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Say Hello To The New CND Shellac Colors & Help Me Choose

By on February 8, 2011
in CND
New York Fashion Week begins on Thursday and I will be flying into NYC on Friday to cover the Fall 2011 backstage beauty trends.  This is my 6th season reporting live from NYFW and it is just as much of a thrill as it was the first time I went.  It’s such a privilege to be invited backstage and I just love seeing how nails play into a designer’s story and how it completes the look of their “woman.”

CND is a a pioneer when it comes to incorporating nails and fashion thanks to Co-Founder Jan Arnold.  She is the reason designers consider nails an integral part of their overall runway look.  Shortly after Fashion Week, CND will be launching their twelve new Shellac shades and while I’m in the city I’ll have to chance to wear one of them.   That’s right, instead of doing my standard NOTD challenge, I’m taking the easy way out wearing Shellac.

The problem I have is deciding on a color.  There is one I’m leaning towards but I’m asking you to help me choose.

As you know, I had the chance to test Shellac during NYFW last February so it only seems right that I try out one of the new colors this February. The twelve new colors are all popular CND shades that existed prior to Colour & Effects.

The shades include: Beau, Black Pool, Clearly Pink, Cocoa, Decadence, Gotcha, Hollywood, Hot Pop Pink, Iced Coral, Masquerade  Mother of Pearl (see swatch), Rock Royalty.

Of course my purple loving self is all about Rock Royalty and I’ve been waiting to get it on my hands since I spotted it at Cosmoprof last July. The CND Imperial Anarchy collection was one of my favorites from the brand and I’m still campaigning for Hyde In The Dark Shellac or a way to recreate it through Colour & Effects layering.

So while I’m obviously leaning towards Rock Royalty for my NYFW Shellac’ing I’d love your input as to which color I should wear. Or if you have a layering suggestion using these new shades, let’s hear it. I know some of you nail techs out there already had a chance to play with the new Shellac colors at shows like ISSE so if you saw some amazing layering combos with the new Shellac shades, please share!

The new Shellac colors officially launch in March 2011 but select salons already have the colors in stock. In NYC visit Spa Merge or Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spa.

Also check back on Saturday when I launch an exciting week of NYFW themed giveaways with CND.  It’s going to be fun!

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There Are 99 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lauren says:

    Team Rock Royalty!

  2. Ice Queen says:

    Mmmm… Masquerade. :D

  3. Pammy says:

    I vote for you wearing Rock Royalty or Gotcha! :)

    I can’t wait for all your Fashion Week reports!!! How exciting to be part of the action!!! That is aweseome!!!

  4. CATHY says:

    I loved Rock Royalty, but I’m thinking “black Pool” layered with “Mother Of Pearl” would be so pretty!

  5. Lillie says:

    Rock Royalty. I

  6. Gina says:

    The first color I thought of when I thought of you was most certainly the purple. But since you’re still possible on the fence, the black layered underneath the mother of pearl might be nice. It would probably be a charcoal gray?

    Can’t wait to see whatever it is you choose!

  7. Honey says:

    Hot Pop Pink! Definitely. :)

  8. alessia says:

    hi i have a question i what this nail polish called ”shadder” its the black one with the sliver top i looked everywhere for it can you help me thanks
    ps. love the nail poilsh

  9. violet says:

    I would have said Rock Royalty anyway!

    Still, you should try it so you can compare it to the original. ^_^

  10. Nora says:

    They need some brights! I’d love to have an OPI Greenwich Village-esque shade that wears like iron!

  11. Amelia's Mom says:

    My 3 yr old daughter wants to exercise her vote for Hot Pop Pink and Gotcha. Personally, I’d like to see Hollywood or Rock Royalty!

  12. Medusa says:

    My vote is for Black Pool! It goes with everyone and is so New York City!

  13. Molly S.C. says:

    I was going to say rock royalty, before I saw your swatch!

  14. Hollie says:

    I LOVE purple so I support Rock Royalty but I would also go for Hot Pop Pink.

  15. Michele says:

    I vote rock royalty topped with mother of pearl.

  16. totally rock royalty!!!!

  17. Carol says:

    Rock Royalty – love it!!! I will be at fashion week also. So much energy not to mention fun times.!!!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    whatever the model is wearing in the display would be my pick. It’s versatile and will go with whatever you choose to wear there…of course, if you’re going to rock the purple, I recommend that too, just plan your wardrobe accordingly. :)

  19. Meta says:

    Another vote for Rock Royalty :)

  20. Lissette says:

    Hands down Rock Royalty! I’ve been wanting to do shellac but now I think I will till this one comes out to do it

  21. Suiling says:

    I say go with your gut and pick Rock royalty! :D

  22. Whitney says:

    I have to agree … Rock Royalty gets my vote!

  23. Emily says:

    Rock Royalty all the way.

  24. Cincly says:

    Totally agree with Rock Royalty! It looks a lot like the colour I was wearing last week though, Rimmel Pompous….

  25. Alisa says:

    This is totally off topic, but could you please review the OPI Texas Collection and the China Glaze Anchors Away Collection? Also, could you include swatches?


  26. NailPolishFan says:

    Rock Royalty for sure.

  27. Violet says:

    Definitely Rock Royalty.

  28. KayDiKat says:

    Step out of your usual comfort zone and wear Hollywood!

  29. Daniela says:

    Decadence and Hollywood

  30. Elle says:

    Ooh! So hard to choose! but I say Cocoa!

    Can’t wait to see your updates! Even though it was not NYFW related, I loved your NY trip post with “the boyfriend”. Please take lots of pics for us during Fashion Week!

  31. terry says:

    Hot Pop Pink!=D

  32. Corey says:

    Rock Royalty. Def!

  33. Chris Mastin says:

    Black Pool with Mother of Pearl on top!

  34. Marina says:

    Rock Royalty!

  35. Elisabeth says:

    Rock Royalty is too pretty to pass up! plus it’s perfect for the fall colors that will be on the runways

  36. Danielle says:

    Hot Pop Pink ;)

  37. Rianne says:

    Ok…I say go for something different and try Clear coral & Mother of pearl…or just Mother of pearl.

  38. Cathy says:

    Masquerade, or Rock Royalty with Mother of Pearl layered on top ?

  39. Erin says:

    How dark is the masquerade? I think that’s my pick.

  40. Dann says:

    Rock Royalty or Clearly Pink- a neutral base that you can paint over if you want to change your color for a day.

  41. Stefanie says:

    Try Black Pool!

  42. Aylene says:

    Rock Royality is it!

  43. Steffi says:

    Rock Royalty is the one that stood out to me too.

    No, I’m not partial to purples/cool colors at all… *kicks overflowing tub of purple polishes under the desk*

  44. Karen says:

    Definitely Rock Royalty. Great color!

  45. shuzluva says:

    Rock Royalty was one of those colors I’m really mad I didn’t pick up (thankfully I have Hyde or I’d be totally irate).

    Definitely team Rock Royalty!

  46. Patricia - Brazil says:

    Around here, it was possible to see that the nudes dominated the runaways of Rio and S

  47. lisainfl says:

    clearly pink! boring, i know!

  48. Solveig says:

    Rock Royalty with Mother of Pearl on top. :)

  49. Ter G. says:

    I say wear what you love most…Rock Royalty!

  50. ggggg says:

    Love Rock Royalty – Decadence is a close second!

  51. Hanneri says:

    I had a mani done with Rock Royalty last year and it was stunning! Definitely my choice for you for Fashion week :-)

  52. Alyson says:


  53. Mango says:

    Hot Pop Pink!

  54. Styrch says:

    This is a question? Of COURSE Rock Royalty!!! :)

  55. Kristen says:

    Decadence and if you want to be fancy then mother of pearl layer

  56. Lara says:

    I have to agree. Rock Royalty is a fav and caught my eyes immediately. Go for it ;)

  57. Karin says:

    Hmm i would have a hard time choosing. I like Rock Royalty a lot, but i think Hot Pink Pop could be really nice. But then again i think Black Pool with Mother of pearl would be gorgeous aswell! :D

  58. Rachel says:

    I think you should wear Rock Royalty since purples are sooo pretty, but maybe layer Mother of Pearl over it to change it up!

  59. leanne says:

    Black pool ! there is no way i could resist perfect shiny black

  60. Valerie says:

    Iced coral or masquerade!

  61. Kris Cameron says:

    I’m a purple lover myself – so I say rock royalty!

  62. MissMoses says:

    I’m a fan of purple so I’m going with Rock Royalty.

  63. Ariadne Elise says:

    Call me crazy but… I like Cocoa with a layer of Mother of Pearl; a cross inspired by Lippman’s new shade “Naked” and crisp winter snow. =)

  64. Sharon says:

    How about Mother of Pearl? It looks spring-y and will look great with everything you wear.

  65. Erin says:

    ROCK ROYALTY!! The pearl thing is pretty but not really “you”. :)

  66. Hermione says:

    I think Black Pool and Rock Royalty!

  67. Romy says:

    Hey Doll! Hope you have a blast a NYFW maybe next year I will join you in the fun :-) At ISSE, the CND Cuties had so many fun creative layering options for the new Shellac Colors. I went with 2 coats of Black Pool with a Pewtery Blue/Black Glitter on top and two layers of top coat too to smooth it all out and it looks FAB!!! Think you would love it! Enjoy!

  68. Alllison says:

    love that color! Rock royalty it is!

  69. Lizzy says:

    Normally I’d say Rock Royalty…and at some point I’ll get it…but next week I’m thinking of a Shellac-ing at Jin Soon and I’ll probably go with Black Pool. The thought of a shiny black manicure with no chips (sorry, I don’t go for that chipped-black-punk-rock look). Squeal!!!

  70. Charity says:

    I am right there with you on wanting Hyde in the Park as a Shellac color!!!! I think you need to “rock” Rock Royalty during FW.

  71. Paulina says:

    Rock Royalty, hands down!!!

  72. Carrie says:

    Black Pool! Or Black Pool layered with mother of pearl or Clearly Pink.

    I’ve been wearing Orly’s Liquid Vinyl and have come to appreciate the awesomeness of a shiny black manicure!

  73. Roberta Hogan says:

    I am loving this new system..
    I purchased the whole system and tried it on myself first and it was extremely easy..
    You just have to make sure the nail bed if very dehydrated..all the steps will fall into place and I did not wipe any sticky off between steps.
    I also mixed two shades.
    After applying my base and cured for 10 secs, I then applied Red Baroness cured for two and did not wipe and then applied hot chillis..cured for two did not wipe and then applied top coat..
    We need more colors..More solid shinny ones..with no shimmer..


  74. Roberta Hogan says:

    Does anyone know if you can mix the brissa colors with the shellac colors..and using only the shellac base and shellac top..
    Anyone please…cause Brissa has more selection of color..

    • bb says:

      Hi it is not recommended to mix the products because the Brisa does not remove the same way the Shellac does the technology is different and you may end up having to file on the nail. Hang in there more colors are coming. Also each color is individually mixed for optimum cure/color which is why we don’t swirl colors together but layer instead.

  75. Nails by Meka says:

    Does anybody else have a problem with Fedora not curing all the ways between coats, and also shrinking back from edges? If so,, how do you fix it? Otherwise still loving it and so glad there are new colors now:-)

    • Vivian says:

      I had my first time last week and it pulled away from the edges. I was so let down. I had urged my manicurist to try this and I was the only one that had a problem. She removed the shellac and polished again and it was worse. This time she removed it and I washed my hands with a coarse brush. I apparently had something on my hands that was very hard to remove but once removed no problem. I have an allergy that I use a prescription gel for. Almost like a paste. We think I had it around my cuticles and had a build up on my nails. I had noticed when I applied the med water will bead up and just sit. We don’t know that was it but I think it so. I also have problems with band aids sticking to me.

      Next week I will scrub my hands well with alcohol or something. WE will also be careful what lotion if any is applied.

      Hope this helps you. I am not giving up. It is great. It has been five days and it is just as pretty today. Wonderful! I have Fibromyalgia and can not have acrylic nails so this is my answer.

      Good luck

      • Vicki Wier says:

        I have 4 bottles of Fedora that I have these problems with. I have troubleshooted and found that I’m doing everything correct. No problems with any other colors. I’m actually having trouble with CND making things right with me for my bad bottles. Anyway, I also have Fibromyalgia
        may I ask why you can not have acrylic nails with Fibro.


      • Cat says:

        It sounds as though your manacurist didn’t do proper PEP on your nails to start with. The cuticle needs to be removed from teh nail plate and the nail has to be free of all contaminants. If she is not doing it right you won’t get the lasting effect.

    • bb says:

      Check out the blogs on Nails Magazine website Holly Schippers under Fingernail Fixer is an Education Ambassador for CND and she has put together excellent tips and videos to help with all things Shellac for us also of course CND’s website has some too!

    • jess says:

      the coats need to be super thin try three coats rather than getting the coverage in two:)

  76. Nokomi says:

    My vote is hot pop pink or rock royality.

  77. Kaira says:

    My salon has the colors already & I had mine done in Rock Royalty & have recieved so many compliments~I absolutely love Shellac!!

  78. Veronica says:

    How do I buy this product? Were can I find it?

  79. Marita Villaflor says:

    hi i’m Marita presently working as a nail technician in Jolie Femme here in Amman Jordan.We are using shellac nail polish,and the costumers really likes it.But my problems is a lot of costumers wants other colors which is the shellac dont have.I just want to know if i can use or mix shellac and normal colors?and how long it will stay?Hoping for your response,have a nice day and thank you so much..

  80. Kirsten Lamb says:

    I can no longer wear silk or acrylics due to an allergy to the acrylate in nail glue. Can anyone tell me the ingredients in shellac? Does it contain high volume of acrylate?

  81. amy says:

    has anyone come up with a pewter color from layering? I was wondering about black moon or fedora with mother of pearl or strawberry smoothie on top??

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I posted a pic of my friend’s pewter Shellac from last summer. It was created using fedora and strawberry smoothie

  82. BobbieLou says:

    Just had my first ‘shellacing’ last night with Hollywood. Love it!!!!!!!!!
    The colors look different on the nail than in the bottle but that’s ok, be adventurous. Hollywood looks like a strawberry pink when on the nail. I love that it’s dry in 2 minutes or less.
    Leaving for vacation tomorrow and this is the perfect manicure for 10 days at the beach!

  83. Lea says:

    I really like the colour of the polish at the top of the page – a red with brown – it appears that it is not glitter. What colour is it? What is recommended that would be a red toned down with a bit of brown? Many thanks – absolutely love the polish!

  84. Lea says:

    Regarding my first post – the polish colour is at the top where it says “say hello” I’d love to know which it is (not glitter I hope?) of what is recommended.

  85. Wackybeauty says:

    Does anyone know which of the two new reds is a nice dark red like OPI Kennebunkport? Their other red was too bright and the other too sparkly. Just want a nice dark red.

    • Ali says:

      Decadence is the perfect red. Its not too orange and isnt sparkly. You do need 3 coats to get it deep and even enough though.

      If you are into a deep rich burgandy red, put a layer of Fedora under 2 coats of decadence. Very blood red/sexy.

  86. Shelley says:

    For a beautiful, deep, autumn red use Masquerade on the bottom and Red Baroness on top. I have people stopping me on the street and asking what it is. Deep wine red with shimmer-very pretty.

  87. diane stubbs says:

    hi, i was wondering if shellac can be used with artificial nails?…after acrylic or gel nails..or as part of a gel nail application?..thanks x

  88. deedee says:

    I was in Colorado last week for my son’s wedding. The bride, her mother and sister and I went and had our nails shellaced. It looks AWESOME…..the color I have is “Raisin” something. It looks GREAT! I will ahve it done again or I will purchase and apply myself……love it! It’s so SHINY!