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Color Club Rebel Debutante Swatches & Review

Color-Clube-Rebel-Debutante-Display One of Color Club’s three, yes I said three, new collections is Rebel Debutante.  The collection introduces nine new creme polishes that for the most part are very chic and subdued but it’s the stand out blue and green that caught my eye.What an unexpected twist to add such bright pops of color to the palette.  I suppose they are the rebels in the group.  Though what I like about this collection as a whole is that even though the majority of the shades are neutrals, they are what I’d call “new neutrals.”  They have an updated feel to them.  See what I mean after the jump!

Who Are You Wearing? is a grayed cream.  Its cooler base makes it more relevant than a buttercream icing type white.  Though because it’s a semi-sheer polish, I needed three coats to get it opaque.  It’s also a bit on the streaky side but by layer three those issues are resolved.  Oh and yes, there was a polish from OPI with this name but they look nothing alike.


High Society falls into that mushroom-y taupe trend that’s so popular right now but it’s a bit lighter than colors like Chanel Particuliere.  For those that find Particuliere too dark for spring/summer, this would be a great option. Like Who Are You Wearing? this shade has a greyed out coolness to it that makes it very wearable.  The formula feels kind of watery so I used three coats.


Best Dressed List is actually much warmer in person it just doesn’t translate on camera.  Think of a cozy camel cashmere sweater.  It has a cuddliness to it.  This is definitely a warm toned shade so it would be best for olive and darker skinned ladies.


Charity Ball has that burnt sienna crayon look to it.  It’s a brown based brick red hue that reminds me of dried red clay, only without the dustiness.  It’s definitely vibrant and feels very fall to me.  Again this is a bit watery and required three coats.


Uptown Girl is the color I recommended to get Deborah Ann Woll’s Oscar nail look.  It’s a smokey deep violet that looks a bit darker in person.  It’s definitely in the same vein as one of my other greyed purples, OPI Parlez Vous OPI?. I’m really in love with this color.  Even though this color has been done, every time I come across it I fall in love all over again.


She’s So Great is a vivid candy-ish pink.  It’s got a blue undertone that makes it more cool but not so much that warm skinned girls should stay away.  This one was a bit difficult to work with.  A little thick and streaky but manageable.


Ms. Socialite looks like a cross between a red grape and a plum (a grum?).  It’s got a lot of warm red tones in its base and in the bottle looks like a deep magenta.  It dries much darker of course.  I normally shy away from warmer purples but this one got to me.  Partly because the application was fantastic.  A dream really.  Two coats got it done and it flowed extremely smooth and even.  Ms. Socialite is the total package.


Gossip Column is the color that initially drew me in.  I love deep sea blues and teals and this one is a gem.  I have a lot of blue-greens that are heavy on the green but not as many that lean more towards blue so this one is a must have in my collection.  In the bottle it looks a lot like A Bouquet For Ava from Barielle’s Wildflower collection but Gossip Column dries darker with a hint more teal to it.


Rebel Debutante is definitely the loner in this crowd.  This bright neon green doesn’t quite fit in with the other kids at the ball.  Because it is a neon it dries to a satin finish but a layer of top coat will take care of that.  Of course, as with all brights/neons it doesn’t photograph well.  They must be shy or something, don’t want to upstage the others with its vivid hue.  In person it’s MUCH bolder and in your face but not day-glow offensive.


Bottom line: The understated creams are a great addition to your color wardrobe but not must haves.  Uptown Girl is a great substitute for OPI Parlez Vous OPI? and Ms. Socialite and Gossip Column are my hands down faves.

The Color Club Rebel Debutante collection is available now and can be purchased online at and where prices range from $2.25-$2.50/ea.

What do you think of this collection?  Which colors caught your eye?  Are you feeling these subtle tones for spring or are you more into the bold colors like Gossip Column and Rebel Debutante?

Disclosure: A product sample was furnished to me by Color Club.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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There Are 17 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Who Are You Wearing? compares a lot of MAC’s Light Affair, what do you think? My favorites are the same as yours, next paycheck they’re coming home with me!

  2. sai says:

    I love this collection, especially Rebel Debutante and Uptowen Girl!

  3. Emily says:

    How would you compare Gossip Column to OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui? I guess looking at it, Gossip Column seems to be much deeper and richer.

  4. Meg says:

    Who Are You Wearing and High Society are the two that are calling to me. I love how neutral yet really interesting these are. I don’t usually delve into greys and taupes but I’m always game to give some CCs a try!

  5. Camila says:

    My favorite is Gossip Column!! It’s very beautiful!! I’m in love with all teals nail polishes!

  6. Mei Ping says:

    Can you do a comparison between Uptown Girl and OPI’s Parlez Vouz OPI ? I have the OPI one, thinking whether I should get Uptown Girl. I seem to get the same shades over and over again.

  7. NinaraPoll says:

    If I can find them I will definitely be purchasing High Society and What Are You Wearing! Hopefully High Society will stay taupe on me and not turn the grey-with-purplish-tint that some other mushroomy taupes and regular taupes turn on me; I swear, I must be some sort of taupe-morpher :) I have an old Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon, shade Putty, that I’m thinking might be a dupe for What Are You Wearing….I need to dig it out and see, I think Putty is more a white-leaning cream.

  8. Mc Huggs says:

    Hi Michelle:

    I am really loving this Color Club Rebel Debutante collection. All the colors you swatched here are so beautiful and gorgeous looking. How can they charge so low prices ($2.25-2.50) a bottle? You can buy the whole collection for just under $25! I am not sure which ones I will choose to order/wear but they all are amazing, my absolute favorites are: Ms. Socialite (I love those plum purple shades and this was my most favorite of the group), Gossip Column (teal green), High Society (mushroom Taupe). Best Dressed List, (cashmere sweater, LOL),
    What are you Wearing?(butter cream white), and Rebel Debutante (neon green).

    Michelle, I must say I really love this collection and your web blog is so well done it’s such a treat to come here and visit and talk about nail polish with a group of beautiful woman being a guy and not being uncomfortable to make a comment.
    I can’t thank you enough for that, I know your lovely fans and you must be tired of hearing that from me, but it’s so very true. Thank you all.

    ((((Love Michelle))))

    Mc Huggs :)

  9. Lizzi says:

    OH! She’s so pink would perfectly match MAC’s Saint Germain lipstick! I’m buying that one. Also, I’ve heard MAC’s nail polishes have formulation problems. Is this true? I’m considering buying Blue India from the new collection.

  10. Juli says:

    It would be interesting to see how Rebel Debutante compares to CC Limelight or other neon greens in terms of warm/coolness, deepness of the color etc.

  11. SalvagedExpression says:

    I’m liking gossip column and charity ball. I’m a sucker for colors found in nature lately. I’m really considering a stone franken series if I could justify the expense!

  12. I like Rebel Debutante OK. But everything else has been done and I’m a little bored with cremes right now.

  13. Dani says:

    Just found the boxed set of these at Ross Dress for Less for $8. Couldn’t believe my luck, though the set didn’t include Gossip Collumn or Rebel Debutante!

  14. Amanda says:

    Uptown girl and Ms. socialite are the must-haves for me.

  15. smALtY says:

    I just tried Who are you wearing and I am happy to heard that you find it “not so smooth to apply” too. A great color, anyway!!

  16. Heidi says:

    Can you buy color club polishes in retail stores in the US? Wondering if I could avoid ordering online.

  17. brittany says:

    I really think she is so great is more like a bubble gum pink to me. I have a warm skin tone. I am still able to wear it. I have been noticing too that the nail colors from the kit are a bit streaky but after a second coat it looks great.
    Have you heard of a nail polish brand called goldie?