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Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Bring It Back VOTE

By on December 8, 2010
in News, Rescue Beauty Lounge

A few weeks back I mentioned that Rescue Beauty Lounge founder Ji Baek would be launching a blog on the site. It’s LIVE!  Bookmark or add it to your feed readers.

Even better, the voting to bring back TWO discontinued colors is up and running. You have from now through December 10th to vote for your favorite DC’d polish from the following choices: Atame, Bikini Bottom, Black Russian, Bruised, Concrete Jungle, Diddy Mow, Glamourpuss, Killa Red, Locavore, Mismas, Opaque Nude, Orbis Non Sufficit and Purple Haze.

At the moment Purple Haze is in the lead with Bruised just behind it. The only colors from that list I don’t have are Killa Red and Atame but I can live without either one. Which two colors do  you want to win?

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There Are 36 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Tiger says:

    And I thought you would’ve gone for Mismas… ;)

  2. sara says:

    Well, since I already have Mismas and reasonable dupes for both Diddy Mow and Orbis Non Sufficit, I want Bruised. But if Purple Haze comes back, I might get that one, too. :)

  3. Lauren says:

    So which one got your vote? I voted Purple Haze even though I have it already. I don’t think it has a dupe so I did for those who don’t own it. :) The only others I have are Mismas & Concrete Jungle, but I wouldn’t order any of the rest anyway.

  4. Rebekka says:

    I REALLY want them to bring back Locavore, I’m having no luck finding it on ebay!

  5. Styrch says:

    I too have most of these, but I CAN NOT IMAGINE Rescue Beauty Lounge without colors that I consider classic RBL: Black Russian, Bruised, Concrete Jungle, Purple Haze… But I have all of those. So for me, I’d have to pick Atame and Glamourpus because I haven’t yet purchased those. Had I known they’d be DCed I would have snatched them up at the last sale!

  6. Nicole says:

    I voted for Purple Haze, though it was tough to choose! Im hoping Purple Haze and Black Russian end up being the 2 that win, since I missed out on both!

  7. Sandy says:

    I voted for Black Russian and Diddy Mow – both are so very classic to me.

  8. Kristina says:

    Hi! I voted for Mismas, as it is one I didn’t get my hands on! Also, I can’t imagine RBL discontinuing Black Russian…..but the site only allowed me to vote for one.

  9. Violet says:

    I voted for Orbis Non Sufficit, but Purple Haze was my second favorite and I’d love it if that one came back!

  10. Alice says:

    Could you post swatches of the colors you have?

  11. Chloe says:

    Mobilize for Mismas! I missed out on it for the sale and need it in my life!!!

  12. Barb says:

    I NEED Black Russian. I used my friends and now I really want my own bottle even though she said I can borrow hers anytime. I also want Locavore and Killa Red.

    The thing is I dont understand why she is only debating on bringing back 2. If a few of the colors are popular then why not make a few. I dont like getting hooked on a color and then finding out you cant get a replacement when you run out. Makes ya think twice about staying with the brand then.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      The thing is, RBL is a small brand. To produce any color there has to be a minimum purchase from the lab. To order every color without knowing if it will sell out is quite an investment. I’m sure the RBL budget only allows for a certain number of new colors to be produced each year so including replacements of sold out colors has to be limited.

      • kirsten says:

        Exactly. I desperately wish she would bring back Bikini Bottom, Orbis, Locavore, Black Russian, AND Bruised even if only for a limited time, but I think we should all be extremely grateful that Ji is even doing this at all and listening to her customers as much as she is because most brands out there would NEVER attempt to do what she’s doing with this poll. Ji really listens to her customers and interacts with them more than anyone I’ve ever seen. She’s so hands on and responds to almost every email personally. I desperately needed to get a Treatment System set for my grandmother’s Christmas present and wanted one for myself too, but they were totally wiped out during the sale so I emailed them the day after Thanksgiving to see when any might be back in stock and god bless her not an hour later Ji herself had actually found one for me and shipped it! She may not always be able to do stuff like that, but she certainly does try her best to help and give us what we want whenever possible which is something I greatly appreciate and think sets RBL apart from all of the others.

        I do think she should bring back the Top 3 instead of 2 though just because they’re in a dead heat and Bruised, Black Russian, and Bikini Bottom all have over 1,000 votes each so those 3 are guaranteed to sell out instantly. If they weren’t so close I’d say stick to her guns and only bring back 2, but under the circumstances bringing back 3 seems the better idea by far.

      • Barb says:

        I must say I am THRILLED with her post today that she is bringing back my fave Black Russian. I literally screamed out loud LOL! I will snatch up all 4 probably. I am new to RBL and am so amazed with the quality of her polish. I had my Stormy on for a week and it is just chipping now. Hers is the only brand I find that is worth $18 a bottle no questions!

        I see what you are saying if it is very expensive to make a batch. I was just thinking that if the demand is there then make more for us “lacquer-heads” LOL! I can understand if a color doesnt sell not making it, but it seems so many people love every color she makes.

        And I also want to say I am so impressed that she answers all her emails. I normally never get a reply from a company. She has the best customer service, she really is a true gem!! Thank you Ji!!!

  13. I voted for Bikini Bottom, but I would also like Locavore to come back. I didn’t vote for it because I have it (and I gotta look out for #1). But it’s the most exciting and unique color on the list, so if they brought it back, I’d be happy.

  14. J says:

    Locavore ALL THE WAY.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I’m shocked and a little annoyed that all of the “Out of Stock” colors were slated for the DC list.

    Too bad, really.

  16. kirsten says:

    BIKINI BOTTOM! As I’ve said before I was so frustrated and disappointed that I still missed out on Bikini Bottom and Orbis Non Sufficit during the sale despite all of my efforts that I was almost in tears so if I could pick the two to win it would obviously be Bikini Bottom then Orbis Non Sufficit. In my perfect dream world I would get all 5 of my discontinued lemmings from this poll Bikini Bottom, Orbis, Locavore, Black Russian, and Bruised in that order.

    I already have 2 bottles of Purple Haze, Concrete Jungle, and 1 of Diddy Mow so obviously I’m hoping none of those win. As long as I at least get Bikini Bottom I’ll be blissfully ecstatic! I’m still hoping that Black Russian or Locavore will take over the number 2 spot from Bruised. Don’t get me wrong if Bruised is one of the winners I’ll absolutely get it, but I could live without it so I’d rather see one of the more unique shades like Locavore or Black Russian brought back instead.

    • diddymowforme says:

      Kirsten, You have a certain sold out shade, so you hope it doesn’t win?? So none of the rest of us can ever hope to get it? Lovely… *rolls eyes*

  17. KatieM says:

    Black Russian is so beautiful IRL and the formula (I’ll bet) is better than Chanel. If it’s a toss up vote for Black Russian

  18. riss says:

    My votes went to killa red and locavore. It’s hard to just choose 2 though. I’m a little disappointed that bikini bottom isn’t on the list. I could kick myself for not getting it sooner :(

  19. Angela says:

    Definitely voting for Concrete Jungle – it was the nail polish that introduced me to RBL.

    But its trailing behind!! T_T

  20. Alison says:

    I haven’t found anything similar to Locavore but the others can be duped for the most part. I hope she has more voting in the future in case it doesn’t win.

  21. KayDiKat says:

    I voted for LOVACORE :) but of the DC’d list I only got my hands on Concrete Jungle, so I will definitely buy whichever colors come back. In a perfect world, they would all come back, but reality is that only 2 will. I wish people wouldn’t give Ji a guilt-trip (intentionally or otherwise) or think poorly of RBL only bringing 2 back. We should be so lucky that she is even bringing them back at all. Rock the vote and may the “best” (or most popular!) polishes win!

  22. Zemlet says:

    I feel ok saying goodbye to sold out colors, because I want to see what Ji does NEXT. When the Teal/NMW/Bruised set came out I thought it was the apex of nail polish-dom. Until Spring 2010, when I again thought, “there is no way to top this.” Um… until Fall 2010, which I cannot get enough of! In fact, I would glady give up old colors if it meant more time for her to develop new polishes. I’m especially curious about the 2.0 reinventions of old classics, similar to how Opaque Nude was revamped as Jane. Imagine how amazing an updated/tweaked version of Black Russian or Purple Haze would be? Would you rather see a return of Orbis non S, or a NEW green? (I dare you to say “a new RBL green” out loud and not swoon inside just a little.)

  23. zb says:

    Black Russian and Killa Red pleasepleaseplease. :-)

  24. spacegeek says:

    Bikini Bottom is my pick. I took home Atame which is my perfect dark red. Just got Grunge, btw. It looks lavender on my skin. I actually like Ani better for a total neutral. And if anyone wants my bottle of black russian I’m happy to mail it… It is too black for me. Used 2 or 3 times but kept in a dark non-smoking cabinet. Email me.

  25. kirsten says:

    AHHH!!! BEST NEWS EVER: Voting has ended and Ji just announced that she will actually be bringing back the Top 4 now instead of only 2!

    This means Bruised, Black Russian, Bikini Bottom, AND Purple Haze will all be brought back!!!! YAY! Party!

  26. Lydia says:

    I just saw the list and hmmm I own only a few RBLs but I guess they’re the right ones to own lol. I have Atame, Bikini Bottom, Purple Haze.
    Looking at the list, I don’t really feel I need anything. I hope Ji will create something new and cool again.