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Pre-Order the Rescue Beauty Lounge Surf Collection

By on March 10, 2010
in News, Rescue Beauty Lounge

I saw the news in my inbox this morning. Rescue Beauty Lounge has started taking pre-orders of the Surf inspired collection for Spring. Now is your chance to snag bottles of Diddy Mow, 360 and Bangin’ before they sell out.


If you missed my initial review of this collection, CLICK HERE! Also, RBL has reduced their shipping rate (WOO HOO!) and is now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 US, $200 International. So head on over to (direct link to collection) and place your order.

Finally, if you’re on Facebook you should become a fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge to keep up on the latest RBL news and interact with founder Ji Baek.

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There Are 19 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh yes. I saw your initial review and have been anxiously awaiting 360. Reminds me of the water color at my favorite surf spot in Half Moon Bay :)

  2. Nicki says:

    Got the email this morning and went straight to the site to order! Diddy Mow and 360 will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!

  3. Susie says:

    Does anyone have Patrick Starfish by Rescue Beauty Lounge, and if so, do you like it? Their nail polish is a little pricey so would like some feedback before ordering – is it more of a pink or orangey color?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I don’t have Starfish Patrick but all the spongebob based colors are sheer jellyish colors. It takes 4 coats to become opaque but they’re very pretty. From what I’ve seen of Starfish it’s a soft peachy shade

    • Sarah says:

      I have it but have yet to wear it (not quite seasonal yet here, and I’ve only had it since December!) It definitely looks like a true classic coral to me. Definitely more peachy-orange than pink.

  4. Virginia says:

    I would love to have all of these, but for the price and the chipping issues I tend to have with RBL, I’ll have to pass for now. Anyway, I’m saving up for the Summer Chanel collection. :D

  5. mix says:

    Seriously, are you super busy or something? I too received this email. What about some swatches or something that I didn’t see on TV myself. I check this blog religiously everyday. Am I the only one that feels a little short changed?

    • Emma says:

      She already did swatches of this collection. There’s a link in the blog entry, right below the picture.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t know how you can feel “shortchanged,” since it’s not like you’re paying for access to this blog, but she did post swatches a while back.
      That said, I’m increasingly tired of the ALU Creative Nail Design overload lately, but I suppose it’s better than hideous and boring mannequin hands. Especially those disgustingly long talons shown a while back.. *shudder*

      • Grace says:

        Laughing right now because I remember the exact pic you’re talking about. They were disturbing.

        I like the CND posts, although I don’t own any of the polishes and I’ve never actually seen the products in a salon. I had no idea the brand existed before I started reading this blog, but I like hearing about what else is out there.

  6. lizzy says:

    UGH. I want this collection so badly. I also do not have an income at this moment. Why $18?!??! Shoot. Might have to get Diddy anyway.

  7. AJ says:

    I personally love Starfish Patrick, but as Michelle says, it’s very sheer. Don’t expect that legendary RBL opacity with this color, else you’ll be sorely disappointed.

    I preordered them all. I can’t help it, and the new $7.50 shipping is NICE! I wish Ji would bring back some old colors; I’ve been looking for Noisette everywhere! Oh, and Mismas is a marvelous one-coat wonder of purple happiness :D.

  8. Grace says:

    I really like the whole collection, but I’ll probably only pick up Diddy Mow. For all the blues I own, I don’t wear them very much. It will be the most I’ve ever spent on a bottle of polish, so I’ll have to work up the courage to do it :)

    BTW, I live in NYC – can I just buy this at an RBL salon and save the shipping? Is it weird to go to a salon just to buy a bottle of polish and not stay for a mani?

  9. Jywoi says:

    Ohh… I love 360 so much…And I could buy Teal and Mismas in the same time….
    But I just did a Butter London order (ma wallet is still crying), it’s not very reasonnable ;)

    Btw, did you see the packs they offer on Butter London, some colours look amazing. There is the Girls Night Out Pack with the gorgeous purple Hrh, Primrose hill Picnic that got me curious. The Rock’n’Roller looks good too, especially Chimney Sweep and Henley Regatta, even the Union Jack Black caught my eye when I’m usually not a black polish lover.

    I want so many of them :))

    That was a long comment!


  10. stubby says:

    Hi ALU!

    Last nite I caved and bought all three of these beauties. I just hope they are not dupable cuz that would make me sad =-(

    Anywho, thanks for all your hard work and beautiful swatches.

  11. Teresa says:

    SOLD OUT!!!! :(((( I’m gonna cry. I didn’t get them in time. That means I’m gonna have to swap or ebay to get it. :(

  12. Tina says:

    Yep, sold at. Today is the 16th. They don’t ship until the end of March so hopefully they will make more. Might send an email asking if they will be stocking more and if I can be put on a wait list. Unique colors, love them. Fave summer movie: “Where the Boys Are” original, not the remake. 1961 I believe.

  13. Bangin is nice, but not so special. Although if the RBL reds are sogood