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ALU Senior Superlatives

A.L.U. Senior Superlatives Class of 2014 – The Winners!

By on June 13, 2014
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A.L.U. Senior Superlatives - Winners

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No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. School is out so it’s time to award the A.L.U. Senior Superlatives for the Class of 2014. You came out in droves to give your favorite brands titles like Class Clown and Biggest Flirt. Keep reading to see who won and how I voted.
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ALU Senior Superlatives Class of 2014 – Vote Now!

ALU Senior Superlatives Vote
What brand has the best brush? What about the most creative color range? Who has the best social media persona? After an interesting nomination round, it’s time to vote for your favorites in the ALU Senior Superlatives. We need to crown our Class of 2014 and it’s all up to you!
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ALU Senior Superlatives “Class of 2014″ – Nominations Are Open

ALU Senior Superlatives 2014 - Nominations
All across the country, high school seniors are prepping for graduation and looking forward, with much excitement, towards the next step in their journey. As the co-editor-in-chief of my high school’s yearbook, one thing I loved about the end of any school year was getting that big book of memories and checking out the Senior Superlatives (or Class Poll).

You know, the class vote of who had the best style, the nicest smile, most popular, etc. Well, I’m bringing that concept to the nail world with the ALU Senior Superlatives. Your chance to award your favorite brands with titles like Most Artistic or Best Personality.

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ALU Senior Superlatives Class of 2010 Winners

alu-senior-superlatives-small The results are in and the ALU Senior Superlatives – Class of 2010 have been determined.  Thank you to everyone who voted in this first annual poll.  What an amazing turnout.  This was so much fun for me to do and I hope you enjoyed participating as well.  The vote turned out some predictable and surprising winners.

Of course this isn’t just about awarding our favorite nail brands we also have a giveaway winner to announce.  See all the results after the jump!

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