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Isn’t Sheeee, Pretty In Pink (Creme)

I’m not a girly pink loving kind of girl. I give that title to my girl Nikki who is pink personified. However, this summer in addition to my major orange fetish, I’m all about a glossy pink nail. But I’m not talking about baby pinks or sheers here. No it’s all about bright, bold, hot pink cremes. Creme finishes give these vibrant hues a chic spin that keeps them from being too garish.

And I’m not the only one feeling this trend. Celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Mannillo and Miley Cyrus have all been caught rocking the pink. And even though the hamsters on Big Brother 10 have only been streaming live for a couple days now, one of the contestants, Keesha, has already delved into the nail polish stash to pinkify her nails.

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If you want to join the Pretty In Pink-ness here are the shades I recommend. For a slightly softer pink that still makes a splash try: Wet N Wild Dreamy Poppy, Essie Movers & Shakers, OPI Elephantastic Pink, Essie Guilty Pleasures, Orly Butterflies, Nubar Camelot Blossom

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And if you want to go for full-on bright, in-your-face fuchsia look for CND Hot Pop Pink, Zoya Jewell, OPI That’s Hot Pink, NARS Schiap, Lippmann Angel Eyes and Nubar Geisha Blaze. (Note: Geisha Blaze & Angel Eyes have extremely subtle shimmer but it doesn’t show on the nail)

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Now the trick in pulling this look off is perfect application. Any bubbles, dents or ridges will only be magnified with a creme so prep is the most important step. If you aren’t going to a salon (I don’t) make sure you buff out any flaws and use a great ridge filling base coat, like Seche, to give the lacquer a smooth application surface.

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. The Rotund says:

    I totally recommend the OPI shade Koala Beary for a delicious pop of hot pink creme as well. It goes on gorgeously in two coats and, with a shiny top coat, really pops. It might turn into my It Shade for toes for the rest of the summer.

  2. "Tink" says:

    Butterflies is a must if you don’t already have OPI Strawberry Margarita.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I’ve missed your posts like these, they are one of the best things about your site–along with swatches and info on new collections. Keep it up! :-)

  4. lynbird says:

    My mom swears by OPI Strawberry Margarita (but only on her toes!) I’m a recent Zoya Lo convert. It’s so bright and fun!

  5. ocelot1 says:

    im totally into the pink right now too! my HG pink is now essie surfer dude-its so shiny and the peerfect pink for my skintone. :D

  6. Shammy says:

    I Love this post..I am so into these bright glossy cremes right now too!

  7. ashley says:

    i’m all about pink nails! i already have 4 hot pink cremes and should be getting 3 or 4 more in mail tomorrow. that’s all i wear on my toes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just had a pedicure today. I was undecided about color–I always tend towards darker colors so I left it up to the pedicurist. She chose OPI Pompeii Purple. It is fabulous beyond words.

  9. ilovetooboogie says:

    I highly recommned Elephantastic Pink by OPI. Its lovely :)

  10. Gen says:

    Essie Fiesta is fabu. I’m wearing it now. Not too neon but it pops!!

  11. ines says:

    a couple more suggestions (i love hot pink, red and orange in general):

    CND passionfruit poppy
    nicole by OPI ink-a-dink-a-pink

    i like both because they do not verge on highlighter territory and make my skin tone look amazing!