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Chanel Summer 2013 – Azuré, Bel-Argus & Lilis Le Vernis Swatches & Review

Inspired by butterflies (Papillon in French), Chanel Makeup Artist Peter Philips created a summer makeup collection of gold, pink, aqua, blue and coral that has a touch of whimsy and fantasy. As part of L’Eté Papillon de Chanel, he has included three new shades of Le Vernis to tempt our wallets.

Chanel Summer 2013 L'Eté Papillon de Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel Summer 2013

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Maybe, like me, you’re thinking, one of these things is not like the other. Pairing a creamy summer staple, coral, with two bold metallics in non-traditional hues seems unconventional for Chanel. Their nail color collections tend to be similar in finish and tonal range. Let’s see how they work together.
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Deborah Lippmann “The Mermaids” Summer 2013 Nail Polish Swatches & Review

“You know what a mermaid’s dream is? [wait for it] Legs!” That’s pretty much the extent of the boyfriend’s take on Deborah Lippmann’s The Mermaids, a collection of four new nail polishes based on last year’s hit Mermaid’s Dream.

Deborah Lippmann The Mermaids Summer 2013 nail polish collection

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An amalgamation of metallic shimmer and glitter, The Mermaids, are a dreamy take on the Deborah Lippmann glitz party we’ve come to know and love.
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My Fave COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Polish Shades for Spring 2013

Back when I started college at the University of Cincinnati, I majored in Chemical Engineering because I excelled at math and chemistry but, like most teens, I had no clue what I actually wanted to do. Exploring my co-op options lead me to P&G because they kind of rule that town AND they make COVERGIRL. That’s when I learned that cosmetic chemist was a real, viable career option. Alas, I transferred out of the enginerd program before my first co-op quarter but, I still dream of mixing nail polishes in their labs.


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At the time, COVERGIRL nail polish was, quite frankly, crap. It, and other drugstore brands, were just not cutting it with me so I became somewhat of a nail polish snob. Sadly, those stigmas stick with me to this day.

So, to say I was skeptical when COVERGIRL relaunched their nail line, Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, would be an understatement. Regardless, I gave the brand a second chance and selected 5 Spring-ready shades from the 45 core collection colors to share with you.

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JINsoon Botanical Flowers Spring 2013 Nail Polish Review & Swatches

With the launch of her eponymous nail polish line, JINsoon, Jin Soon Choi has become one of the leading ladies of lacquer. Known as a sought-after Editorial Manicurist, Jin has an eye for fashion and color that is reflected in her work in both print and runway.


I met Jin through a mutual friend and I’ve come to find that she is one of the hardest-working, humblest people in the beauty biz. In the midst of the craziness that is backstage at New York Fashion Week, she always greets me warmly with smiles and hugs. Plus, she, and our friend Heather Park, introduced me to the deliciousness of Korean BBQ. It was on one of those outings that she mentioned wanting to start her own nail polish line and I couldn’t be happier that she made her dream come to fruition.

Launched last fall, the JINsoon line consists of six permanent Quintessential shades in classic colors of red, pink and nude but it’s the seasonal trend hues in the A La Mode collection that speak to my non-traditional, color-loving heart. For Spring 2013, the shades are inspired by Botanical Flowers.

“Botanical flowers is a reflection of my love for the arts and background in high fashion,” says Jin Soon Choi. “The vivid pigments that I discovered during a visit to Monet’s Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens influenced my new colors.”
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Get Your Shine On with A Very Colourfoil Manicure from Ciaté

By on February 22, 2013
in Ciaté, Nail Art, Turquoise with 14 Comments

In recent history, no manicure I’ve worn has garnered more compliments or sparked more nail conversations than the Very Colourfoil Manicure from Ciaté. Over the course of a week I had no less than five strangers inquire about my look in addition to friends who asked about it.

With the 80s resurgence we’re seeing, like the fact that perms are coming back (say it isn’t so!), it’s no wonder foils are having a moment. They started making their comeback at NYFW Spring/Summer 2011 when Celebrity Manicurist Pattie Yankee used them at Cushnie et Ochs and now, thanks to Ciaté, they are finding their way into the mainstream.


It’s funny, when I first heard of the foil nail art kit, I thought it sounded like a waste. I mean, why wouldn’t you just go out and buy nail foils on your own, right? Well, what I found out through my convos is, the majority of people either aren’t hip to the availability of nail foil or don’t want to hunt down the components individually. For the same reason that I love an eye shadow palette over putting together individual shades, lots of people prefer a kit that contains everything you need to create a look.
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