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ALU’s 365 of Untrieds – Deborah Lippmann Naked & Glitter in the Air

deborah-lippmann-naked-glitter-in-the-air-nail-polish-spring-2011 365 of Untrieds is my personal challenge to weed through the polishes in the ALU stash that I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to.

Deborah Lippmann’s Spring 2011 Collection nail polishes both made their first public appearance during New York Fashion Week. Naked, a classic backstage beige, was seen on the ADAM runway where the look was a modern take on 70s fashion. Glitter in the Air, which Deb created after seeing Pink’s ethereal performance at the 2010 Grammys, was the finishing touch to a layered manicure with Fashion at Badgley Mischka.

When I first saw Glitter in the Air last September, I couldn’t help but drool over the cotton candy confection. My mind starting racing with layering ideas, including Waking Up In Vegas but it was Deb who suggested wearing it over Naked so I decided to combine the two for today’s post.

Formula & Application: Deborah Lippmann nail polish is 4-Free (including formaldehyde resin) and doesn’t contain camphor, which can be an irritant. Her signature glass bottle is so distinct you would know the brand even without the name on it. It’s one of the best bottle shapes in the industry. The curved cap was designed with professional manicurists in mind as it is shaped to rest comfortably between your fingers.

The Lippmann brush is short, round and average in width with flexible bristles that easily fan out over the nail plate.  Both Naked and Glitter in the Air had a squishy, watery feel in application. It’s as though the formula is a blend of jelly and creme. For reference, Call Me Irresponsible has the same texture and reminds me of the current Essie formula. The level of opacity in these two polishes is very different so I’m going to address that in the individual reviews below.

Naked is a creamy beige. It reminds me of Barbie doll skin, in the best possible way. It’s probably one of the most neutral beiges I’ve come across in a while as it doesn’t lean pink or peach. In terms of pigment, it’s not the most opaque polish but that was not Deb’s intention. She wanted coverage but not full coverage and with three coats, that’s exactly what you get.  There is a hint of VNL but it’s tolerable. Due to its jelly-like texture, Naked dries extremely glossy.


Glitter in the Air is a milky baby blue jelly filled with pink quartz and sky blue hexagonal glitter in varying sizes. The past couple years we’ve seen Deb contain her “glitter party” to the latter half of the year but this time around she has extended the fiesta until spring. As much as I would love to tell you that all that dreamy blue haze translates to the nail, it doesn’t. The base color barely makes a difference when applied over Naked and the glitter can be persnickety.

To show you what additional layers of GitA can do, I used one coat on my pinky, two coats on my ring and three coats on my middle. While the blue base color makes Naked look a bit more cool and pink toned, it’s not as noticeable a change as I expected.

deborah-lippmann-glitter-in-the-air-naked-swatch-spring-2011-nail-polish E

Bottom Line: Clearly I’m a sucker for trends as I find myself enjoying the company of neutrals lately. There’s something about how fresh and clean they look that is drawing me in. For a girl that loves color as much as I do, I seriously don’t understand how this happened. Regardless, I’m INTO Naked. Like ready to introduce it to my parents smitten. Glitter In The Air, on the other hand, wouldn’t even get a rose in round one of a nail polish version of The Bachelor. I was hoping this would be my new Today Was A Fairytale but it missed the mark. Considering the price point of Lippmann glitters, it’s just not worth it to me.

365 of Untrieds Stash/Share Verdict: Naked is going nowhere – STASH. While my inner hoarder says to stash Glitter In The Air, I’m putting it up for adoption – SHARE.

Deborah Lippmann Naked and Glitter in the Air are available now at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Barneys NY stores. Online shoppers can head to,,, Deborah Lippmann nail polishes retail for $16-20/ea depending on the shade for a .5oz bottle.

Am I alone in my odd neutrals phase? It is only a phase, right? Thoughts on Naked and Glitter in the Air? Did you pick either of them up when they launched? Would you stash/share Glitter in the Air?

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by representatives for Deborah Lippmann. For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Kelsea says:

    I would totally stash glitter in the air!!! I want it SO badly!!! RAWR! lol =)

  2. Lesley says:

    such a pretty combination!

  3. I’ve definitely been feeling the neutral love lately…all I want to wear is grey and peach. So if I had money like that, I would get Naked.

    But Glitter in the Air? Oh no ma’am. I’ve seen it look droolworthy on exactly four people, and that’s so not a good sign.

  4. Tams says:

    I’d read a lot of people not liking Glitter In The Air but I got a half off code for a website carrying this polish from Hautelook a few weeks ago so I got it anyway, but I love it! It’s defo gonna be my Friday mani tomorrow!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I like neutrals a lot too. I really, really want Glitter in the Air. I don’t have any Deborah Lippman polish, because its out of my self imposed polish budget, but I might blow it off and get it for myself for my birthday.

  6. Scienter says:

    I like neutrals, but I mix it up. I’ll wear a neutral for the work week, maybe throw a coat of glitter on it for Friday, and then put something really colorful on for the weekend.

  7. Sussi says:

    I used it for my wedding mani last weekend :D I put it over Inglot 152 a lavender shimmer polish


  8. Amber P says:

    I agree about GitA… With so many other great DL glitters (Bad Romance, Across the Universe) that are so AMAZING, this one falls flat. Hard. On it’s face.

  9. love4lacquer says:

    ouuu they both look amazing, especially glitter in the air!!

  10. Tiffany C. says:

    GitA looks great over Essie Absolutely Shore!!! I had mine up for swap but took it down and thought i’d give it another chance and putting it over AS is what took it off the list.

  11. Ellen says:

    I was thrilled to find Glitter in the Air at Nordstrom. I returned it the next day and used the credit towards shoes.

  12. Hannah says:

    I DROOLED over Glitter in the Air too until I saw swatches and how sheer it is ;_; I’ve seen so many good frankens online though, so you could probably get your hands on a polish very close to it!

  13. GwenSA says:

    I like the look of the combo, AND the Naked by itself. Would you even consider layering the GitA over another color to see if you’d change your mind?

  14. Danielle says:

    I was SO disappointed that the blue base of GITA didn’t translate onto the nail. It’s such a lovely milky blue jelly (in the bottle)

  15. KayDiKat says:

    I have GitA and love it layered over a blue like What’s with the Cattitude or Lapiz of Luxury. I do wish that there was a tad more glitter, but I think Lippmann is trying to hook in those with glitter-phobia. I, too, have been on a neutral kick lately and Naked might find its way into my stash, soon!

  16. Larie says:

    I’m looking for a good neutral right now, too. That one is lovely :)

  17. Andie says:

    I haven’t tried the neutral trend yet, but I’m graduating from undergrad tomorrow and need to start having more professional looking nails.

    I would totally share Glitter in the Air too. Not enough glitter or anything special really. For $20 I think there are much better options. Then again, I don’t really like sparse glitter. If you go for glitter, go all out!

  18. cgHIpp says:

    I don’t like the Naked/GiTA combo at all – to me, these polishes don’t belong together. I love GiTA over very pale/translucent blues and greys. On a whim, I tried it over Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Tyin’ the Knot,” which is a dark shimmery grey, and thought it was TDF. I liked a single coat more than two, actually. I would give GiTA another chance with a layering combo that is more flattering!

  19. Andrea says:

    This is very pretty.

  20. Cat says:

    The more I see these, the more I like them (especially together). I think Glitter in the Air would look great over RBL Bikini Bottom. I also seem to be going through a phase of being in love with neutrals- I’m not quite sure how this would look on me, but I kind of want it!

  21. Chris says:

    GiTA looks so disappointing on the nails. If Deborah could have made it more of a glitter fest I could have gone for it.

  22. Fran Goldb erg says:

    I like Naked but Glitter in the Air was a total disappointment. I tried it alonge and it took 34 coats to get glitter. Skip that one. Naked is refreshing after the drab winter. It makes short nails long great.

  23. kristi says:

    I hate Lipman polishes. I love this color, but her formulas are terrible. They chip too fast and are always so goopy. :(

  24. Bunny says:

    Keep Glitter in the Air, but layer it over a soft baby blue like Chanel Mistral, SOPI Havana Dreams or a slightly deeper blue like Essie Lapis of Luxury or any of the blue green colors so popular this spring. Then, the blue really does come out to play. Layering it over any of the beige nudes just kills the blue entirely.

  25. Stephanie says:

    If Glitter In the Air needs a home…it can come live with me.

  26. PattyK says:

    I think you should give GITA another chance. I love it. I’ve used over Chanel Black Pearl, Zoya Gemma, and Relvon Gray by Gray. I’m a big fan of these sparse multi-sized glitter polishes.

  27. ooh! I love them both!
    you’re right! Naked is totally a great nude …. at least for your skin tone :D

    And I gotta say that I would never even think of buying GITH. The blue base totally tuned me off, so i’m pleasantly surprised to see that the blue is barely there. And man, those two polishes look great together!

    I’d love to take them both off your hands ;)
    Love the Lippmann polishes!

  28. Teri says:

    I use DL Naked a lot, mostly between manicures as I am terrible at doing my nails. Mistakes and chips don’t show much with Naked, and for that along with the very natural nail look, I love it.

  29. jjoongie says:

    I’d want to purchase Glitter in the Air were the glitter more densely packed. I love the blue and copper, but, if three coats still mean so few glitter pieces …

    Thanks as usual for the great review/swatches!

  30. kiki says:

    Color me a color girl, but I’ve been into neutrals! My friends and co-workers have noticed too. I think because with how much I wear color, color has become my norm. So then by wearing something different, neutral has become “bold” for me.

  31. Erin says:

    I wore a neutral” naked” nail and my clients thought I wasgetting ready for surgery ! I have to have color. When I was glitter it has to be packed!
    I’m really enjoying your blog!

  32. Amil says:

    I am loving both of the polishes but in there own seperate worlds. Love color and I am starting to really appreciate the nudes. I have a sweet tooth for glitter so I am all in for GITA but for $20 per bottle, I will have to fast from this glitter purchase. It is pretty though! Thanks for the swatches.

  33. Sarah says:

    I love Glitter in the Air! I love it over greys/blues/purples/pinks, I get so many compliments on it too. My favorite so far though is Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas OR China Glaze Agent Lavender with 3 coats of GitA. I shake the bottle after every other nail to get the glitter well dispersed (didn’t have an issue with bubbling surprisingly) and it works like a charm, you get more glitter in each stroke.

    You should try a couple of different times before you give up on GitA, it’s unique and very pretty over a variety of colors as long as you’re willing to put a little more into it ;)

  34. Jackie S. says:

    I totally agree about G.I.T.A…SHARE!

  35. Lizzy says:

    Saw this post and bought Naked.

    Wearing it right now and it gives me the sought-after (for me at least) “mannequin hands”. LOVING this.

    1 coat Essie base coat
    3 coats Naked
    1 coat RBL topcoat (damned fluorescent lighting)

  36. Amy says:

    Stash Glitter in the Air! I’m wearing it right now over Nubar Baby Blue and I LOVE it!

  37. meme says:

    I had to buy both of these after seeing them on you – and I am NOT a trend person at all. I love this combo!

  38. Val says:

    you did a post like this but with gold glitter polish by debbie l and i cannot for the life of me find it. It inspired my current mani. Can you help?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh that was with Boom Boom Pow. I layered it over the Lancome Holiday red for my trip to NYC last October.

  39. june says:

    I’m so in love with Glitter in the Air, but can’t convince myself to pay that much for a few glitter specs. I have, however baught Opi for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper, and it has satisfied my need for this pretty copper glitter. Looks amazing on nude—especially on pedicure and a lil dazzle to my ring finger.