace Adler said about Jews & their love of chicken, “It’s real and it’s deep.”  Classic Camel gets the runner-up crown just because I find it to be so unique and chic with a touch of glam.

Comparisons: As I mentioned in my Hotsy Totsy review, I’m switching things up a bit. So many times after I post a collection with comparisons you all come up with suggested dupes that I completely forgot about. So from now on, I will ask for comparison suggestions and then combine your list with mine into a separate comparison post with the colors that are most like the shades in question.

The China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection launches in July and can be found online at etailers like and in stores at Sally Beauty and ULTA.

Now that you’ve seen the whole collection what colors are stand-outs to you? Let’s play choose or lose; Hotsy Totsy or Cat’s Meow? Pick one!  Don’t forget to share your comparison suggestions for both sets.

Disclosure: Product samples were furnished by China Glaze.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow, I like a lot of these. Being a redhead, I think about nail colors that may flatter my hair (I

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t think that’s weird at all. You have to choose colors that work with your coloring, including your hair.

  2. Styrch says:

    *drool* I think this set is for me!!!

  3. Lizzi says:

    I have a great idea on how to achieve Goin’ My Way in eye makeup. Use Sephora’s colorful pro eye palette in blue eyes. Layering shades 5 & 6 wet should bring it very close. If you come across an exact eyeshadow copy, let us all know! :)

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh I just looked at the palette and that looks pretty perfect. Thanks for the suggestion. If I find a single color match, I’ll be sure to post it in the comments.

      • Lizzi says:

        I think I found a better match by accident. MAC’s new collection has a bunch of shadow trios. The middle color for the palette, In The Groove, matches pretty well while wet.

  4. sara says:

    I LOVE Emerald Fitzgerald and Midnight Mission! So pretty!! :) Goin’ My Way is nice, too. This collection might be hard to resist. You know, like most China Glaze collections these days.

  5. Miss says:

    Riveter Rouge…rivets…little bumpy screws. Instead of complaining about the polish think about the name. The glitter in the polish fits the name perfectly.

  6. JenD says:

    So torn on Ingrid and Classic Camel…feel like I’ll be ok without Ingrid and want CC just because if it’s uniqueness. I’ll probably end up with CC just because.

  7. Sharon says:

    Being a blue lover Midnight Mission is my fav !I have long adored the 40′s style !

  8. amanda says:

    I’m love-love-loving Midnight Mission!!!

    Also, Stila Shadow Pots in #18 Bronze is a great match for Goin’ My Way. You should check it out!

  9. Zara says:

    I would love to see Emerald Fitzgerald compared with Watermelon Rind. I know they’re not dupes, but I want to see how different they actually are. Great post!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Eyeshadow match for Goin My Way = Estee Lauder’s Copper Penny.
    The EL website doesn’t do it justice, but I have it and to my eye it looks like a great match – one of my favorite shimmery bronze-y browns.
    Take a peek the next time you’re at an EL counter?

  11. Gena says:

    Love the blue and the purple :]

  12. Valeriellen says:

    This is the first line I’ve seen in a while that is grabbing me HARD. I want at least 4 of these! I think my fave is Midnight Mission. Me lovey!

  13. Jen says:

    I’m just not crazy about these…I’m way more into Hotsy Trotsy. Classic Camel is the only one that I dig- but I have a feeling it’s going to look awful on me. I’ll stick pick it up though just cause it looks so pretty in the bottle :)

  14. Jadis4742 says:

    This is so weird…before you published your reviews I was ALL about The Cat’s Meow. But now, as a whole, I like the Hotsy Totsy set more. And I almost always choose glitters over cremes…but Midnight Mission is my first choice out of the entire collection.

    As for a Goin’ My Way eyeshadow…they’re not perfect, but Urban Decay’s Baked and Twice Baked would be a good place to start.

  15. Elise says:

    Midnight Mission looks AMAZING. I’ll have to get that one for suuuure.

  16. emily says:

    I *like* these, however I *love* Hotsy Totsy. but in all honestly I’m probably just gonna buy them all and call it a day! :) Any idea when they are actually going to be available? CG’s facebook says July 6th, clearly thats not right. Thanks for the gorgeous swatches yet again!

  17. Jenn says:

    Can I just sat WOW? these are FAANTASTIC. But, I’m not allowed to buy them… I’m only allowed to use OPI… (I’m only 14 and so my mom still controls me)

  18. Kelsey says:

    Do you know specifically what day in July this collection is launching? Everything I’ve read online says July 6th, but that’s obviously passed and I don’t see it on any of the usual e-tailer sites.

    I am totally on board with the green, blue and the purple!!! :)

  19. Feline says:

    For me, it’s a tie between the sets. Both have three colors each that are must haves for me. In this set, it’s Midnight Mission for me too. (In the other set it’s definitely Bogie!) I’m a greens gal, but Emerald Fitzgerald doesn’t make it into my top 3 in this collection.

    Without having seen the China Glazes in person, I’m expecting some of these to be similar to some in the OPI Swiss collection. Swing Baby and Glitzerland, Jitterbug and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. I also wonder how close Emerald Fitzgerald will be to Cuckoo For This Color… I like comparing the big brand’s simultaneous collections, to try to figure out if they’re going in the same direction. :)

    I’m sure there are dupes of Goin’ My Way and Foxy, somewhere out there, but I’m not into reddish shimmers, so I have zero suggestions. :)

  20. paulina says:

    Comparison between Emerald Fitzgerald and Color Club Rule Breaker?

  21. Winnie says:

    I think I’m leaning towards the ‘Hotsy Totsy’ group more. Although I’m drooling over ‘Midnight Mission’ and ‘Emerald Fitzgerald’ (I have ‘Watermelon Rind’ and agree with your comparison on that one for sure!). I’d love to see how Midnight Mission compares to Starry Starry Night. Can’t wait to see your Nfu Oh swatches, so I can place an order!

  22. Sandi says:

    Broads and Dames certainly sound better than the words you often hear these days.

    I see four lemmings in the Hotsy Totsy collection and only one must have (MM) in the Cat’s Meow.

  23. susan costello says:

    I might have a match for you re:eyeshadow. Try Sue Devitt ‘Tanzania’. It might be a bit more bronzy but it goes on beautifully and stays really well. I’m really a boring black, white, taupe dresser but thanks to you and your ALU I’m looking at my ‘Audrey’ blue toenails and loving each one.

  24. I’m getting Midnight Mission for sure.

    Regarding nail varnish colors, I remember reading somewhere that in the ’30s all sorts of colors were popular — pastels, black, navy, green. But nail polish was considered in the province of movie actresses (maybe because it’s difficult to use your hands when you have long pointy nails?). It wasn’t until the ’40s, when polish went mainstream, that red became the standard, acceptable color. Anyone know if that’s true?

  25. Jackie S. says:

    Love “Goin my way”, “Midnight Mission”, and “Emerlad Fitzgerald”

  26. Stef says:

    I like all of these, and I like the 40′s era, but it’s 104 degrees outside, it’s hard to think of “fall” colors when I’m hit with it being “summer” so strongly! China Glaze is my #1 favorite though, so I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few of these…

  27. Denette says:

    I NEED Midnight Mission, Jitterbug and Swing Baby! I feel the same way about First Class Ticket, however, my feelings might change when the seasons change and I will be more in the mood for darker polish colors. Right now I am knee deep into brights and haven’t even opened my darker polish case in a few weeks!

    For a comparison pic, I would love to see how Emerald Fitzgerald compares to Misa Toxic Seduction and Lippmann Don’t Tell Mama if you have them!

  28. Lauren says:

    Classic Camel will be fabulous on you cool tone girls. These all get a pass from me. So, I choose Hotsy Totsy and Lose Cat’s Meow. :)

  29. Carmen says:

    I really love Midnight Mission! It’s so gorgeous and I don’t have anything close to it in my collection :)

  30. Andrea says:

    Such a beautiful collection! I’m really looking forward to wearing some of these this fall. I especially love Classic Camel, but many others too.

    Wonderful swatches, as always. Thanks!

  31. Pau says:

    I would love to see a comparison between first class ticket and let’s groove :)

  32. Caitlin G. says:

    not looking forward to this collection… just not that interesting. :(

  33. Chris says:

    Eyeshadow match: MAC Bronze, topped and blended with any shimmery gold-beige(such as All That Glitters), if you needed to lighten it up. Could you compare Midnight Mission to OPI Ink, and Play Til Midnight?

  34. Christine says:

    Midnight Mission looks WAY better than my SSN, you’re definitely right there.

    And, you know how much I love me some purple nail polish, but that one isn’t really speaking to me either. It doesn’t stand out at all from the other 20 purple China Glazes I already have.

  35. amy says:

    Hotsy Totsy looks very interesting. I think it is a pretty colour though.

  36. RuthAnn says:

    Everyday Minerals “Comfy” eyeshadow is a good match for “Goin My Way.”

  37. ashley says:

    China Glaze is killing my wallet lately! I will be getting some from both sets. Luckily though I can justify it because most of my polishes are summer colors. So I need more fall and winter colors!haha.

  38. Savannah says:

    I find Estee Lauder Copper Penny and Urban Decay Smog to be a close match.

  39. Victoria says:

    well i would rather get hotsy totsy but i absolutely like the teal, the first color and the purple! love love love! man, i wished you could mix and match them. =(

  40. Brigitte says:

    Does anybody know when these polishes will be available online or in stores. I asked at my local Ulta and they haven’t heard of these yet. The China Glaze website does not have this collection on there. I am dying to get my hands on Classic Camel and Ingrid!!

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      There was a delay in production so the launch date was pushed back. I hear they are starting to pop up in stores this week so be on the lookout.

  41. Ilka says:

    Great colours! thank you! seeing it on nails is much better than in their bottles…

  42. Midnight Mission? How beautiful! I need that one pronto!

  43. Mimi says:

    They are up on Transdesign, and also come in a 12 set of them all that has my name on it :) Good time to pick up the zopi they are phasing out as well, and finally try some of the CND Effects-yay!

  44. Suzume says:

    I’m not really keen on any of the polishes I’m sorry to say!! Not sure why either – I think Midnight Mission is a slightly more sophisticated version of Zoya Charla nail polish? Zoya is a bit brighter (and more my style!)

    For the eyeshadow have you tried L’Oreal Chrome intensity in 184 Cacao Mania… gorgeous! x

  45. Liliz says:

    A little late, but would it be possible to compare Emerald Fitzgerald with Color Club’s Rule Breaker? Thanks =D

  46. Kristen says:

    I’d love to see First Class Ticket compared to Essie Sexy Divide and OPI Russian Navy. Thanks!

  47. Kay Wigs says:

    I have been to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply 3 times since July 1st, they STILL don’t have any of these colors! What’s the deal? I have a hard time searching for specific colors on line. Any tips? My friends are tired of hearing about Classic Camel!!

  48. AnneMarie says:

    I know this is old, but I was looking back at a few colors and noticed you mentioned that red was pretty much the only color option in the 1940s.

    I just thought I should mention that women could choose from a *wide variety* of colors at the time. One would never guess it based on most modern interpretations of the past.

  49. lola says:

    Going out to get the red! Love it!