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Spring 2014 Nail Trend – Cobalt Blue Nail Polish

Cobalt Blue - Spring 2014 Nail Trend

Cobalt Blue Nail Polish

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Radiant Orchid may be the color of the year but when it comes to Spring 2014 color trends, Cobalt Blue dominated the runways. Now, you know I love my greens but nothing can pull me out of a winter funk like an electrifying, bold blue. I pulled some of my fave cobalt hues to inspire you to take on the trend.

BarryM Cobalt Blue ($6, is an oldie but goodie. I’ve had this creamy cobalt for quite a few years now and it holds up. It’s super pigmented, smooth and affordable.

BarryM Cobalt Blue swatch

BarryM Cobalt Blue

China Glaze Frostbite ($6.79, is one of the forgotten shades in my collection that I’m now kicking myself for not wearing more. The subtle shimmer really makes it glow. Besides, when the boyfriend notices a non-red shade, and compliments it, I know it’s a winner.

China Glaze Frostbite swatch - Cobalt Blue

China Glaze Frostbite

Essie Butler Please ($8.50, has a bit more purple to it than the shades above and that’s what I love about it. Last summer’s Bouncer, It’s Me may be a more fitting choice for “cobalt” but Butler Please has a leg up due to its opacity.

Essie Butler Please swatch - Cobalt blue

Essie Butler Please

JINsoon Cool Blue ($18, is my current obsession and new found love. Part of the Color Field collection for Spring 2014, it’s so stunning, I can’t get over it. Jin has such impeccable taste when it comes to color and her standard of quality is sublime. I’m totally fangirling over this shade.

JINsoon Cool Blue swatch - Cobalt

JINsoon Cool Blue

JINsoon Blue Iris ($18, is not to be overlooked. It’s a darker take on the cobalt trend but no less gorgeous.

JINsoon Blue Iris swatch

JINsoon Blue Iris

Nails Inc Baker Street ($9.50, skyrocketed to stardom when Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan put it on Beyonce for her first post-pregnancy outing, to honor baby girl Blue Ivy. This is one of those must-have shades for any polish fanatic.

Nails Inc Baker Street swatch - Cobalt Blue

Nails Inc Baker Street

Beyonce wearing Nails Inc Baker Street

Beyonce wearing Nails Inc Baker Street

Orly Royal Navy ($5.29, is also a bit darker than your traditional cobalt but it’s too gorgeous to ignore. Anyone who owns it will rave about the intensity of the color and the magical quality of the turquoise shimmer inside.

Orly Royal Navy swatch

Orly Royal Navy

Spring 2014 Nail Trend - Cobalt Blue Polish
What compliments cobalt nails better than some matching accessories?  A cobalt blue bag is number one one my spring shopping list. Since this color is so vibrant, I’d suggest wearing no more than one matching piece but these are a few items I’ve got my eye on.

Are you loving cobalt blue polish as much as I am? What are your fave cobalt shades? Do you plan to pick up any of my picks? Or do you own them already?

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There Are 30 Brilliant Comments

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  1. sara says:

    I love OPI Dating a Royal which is not, strictly speaking, cobalt, but it’s my favorite in that family. It’s the blue I always pull out first in April (when I wear more blue than usual for Autism Awareness month). I love that new Jin Soon, though. SO PRETTY.

  2. I am so obsessed with Cobalt Blue! I usually see it as more of a winter shade, but I do love it so much I wear it year round. I only have Essie Butler, Please (and love it). I do want to pick up the Nail’s Inc polish and Sally Hanson Pacific Blue. Both of those Jinsoon polishes look amazing!

  3. Berchette says:

    I picked up Sinful Colors endless blue on a random trip to Walgreens a couple months ago and it is my absolute favorite cobalt blue of all time! I could not stop staring at my nails when I had it on.

  4. Lisa N. says:

    Such gorgeous cobalt blues you’ve swatched!

  5. Karo says:

    I love cobalt blue sooooooo much <3

  6. Lorraine says:

    Frostbite is a showstopper! I picked this one up when I was trying to find a match for Subaru blue. I love polishes that look like car paint! the Orly is gorgeous, such depth, like a pool you can plunge into.

  7. LB says:

    Every time I pull out my bottle of Orly Royal Navy I kick myself for forgetting how amazing it is! As a lover of vivid/dark/deep polish colors I really appreciate this post. “Radiant Orchid” is just wayyy too girly for me to get on board with, in style or not ;-)

  8. Arathael says:

    Love these colors! Great post!!

  9. Katy says:

    I believe Sinful Colors Endless Blue is a dupe for Baker Street. Both that and China Glaze Frostbite are definitely must-haves for any fanatic.

    Cobalt would probably be complimented well by any of the “icy pastels” big this spring.

  10. Beauty By Krystal says:

    YES! Cobalt blues are my go-to nail colors! :)

  11. Brittnee says:

    I love EVERY single one of these polish colors! Oh my gosh!!

  12. Nedian says:

    Oooh, I’ve had Baker Street for years, but none of the rest. I adore the Jin Soon polishes I do have, so Blue Iris may be in my future. Does it make sense to pick up Cool Blue, though? It looks awfully close to Baker Street.

  13. Addy says:

    I’ve been obsessed with cobalt polish for about 9 months now. I use sinful colors, the gel kind with the shiny gunmetal top, in a bright cobalt blue. I don’t have the bottle with me, but I love it. It’s about $2.99 per bottle at Walgreens, but it actually stands up to other, more expensive brands, quite well. I have one Essie cobalt, it must be the one from last year because it would seriously take 4-5 coats to get the color you want. Just doesn’t have a lot of pigment. I have not been impressed by Essie in the past, but will definitely pick that shade up. Thanks!

  14. Lark says:

    Yes! You are so on point with this post. I watch color trends like a hawk, and this is THE color of 2014. #1 color in women’s fashion. Also, of course, Pantone has Dazzling Blue (a very bright, cobalt-like shade) on the Spring Fashion Report. This is my all time favorite color (although deep teal is neck-and-neck). Cobalt never fails to grab my attention, and if you saw my polish collection, you’d easily guess that it’s my go-to. :) Royal Navy 4eva! Lol! To add to your fantastic list, I love: Hard Candy’s Bitty Blue and Sally Hansen’s CSM Blue My Mind. China Glaze’s recent So Blue Without You is a bit lighter, but is another stunning blue. The foil finish is so pretty, and I can see myself using it a lot this spring.

  15. Caroline says:

    that blue should be worn every season, I think it’s the most gorgeous shade of blue :)

  16. Juli says:

    Love these colors! I looked through my stash and the only polish I own that comes close is Revlon Royal. I bought it to layer under Max Factor”s Fantasy Fire, but it looks fantastic on its” own.

  17. Melissa says:

    Sinful colors also has a very nice cobalt blue in their line called Endless Blue

  18. RebeccaS says:

    Hah, I’m wearing Frostbite right now! As soon as I saw the header I hoped you’d include it, it’s one of my all-time favorites. But then I love shiny, shimmery blues year-round. :D Don’t have any of the other polishes you listed, though. Will have to hunt down Cool Blue and Royal Navy when I have money again.

  19. I’ve got a lot of those kinds of blues in my stash and I see a couple more here that I do believe I need to acquire. I’m a green girl myself, even though my favorite color is actually purple. Green just tends to call to me when I’m looking at nail polish display.

  20. Jay says:

    Man, I swear cobalt has been trending for a few years. I LOVE THIS COLOUR. My go to is definitely Frostbite – every time I wear it I can’t stop staring at how bright and blue and true it is!

  21. LaraLeaf says:

    This post is so funny because I have been on a hunt for the perfect (for me) cobalt blue for months! Most blues were either too teal or too purple, I found. I had had a tough time finding it, in person. I did see postings about Nails Inc. Baker Street. I was trying for one to look at first, tho. I have very recently read that Sinful Colors has one called Endless Blue that is a dupe. (Next time I’m out, I will look for it.) However, then I saw on a nail blog sale that they had butter London Blagger. I have wanted to try butter London (preferably at a reduced price), so I bought it yesterday. So I have at least one (coming in the mail)! I will still get the SC Endless Blue if I can find it, tho.

  22. Maria says:

    I’m in LOVE with the China Glaze Frostbite color! It is on my Want List! Can’t wait to pick it up! :)

  23. Tricia says:

    De-lurking to say that I LOVE Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Pacific Blue. It is very similar to Butler Please, but just a bit lighter. I’m also a huge fan of Sinful Colors since the early 90′s when I worked at Walgreens while attending college. Sinful Colors is the first brand I remember having mint green polish (back in the 90′s), and I’ve loved the brand ever since. They always have on trend colors, and you can’t beat the price! And yes, they do have some beautiful blues!

  24. steffy says:

    ooooh have to pull out Royal Navy this week. Radiant Orchid bores me after awhile. Yay for blue!

  25. Ade says:

    You should try Color Club’s Bright Night. I love their colours, but they don’t get enough love!

  26. whitelace says:

    I recently picked up Sally Hansen’s Blue It, even though I’m hesitant to wear it because of the possible staining factor. I had an awful time with
    SH’s Blue Me Away (not a cobalt blue) and staining. I plan on using 2 layers of base coat but I still remember having blue up to my knuckles!