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Lippmann Collection Summer 2009

lippmann collection, summer 2009, it's raining men, call me irresponsible, purple, red, nail polish, nail lacquer, nail color, nail colour, nails, nail trends Kids, I’m in head over heels swoony love and it’s all Deborah Lippmann‘s fault! Just when I thought I had my fill of lovely purples she just HAD to put out a perfect summery graple. Seriously, you purple lovers are going to flip for this.

For Summer 2009, Lippmann Collection is releasing two new shades, It’s Raining Men (red creme) and Call Me Irresponsible (grape jelly). Check out my swatches after the jump!

frank sinatra, the weather girls, it's raining men, call me irresponsibleNaming polish shades must be so fun for Deborah. With her musical background, she always chooses such catchy song titles for her lacquers. I mean, can anyone sit still when they hear “It’s Raining Men?” I know I can’t. After all I do own Pure Disco 1 & 2 and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. For the record, I own Pure Funk as well. I’m all about a compilation. And you really can’t go wrong with a classic like Frank Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible.” I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah backstage at NYFW (more on that come) where she described this collection as “strong and beautiful.”

It’s Raining Men is your classic red creme but punched up in brightness for summer. It’s super pigmented, beyond pigmented. It’s practically a one coat red, which I love. There is a slight hint of berry in the base. No tinges of orange. It’s pure, cherry perfection. In looking for dupes, Essie Live From The Red Carpet is a close twin though it’s not as dense and requires more coats.
Call Me Irresponsible reminds me of Rehab in that it has a jelly-ish feel only more pigmented, not as sheer. It’s not uber-pigmented so I needed three coats but come on, look at that color. Three coats is totally worth it! With its red tinged base, Call Me Irresponsible comes out more graple (grape purple) on the nail than the burple (bluish purple) hue in the bottle. And in spite of my mass purple collection, the only shade that comes close is CND Studio 54 though it’s not as vibrant.

Since Deborah is all about the music, I thought I’d leave you with a little Weather Girls and Frank to brighten your day.

The Lippmann Collection Summer polishes retail for $15/ea and will be available at and in stores at Nordstrom.

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There Are 15 Brilliant Comments

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  1. styrch says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! You just made my day. :)

  2. styrch says:

    oh, any info on when they will be available?

  3. HeidiG says:

    That purple is beautiful – most ture purples are too blue on me, but that one – yum!

  4. Phyrra says:

    It’s a beautiful purple :)

  5. Amber says:

    I am LOVING that purple. I need it in my lifestyle, stat.

  6. DWJ says:

    That purple is pretty fab. It’s a perfect purple, I’ll definitely have to pick it up.

  7. Emily says:

    WOW.. now I want that purple! Have to track it down somehow!

  8. Trista says:

    They are both sooooo beautiful. I never bought Lippman before (the price turns me off) but these look too good to pass up.

  9. Faith says:

    Oh gawd, I want them! I think I’m gonna have to relent and fork out the bucks.

  10. Team Morris says:

    okay. i HAVE to have irresponsible!!!!!!! i, like you, thought there could not ever, ever, ever possibly be another purple that i would have to have…lippmann’s done it!!! gosh darn it! :)

  11. CincyFan says:

    Styrch – I just got word that they'll release in early May (possibly late April) so keep your eyes peeled to the Lippmann site around that time.

    HeidiG – In the bottle I thought it would be almost navy but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Phyrra – She really hit it out of the park.

    Amber – Look at you embracing the purple. I always think of you as a red, sheer, pink kind of girl.

    DWJ – It is pretty perfect. Definitely a must have.

    Emily – it will be available soon enough.

    Trista – I'd have to say that if you've never worn a Lippmann, these are great ones to start with.

    Faith – With the rising retail prices of OPI & Essie, $15 for that beautiful Lippmann bottle doesn't look as steep.

    Team Morris – I know! Just when you think you're satisfied with your purple stash, here comes Lippmann. Wowza!

  12. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful! Is the red similar to RBL Chinoise, or is it just me?

  13. Ida says:

    Compared to your pictures, It’s Raining Men looks very similar to Essie Lollipop. I have the Essie, and I’m hoping I don’t have to shell out the bucks (red hoarder!) for Lippmann.

  14. Kellie says:

    I never knew how cheeseball the video for It’s Raining Men was.

  15. diellza says:

    i love pink