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The Rescue Beauty Lounge 50% Off Sale Is Coming!

rescue-beauty-lounge Prepare your wallets Fanatics.  Ji Baek from Rescue Beauty Lounge is hosting another 50% Off Sale for her loyal fans.

What? 50% off RBL nail polishes.  The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty are NOT part of the sale.

When? November 1st, 2010. 11am-4pm EST

Who? The sale is open to newsletter subscribers only so make sure you sign up for the RBL email list.

A few FYIs as stated on RBL’s Facebook page:
No free shipping.  Orders will take 10-15 days.  This will likely be the last sale of this kind. Also, do not fill your shopping cart prior to the sale as it will mess up the inventory.

Ji pushed up the date of the sale this year to accommodate for the holidays but remember, this is a small company hand packing each order so please be patient after the sale is over.  I can’t even imagine the number of orders that will be placed and how much time it will take to ship them all out.

That being said, happy shopping!!  Which colors do you plan to buy?  Will there be a lot of gifts bought during the sale? If you need some inspiration be sure to check out my past Rescue Beauty reviews.

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There Are 34 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Lynn says:

    Definitely picking up Mismas! It is the perfect purple and I have been obsessing over it for so long! I’m sure I will get a few others too, this gives me time to decide which ones I want :)

  2. lol, I’ve been so ready for this sale…been stalking rescue beauty on facebook and everything.
    My list is:
    Starfish Patrick
    Look Rich, Be Cheap

    Even if Anne and Catherine aren’t gonna be on sale, this will probably be the only time I will ever be able to afford rescue beauty lounge, and I just can’t bear to leave them behind. Ahh I totally can’t wait.
    Thank you, Ji!!!!

  3. lola says:

    cant wait for the sale. they should have the tudor dynasty included…bummer…i would have gotten them all!

  4. I was going to participate in this sale but if the Tudor Housewives aren’t included then it’s just not worth it to me! The only other polish I’d want would be Scrangie and only one polish with the shipping price is just not worth it. Looks like I won’t be adding RBL to my collection. Oh well.

  5. Tamika says:

    *SCREAMS* *faints* *starts planning her haul*

  6. Grace says:

    I included two of my longtime lemmings (teal and grunge) in my tudor order, but this sale is such a big incentive. I missed out on it last year, but I think I might have to rectify the situation this time around. I don’t know about gifts, though. I think it takes a true polish fanatic to appreciate a gift of RBL polish and unfortunately, I don’t know any other fanatics IRL.

  7. Gilded Nails says:

    Reading this makes me feel a little ill.. I just gave in and placed and order for 15 bottles the other day! I had no idea she held 50% off sales otherwise I would have waited *cries* :( Me and my bank account are pretty sad pandas right now :(

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Oh no! Ji mentioned the sale on Facebook a couple weeks ago but hadn’t set a date yet. I’m sure you’ll still love the polishes you bought and maybe you’ll want to pick up a couple more during the sale.

  8. I might actually buy my first RBL polishes :)

  9. queenfrostine says:

    Perfect timing! November 1 is my birthday! So sad to see that I can’t buy my Tudor polishes for half off, but I have some other RBL lemmings I can buy.

  10. Alison says:

    Last 50% off sale? Do you happen to know why?

    I’m pretty sure they’ll be sold out of everything I want by the time I place the order.

  11. Brigitte says:

    Just a quick comment to let you know in case you weren’t aware, somebody is using your pictures and copying your posts word for word on the LUUUX website here is the link

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Thank you so much for letting me know. I contacted the company but I haven’t heard anything yet. It looks like she stole from a lot of people and doesn’t care. Joy!

  12. Zemlet says:

    I hope they get “Grunge” back in stock by then. I’ve been on the fence about it and def. wanted to pick it up during the sale. I’m getting all the shades I wasn’t positive about, like “No More War” and backups of the surfer line.

  13. Jadis4742 says:

    I’m going to get Frugalista and Scrangie and Mismas for my first RBL polishes! And maybe Concrete Jungle, just to break up all that purple.

  14. Lauren says:

    I have 5 RBLs and they are truly the best polishes ever (incl. mismas, of course). I got my first two during the sale last year. I’m going to get pepto pink, coral, chinoise and look rich, be cheap during the sale this time. These are all the colors that I don’t really want to spend $18, so I’ve been holding out for this year’s sale. So excited! I may add Catherine and Anne to the order too, because I adore Jane and Catherine H.

  15. Hanah says:

    wow! I’ll get recycle and stormy…finally

  16. Katie says:

    I’m so excited!!! I have a special savings just for this sale. So sad I hear it’s probably going to be the last one like it. P.s. What happened to Locavore is it really gone?

  17. Cate says:

    I really want look rich, be cheap and no more war (plus a couple of the Tudor ones), but shipping to the UK is just excessive (or it was last time I checked). They need a European distributor or something.

  18. Katja says:

    Thanks for the update, I will be purchasing my first RBLs on the first of November, also as a birthday present to myself :).

    And I will include the Tudor polishes except for Anne and 360, ONS, No Mor War and Scrangie. Or perhaps I will add a few more :)

  19. Susana says:

    For now I want Plie, Mismas and Scrangie. And maybe Chinoise… (yes, I’m weak).
    I got my first RBL polishes last month and they are truly fabulous, I can’t wait to get a few more :)

  20. Ronnie says:

    I went plumb crazy during the last sale (spent a good chunk of my christmas bonus on it), so I don’t need any of the colors. But I really love Ji’s basecoat, so I’m going to get a couple of those this time around. Ji caught so much grief during the last sale because of the time it took and the fact that some items (like NMW and Teal) ended up on serious backorder. I think that’s why she doesn’t want people to pre-stock their carts, and why this may be her last.

  21. Jen says:

    Oooh. Definitely going to get Bruised and Diddy Mow at this sale, and maybe one or two more. :)

  22. lacquerholic says:

    I’m disappointed that the new fall collection won’t be a part of the sale, but I’m dying for Under the stars, dead calm, teal, diddy mow and 360!

  23. miharu says:

    Definitely going to pick up a few things for friends for Christmas, and treat myself to some basecoat and maybe Bikini Bottom and 360.

    I couldn’t justify the price tag for RBL until I bit the bullet and bought Under the Stars and Scrangie for myself. Under the Stars alone sold me on the amazingly high quality of the formula and pigments. It’s really THAT good; I’d much rather not buy a bunch of bargain priced polishes in favor of one bottle of RBL.

  24. Molly says:

    Wheeeee!!! I probably won’t be able to wait until December!! I haven’t signed up for her newsletter yet so THANKS for the heads up!! (And about that Luux site that’s stealing, I read on Vampy Varnish, who was also stolen from, that the company will be taking down Varnish’s photos and editorial so I hope you/ALU get the same :). Thanks again!! Molly in Fla.

  25. kirsten says:

    My list consists of Teal, Bruised, Smitten, Frugalista, Look Rich Be Cheap, Diddy Mow, 360, Bangin, and Under The Stars. I might forego one or two of those, but those are all of the ones that I’ve had on my list for awhile. I’ve already got all the Tudors shades so I’m glad they’re not included in the sale.

    Poor Ji having to deal with people being so impatient, you’re getting everything half price people no offense, but shut up and wait it out gratefully. I’m really sad this will be the last sale, but I will always buy RBL anyway.

  26. GwenSA says:

    This will be my first RBL 50% off sale. Sorry to hear it will be their last. The shades I own are newer releases. I’m looking at BUGS: Bruised, Under the Stars, Grunge (which I’m hoping will come back in stock in time for the sale), & Stormy. I need to look at more swatches to see if there are any other must haves.

  27. Laura says:

    Whoo hoo! I’m sorry the Tudor collection won’t be included, but nail polish is a luxury, not a necessity, and I’m not spending that much for polish. That being said, my wish list includes Under the Stars, Scrangie and maybe Teal.

  28. Sierra says:

    Yay! I can take advantage of the sale to snag one of my lemmings… now to decide between Orbis Non Suffict, Diddy Mow, Atame, and Underware.

  29. Mandy says:

    YAY! my first rbl sale :] what a perfect gift to myself for finishing early decision college applications :D

  30. KayDiKat says:

    Woo hoo! My list started off with 15 polishes and I think I’ve managed to cut that in half. I’m trying to spare my wallet some heartache and get “only” 5 but it’s so hard to choose! My must haves: Mismas, Bruised, Om, Chinoise and Dead Calm. My 2 maybes: Stormy and Frugalista.

    EEK! I think I want the prep,base and top coats, too! I wonder if the Treatment system is on sale… If this is the last sale of its kind, I’ll probably break the bank and not buy polish for as long as I can hold out!

    Ji: Let us backorder GRUNGE, pretty please!