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Justin Bieber Nail Polish?? Really??

By on October 12, 2010
in Nicole by OPI, OPI, Winter 2010

Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Nicole by OPI, the One Less Lonely Girl Collection, was the first topic of discussion last night on my fave late night talk show, Chelsea Lately. The conversation that took place at the roundtable pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. Does he even know this is happening? As Chelsea later mentioned, why not come out with a hair product?  People have been asking me about this for a few days now and my only real response is, “I can’t with the Bieber!”

“So Justin Bieber has his own nail polish line. [long pause & incredulous stare] This is as close as any girl is ever going to get to one of his fingers. He probably doesn’t even know that he has a nail polish line. He probably has no idea that this even exits. – Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

“It’s so humiliating. Like you know he doesn’t want to launch nail polish. He’s like ‘Hey Mom, can’t we launch basketballs? Can’t we launch basketballs?’ ‘Uh no, no one with balls listens to your music.’” – Natasha Leggero on Chelsea Lately

I get that the “I’m A Belieber” nation is strong with a lot of buying power and Nicole by OPI is smart to partner with him but I can’t help but roll my eyes at it all. What does this kid have to do with nail polish? If you’re looking for a tween star to sell nail color there are a LOT of better options that make sense.  Regardless, I’m sure it will sell out since the colors do look pretty and there’s a confetti heart glitter polish that will drive every little girl crazy.

Me + Blue, Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart, Give Me The First Dance, One Less Lonely Glitter, Prized Possession Purple, OMB!

The One Less Lonely Girl Collection from Nicole by OPI will launch in December 2010 at Walmart with these six shades. Another set of six will release in January 2011. After that the whole collection will be available at Sears, Target and ULTA in February 2011.

So what do you think? Will you be getting these polishes in spite of the Bieber association or because of it? Does it matter if a celebrity is involved as long as you like the colors?

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There Are 72 Brilliant Comments

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  1. melina bee says:

    this highlights how dumb most of these celebrity endorsements are. I am much more interested in seeing a designer, artist, stylist or other visually creative and known individual put out a nail polish or makeup line. Or at least a celebrity who is known for a really unique sense of style. What does singing pop songs have to do with color theory?

  2. AnnKiins. says:

    Jesus Christ.
    Now I can’t defend him when someone calls him gay :P

  3. Zara says:

    If I REALLY like some of the colors, I might get them despite the fact that they’re from the Justin Bieber collection…but I’ll have to really, really, really like the colors.

  4. Jackie says:

    whoa….i think this is utterly ridiculous. and the names are vomit inducing. but the colors…i could wear that :)

  5. Melaina says:

    OMB, hilarious. Though, I have a feeling my 7 year old is going to want these. All of these. Confetti heart glitter? Yes. She’s so there… with my wallet.

  6. Feline says:

    It is so ridiculous I just want to go hide under a blanket in shame.

  7. I forsee many a tween mom buying these for stocking stuffers this year but personally not interested. At all.

  8. queenfrostine says:

    I must live in a pop culture black hole, because I barely know who this kid is. I’m just culturally literate enough to know he’s a teen pop star with an unfortunate haircut. I don’t really know any young girls, listen to radio stations that play pop music, or watch TV where he might pop up so I don’t know enough about the kid to have any sort of opinion at all apart from knowing that if I were ever to listen to his music, it probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea even if he did have some kind of talent. But even if I was among the Bieber haters, I think I’d still buy from his collection if the colors struck my fancy. IMO, polish is polish and collection themes are only relevant in that they help form a brand’s marketing campaign. A blue from a Bieber themed collection is no different than one from a Swiss themed collection or a Gossip Girl themed collection. Once you grab your bottles and walk away from the display, you’ll probably never be reminded of the Justin Bieber connection again unless you know enough about his songs to understand the references in the names. So why sweat it?

  9. sara says:

    No. Just no. I don’t like Katy Perry, but at least I get the polish connection. This? Not so much.

  10. Nicole says:

    Hell to the no…never ever, even if a few of the colors are reasonably cute. Im so not down with the “bieber fever”. Kid can go away now please.

  11. Oh BROTHER!!! Looks like everybody and their “brother” are jumping on the NP bandwagon. Not sure about the shades but sure that JB and NP are not a good fit :\

  12. Charlotte Glass says:

    no idea who this kid is… and I don’t care. I’ll look to like the polishes because Nicole by OPI does have some fun colors. but if I buy it will not be because of some pop kid.

  13. Jordan says:

    You spelled his name wrong ;). Anyway, the Katy Perry & Serena Williams collaboration makes up for alot haha.

    The colors in the collection seem to be pretty though..

  14. moeysullivan says:

    just. so. wrong.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Can we say, “money money money”?

    Especially with the Walmart connection. Surprised they haven’t done Miley yet. Or have they…? :P

  16. The colors look fun, but I was WAY surprised when I found out they were part of the Justin Beiber collection I was literally shocked. I just…it’s weird to me to think that a teenage boy would be interested in promoting nail polish. But hey, to each his own. It’ll be interesting I think to see when these hit the market and get past just the nail polish bloggers what the general reaction is.

  17. as hideous as this is, I have to admire the perfect timing – half the collection during the holiday season and a full release during Valentine’s? Brilliance. On principle I’d have to hate these though

  18. Lisa says:

    Lol, I think it was hilarious when I read it :’)

  19. Andrea says:

    My question was and stay whyyyyyyy? Why him??

  20. M says:

    Luckily, Nicole By OPI is not available in my country so I won’t have to wear Justin Biber on my nails… ;-) Btw the “Bieber Fever” seems to be fading in Europe, but I don’t read teen magazines so I’m not that sure ;-)

  21. Steph says:

    Right on, sista!!

  22. Arrianne says:

    This is so horrible. I can’t believe he would want to do this. I so wish I would have seen Chelsea talking about this! I’m ashamed to say I might buy a couple, might. But if anyone asks me what color I’m wearing (yeah right) I’m gonna have to lie and say I forgot.

  23. Arrianne says:

    One more thing; OPI stop with the movie/celebrity collaborations!

  24. Penemuel says:

    Obviously the ONLY thought behind this was marketing marketing marketing.

    Personally, I wish they’d gone with Adam Lambert. At least he WEARS nail polish. But I guess he’s a little ‘too edgy’. *eyeroll*

  25. Vixxan says:

    This is so stupid. What does Justin Bieber have to do with nail polish? Either they are stupid for coming up with this or they think that we the people are stupid. This is just sad.

  26. Lex says:

    Lord give me strength.. what does this kid have to do with polish? Nothing.

    I second whoever mentioned Adam Lambert. He actually WEARS nail polish, he would’ve been a fantastic choice. I’d love to see him do a line of polish or makeup.

  27. DLFM says:

    No way am I giving any profit to the Bieber. Nicole by OPI usually gets a pass from me anyway so it really won’t be hard to ignore these.

  28. LadyMorrgian says:

    Gals we must remember, ignore the name and focus on the polish….just ignore the name…now how to I get it in the house with out my hubby finding out and making fun of me?

  29. Kristina, lover of polish says:

    I don’t want Justin polish…I’m a polish fanatic, and even though I love blue polishes, it just seems dorky if you aren’t a 12 year old girl. I have never heard a Justin Bieber song that I know of…also, I’m not interested in Katy Perry polish OR Serena Williams polish. Seems stupid to me!

  30. Alllison says:

    so incredibly lame, but I like me + blue

  31. Andrea says:

    I think this is really, really silly. Seriously ridiculous. However, I must admit that I do plan to buy “Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart” because I usually buy and enjoy the chunky heart/star glitters from Nicole.

    But when I wear it, I’m going to try not to think of JB, his constant reverse-hair-flipping, or the fact that he is 16-years-old but looks about 12. Had the boys in high school looked like him, I think we all would have stayed virgins a little longer.

  32. Chris says:

    This does not make any sense to me. Funny, I was going to message you, Michelle, and ask what you thought of the Bieber nail polish launch!

  33. Cathy says:

    Well, I don’t get a Bieber/Polish connection other than Young Girls love him and also love Nail Polish? I know my 9 year old is OVER THE MOON about this…. she really is. I guess we get to have our “big girl” polish, and I don’t really want her wearing stuff called “Teasy Does It” so I’m glad she has a more age-appropriate collection to love and be excited about. Let the wee ones have the Nicole line, I never wear the stuff anyway… Plus it will keep her out of my “real” OPI!

  34. Ann says:

    oh goodness. When i first read about this i thought “What?! This has got to be a joke”. I really don’t get why they’re collaborating with a teen pop star who probably knows absolutely nothing about polish. Are they doing this just to milk out what ever money they can get out of this kid? I’d rather see some other singer who actually WEARS POLISH come out with a collection. Well i’ll have to wait and see what these really look like. I’ll try not to hate on the polishes just because they’re associated with Bieber.

  35. Missa says:

    I had to GOOGLE to find out who Justin Bieber is :/ If I like the colours, I don’t mind whose line is that. It’s just another marketing strategy, targeting on younger girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used Miley, but this Justin boy…??

  36. Nicole says:

    Hell no…I won’t be buying these polishes. I can’t stand Justin! Why didn’t they have Miley or Hillary or some young chick to endorse this…someone was on something they Justin signed this contract…

  37. Cami says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. Who better than to market nail polish to young girls than Justin Bieber. He has some many dedicated fans who just about buy anything with his name on it. Although, I probably won’t buy it because I am an adult and I don’t have Bieber fever. However, I understand why OPI did it ($$$$$). I can’t see this not being successful. Some may not like it, but it is good business.

  38. shiny says:

    I’m so going to stay out from this!!:D

  39. Katy says:

    I’d wear ‘em.

    They should have had one named after my favorite line of his: “Oh Whoa-Oh-Ah”.

  40. Deb says:

    Lame! These pretty colors are wasted by putting his name on them. There’s no way in Hell I would buy them based on names alone.

  41. Leigh says:

    “Uh no, no one with balls listens to your music.”

  42. Nopers says:

    I’m a little stunned at how many people are “shocked” about this pairing and how it “doesn’t make sense”. How does any other collection really make more sense? A Shrek collection? A collection based on the Rodeo?

    They are jumping boards for ideas, which lead to colors and names. Nothing more. It makes as much sense as most other collections. I think – as with any collection – the focus here should be on the colors, not the subject. This is the first time I’ve seen people comment en masse about the *subject* of the collection before, and I only think it’s because the whole Justin Bieber thing is being sensationalized from both points of view.

    I’m not a Bieber fan myself, but I think that’s unrelated. The colors look quite pretty – I’m looking forward to seeing how the glittery ones pan out!

  43. Luck says:

    Hey! I’m Luck from Brazil, and I love your blog!
    I used to talk about nail polishes on my new blog, and I used to see your blog, I love your fresh news!
    And yesterday, I have posted a new about Justin Bieber’s nail polishes, and I like to youse your image, or put a link on my blog to redirect to yours, for the people who want to see the nail polishes colors. Can I?

    Thanks! And I love your blog!!

  44. DLFM says:

    Of course it makes business sense for OPI to do it, and that’s fine for them. But I’m not about to buy any of it and give the Bieber profit money, and I think it is a bit of an un-classy choice for them.

  45. Anna says:


  46. Sara says:

    This just doesn’t make sense to me. Bieber? No. Adam Lambert’s nail polish line would’ve made perfect sense.

  47. Marisa says:

    SWEET…I can’t WAIT to spring a bottle or 2 of these little gems on my tween daughter this Christmas. She claims to be “anti-Beiber” and will crap her pants in dis-belief when she sees these! Such a nice mommy I am :)

  48. cinnybear says:

    I’ll just rename them after Adam Lambert songs ;)

  49. Great blog! Love the topic keep up the good work!

  50. Edna says:

    I was in search of the particulars when it comes to today’s headlines regarding the Justin Bieber nail polish and I arrived on this website. I can not wait to get the Biebz finger nail polish. I am convinced that my first opportunity to get the polish will be when it sells at Wal Mart. I just think that this will help to make a great Christmas gift idea for me personally…

  51. Andrea says:

    I LOVE Justin Bieber so much! I will (OF COURSE) buy ALL of his nail polish! I wish I could meet Justin Bieber! I love his singing and i’m trying to get out there in singing! Right now I am singing at home and having FUN with it all! I cant wait for it to come out!So I guess i’m a Justin Bieber FAN ….. Check I am his #1 FAN! Justin if you are reading this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! !!!!! I’m soooo happy that i’m getting his nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Michaela Ryan says:

    I don’t care what anybody else thinks :) I don’t hate him! My personal opion is I love his music, And I think he’s cute. The thing is, When people say they hate him… It’s like saying you wish you could take a knife and stab him in the throat. If you have faith in god then you know Hating is wrong. Im a 14 year old girl with bieber fever. Say what you want about me. But karma is gunna come back and bite you in the … Well you get the message. Kay yea he has a high voice why do you care. You dont HAVE to lisen to his music if you don’t want to. I mean Really, The first thing I learned in Kindergarnden is If you don’t have anything nice to say dont say ANYTHING AT ALL! So all you haters out there keep hating but really weres this going to get you in life. While your waisting your time finding ways to make up new insults in life to hurt others. I’ll be the one trying to help find a cure for cancer or do something WORTH my time:) Words can hurt use them in ways to help not hurt

    • elizabeth says:

      wow that…(im not joking) is right i love peeps who stand up in what that believe in so i like what you said! it really made me think that life is to short to hate someone and something so much you waste your time! im a 12 year old girl and like you said i have bieber fever!i would like to be friends with you if its ok!!! :P

    • Shelbie says:

      Ur a huge fan I guess that’s cool and u have faith in something

  53. BiebsLovexx says:

    im like a HUGE bieber fan but at first i too was wondering how justin bieber and nail polish are related…. well heres some news…
    apparently the collection isnt designed by justin at all….
    its by the fans!! (or beliebers, i must say)
    they got a few fans to make these colours!!

    well i love the step 2 the beat of my heart and the one less lonely glitter!! cant wait!! ill surely buy em :D

  54. Alexa K says:

    Why do I have the feeling that any mom who doesn’t put this in her pre-tween or tween’s stocking is going to be toast at Christmas!

    • Abby says:

      Hahahaha, Alexa, you are soo right :)

    • dill says:

      It’s stupid how parents let these fads get taken this far. 2 Years ago every little girl loved Hannah Montana, now Beiber – what happens when his voice starts deepening and cracking ? When he starts looking for a relationship? I sense a mass suicide of stupid little girls! I guess I gotta give it to him for that one.
      Parents – Grow up! Your children should not look up to industry created douchers. When your daughters come of age – they will be looking up to Kim Kardashian, or any other like her. THEN you will be taking care of your 16 year old’s baby while she parties and gets knocked up again.
      All of a sudden your mortgage doesn’t seem so bad.

  55. Maryssa says:

    I might buy give me the first dance, because i love silver polish, but the rest…ehh.

  56. cx420ns says:

    i saw it at walmart last night, didn’t notice it was beiber polish til i picked it up… and then i put it back down and bought Gone Wishin >.

  57. abbie:) says:

    i think its a good idea. its going to a charity which is going to help alot of children go to school. it’s sweet:’]

  58. kathy says:

    I just got “‘Baby’ Blue” and I LOVE IT. The formula is INCREDIBLE! The brush is a bit weird (streaky), but the polish evens out perfectly and is opaque after one coat. The color is similar to OPI’s “What’s with the Cattitude?” but a bit bluer and brighter. Such a surprise, and I am very impressed!!!

  59. I live in Europee . says:

    I don`t like Justin Bieber Because his voice is GIRLY . !

    (I don’t know what you written here is , I know only about this : “justin-bieber- nail -polish” )

  60. Janine says:

    Hi, Michelle! Love your blog.

    Myself, I honestly do not give a hoot if these polishes come emblazoned with some teenage pop idol’s face on them. I finally picked up the confetti heart glitter one after stalking it out at WalMart for months, because it’s cute, and I might pick up the purple glitter too.

    Although I do think it’s funny the kid has a line of nail polishes. What a seventeen-year-old boy has to do with glittery polish is beyond me, LOL. I bet his guy friends give him no end of sh*t for it.

    Whatever, apparently he’s the new Kiss except without the balls. Next thing there’ll be Justin Bieber toilet paper.

    I absolutely cracked up at the reply by “Andrea”.

  61. Caitlyn says:

    I live in Europe and though I have heard of Justin Bieber as some kind of teenie star, I don’t know any of his songs. Maybe I should visit youtube and hear for myself what he is doing ^^
    I also think his friends made fun of him having a polish line *g* but I also understand why girls would want to buy it.
    If Amy Lee from Evanescence would create a few colors with Nicole by Opi or someone else, I would be very interested ^^ and if they were pretty, I would totally buy them.

    Sometimes I buy nail polishes only for their names. Not often, true, but it has happened ^^

    So .. I don’t really get that “Bieber fever” or what is so special about this boy, but I expect it will pass, like any other teenie star from any other decade ;)
    So, little girls out there, have fun as long as it lasts and if those polishes make you feel good, buy them ^^

  62. Briar says:

    I really like these colours but would feel really bad wearing them on my nails knowing that they were endorsed by the devil himself.