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CND at New York Fashion Week – Day 2 Giveaway

By on February 13, 2011
in CND, NY Fashion Week F/W 11
CND turned it out on Day 2 of New York Fashion Week working with heavy hitting, nail loving designers Jason Wu and Ruffian.  They continue to step up to their game with Ruffian’s signature moon manicure, topping themselves with a new twist on the look.

Today’s manicures were tuxedo formal, gilded burgundy, minty green, and brushed copper. Long, almond shaped nails at Ruffian and Jason Wu elongated fingers and made models look even slimmer than normal! From head to nail, runway looks were dressed up and extravagant.

The looks were so varied and strong that it made choosing a favorite quite a challenge. Read on to see if I succumbed to the power green or if nail art ruled the day.

At Costello Tagliapietra, CND’s Angi Wingle crafted muted mint green manicures with custom blended Brilliant White, Bicycle Yellow, Green Scene, and Silver Chrome completed with Super Matte Top Coat for a satin finish. Paired with retro blown back hair, fiery red lips and offbeat red, green and yellow outfits on the runway.

I died a little inside when I saw this color. Just when I thought I was over mint green, this manicure made me fall in love with it all over again. I remember when Chanel Jade launched, I wore it in front of CND’s Jan Arnold and asked if you could recreate the color using Colour & Effects.  While this mix isn’t a Jade dupe, it’s a fresh take on the shade with its satin finish and cool, sand-washed tone.

Jason Wu’s majestic, baroque nails were out in full force - CND’s Roxanne Valinoti created gilded burgundy manicures using Dark Ruby layered with Bloodline, and gilded with Gold Chrome smile lines. These manicures matched slicked back ponytails with a flash of gold leaf. Even Versailles could not contain this beauty look!

As Jan Arnold so accurately described them, the nails at Jason Wu look “expensive.” The gold exaggerated lines on the oval nail look like they were created with gold leaf, not polish.  In a way it feels like a 180 of the Ruffian manicure with the gold crescent moon from their Fall 2010 show.  FYI, word is that CND and Jason Wu will be teaming up for another limited edition nail polish collection.  They will begin working on the colors in the coming weeks with a release sometime in 2012.  The CND Jason Wu collection from the Spring ’11 shows is set to release this May.

At Ruffian, CND’s Kristina Estabrooks made luxurious tuxedo manicures fit for a black tie runway using Asphalt as a base, topped with Ice Blue Shimmer, Violet Shimmer, detailed with Blackjack, and finished with Super Shiney Top Coat for polished perfection. This masculine/feminine contrast accessorized a menswear-influenced collection.

The inspiration at Ruffian was referred to as the “Ginger Rogers walk of shame.” To complete the look, designers wanted a really dressed up nail that mixed feminine and masculine. The elongated nail shape and iridescent base color brought a girly touch to the meticulous hand-painted tuxedo design.  Each set of nails took the CND team three hours to polish!!  Can you even??

I don’t stand a chance of ever being able to paint such an intricate design, let alone a moon at the base of my nail, but I’m all about layering the two shimmers over Asphalt to recreate that base color.  Hands down this is the look that made my jaw drop and caused me to tweet, “SHUT IT DOWN! WANT!”  Yes, I’ve adapted one of Gordon Ramsey’s phrases from Hell’s Kitchen as a proclamation of things I love rather than a failed night in the kitchen.  I even feign a bad British accent when I say it.

For your chance to win one bottle each of Asphalt, Ice Blue Shimmer, Violet Shimmer and Blackjack leave a comment telling me your favorite look from Day 2.  I know, it’s hard to choose.

Entries will be accepted until Midnight EST. Leave a comment and make sure you include your email address in the comment form, but not the actual body of the comment (for privacy reasons).

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  1. peripatetic33 says:

    the muted mint green for sure. wanting so badly to buy all the ingredients and try it myself. most show some restraint.

  2. Clare says:

    I love the ruffian look with the exaggerated gold nail line. That is chic. The tuxedos are a bit twee for my taste, though I love the colours used.

  3. Kate says:

    The moment I saw the Ruffian nails I was floored – such an awesome color and design! I probably don’t have 3 hours of patience, but I think using Blackjack to paint exaggerated moons like in the Jason Wu look would be hot.

  4. Luka says:

    The mint look is my fav

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love the tuxedo nails!

  6. Maureen says:

    I love the half moon manicure. While I am not a fan of long, oval nails, this works and I love it.

  7. Bettan says:

    The ruffian was my favourite.

  8. kim says:

    Jason Wu Baroque nails had me at HELLFREAKINLO lol I love them all but that’s my fav

  9. Winne says:

    The Ruffian tuxedos on the nails was definitely the most unique design i’ve seen in awhile! Very cute

  10. Vedra says:

    My fav design is the second one, so elegant – though for myself I’d use different colors (my fav color choices are definitely in look nr 3)!

  11. Keri says:

    There’s just something about Jason Wu’s look! I love how the gold works as an accent. The eye makeup is amazing as well.

  12. Abby says:

    I love the tuxedo look! I’d never have thought of doing it in that color! (:

  13. Diane says:

    I love love LOVE Costello Tagliapietra’s take on the mint green nail trend!!! Omg!

  14. Kathryn says:

    Love the base colour of the Ruffian nails, and the tuxedo!

  15. Kajsa says:

    I like the Ruffian the most!

  16. Laura says:

    While I like the last look, my favorite would be the first one. It’s simple and yet eye-catching.

    And, my first comment here!

  17. kathyb says:

    I love love love the Jason Wu gold and black look!

  18. jill says:

    Ruffian, all the way! but the minty green is interesting too ;)

  19. Cecilia says:

    They all are so beautiful, but Jason Wu’s look is my favorite.
    It seems you’re having lots of fun! :)

  20. Harriet says:

    Definitely Jason Wu! : )

  21. Megan says:

    The minty green followed by the tuxedo.

  22. Appy says:

    Um, that Ruffian look. WANT WANT WANT.

    (thanks for the contests!)

  23. Danny says:

    def. the first one! :) This is really cool!

  24. Sirena says:

    I love Jason Wu’s look! And it goes so well with the collection

  25. Ivana says:

    Wow, ruffian looks so beautiful!

  26. Lara says:

    Omigosh LOVE THEM ALL!!!! But I have to agree with you on the last one, Michelle. That is ridiculous and I love everything about it! If only my left hand could be steady….
    I do really really love the color in the first one – it’s just too bad it’s not an actual color, but a combination :/

  27. Veronica says:

    Once again I have to say the first look. The other two were a bit “too much”. Although I don’t think that shade my suit my skintone.

  28. Brooke says:

    LOVE that minty green nail!

  29. Ollie says:

    Jason Wu, definitely!

  30. Linda says:

    My hands down favourite is the tuxedo mani – wow, that looks so amazing, and your description of it capturing the masculine and feminine was spot on. Maybe some day they will create nail art/stickers like this, because there is no way my amateur skills could recreate something so very intricate and cool.

    Thank you for your reports – your entries, as always, are very informative and entertaining!!

  31. Noe says:

    wow they all look great! But my fav is the 3rd one. Tuxedo nails just “W O W”

  32. Lunuland says:

    I love those tuxedo nails–such a cute idea!

  33. gnoma says:

    Mmmm First one and second are awesome both… Maybe I prefer the mani in the first pic: I really love undefined color, halfway from other colors. By the way the second one is absolutely classy!
    Sorry for my bad english :P

  34. Susana says:

    The Jason Wu look is amazing! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the manicures :)

  35. Jessica says:

    i like the minty green manicure the best.

  36. Shannan says:

    The tuxedo look is so chic.

  37. Georgiana says:

    I loved,loved,loved the tuxedo design. Awesome and something I’d never even imagined.

  38. Brenda says:

    loved the gold and burgundy !

  39. Barb Dyer says:

    The tuxedo is absolute amazing!! I also love the baroque nails as that dark burgundy is a color I just love. I would have to say that my favorite it the baroque look but I love the detail on the tuxedo look.

  40. Beth K. says:

    Jason Wu’s look is sublime. Knowing Michelle Obama is a fan of his clothes makes me wonder how fabulous she’d look with that manicure!

  41. Stephanie says:

    Jason Wu for sure! After seeing photos from the show, the nails perfectly match the tone of the collection – which was a great blend of classic tailoring with a bit of a rougher edge. I think the mani also shows that combo…the traditional red, with the edgier gold smile lines. Gorgeous!

  42. Pat says:

    Day 2. My favorite look was the Angi Wingle crafted muted mint green with the custom blending.

  43. Anne says:

    I love the tuxedo look – but I don’t think I could ever re-create it. The base color is gorgeous though.

  44. Barbara says:

    My favourite’s definitely the first look. I love how it combines last year’s jade with this/last season’s (?!) silver. Besides, I adore how retro chic it looks together with the make up and the hair!

  45. Mary Jane says:

    On day 2 CND killed it!! Love all the looks but the Ruffian one had me with all the purple. Can you find out what eyeshadows were used in this look? I must get that magenta shade!

  46. MelissaK says:

    My favorite look is the first one. I’m definetly a nail art person but the color is just beyond beautiful! I love how it looks simple but can still be absolutely stunning!

  47. Solveig says:

    My favorite is the Jason Wu manicure. :)

  48. katie says:

    I like the tuxedo nails the best – really clever and the shimmery purple color underneath makes it look fantastic. I agree the look is a nice mixture of masculine and feminine

  49. Viv says:

    Honestly? There’s something about the Jason Wu manicure that just looks so polished and tasteful. Powerful yet understated, etc.

    Plus the wine/gold combination just looks amazing.

  50. Caitlin C says:

    I am LOVING the almost metallic tones of the soft green used at Costello Tagliapietra. Such an unexpected color for fall. Second favorite are the nails at Jason Wu. If only my handcwas steady enough to create those gold smile lines . . . sigh. Hope you are enjoying fashion week, I’m incredibly jealous!

  51. Freddy says:

    Oh my god I looooooove the first one!

  52. stephanie says:

    i gasped when i saw the first look. that color is fantastic and is definitely a head turner! im also in love with the burgundy manicure with the gold…definitely an “expensive” look.

  53. KMR says:

    Oh wow, I love the tuxedo, too… for a fashion show. But my favourite is number 2, that being the only one I’m likely to wear, ever.

  54. Jen(ny) says:

    The tux manis are my fave from day 2. Too cute!

  55. lam says:

    The Jason Wu nails are beautiful, so elegant!

  56. AJ says:

    That is such a tough choice. I love that mint satin look, but the base coat under the tuxedo art is a little more me. Still, those are all fantastic looks.

  57. Smoochiefrog says:

    I love, love, love the tuxedo look!

  58. Kristen says:

    All of them are fantastic but I love Jason Wu’s! The idea of using gold leaf in place of polish is truly brilliant!

  59. Lisa says:

    Loved the Jason Wu look!!! Thanks for running this contest.

  60. NailPolishFan says:

    I like the second look from Jason Wu’s runway. The gold cresent moon on the nail tip is just breath taking.

  61. Redz24 says:

    The tuxedo manicure’s are just awesome! =) x

  62. Anne says:

    I really love the first look. Great color for spring.

  63. Nicole says:

    I think the Jason Wu nails win for me. The CND Jade-esque color is quite pretty but I like the exaggerated french. I’m not a huge fan of normal french manicures but when they’re done with color I think they’re really fresh :) The Ruffian look is cute but I don’t see it as something I would do (or be capable of doing) at home.

  64. Dee says:

    jason wu

  65. Jen Phifer says:

    i really like the second look with the gold tips. but i love the colors in the third look!

  66. Ulmiel says:

    I adore Jason Wu, the whole package looks fantastic! This one really poped out for me in this entry. Although all three are lovely, but Wu is just fabulous.

  67. It’s a tie between gilded burgundy and tuxedo formal

  68. fuwari says:

    The first one. I’m not much of a fan of nail art. :)

  69. Gina M says:

    I really love the Jason Wu look, although all are unique and fun! thanks for the giveaway.

  70. Jywoi says:

    I love the Ruffian one the best. Very detailed and elegant :)

  71. Jessica says:

    I LOVE minty green!! :)

  72. Victoria Folino says:

    I am absolutely hypnotized by Roxanne Valinoti’s nails. The layered ruby looks stunning against her skin, and the Gold Chrome smile lines work perfectly with the layered ruby. This is something I can see myself trying out in the near I said before, absolutely hypnotizing!

  73. Lala says:

    Angi Wingle’s custom green has me swooning!

  74. Raychul says:

    The mint green color is georgeous!

  75. Katy says:

    Love the design by Jason Wu! Great special occasion polish.

  76. Anna says:

    Love that red/gold look, but you’re right, the “Ginger Rogers walk of shame” is something else. . .

  77. JB says:

    I love the Jason Wu look. It does look expensive, and very fancy. Would be cool for a special event.

  78. Lauren McGrath says:

    walk of shame is amazing!!!!!

  79. Honey_lili says:

    My choice would be the look from the Costello Tagliapietra’s show ! I love it ! It so fresh and yet sexy. To die for ;)

  80. Lauren says:

    I like the mint green nails the best, although I think it would look even better on short nails.

  81. lizzie says:

    oh my! it is hard to choose, but i am dying a little bit more over the Jason Wu look than the other two. it’s that gold chrome that does it!

  82. Erica says:

    I have to say, I love the green.

  83. Whitney says:

    Ooooo! I am loving the tuxedo mani from the Ruffian show! While I doubt I’ll ever have the skill or patience to paint the little tuxedo on each nail, I still admire the simultaneous whimsy and structure of the look.

  84. Marlie says:

    Ruffian’s tuxedo manicures are my favorite, hands down

  85. Lisa says:

    OMG I love them all, but I have to go with the Ruffian tuxedo nails. That design is so awesomely amazing. It would be a really nice manicure for any black tie event.

  86. Maria says:

    The tuxedo look is so pretty, but I’m in love with the Jason Wu look. The gold looks amazing with that burgundy.

  87. Devon says:

    I love the “expensive” look, something I know I could never pull on myself because I don’t have the application skills!

  88. jaxappella says:

    I love the tuxedo nail. I know I would never have the patience to even try it nor the skill to execute it but I would love to rock it. Maybe CND should jump on the nail sticker bandwagon with some of these looks!

  89. Erin says:

    I love all three of these! That mint green with it’s satin finish is absolutely gorgeous! However, my favorite is the tuxedo! I seriously love that look and I will try to replicate this, probably badly.

  90. Hanna M says:

    Not sure I’d be able to rock it, but the Jason Wu look is my fave ;o)

  91. Rachel Kenyon says:

    The tuxedo nails are sooo cute!

  92. tahillia says:

    The base color for the Ruffian show is TO DIE FOR. I’m not big on nail art (even though I think that looks great, it’s still too much for me), but I need that base color in my life. I wish I were creative enough to layer colors and effects and see what I come up with, but since I’m not I’m really glad I have you ;).

  93. Anutka says:

    I am in love with the muted mint green by Angi Wingle at Costello Tagliapietra

  94. Monik says:

    I love Ruffian!

  95. Alissa C says:

    Angi Wingle mint green

  96. Michelle says:

    Oooh, that Tuxedo nail is off the heezy for sheezy! (Full disclosure: I have no idea what that means, but I like it)

  97. Danielle says:

    Jason Wu…hands down! (But then again, I love everything he does).

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  98. Melanie says:

    I agree with you that the shimmery base color in look three is incredible. However, the burgundy manicure with the gold accent is my favorite.

  99. Allison says:

    I love the first look – its such a unique twist on one of my favourite colours, and paired with the gorgeous model’s lips and eyes I think it’s a total winner.

  100. beata says:

    I love the muted green look the best!

  101. Cheryl says:

    My favourite look is the tuxedo one! It looks so simple yet elegant, and I would love to try it out on my own nails!

  102. Heidi says:

    Wow! Day 2 rocked! My fingertips are all tingly at the thought of tuxedos!

  103. Savannah says:

    The Jason Wu mani is my favorite for today!

  104. Melly says:

    I like the Ruffian Tuxedo look!

  105. rosarita says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. I love all three looks and it is very hard to choose, but it is calming just to look at the satin finish green mani. They’re all gorg, tho.

  106. Eunice says:

    I LOVE the tuxedo nails at Ruffian, they’re so fun and creative. Will definitely turn heads on the street or during a night out on the town!

  107. Ana says:

    Love, love, love the nails at Jason Wu!

  108. Danyal Abunegila says:

    my favorite is the reverse ruffian! the gold and red really go well together.

  109. hannagrrl says:

    Wu’s baroque, definitely.

  110. Nadine says:

    My favorite look is Jason Wu!

  111. Shana says:

    Jason Wu, hands down (pun intended)!

  112. Michelle T. says:

    I love the tuxedo nails!

  113. Lisa says:

    I’d have to go with #1.

  114. Niesha says:

    I love the ruffian tuxedo i think I will try it out soon.

  115. AnneMarie says:

    The tuxedo look was my favorite, too! I think I would adapt it to my life by only doing the black moon over the shimmer layers, though.

  116. Elizabeth says:

    well, the tuxedo design is cute, but I keep seeing an alien with 3 navels in a black bikini. :)

    I love the Jason Wu look, the blood red and gold looks wicked, yet elegant and regal. They stole the show again in my opinion

  117. Vesta says:

    I love the tuxedo nails!! So cute!

  118. Megan says:

    The Jason Wu look is my favorite, not only are the nails awesome, the eye makeup is gorgeous too.

  119. Lucia says:

    I love them all, but I guess my favorite look is the burgundy with the golden tip at Jason Wu…so elegant!!!
    Thanks for the contest.

  120. MacKenzie says:

    I love Jason Wu’s nails!

  121. Irene says:

    the dark red with gold smile line one
    but I love all of them!

  122. Ling says:

    Jason Wu and CND

  123. Judith says:

    Love look #2. It’s a fun twist on a french.

  124. Anna D. says:

    Ooh, I love the Valinoti with the gilded edges – I could never get it to look good on my nails, but it’s so rich looking!

  125. Tara says:

    The Ruffian!

  126. Claire says:

    The last look is definitely fun, but I loooove the Jason Wu look. The colors just look so decadent together, and the design is fluid. That is a ruffian I’ll have to try.

  127. Laura says:

    I like the barely-minty-green look. It’s so silvery!

  128. Elisabeth says:

    I’m loving the tuxedo nails! Super cute :)

  129. Lindsey says:

    The first one is my favorite, definitely. I live in the Midwest, and I’m so ready for spring I can’t stand it. Bring on the warmth and pretty colors, please.

  130. Perry says:

    Oh this is hard. The tuxedo is absolutely gorgeous. But that mint green? That’s a unique puppy. Going to go with the mint green look. Looooove it. I can’t believe it took 3 hours for each set of tuxedo nails though. Insane.

  131. Lis says:

    i absolutely adore the Jason Wu nails… and uuuuurrrgh, i wish i could reproduce them somehow but it would probably end in a disaster.. :D

  132. Erica says:

    I absolutely love the tuxedo manicure.

  133. Lindsay says:

    The tuxedo nails are incredible! I love the base color with the black contrast on top; although, I will never be able to recreate the look.

  134. Lisa says:

    The tuxedo shirt nails are awesome! Luv em.

  135. lori says:

    the mint green!

  136. HAT says:

    Definitely the tuxedo because I haven’t seen it before and I love the base color, too. J’adore Ice Blue Shimmer over just about anything.

  137. Jennifer says:

    I love, love, lovethe base coor of the tuxedo nails!! But the mint green is a super close finish.

  138. pchelka217 says:

    I liked the first one)

  139. Biba says:

    Enter me, please!

  140. Jasmine says:

    Wow, I love the Ruffian look. It’s so cute and pretty!

  141. Christen says:

    I love them all but for everyday – i love that silvery green.

  142. Medusa says:

    I like Jason Wu’s majestic baroque nails best! :)

  143. Zoey says:

    Oh gosh, they are all gorgeous, but I think my favorite is the second one. Although I have to say.. minus all the hours of work involved, the final one is pretty darn snazzy too lol.

  144. Melissa says:

    I think the Gold Chrome smile lines might be my fave. I love how exaggerated the smile line is! Plus the colors work so well together!

  145. Angy says:

    I love Jason Wu’s baroque nails!

  146. Cheri says:

    I think my favorite is mint green!

  147. Ter G. says:

    The 1st one…I’m not a fan of green…period. But that color is unlike any green I’ve ever seen. It’s gorgeous & so chic!

  148. stript says:

    Jason Wu. Love the moon manicures (although not as much as the moon at the base from ruffian previously). And love the decadence of the dark polish with “gold leaf”

  149. Lucille says:

    They are all gorgeous but my favorite is the second one. The gold and the dark red are just fabulous.

  150. Regina says:

    I am DYING over the intricacies of the tuxedo manicure! I love it! I must say, though, that the green by Angi Wingle is my favorite.

  151. nadia says:

    I like more Kristina Estabrooks’s Ruffian :)

  152. Abby says:

    I love the tuxedo look. I’m not surprised it took 3 hours to paint!

  153. Kelsey says:

    I love the gold crescent moons at Jason Wu – so gorgeous and still wearable!

  154. Louise S. says:

    Wow I LOVE (!!) the tuxedo mani!!
    :o) Louise

  155. Vanessa says:

    I LOVE THE TUXEDO NAIL!!! It’s so polished and fun, like having little butlers on your nails! Adorable (:

  156. Hollie says:

    Look #1 is my favorite! I like the minty green shade.

  157. Danielle says:

    I can’t believe these looks are each made of up so many layers! I can’t even imagine the time it takes to create these looks. I do love the iridescent shimmer that layering created. Nice choice

  158. Janet says:

    I love the tuxedo nails! so creative and fun!

  159. Christine says:

    I love the first look: “muted mint green manicures with custom blended Brilliant White, Bicycle Yellow, Green Scene, and Silver Chrome completed with Super Matte Top Coat for a satin finish”

  160. Hanneri says:

    I really like the luxurious look of the Baroque nails. I agree with you that the tuxedo nail art is way beyond my nail painting skills, but the effort and skill that went into those nails deserve admiration.

  161. Kelley says:

    The tuxedo look is adorable!

  162. Brittany says:

    Oh the tuxedo nails are by far my favorite, but 3 hours on each set thats crazy! At least the completed set was well worth it because it is so cute!

  163. roxana says:

    my favorite look is Jason Wu’s!

  164. Cecilia says:

    I love the Costello Tagliapietra look. Gorgeous!

  165. Ashley says:

    Ahh! I love the Ruffian look! It’s so amazing!

  166. adrienne says:

    i love the burgundy with the gold tips. so fresh, so fancy.

  167. MM says:

    I’m usually not a fan of the smile line manicure, but that burgundy and gold look for Jason Wu is out of this world.

  168. Valerie says:

    I love love loved the first look! (the Costello Tagliapietra) but I was hard pressed to not say the Tuxedo look as well!

  169. kirsty says:

    Enter me please :)

  170. Mara says:

    All look are really special but my fav has to be the Jason Wu manicure. It looks so chic and glamourous.

  171. Erin says:

    The Jason Wu look really does look expensive! I think my favorite one, though, is the Ruffian tuxedo look. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to paint a similar look if it took the CND team 3 hours to do each set!

  172. Kristen says:

    They all look great but since I’m partial to greens, I’d have to go with the first look. The nail shape on that one is my preference over the others as well.

  173. ania says:

    Oy, hmmm….while I love the look of the custommade nails in image one, I think the burgundy one is my fave…

  174. Kim says:

    I like the first look. :)

  175. Rachel says:

    This one is really tough!!!! I’m going to have to go with…….. Jason Wu. But the mint green is an extremely close second. Actually the tuxedos might even be second. I can’t decide ahhhhh!

  176. Silja says:

    They all look smashing, but I’m gonna go with the silver tux. Very sexy :)

  177. Ace says:

    Oh. My. God. Must try the tuxedos, they are definitely my favorite!!!!!!!!!

  178. Lillie says:


  179. LauraJ says:

    I love the tuxedo nails. not something I’d do in regular life, but they’re great to look at

  180. Julie says:

    I like the tuxedo, but I love the burgundy with gold tips. I don’t know how that would work on my hands, but I just love it.

  181. Lauren says:

    I love the Jason Wu nail, it’s so elegant!

  182. Holly says:

    My favorite look is the tuxedo nails. It looks awesome without being too much.

  183. Amy says:

    I love the Costello Tagliapietra look… it looks so cool!

  184. Tamara says:

    Definitely the minty green color at Costello Tagliapietra. :)

  185. Liliz says:

    My favorite look has got to be the tuxedo manicure! It’s SO cute! (Although I’d probably go cross-eyed before I could paint something like that on my nails). Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  186. Abby says:

    definitely my favorite is Costello Tagliapietra’s mint green nails! that mint green in combination with the shape of the nails makes me melt- i love it!

  187. April Brooks says:

    The Costello Tagliapietra! But I really love the look from Ruffian as well.

  188. Jennifer says:

    i loooooove the second look,, the ruffian. its so great, the colours work together beautifly.

  189. Nicoline says:

    I love the little tux nails :) They’re so cool.

  190. Morgan says:

    They are all beautiful but the one from Costello Tagliapietra really floats my boat. So simple (looking, not to mix!) and so elegant!

  191. Emily says:

    Definitely the mint green look! I love mint greens even though they tend to give me lobster claw hands.

  192. I don’t know if I’m too late with this (I’m in another timezone :) but my fave look is the top one. I do love the last one too, but I think the first one is simply more wearable…

  193. Donna J says:

    I’m in total agreement with you on this one. My first thought was OMG! Those little tuxedo fingers are adorable! Then, oooooo that base color is gorgeous. So my vote goes for number 3.

  194. stephanie says:

    OMG got to be the Ruffian Manicure !!!!!!! awesomeeeee

  195. Jessica says:

    The first look for sure. It reminds me a lot of China Glaze’s Seaspray which I’m totally in love with.

  196. Mai says:

    I rather like the burgundy manicure!

  197. Zara says:

    I love them all, especially the Jason Wu look! If my nails were strong enough to withstand an oval shape, I’d try something similar on myself.

  198. Cai says:

    I’d have to go with the Jason Wu, but WOW, all three are amazing!

  199. LL says:

    I love the first look! The color is gorgeous and I want it on my nails now, dammit.

  200. Leone says:

    That tuxedo mani is afreakinmazing! Normally I’m not a fan of nail art but that is all kinds of crazy good.

  201. Andrea says:

    Hands down (pun fully intended) my favorite is the tuxedo design. It’s so fancy yet playful! I big puffy heart this manicure.

  202. Kim L. says:

    I love, love the mint green at Costello Tagliapietra!

  203. Lisa McC says:

    OOOOOOO-M-G! That icy mint is to die for. Umh-Umh-Umh! Gorgeous!!!!

  204. Valerie says:

    the tuxedos are adorable, but i really love the mint green! we’ve been seeing so many muted tones and nudes lately that the pastel is so refreshing!

  205. Altea says:

    The second look is definitely my fave!

  206. Julianne Q says:

    I totally agree. The tuxedo nails are ridiculously amazing

  207. Annabel says:

    It has to be Ruffian’s tuxedo design! Very pretty and clever use of layering the shimmers :)

  208. mandy says:

    I think the Ruffian look is my favorite. The tiny tuxedos are too cute!

  209. Frances says:

    I like the look of the Jason Wu nails best, but the base color on the Ruffian nails is STUNNING.

  210. Esther says:

    i love the burgundy with the gold tips!

  211. Joanna says:

    Eek this IS a hard one… I really love the minty green AND the tuxedo look, but I think I’d have to say the minty green is my favourite! I love the shimmer in it, it’s just gorgeous!

  212. Shayla says:

    I have to say that for runway the last look seems a bit kitschy to me. I absolutely adore the Jason Wu look, I’d love to try it out, but I don’t think I’d ever get it to look that good. It’s such a lush look.

  213. ruth says:

    i’m loving the burgundy / gold look – classy yet edgy!

  214. Diane says:

    The tuxedo look is really interesting, but I have to say the Jason Wu gold-tipped burgundy really gets me. I love how they feel like a more modern take on a kind of retro glamour look. I tend to keep my nails fairly square, but those are totally tempting me to go full vampy oval.

  215. Steph says:

    I like the black n gold look. Wish I could do it myself.

  216. Bronwyn says:

    LOVE the tux mani- even if I’d never be able to do it on myself.

  217. The Jason Wu nails, all day. LOVE THEM.

  218. Amy says:

    My favourite look is definitely the Jason Wu one. I’d never be able to paint something like it, but that sliver of gold is so beautiful.

  219. Krystal S. says:

    Definitely the tuxedo look.

  220. Chelsea says:

    Costello Tagliapietra is my fave from Day 2. I love mint green polish!

  221. Des says:

    The mint green matte whatever is really gorgeous…so elegant and not boooring. Definitely love the first one

  222. Etra says:

    I love the second look at Jason Wu.

  223. Okay my fav IS the tuxedo nails at Ruffian! Yeah I wouldn’t have the patience or time to do those myself…but maybe just ONE accent nail! :) Though they are all stunning! I also adore the baroque nails AND the minty nails! I may try a variation on the baroque nails in french! :)

  224. Rikki says:

    I love Jason Wu

  225. Mia says:

    Wow, i’ve never heard of these polishes before but they look amazing! :) I love the first one the best; it looks very seafoam green-mint? Cant really describe it, it’s gorgeous! :)

  226. Laura says:

    I’ve got to go with the tuxedo look! So cool, yet something I don’t think my hands will ever be steady enough to do. The mint green is beautiful as well, but a little plain for this glitter girl!

  227. janet says:

    i’m loving the glamorous feel of jason wu’s nail design

  228. Carey says:

    Hard choice! But, I think the gilded burgundy is just stunning!

  229. Amfitriti says:

    Definitely the second one, even though I would never be able to recreate something so precise on my nails!

  230. elbee says:

    I kind of like that second look with the exaggerated gold french tips. It’s something I would try myself! :)

  231. Wendy says:

    My favorite look is definitely the first one. The golden minty look is simply awesome!!

  232. Bente says:

    The burgundy with the golden tips, definetely

  233. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Jason Wu’s nail design and color. I think the burgundy color with the gold moon tips go so beautifully together!

  234. Katja B. says:

    They all look very pretty, but the third – tuxedo manicure is my favourite :).

  235. Hannah says:

    Hands down the mint green. It wasn’t my first reaction, but going back through and thinking about all of them, there’s just something about that color that draws me in!

  236. TygerKitty says:

    OMG I’m not sure I can decide between the first one and the base color on the tuxedo nails… EEEK they both look so wearable and awesome! I am going to have to say they tie :)

  237. Brianna says:

    They all look so great, but my fav is the tuxedo look from Ruffian. So detailed! I’m sure I could never replicate that though.

  238. ReaderRita says:

    Boy, this was difficult, but I’ll have to go with Jason Wu’s burgundy and gold stylized french manicure. It just drips simple elegance for me, and I really like ways of combining colors that aren’t overly fussy. (I have really bold, fussy hair color, so I like to keep everything else reasonably sleek…)

  239. Debby L says:

    Hey there, I am in LOVE with the mint green look………so soft and pretty!! I have been obsessed with finding the perfect lighter colors for spring and THAT is phenominal!! Can’t wait to paint mine and my little girls’ nails in pretty pastels for spring…. :)

  240. Eugenia says:

    While all 3 looks are insane, my poor nail art skills could never recreate the Ruffian look, much as I wish! My fave is the Costello Tagliapietra for it chic simplicity….love the matte finish!

  241. Tracy says:

    My favorite look is the mint green color. I’m a sucker for pastel colors, and the chrome finish of the mint green manicure is amazing!

  242. Marjolein says:

    I hope I can enter from the Netherlands!
    Love these colours and what you did with them

  243. Audrey says:

    I love the Costello Tagliapietra look! You’re right, it’s very hard to choose-I love them all!

  244. Tams says:

    Hmmmmmm I have never been a fan of half moon nails, so I defo love the minty green mani best!!

  245. Sonja says:

    I really liked that Ruffian moon manicure when you posted about it last summer, and I think the manicure for Jason Wu is a winner here for me too. I love nail art when it’s kept simple and classy like that.

  246. Ahhhhh I love the gold detail on the look for Jason Wu! Very edgy, but creative.

  247. nekosan says:

    Mint green!

  248. Maestra says:

    I love them all, but I think the second look is my favourite. I love the gold exaggerated lines!

  249. Jmy says:

    Love the gilded burgundy manicures. Perfect combination of colors!

  250. Nicki says:

    Tuxedo – all the way!

  251. AYL says:

    I looooove the first look, with the mint green nails! never thought i’d like mint green on nails but this is gorgeous!

  252. Elaine says:

    I love the tuxedo look! :)

  253. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE the gold “smile lines!” trying this out soon!

  254. Helena says:

    Jason Wu’s inverted Ruffian is GORGEOUS. Love it.

  255. Janet says:

    Definitely the Jason Wu combination. Absolutely gorgeous.

  256. weny says:

    The muted mint green manicure looks so cool!

  257. Rachel says:

    The mint color needs to exist! I love it.

  258. Vivian says:

    I love the mint green!

  259. Sarah says:

    I like the burgundy and gold! But the tuxedo nails weird me out a little…

  260. Klahriza says:

    I love the tuxedo look. Its so unique and fun

  261. ruthie23 says:

    I really like the littlel tuxedos! So cute. And that base color!!!

  262. Andrasescu-Scrieciu Adriana Camelia says:

    I really love the first one,mint green

  263. klk says:

    LOVE the muted mint green at Costello Tagliapietra!

  264. Karen says:

    Oh I loved the tuxedo nails the best! I have to try it even if it takes forever.

  265. les.nympheas says:

    I am loving the tuxedo mani! I could never pull it off unless I grew my nails out forever. Definitely would be something I would do with long nails. =D

  266. Marjolein says:

    I love the Mint Green! But the Tuxedo, very well done! No doubt it took you 3 hours.

  267. Maggie says:

    Ruffian’s tuxedo look wins my heart!

  268. lauriestrode says:

    Wow, all the looks are awesome – but the base colour of the tuxedo look is just beyond gorgeous, instant love and want!
    Don’t have the time to do a full mani, but might try with one tuxedo nail with a full mani with the base colour.

  269. Emily says:

    The Tuxedo!

  270. Aisha says:

    I love the mint!

  271. Lynn says:

    I absolutely love the first look! So perfect for spring

  272. Kristen says:

    Being a green fan, I love the satin mint mani!

  273. Cat says:

    I like the nails for Jason Wu! Love the combination of the gold and burgundy. I’m not a big fan of the moon look generally, but that tuxedo nail is really cool (even if it does seem nearly impossible to replicate at home).

  274. Misch says:

    the tuxedo mani is the best in my opinion! yay, so cool :) i love it, i’ll recreate it for sure :)

  275. Liz says:

    I’d love to wear Jason Wu’s creation to a Cavs game. Perfect colors!

  276. Stephanie says:

    love the burgundy with the golden crescents…perfect, elegant, glamorous!

  277. Kitty says:

    The first one. That shade is hot. My gosh, so sad I probably wouldn’t be able to recreate it even if I wanted to!

  278. ach167 says:

    So difficult to pick one! I think the tux is my top… I’ll def try recreating that cute nail art on my own. Second runner up is that gold smile tips love how they make the nail look long & rich!

  279. Tatyana says:

    Ooooh tuxedo! I would love to re-create that look, it’s too cute.

  280. Sharon says:

    The mint green in Look #1 is my favorite. I love that color.

  281. Aoife says:

    Definitely the Dark Ruby, Bloodline and Gold Chrome. Gorgeous.

  282. Nora says:

    Love the base color of the tuxedo look, but I think the Jason wu burgundy/gold is my favorite

  283. Tammy says:

    I’m not sure I could pull off the tuxedo nails, but I definitely love how they look! They come in as my favorite :)

  284. ritterbraten says:

    I liked Costello Tagliapietra’s nails!

  285. Melissa says:

    I love the Jason Wu look. I’m mad for the gold on the tips.

  286. Beth says:

    All the looks are beautiful but look #2 really gets me. I love the colors and how luxurious the nails look with the gold.

  287. Michelle says:

    I LOVE that green! I like the designs on the other 2, but I really don’t like the nail shapes.

  288. Jennifer says:

    Gilded Burgundy by far is my favorite of the day! What a great look.

  289. Andy says:

    Tuxedo definitely! But what a lot of work. The layering option do look good with this set!

  290. Lu says:

    i absolutely adore the tuxedo nails!

  291. ena says:

    My favourite is the gilded burgundy manicure.

  292. Caroline says:

    While they are all REALLY pretty, I think my favourite is Costello Tagliapietra’s muted mint green- as you said, it’s such a refreshing, pretty take. Plus it’s perfect since spring’s just around the corner (wishful thinking?)!

  293. T says:

    Going with the mint green!

  294. Haley says:

    Tuxedo nails were killer!

  295. Qian says:

    I love the one at Ruffian. Especially the base color.

  296. Kylie Boazman says:

    burgundy with gold-leaf crescents!

  297. Sara says:

    That Ruffian look still nails it for me, but I agree – they’re all excellent!

  298. larrielle says:

    My favorite design is the Dark Ruby, Bloodline and Gold Chrome.

  299. Ellen says:

    Angi Wingle is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  300. minh says:

    Jason Wu’s all the way here too! Such a simple but impressive image.

  301. Britt says:

    I’ve really been loving dark, vampy colours lately so I’m going to have to go with the Jason Wu nails. But the tuxedo’s area close second!

  302. Klara' says:

    I like the Jason Wu ones. I really like the shape of the smiles, looks cooler than your average “french”. I want to like the tuxedo look, but it is a little bit too much for me. I’d rather wear a tuxedo :p.

  303. Jennifer says:

    I love the Ruffian nails but the Jason Wu ones are a close second!

  304. Kelly says:

    I love all the looks!! Especially the green, so pretty O.O
    The tuxedo is super cute as well(:

  305. Steph says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Jason Wu look! I’ve always wanted to try that, but could definitely not pull it off!

  306. Nikki says:

    Jason Wu! Those are beautiful. And to be done in gold LEAF? I can’t even imagine. That stuff is a pain to work with.

  307. Corey says:

    Love the tuxedos. I think that may be perfect for my 30th birthday celebration coming up!

  308. Mai says:

    The Jason Wu nails are gorgeous.

  309. Stephanie says:

    I really loved the burgundy with the gold tips. It’s very different, and I think depending on your makeup and other accessories it’s easy to dress up or down. I think the tuxedo is great, but probably only looks its best when parred with a specific over all look.

  310. Melissa says:

    Love the Jason Wu look. I will definitely be replicating this one.

  311. Lydia says:

    I guess I’m not much of a risk taker so the only one I’d wear myself is the muted mint green. But the tuxedos are amazing and the baroque nails are so cool!

  312. Ebony says:

    My favorite is the Tuxedo look!

  313. Laura says:

    As much as I do love the Jason Wu nail look, Costello Tagliapietr’s nails and makeup both look so fresh! It seems much more accessible and not as “fashiony,” so you would totally be comfortable wearing that look out with girlfriends and not appear as if you’ve fallen of a runway.

  314. Lauren says:

    The mint one!!!

  315. Leslie says:

    I’m going to have to go with Costello Tagliapietra because I’m not a nail art person. Although I love the look of asphalt with the two shimmers over it.

  316. mini_pixie says:

    I love the Jason Wu look! So awesome! :)

  317. Casey says:

    I *love* the Ruffian tuxedo look. While I’m unsure I could ever replicate it, I think it’s awesome that they’ve made “nail fashion” reminicent of an actual clothing fashion – the tux. Love!

  318. Annabelle says:

    love the tuxedo one!

  319. Marl says:

    Love the little tuxedos, really cute !

  320. Lisa says:

    Definitely the gold and red nails. Amazing!

  321. Tina Renee says:

    I LOVE the muted mint green manicures!

  322. lilynail says:

    the first !
    because the color is sweet and remind me the spring !

  323. Joy says:

    I love the Ruffian funky french the best.

  324. Lise says:

    I like the ruffian nails.But impossible to do it myself.

  325. Jessica says:

    That tuxedo nails are adorable, but that level of detail is practically like doing microsurgery in my book…fortunately I think the colors on their own would be gorge too!

  326. Elizabeth Hardwick says:

    I love the Jason Wu look too! The tuxedo is fabulous too but it’s not ‘me’.

  327. Priscilla says:

    Love the Jason Wu!!!

  328. Suiling says:

    even though the tuxedos are really cute..i’m totally in love with the Jason Wu look…they look so sophisticated and sexy to me.. for me he won ;)

  329. Ayda says:

    I honestly don’t really LOVE any of the nail designs, but my favorite would be the tuxedo manicure. I really like the base color of that design, plus the nail design is really interesting.

  330. Lizzy says:

    As impressive as the tuxedo nails are, Jason Wu is my favorite today.

  331. Krista says:

    I actually really love the tuxedo purple nails, adorable and I love the colour!

  332. michelle says:

    the tuxedo nails! they look simple but stunning. i would tweak the color combo and do a pinky nude color with that burgundy for a more everyday feel. i would definitely do the metallic gold for an event.

  333. Alyssa says:

    I can’t get over how gorgeous the green from Costello Tagliapietra is! Perfectly chic and subtle.

  334. casey says:

    i love the tuxedo look! :)

  335. Vivi says:

    Love the purple nails! looks like a suit for nails :)

  336. Ray says:

    Definitely the tuxedos!!

  337. Emily says:

    Love the Angi Wingle look. Chanel Jade wasn’t for me but this is definitely up my alley!

  338. Caroline says:

    I really love the Costello Tagliapietra look, but they are ALL super beautiful.

  339. Polarbelle says:

    Love the tuxedo nail look

  340. Lisa says:

    I adore the tuxedo one best! Though, that was a tough decision to make. Maybe I’ll try to recreate the look soon….I foresee that being unsuccessful though!

  341. Sandra says:

    I LOVE the tuxedo mani. Can’t wait to try it!

  342. Marianne says:

    Green is my favorite look, with tuxedo being a close second. If I could replicate that look it might have been my fav!

  343. Jay says:

    As cute as the tuxedo design is, the mint green edges out in my book.

  344. Jennifer says:

    The tuxedos are my favorite of this bunch for sure! Very creative!!

  345. Camille says:

    I love the Ruffian look. The nail-tuxedos are adorable!

  346. Katie says:

    Ruffian wins, hands down…! I have a seriously soft spot for purple and black combo, and it is so precise and elegant-looking.

  347. Krishji says:

    Wow! Those tuxedo nails are so chic and imaginative! But that pale green just knocks me dead.

  348. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the gilded burgundy nails. Such a cool take on the funky french manicure concept.

  349. Jen says:

    I like the Jason Wu look!

  350. Theo says:

    I like the Jason Wu look. Just goes to show that nail art creativity can never run out!

  351. Ofelia says:

    tuxedo for sure!

  352. Esther says:

    I really love the Angi Wingle look – the green is amazing!

  353. Kathryn says:

    Love the green!

  354. mayzie says:

    ruffian! totally reminds me of taco–puttin’ on the ritz. kind of creeps me out in a good way.

  355. Emily says:

    I love the green so much. I’m in love with mint, so I suppose it comes as no surprise.

  356. sparris says:

    The topmost photo wins hands down for me. Oh the sheen!

  357. Samantha says:

    That mint green with the satin finish is my absolute favourite!

  358. Cat says:

    Hard to choose for sure but I think the second is my favorite look. The first green is pretty and the Tuxedo is cute, but the second looks extra special to me.

  359. MarciaF says:

    I love the tuxedo look. That color combination is fabulous.

  360. Michelle says:

    Wow, that tuxedo base color is awesome, a definite must have.

  361. Kirsten says:

    The Ruffian remix nail is definitely my fav of the three!

  362. Amy says:

    I love the Jason Wu burgundy and gold manicure. Doesn’t seem too hard to recreate!

  363. Erica says:

    I love the Ruffian base color. The tuxedo look is very cute, but I don’t know if I could do all 10 nails that way. Maybe only as an accent nail.

    Hope you are having a great time!

  364. Amanda says:

    LOVE the burgundy and gold nails. Wish I could do that myself!

  365. Leigh says:

    I am loving that Jason Wu vampy look!

  366. Sarah says:

    the tuxedo manicure! even though there is no way I will be able to duplicate it.

  367. Meg says:

    Angi Wingle mint green noooooooooommmmmmmmm…..

  368. Lorraine says:

    I love them all, but Jason Wu’s are my fav!

  369. Lulu says:

    I love the Jason Wu. So elegant. By far my favorite…plus its not a square nail! Very exciting!

  370. Samantha says:

    I think my favorite is the Jason Wu look. I saw those on earlier and was amazed, so elegant.

  371. Eleen says:

    I love the Jason Wu nails! They are really pretty.

  372. Lindsey says:

    That custom green color is gorgeous!

  373. Krystal says:

    Jason Wu’s are simply gorgeous but I’m loving the “Ginger Rogers walk of shame” design the most! Very unique and so cute.

  374. Lou says:

    definitely Costello Tagliapietra! what a pretty colour for spring

  375. Cat says:

    The look at Jason Wu is hot! Even the eye makeup interests me, and I don’t ever wear any face makeup.

  376. Alisa says:

    I’ll chose Costello Tagliapietra, because I’m happy with the idea of using the Matte Top Coat in my collection again ;)

  377. Susy says:

    The tuxedo looks is my favorite! It’s so cool and unique, I’d love to try it! :D

  378. Allee says:

    Angi Wingle by far! Such a beautiful colour! Reminds me of a Disney Princess dress.

  379. Jammies says:

    Girl, you know I’m all about the purples and I love good nail art, so look #3 gets my vote!

  380. Laura says:

    Jason Wu’s nails were divine!

  381. Spenser says:

    Jason Wu nails are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  382. Mayumi says:

    Jason Wu’s look for sure!

  383. Grace says:

    I love the green look from Costello Tagliapietra. But I also love the Jason Wu look. It reminds me of something I did on my toes this summer with gold half moons and a burgundy base. It kinda reminds me of a minx nail look from Sex in the City 2 on Samantha. Have a great time in Fashion Week!

  384. Donna Messer says:

    Love these colors!

  385. Donna Messer says:

    Loved the Jason Wu look!

  386. shuzluva says:

    I like the Jason Wu mix of gold and burgundy, and I LOVE the base color at Ruffian….phowar, that’s hot! The moon looks lovely with it, but I’d do without the rest of the tux.

  387. Elle says:

    Ack, such a hard choice between the Jason Wu and Ruffian tuxedos! I think I have to go with the latter because they were done so well, plus I loved the “Mimi Rogers walk of shame” description. Too funny!

  388. Kristen says:

    The Costello Tagliapietra look is AH-mazing! My jaw dropped when I saw it!

  389. amber says:

    Jason Wu’s twist on the ruffian was my favorite. The tuxedos are also adorable.

  390. Val?ALU says:

    Angi Wingle WINGED IT! I am loving this mint from the bottom of my heart!

  391. kellyo says:

    wow, really difficult to choose, but I think I’m with you on #3

  392. Deanna G. says:

    My favorite’s the Jason Wu look! :)

  393. Melissa says:

    Gotta go with Jason Wu! LOVE them! But the tuxedos are amazing, too! What a great day for nails.

  394. Fiona Coen Tunca says:

    So cute! thanks so much for posting!

  395. Inger says:

    I love the mint green manicure the most. It makes me want spring come even faster! The second was truely beautiful as well.

  396. Lissette says:

    I really liked the tuxedo nails. They look so cute! Those are some fancy nails.:)

  397. Jill says:

    I LOVE the burgundy and gold nails. That gold looks so real!

  398. Victoria says:

    I love Ruffian!

  399. Tammy says:

    I love the Angi Wingle mint green. So pretty.

  400. Laurianna says:

    The tuxedo nails, definitely! Nice!

  401. CandyPaint says:

    Tuxedos Rock!

  402. michaela says:

    i love love LOVE the tuxedo look! that is so adorb!

  403. Medali says:

    I absolutely love the tuxedo

  404. Mary says:

    I love the Ruffian nails! So cute, although with my shaky hands I won’t be able to create them.

  405. Kristina says:

    The Jason Wu nails hands down (no pun intended).

    Can’t Wait until his CND collection comes out.

  406. Crystal says:

    The little tuxedos, adorable.

  407. breeoxd says:

    Oh my goodness– the green, the green! tho i adore the purple, i cant imagine getting such an even amount of l layering done with a yellow to get that wonderful soft color!! eck!

  408. mennabop says:

    I’m in love with the tuxedo nails. I’m totally into dark nails this winter and I really like nail art, even though I don’t really wear it.

  409. Alex Powell says:

    the nails are very creative!!!

  410. Drea says:

    aaaahhh!! i cant decide between jason wu or ruffian!! sooo..after a long thought…def. the tuxedo manicure. i would try to do the tuxedo design just on my ring fingers though.

  411. Melody says:

    Jason Wu, hands down. I love love love the elongated smile line – I will totally be doing something similar with my next manicure!

  412. Pattie says:

    I like the Tuxedo design!

  413. Briana says:

    oooo its hard! I cant decide between the first and the last. I love the last, that little tuxedo is so freaking adorable I seriously want that on my nails but that colour from the Jason Wu collection is just gorgeous, and unlike the tuxedo something Id actually be able to do myself.
    I guess I have to go the tuxedo, even though Ive got no change in hell of being able to do it myself they are too cute to pass up

  414. Austincatgirl says:

    Love the Jason wu look

  415. Kristina says:

    I like the first look best!

  416. Nika says:


  417. Ariela says:

    Oh, the Jason Wu collection, definitely! I like the tuxedos, but the red and gold looks so classy but with just enough edginess to be interesting.

  418. Loqi says:

    Def the Jason Wu nails!

  419. terry says:

    tuxedo nails!!x))

  420. nikki says:

    maybe i’m boring? but i loved the first one.

  421. Wendy says:

    I loooove the Jason Wu. It’s so classy.

  422. Trish says:

    I love the ruffian nails!

  423. Patty says:

    I love the Ruffian!

  424. germaine says:

    definitely the tuxedo! amazing!

  425. Macca says:

    I’ve loved the tuxedo look, though I don’t think I’d wear it.
    The base colour is great…WANT!!!

  426. Lillian says:

    the ruffian nails!

  427. Lillian says:

    dark vampy red and gold is such a beautiful combo.

  428. Lillian says:

    Oops. I meant to say the Jason Wu look. Sorry for posting so many comments.

  429. Alli says:

    I am in LOVE with the doctored up muted mint green!!!! I love a pretty mint, so this was right up my alley!!!! So pretty!!!!

  430. Amelia's Mom says:


  431. Sasha says:

    The tuxedo look is gorgeous!

  432. Linda says:

    Love, love, love the tuxedo nails!

  433. Cindy says:

    The Ruffian tuxedo nails. Adorable!

  434. Lisa says:

    Hahaha…thanks for the Hell’s Kitchen reference!
    I love all the nails (especially the mint green) but can’t say I really like the eye looks that much…then again it’s high fashion, not everyday.

  435. Michelle says:

    Love the Tuxedo look!

  436. Jessica says:

    The mint green is amazing!

  437. girlygirl says:

    I adore the Ruffian tuxedo manicure!

  438. Joyce B says:

    I like the burgundy and gold nails. Very classy.

  439. Jennifer says:

    Mint green for me!!

  440. Valerie says:

    COnsidering filing my nails into an oval shape to pull off the jason wu manicure. love love love

  441. Lani says:

    I can’t pick I love them all!

  442. Stephanie says:

    Jason Wu nails were my favourite.

  443. Ann says:

    I love the new ruffian!

  444. Beth says:

    Ruffian :)

  445. Julie says:

    Love the gold and ruby reverse ruffian nails!

  446. Kirsten says:

    WOW, Ruffian’s nail look is really cool!

  447. Tami says:

    I have to agree with you — LOVE the base color of the tuxedo manicure!

  448. macmueslg says:

    I love the tuxedo nails. I also like the edgy look of the burgundy/gold tip nails.

  449. Kassandra says:

    I really love the burgundy with the gold tips, they are amazing.

  450. Steph says:

    I love the tuxedo nails more!

  451. Grace says:

    The tuxedo nails are incredible. There is no chance I would ever be able to paint nails like that but they are just so cool

  452. Ginny says:

    I love the tuxedos!

  453. Nellie says:

    i love the burgandy/gold combo, very dramatic!

  454. diann_co says:

    The mint green looks like Essie Sag harbor in your pic

  455. Daniele R. says:

    Surprisingly, I love the nails from Jason Wu! I would have thought that would look cheap, but instead I think it looks very luxe. Perhaps it’s the deep shade of red that does it.

  456. Huh, the Jason Wu Nails are a direct knockoff of the nails from Illamasqua’s Art of Darkness promo pictures – See the Queen of the Gypsies.

  457. Lehua says:

    The tuxedo is such a classy choice for New York Fashion Week. Reminds me of a formal black and white new years celebration. Excellent choice.