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NYFW SS11 – Backstage at Binetti with CND & OCC Cosmetics


Every season at NYFW I look forward to the Binetti show because there is always something happening on the nails and this year it was all about the Cocktail Ring NailDiego Binetti appreciates and understands the importance nails play in a woman’s overall look and he looks to the creative mind of CND’s Jan Arnold to bring his inspiration to life.  As in season’s past, the nails at Binetti incorporate nail art and new, unique layering combinations from the CND Colour & Effects line including one combo that stopped me in my tracks.

Binetti was having a princess moment with his collection this season creating a number of opulent gowns in a soft neutral palette for an organic, earth mother type feel.  The intricate beading, sequins and jewels in each piece called for an extravagant cocktail ring to match.  However, rather than go the traditional route with jewelry, he asked CND to make him cocktail ring nails.

As you can see from Jan’s sketches during the pre-show meetings, there were definite themes for the nails. The Cartier, Pearl and Flower series. Each of the 23 models wore a completely unique nail ring created by CND Global Education Ambassadors from all over the world.  Each of the 10 chosen nail artists submitted nails created with jewels, stones, pearls, beads, etc. for the designer to choose from.  He then hand selected the nails that would be worn with each piece.  Talk about an AMAZING opportunity.



The rest of the nails were all painted in various layering combinations to pair with the clothing.

From bottom to top: Silver Chrome topped with Creamy Cameo and Ice Blue ShimmerGold Chrome. Copper Chrome with Perfectly Bare Shimmer.


Gold foil squares were individually placed on the nails using tweezers and nail glue.  A painstaking process.  They look like mini disco balls or as Beauty ETC‘s Karie Frost put it, C3PO from Star Wars.


Washed Down White with Perfectly Bare Shimmer


Gold Chrome with Gold Shimmer


I also got a preview of CND’s The Look for Spring 2011.  Launching in March 2011 is the new limited edition Colour & Effect Duo of Perfectly Bare and Perfectly Bare Shimmer.  Perfectly Bare Colour, shown on its own at the bottom, is an opaque peachy neutral creme and Perfectly Bare Shimmer is the gossamer veil that, when layered on top, creates a vintage, rose quartz look.  The set of nails that are second from the bottom are painted in the duo.


Finally, the color that had me at “Hello.”  I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off these nails and I was completely surprised to learn that they were created with Asphalt and Copper Shimmer, the top set included a layer of Super Matte.  I guess I’m pretty boring in my layering because I never would have thought of using those two together but they are so gorgeous.


Of course I couldn’t wait to get home and try this look myself though I was seriously distraught to find that I didn’t tighten the cap on my Copper Shimmer and it got dried out and thick.  I poured in a ton of thinner but that didn’t completely bring it back to life.  I’ll have to order a new bottle soon.

In spite of the thickness issue I still tried the combo but didn’t get the same results.  My Copper Shimmer applied too creamy, lightening the overall color.  It was as though I had used the Copper Pearl effect.  I still dig it even if it isn’t an exact match to the look used in the show.


I spoke with Makeup Artist Katie Pellegrino for OCC Cosmetics about the clean “no makeup” makeup look she created on the models.  Because there was so much going on with the clothes, accessories, nails, etc., Katie felt an intense makeup look would have been too much so the goal was to enhance the model’s natural beauty using a neutral palette with no mascara or blush.


The team tested prototypes for a new matte pressed shadow and tinted moisturizer on the models. The lips were hydrated with a kiss of color using the soon-to-be re-launched Lip Balm in a custom shade of butterscotch that will be named Putty Beige. Lip balm was the first product in the OCC lineup and now it’s making a triumphant return. Katie told me that ideally it will come in every lip tar shade as a sheer alternative that you can use for prep or on its own.


We all kind of died over the clothes, including my pal Sarah Conley from StyleIT who was having a mini-meltdown over how insanely gorgeous Binetti’s designs are.  This was the first time his show was at the tents versus west BFE so it definitely got more attention from the beauty blogging set than in prior seasons and it’s well deserved.

Okay so maybe I have too much polish on the brain but I couldn’t help but think of RBL Look Rich, Be Cheap when I saw these pants.  Am I alone in this?  And LOOK at those boots!!


Naturally I to snap a shot of CND Co-Founder and Creative Director Jan Arnold backstage.  I could do a whole blog post on her wardrobe.  She dresses with such an avant garde, flair-for-the-dramatic style that I so admire but could never pull off.  In fact, I told her a while back that she should do a In Jan’s Closet post on her blog so we could see what goes into packing for NYFW.  I can only imagine the treasures in her closet and how many bags she brings to NYC.


What do you think of the concept of cocktail ring nails? Is it something you could see happening in real life for a special event or is it best left on the runway? Did you spy any new layering CND layering combos you want to try? What’s your take on “The Look” for Spring?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Love love LOVE these nails! So gorgeous. The creamy champagne shimmer is calling my name – so gorgeous. Can’t get over those pearls and baubles either. Anyone know a polish or existing combo that would mimic the nails in the first shot?

  2. I really love the cocktail ring look! It reminds me a little of Gyaru-style nail art, just grown up, toned down and more focused.
    I think if a person had the right…like, style for it, it could be done for everyday. I know some people who could rock it and look amazing. Personally, I couldn’t carry it off, so I’ll leave it on the runway.

  3. Winnie says:

    I think the ‘cocktail ring nails’ are interesting, pretty to look at, but probably not practical for the average person. Maybe for special occasions.

    As for your layering attempt, while not what you were going for, I think it looks pretty cool. It reminds me of something, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

    Those pants totally look like the clothing version of ‘Look Rich, Be Cheap’. I have that polish and it’s fab. (Oh, got your Mismas with my RBL order, it’s so pretty, and my only purple creme!)

    Finally, I totally dig Jan’s skirt in that photo, but could never pull it off. Between the fact that I’d never get my Mom’s voice out of my head ‘Oh, I’d have to iron that’ and the fact that I’m an Interior Designer and the skirt somewhat resembles a balloon shade or window treatment… yeah, I couldn’t pull it off, but I love it anyway!

  4. Jadis4742 says:

    I can’t imagine having anything that big on my nails without ruining it in the first five minutes! I think this’ll have to stay on the runway…but not those C3PO nails or the charcoal/copper combo. Oh no. I need to figure out how to get that gorgeousness on my nails pronto.

  5. kelliegonzo says:

    wow i really dig the mani of ashphalt and copper shimmer! i’m loving the cnd looks lately.

  6. Loralei says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those nails look amazing!
    Great photos, Michelle!
    Keep it up!~

  7. OOHH! I love the ring design that was a rhinestony finger cuff. how sweet, yet hard edged!
    Also super loved the blinged out C3PO nails!

    Do you know where CND can be purchased in Canada? I’ve only ever found them at discount stores (Winners, probably the equivalent of TJ Maxx) sold as old stock :(

    • CND polishes can be found in salons! If you go to and click locate salon then you could give one of the salons in your area a call to see if they stock the polish :o)

  8. Rory says:

    I really, really want to try a cockail ring nail. Just gotta figure out how to make it!

  9. I think Team CND did an outstanding job here and what amazing pictures you got of all the nails they create – boy do they step it up for FW.

    I agree on Jan’s wardrobe too – have been trying to sly things out from under her nose for years but haven’t succeeded as yet. Get her to tell you the story of the time her mum was supposed to drop her evening gowns for ‘dry cleaning’ and what happened to them… it will make you weep!! Great blog!

  10. M says:

    I love the ring nails, I would def wear it ;-)
    Thanks to you I’m becoming a real CND junkie, I odered the new winter combo and I’m looking forward to see what the teal sparkle effect has to offer…
    I think I’m gonna had more nail post on my blog now.
    It’s a pleasure to read you, Michelle, lots of love from France xo

  11. Charlotte Glass says:

    I love the cocktail ring look but like you said about Jan’s style I could never pull it off. I can see some of my braver friends doing this for their weddings. I wonder how long before Celebs start doing this. Who do you think will be first?

  12. Steph says:

    Love the gold with pearl polka dots, and the foils look kinda cool..! Thanks for the photos, I’ll definitely have to try this!!

  13. bones says:

    I love the gold with the dots. My inner geek makes me think of Daleks from Doctor Who!

  14. Jackie says:

    I like the asphalt with the copper shimmer.
    Have you ever tried copper shimmer over Butter London’s Marrow? I was wondering if it would look more like the original color you saw earlier this year?

  15. Joanna says:

    OMG I want to see Asphalt on my hands! My friend will definitely ask what’s on my nails and I would say “That’s asphalt people, asphalt!” COOL!

  16. Kitty says:

    The look is pretty but it’s not practical for everyday use and probably would be expensive unless you do it yourself….which I have never tried my hand at and would probably never get to it. But pretty still.

  17. Dee says:

    I like the rings and also the layering of colors. I don’t like the shape of nail that is used!

  18. Ruthless says:

    Lovely photos! Can you tell me what CND people use for blanks to do the nail art on? I am assuming they either glue or use sticky tabs to attach the nails?

  19. Alllison says:

    it’s awesome! I don’t know that it comes to life on my fingers but I love the concept.

  20. n0ryg says:

    I love everything this year…I will be trying all of it and more…I even am thinking of some armor like, something the eygptians would use on their warriors, cuz women are warriors when it comes to their style.

  21. dyuane says:

    Those are some great looking dress. but there are a few that are way out there.

  22. AmyS says:

    I wonder if CND used a thinned out version of Copper Shimmer over the asphalt? Regardless, that is a gorgeous combo and it makes me want to run to the store and pick it up! The cocktail ring bling is interesting and would be great for special occaisions.