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By on January 11, 2007
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As I was reorganizing my stash I came across my small collection of NYX polishes. It’s been so long since I’ve worn any of them, I almost forgot I had them. NYX isn’t the easiest line to come across. I’ve read about people finding them in stores but I’ve never seen them in person. I order mine directly from NYX’s website.

If you never tried an NYX polish, I highly recommend them. They have a huge color range; brights, sheers, glitters, pales, etc. The bottles have a wide brush, similar to OPI’s, that makes application so much better. In fact, I believe that they had the wide brush way before OPI introduced theirs.

If you order directly from NYX, you will only be charged $3/bottle, not the $4 posted on the site. Shipping is fast and very reasonable. I ordered 10 polishes and only paid 6 dollars and some change for shipping.

The My Diva’s Closet website also sells NYX and they have MUCH better pictures than NYX does. They charge $4/bottle so I only visit for the pictures. Here is my NYX collection.
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  1. kylie ( says:

    I visited to see their selection of NYX colors and was disappointed that they only had naturals, pinks, reds, whites and purples to choose from as far as the colors they offered. Is that typical of their site? Just wondering,